“Farm Bill” Question and Answer

As Congress continues its recess and activists across the country attempt to educate their elected officials on the problems with the current farm and food stamp bill, we wanted to provide the main questions that our folks are receiving on the road and their best factual response, all in one post.  Here you go, and we hope you find its useful.

How much does the so-called “farm bill”—the Federal Agriculture and Risk Management Act (H.R. 6083)—cost?

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the bill costs $957 billion over ten years. The last farm bill, enacted in 2008, cost $604 billion over ten years. This bill amounts to a 60% increase in farm and food aid since the last reauthorization.

Doesn’t H.R. 6083 “save” money?

Not in any real world sense. As stated, the bill includes policies that over ten years will cost 63% more than the previous authorization. It is only because the Congressional Budget Office must ignore the expiration date of these programs and assume their continuation into eternity—including the Obama food stamp expansions—that the bill can be judged to “save” $35 billion. This is really just Washington-speak for spending 3.5% less than expected ($957 billion instead of $992 billion)—it’s not a cut.

Isn’t H.R. 6083 really mislabeled as a farm bill given how much food stamp spending it includes?

Yes. 80% of H.R. 6083’s spending is comprised of food stamp spending. This is because there are now 46 million individuals on food stamps, compared with 30 million in 2008 and 17 million in 2000. The reduction in the rate of growth to the food stamp program contemplated by the bill equals just $16 billion or 2%—not the sort of reforms that will lead to rolling back the food stamp program. This is one reason why most conservatives are so intent on splitting up the bill between its food stamp and farm subsidy components.

Doesn’t H.R. 6083 include some much needed reforms to farm subsidies?

The bill does eliminate wasteful direct payments to farmers, but it then plows much of the “savings” back into three new “shallow loss” entitlement programs that will actually serve to guarantee the profits for a larger number of farmers than currently benefit from direct payments. In addition, the bill sets new price floors for commodities (in most cases, higher than average recent prices) and expands crop insurance subsidies.

Isn’t passing H.R. 6083 crucial towards passing drought assistance for those regions of the country that have been hard hit?

No. The House of Representatives has already passed a separate piece of legislation—the Agriculture Disaster Assistance Act, H.R. 6233—to provide $383 million in emergency assistance to farmers, ranchers, and orchardists. The Senate refuses to act on the measure in order to put artificial political pressure to pass a massive farm bill. We opposed this drought assistance (see below), but regardless of a Congressman’s support for such assistance, it should have no bearing on whether they support a separate, long-term farm bill. Note: Some congressional offices, in an effort to confuse the issues, have noted that there is no food stamp spending in this separate drought package. That is true, but it confirms that the future of the drought package is not tied to passage of a multi-year farm bill.

Should the federal government be providing $323 million in drought assistance?

No. Proponents of the bill cite the drought’s impact on livestock—and the absence of livestock-specific disaster programs—as the principle reason for the aid package. However, the livestock-specific disaster programs expired in 2011, meaning ranchers knew that they had to plan for possible disasters, including drought. The Washington Post explained that “farmers should have to hedge as other businesses do: by diversifying their product lines, purchasing insurance at market rates, leveraging assets or maintaining cash reserves.” Because livestock producers did not take preventative action, they are now clamoring for a bailout. The bill also goes well beyond drought-inflicted livestock losses, by offering “subsidies to ranchers for livestock killed by raptors and wolves (along with hurricanes, floods, blizzards, disease, and extreme cold).” It also includes wildfires. The “drought” bill also covers trees, defined as “a tree, bush, and vine”, impacted by late-season freezes and insect infestations.

Doesn’t the agricultural community need a farm bill during this recession?

No. U.S. agriculture is thriving. Net farm income hit a record $98 billion last year and is expected to reach $122.2 billion in 2012. The top five earnings years in the last three decades have all occurred since 2004. With a healthy agriculture sector and a spiraling federal debt, now is the time to reform and eliminate commodity subsidies that cost taxpayers and distort the market.

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  1. What is wrong with these politicians. They all seem to think that everybody needs a nanny government to bail them out of trouble. Both of these bills that are talked about here are boondoggles. Farmers, ranchers and all those in those types of businesses need to mimic the Boy Scout mottoe. BE PREPARED!

  2. America has become a disgrace to it people under hussein obama! The DHS and EPA have put up roadblock after roadblock to keep this country moving backward, even to the point they know the people will only take so much and a civil war will brake out and they are getting ready. Our Constitution mean nothing to them, little by little they are getting rid of it and going around it. “We no longer have a president, We have a muslim dictator!”

  3. This is exactly why we need to elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to stop the spending by the current administration, before they take us OVER the cliff they have pushed us to with their insane spending. Any American who wants to save our country from becoming Greece or a totally socialist country, had better get behind the Romney/Ryan ticket to remove Obama and his appointees, or we will ALL become slaves to this government. Obama’s plan is to become Dictator and he will decide who the haves and the have nots will be, and the haves won’t be anyone who disagrees with him.

  4. More government programs =MORE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYMENT. that’s the only jobs OBUMMER has made.hail KING OBUMMER

  5. It is interesting to listen to those talk that do not have the slightest idea about agriculture. Be prepared? It takes only one drought, one flood or any kind of natural disaster to wipe out a year’s income for a farmer, not to mention all the capital and costs that has been spent in putting in that crop!. How many of you in the work force are prepared to lose a year’s paycheck? All I can say is be very careful when you are talking about biting the hand that feeds you!

    • I’m prepred with cashn set aside, food stuffs, water, and items to trade in hard times. I depend on myself and family not an over bearing central government that works hard to take away my rights! Be responsible, responsive, and self-reliant like people were in the past. No one should expect a bailout year after year on someone elses dime.

    • All business enterprises have risk. It’s not the public’s responsibility to pay for any businesses risk. And the Gov’t has zero business running an insurance company. And it’s the Public feeding the Farmers with this entitlement, so your threat is misdirected.

    • The government and TAXPAYERS have been subsudizing the farmers and rancher far too long. Other businesses and services are NOT subsudized by the government and TAXPAYERS. I believe farmers and ranchers need to better prepare themselves for lean years. Other businesses and services do..or go OUT OF BUSINESS. Even though WE the TAXPATERS and consumers of the farmers and ranchers goods….they still INCREASE PRICES whenever they don’t have a stellar year. WE the TAXPAYERS subsudize them so ALL years are stellar. It is time for them to stand on their own two feet and support themselves instead of depending on the government and TAXPAYERS.

    • As a commercial fisherman I have to be prepared for all sorts of things. Just last year, I lost my boat to a hurricane and it took me 6 months before I was operational again. Then after that I was preparing for bluefin tuna season, which is our big money fish and usually provides more than 50% of my annual income. But guess what? NMFS decided to close the season before the fish got this far south and I didn’t even get a chance to fish for them this year. So here I sit having lost a full year’s income.

      During all of this, did I whine, cry, and beg the government to bail me out? Hell no! I pulled myself up by the boot straps, went into my savings and picked up other work where I could to make ends meet and get another boat rigged up. So don’t tell me a farmer can’t be prepared and needs government assistance when something goes wrong.

      We commercial fishermen face much more adversity on a regular basis than farmers and have to fight the government to let us fish. Even when everything is going well and we’re catching lots of fish, we never know when the market price may bottom out and expenses may exceed revenue. We help each other and prepare for times when we may not have an income for extended periods.

      Farmers, on the other hand, in many instances get paid not to work, have their market prices subsidized, and are always holding out their hand when they face any type of harsh condition. So, I don’t want to hear your mamby pamby BS.

  6. I pray that Romney is elected. He has the brains for it – so what if he isn’t an orator – Anyone can be that if they continually use the monitors. Obama has done nothing for this country in 4 yrs. none of his phony promises were kept!!! I for one, don’t want a liar for a president. That is not what America needs. Phony people can’t help but be liars – they have no substance. He wants to be a dictator!!!!!!!!!!!! He has already done things that dictators do, like passing bills that have’nt been approved. Is that what YOU want for a president??? Get up and out and SHOUT for Romney. Good luck Mr.Romney – we really
    want you for our President.

    • I, too, am hoping that Romney/Ryan are elected. All I have seen from Obama and his minions are more regulations and more taxes. Oh, yes, and that ‘do as I say, but not as I do’ mentality.

      And after Obama’s out, my attention will next turn to my home state’s governor. Brown is of the same mind as Obama. No, I didn’t vote for either of them.

      Something that we all forget: government money tends to come with government running the business. Whoever gives the gold makes the rules. So, if the feds are giving the money, they are also going to want a say in how things are run.

  7. This is the response (doubletalk) I got from my congressman , Austin Scott, when I sent him an e-mail asking him to vote against the Farm & Foodstamp Bill :

    Georgia is one of the top agricultural states in America. We also lead the nation in the production of poultry, peanuts, and cotton. A one-size-fits-all approach to federal policies does not work well with the diversity of Georgia agriculture.

    As a member of the House Agriculture Committee, I have worked with my colleagues to draft a bipartisan farm bill, which is good for all sectors and regions of the Georgia agricultural community. On July 11, I joined my colleagues on the Agriculture Committee to approve H.R 6083, the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act (FARRM) by a vote of 35-11.

    During the process of reforming current programs into future ones, I understood Georgia farmers and producers needed risk management tools to provide them with the best programs to support their farms and businesses. Policies related to food stamps and energy assistance need to be restricted to reduce abuse and fraud within these programs. H.R. 6083 is the first step in addressing these problems by implementing solutions that provide the best environment for farmers and consumers. In addition, to reduce duplicity within the federal government, many of the conservation programs within H.R. 6083 were either consolidated or streamlined to provide better service to farmers.

    However, due to a limited time and the need to provide urgent support to drought stricken areas of Georgia and the country, I voted in favor of H.R. 6233, the Agricultural Disaster Assistance Act when it passed the House of Representatives on August 2. H.R. 6233 provides support to expired livestock assistance programs for the FY2012 through proposed reforms of a few conservation programs. In the coming months, it is my objective to urge House and Senate leadership to vote on the farm bill and bring long-term certainty for the Georgia agricultural community.

    Thank you for contacting me. Please feel free to do so in the future. It’s an honor to represent the Eighth Congressional District of Georgia.


    Austin Scott



  9. It just makes rich farmers that know how to work the system richer and the poor farmer stays about even with just enough to live on, Which what the government wants, A starving farmer makes a good slave.

  10. Apparently, liberal politicians think ALL taxpayers should bail out ANY enterprise which might fail due to ANY cause (although these selfsame liberals castigate any enterprises which dare to actually MAKE money)! I’m surprised previous liberal politicians didn’t bail out the now obsolete buggy whip manufacturers back when automobiles became the preferred method of transportation!

    I’m reminded of the story (which may or may not be true) of Davy Crockett, when he was in the U.S. Congress. On hearing of a military man’s widow’s plight, he voted for a bill to provide funds for her. One of his constituents told Davy of his disapproval of this action, that it wasn’t within the purview of Congress’ powers, unless they provided the taxpayers’ funds to ALL voters. So, the next time this type of situation came up, instead of voting ‘Aye’ on the bill, Davy spoke about it. He offered to give a week’s worth of his own salary, if the other Congressmen would match. He said the widow would actually get more than the bill allowed. Needless to say, the bill failed.

    Taxpayers, this is exactly what INSURANCE is for, and should only be paid for by the persons who decided to chance making or performing the actions, producing the goods, taking the risks, whatever! After all, if they make a killing in selling a needed item or service, do they immediately offer to share the profits with the taxpayers?

    I feel the government might give assistance and aid in the case of major natural disasters, which affect a large portion of the populace, but this should only be a short-term thing, and should be repaid, if not with coin, then with services.

    Likewise, welfare should be only a temporary thing, not something to be considered some form of income, where additional family member addition is used to INCREASE funds received. I’m referring, of course, to the fact that GENERATIONS now have been raised on welfare, and this has come to be EXPECTED!

  11. The “Farm Bill” is a CASH COW for BIG AG.corp owned farms..Wanna cut the price of gas quicker than waiting for our use of our own energy resources?? DON’T LET THIS BILL BECOME EFFECTIVE AGAIN..The use of Corn for ethanol when NOT AVAILABLE..will immediately reduce the cost of what we all pay at the pump!!

  12. Response to djok50….I notice you didn’t mention whether or not you have crop insurance &/or taxpaid handouts from the gov’t. I obviously am not familiar with your personal situation, but if you don’t have crop insurance at the very least, then perhaps you should consider another occupation. In addition, I’ve read corn harvests are yielding big bucks (due to the midwest drought) for farmers this year as well. THIS, COUPLED WITH CROP INSURANCE AND GOV’T HANDOUTS FUNDED BY THE TAXPAYER ARE PROVIDING MANY FARMERS WITH LARGER INCOMES THAN IN YEARS PAST.

  13. The major problem that we have with most bills, and the Farm Bill is no exception is the deception in its Title. The Farm Bill has always been a welfare bill with food stamps, school lunch programs, free commodities, etc., not connected with agriculture other than by the term “food”, being the major recipient of the funding and the farmer catching “hell” for being on the dole. A little truth in labeling would go a long ways! Most of the real farmers that I know would like to be rid of the whole Dept. of Agriculture.

  14. Get paid to grow corn to put in gas tanks and drive up the cost of all food items. How can we possiblely thank Congress for being “Total Idiots”

  15. Amen, grease12! NEVER has any government ‘program’ operated efficiently! 40% of our corn is used for gas with ample rainfall, driving up meats, eggs, dairy, etc. And here’s the choke: The growers (incl. ADM, Monsanto, etc.) receive a subsidy, the ‘brewer’ gets a subsidy, then the gas companies get .45 cents per gallon subsidy. (Don’t jump the refiners as they were FORCED to inject ethanol at the terminals or be fined millions. And they had to pay for the injection system at EACH terminal at the tune of $1.5 – $2.0 million PER terminal). Ethanol REDUCES gas mileage by 3% for each 5% added to gas. The horse power rating is skewed; they use a different method from gas. Ethanol gas pollutes MORE than reg. gas. Ethanol is an AGRESSIVE SOLVENT; that’s why ethanol treated fuel ruins 2 cycle equipment. Finally, if ethanol production is so great, why are we getting screwed on groceries and paying the ethanol ‘pyramid’ tax dollars to screw us at the pump?

    • Have you checked the weather in the country this summer? Much of the corn was ruined because of a drought. The markets have gone wild, increasing commodity prices, but many farmers will not have a crop to sell. Plus, there is increased demand for corn, soys, etc. Plus, the cost of fuel is way up. If it wasn’t for ethanol, Americans would be paying even more for gas.

      • Obviously you must be one of the recipients of tax subsidies to grow the corn. Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear…….”with ample rainfall” means with normal yields per acre. With the droughts across the land, the yields are much lower. Agree? Now, if the yields are lower, and 40% of this lower yield is going to produce alcohol for blending THEN we have even less bushels of corn to feed livestock than when we would have a bountiful harvest. Concerning the price points: IF CORN GROWERS, DISTILLERS, and refiners were NOT being subsidized by the American taxpayers, your at-the-pump, discounted-by-American-taxpayers price would be .045 cents higher (that’s four and one-half cents).The REAL, true cost of 1 gallon ethanol is higher than one gallon of gasoline. Don’t forget….tax subsidy. Remove the tax subsidy and see how long the corn/alcohol scam lasts. (And don’t forget to factor the cost of hauling the corn to the distiller; haul the ethanol to the tank farm/fuel depot…..all by 18 wheelers or less costly rail…..no pipelines for other reasons). Subject: [haction] Re: “Farm Bill” Question and Answer

  16. Do we need to as ‘why’ our Libs continue to grow the Nanny State mentality? The fraud is unbelievable! Right here in NC, people are sucking out benefits that NEVER put a dime in the till. And the Fed continues to run ads on the radio ENCOURAGING people to apply; “They might qualify.” 50% of food stamp ‘takers’ take advantage of the scam!

  17. All government subsidizing is bad , there should ONLY be farm aid to those agriculture entities valued at less than a million dollars , because any bigger and they can afford to buy insurance from non-governmental agencies . Corporate agriculture , nor ANY other corporate enterprize should never get a dime from the taxpayer except in sales from them as consumers . If an enterprize can’t make it without taxpayers money then it is non-viable and should be allowed to fail .

    • I’m not arguing for or against…but there is a misconception about “corporate farms”. The truth is, 98% of farms in America are family farms. This is paramount to running a small business with maybe 2 owners/workers, 1 or 2 full-time workers, and seasonal help. Yes, many have “incorporated” for various reasons, especially if say 2 brothers want to farm together and it keeps things fair, but most farms in America are run by family farms. My husband’s family has farmed forever and I live in a farm community and it is the same across the board.

  18. @mogul264 . . . your comments remind me of a co-worker several years ago, brought his new bride (middle aged at that) by the shop, when one of our other co-workers asked her what she did for a living she said she worked for the state . . . she had been on welfare for years . . . needless to say my friend grabbed her and made a fast escape, meanwhile the rest of us roared with laughter as soon as she was out of the shop. even now, years later we get a good laugh at her expense.

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  20. Where are the NAMES…?!?!

    Where are the NAMES of the Republican House Members and Senators who are with the Democrats on this?

    Is my RINO Congresswoman Nan Hayworth (NY19) one of them?

    I respectfully recommend a follow-up Heritage Alert listing the Members and Senators we should be calling.

  21. I have just read all the comments on the proposed farm bill and the entire time I’m thinking “I really don’t care what these people think and I sure don’t care if Mr. Romney gets elected.” I’m a 62 years old widow, I can’t pay my utility bills this month, I drive 1997 car and my house if falling apart but I consider myself blessed because I’m better off than millions of other Americans. You know I didn’t plan for things to turn out this way. My husband was sick for a long time before he passed away so I used all our savings and cashed in all our stocks and bonds to pay medical bills and, yes, we had medical insurance. Why? Because I always paid my bills. Now I have to get by on $1,100.00 a month. I’m sure there is not one person in our goverment that has ever had to get by on an amount anywhere close to that. I did not think, I would ever have to either. Maybe my government pass a “Kathy Bailout Bill”. YES, OUR GOVERNMENT MUST HELP ITS PEOPLE. We have starving children in this country. Can Mr. Romney do it? Does he even know we are out here? Does he know what a gallon of milk cost? Does anyone in Washington know what a gallon of milk cost? GOD HELP US ALL.

  22. Well you are seeing the real costs of immigration. The immigrants get the low paying jobs because they are willing to work for much less since they mostly don’t pay taxes are if they do they file and get a refund. The poor Americans can’t afford to work and keep up a house and take care of their kids so they had rather live on welfare and food stamps than compete with the immigrants. Catch 22 if I ever saw it.

  23. I wood like the names of the congress people and the names
    of the Senators who voted for this . this is election year to get
    rid of the garbage . Democrat or Republican there all in this
    together . please show names and states thank you .

  24. All of the functions of congress need to change today. Every bill that comes out is full of bills that no one has read. Everyone votes based on their party lines, and they all could care less about what is in the bill. This is one case; however, I said this in 2008, and I continue to say it today. This function in congress needs to change, and I want to know which congressional member supports making these changes to get them to push even harder to make sure it is done ASAP.

  25. It is time to kill all new farm subsidy bills. It is time for Congress to repeal the Agricultural Adjustments Act. This law allowed our government to tell people who could farm and who could not farm. It killed the competition that would have kept the food prices down. As that stupid law passed, prices have gone up since. Our country is out of money and it can’t barrow any more money. It is time to pay down the national debt. If Congress does repeal the Agricultural Adjustments Act, it will allow all the farmers who want to farm to make money. Productivity will go up. Prices will go down. That will create more jobs.

    • yea Our rep was on a town hall call and started bragging about how he got the wild ponies out on Corolla protected After some one asked how much does that cost? he shut up.After they are up there at Disneyland on the Potomac for a while they loose all prespective on reality. I heard one the other day about a senator (repub) that went to Washington and never came home except to campaign. The state party chair never met him. We need term limits

  26. I don’t know of any farmers receiving subsidies to grow corn for any reason whatever. Now, the ethanol plants have received subsidies, but not even close to what gas companies have been subsidized. Most ethanol companies do see a near end to the subsidies and have been preparing for that. We (my husband and I) agree that ethanol is not the solution to our energy dependence, but a valid part of the solution. When a farmer takes his corn crop to the ethanol plant, only a small portion of that kernel of corn is actually used in the production of ethanol. DDGS, a byproduct of a kernel corn, is sold to feed cattle which in turn feeds people. There are other byproducts and ones in development. Because of biotechnology, farmers are able to grow much more per acre, increasing their yields. In the last 20 years or so, the USDA (gov.) has “incentivised” farmers to adopt cleaner and enviromentally friendly farming practices. So is that a good thing or not? Like any business, farmers have had to be innovative and seek measures to sustain and grow their business. On a personal note, my husband of 29 years has laid awake many nights worrying about rain, hail, drought, prices, if he is leaving the farm in good hands to his sons, etc., etc. but he still loves his job and is proud to be an agribusinessman for that is what a farmer truly is. I am a proud supporter of the Heritage Foundation, but the information that is put out about farming practices vs. the government is not always factual. Thanks for your time.

  27. One might wonder why you are picking only on farmers and not subsidies to other industries. What about all of the R & D grants to industries and the bailouts? There are probably other subsidies to industries that I do not know about. Is it just easier to pick on the little guy than the “Big” guy? Does this web site support corporatization of farming? Is the farm bill standing in the way of re-distributing the wealth to accomplish land reform? Compared to the industry bailouts, the actual farmers receive a pittance. I do not happen to be Socialist in any way shape or form, but going after the farmers tooth and nail instead of handling any of the other industries indicates to me that there is a rat that I need to be smelling. It is food stamps that account for the major part of the farm bill, not farmer assistance programs. If you do not like the food stamp program, then ask to have it moved to the welfare program. But, I really take issue with an attack only on farmers and not any other industries.

  28. Thomas Jefferson said it is not the proper role of govt, to do for people what they should do for themselves. He was not in favor of sbsidies of any kind corporate or personal neither am I. maybe God is trying to speak to people to repent and return to him in order for blessings to begin to flow again. Check it out in his word in duet.,chap 15 vs 1-6 and many other places.God promised health,prosperity, and security to an obedient nation and cursing to the disobedient. the total abortion rate to date is 55 million unborn children, we are promoting the radical homosexual agenda,and fornication is at an all time hig. Do you really think this will bring God,s blessing,not. Lets quit treating the symptoms and start treating the cause

    • Oh my, this is another thing that has gone totally awry in our country. You are preaching the “prosperity gospel”, and are taking scripture way out of context. Yes we are to repent in the name of Jesus, but God does not promise that blessings will start flowing again. What happens when a Christian gets cancer, loses a child, loses their job, etc.? Are they not praying hard enough? Is God not listening? Just how obedient does God want us to be? Can we ever attain perfect obedience for God?

  29. Ethanol Production needs to be addressed as part of the Farm Bill and also as it petains
    to our domestic corn crop production and the drought . Ethanol production would not exist with out the strong Federal subsidies that support it . It takes 40% of our annual corn crop
    production to produce the 13.2 billion gallons of corn ethanol while our corn crop projections
    due to the drought are the lowest since 1995 . This is a perfect storm of economic calamity
    about to coalese if Congress can not get the EPA to stop the 2012 production .

    Corn Ethanol production and the Federal subsidies that artificially supplement it’s production
    are government boondoggle from the finest shining example of “Lil’ Abner andDog Patch , USA” .

  30. Using my tax money to make Ethenol competitive with pure gasoline needs to stop. It is bad for your car. Get’s less gas mileage. And production of Ethenol for addition to gasoline, takes more energy to produce than the energy it delivers.

    What else needs to be said ??? It was stupid from the very start but we continue to waste money on it…

  31. To farm girl no I am not preaching the prosperity gospel I agree it is a problem in the church but don’t mistake prosperity for greed. The true prosperous message is God suppliing all your needs and then some so you can help your neighbor in need but that is your responsibilty not govt,. When I give a dollar to my neighbor he can spend the whole dollar but when govt extorts my dollar they siphon off 85 % for beauracracy and 15 % makes it back in the economy a lousy way to help the nation. Our founders knew this, Thomas Jefferson said it is wrong to make people pay for things they abhor and don,t agree with.God’s word makes it clear that local govt. is where the power is supposed to be because you live close to your neighbor and can see if he is virtuous or not and deserving of you help, the founders understood this and is why they were against a central govt model that is too distant to understand the nuances in different locals. States rights were to take precedence over federal. The constitution gave specific powers to the federal govt. and they were not to go beyond what was specifically enumerated it by the states.A far cry from what exists today.I could Go on and address your other objections but will let God deal with you on those thru the honest study of his word. But I wish to address some of the other recent comments.To mannard Obama’s goal is much larger than your stated concern. He is a communist at heart and wants govt. to run your life because you are not smart enough to run it yourself.Our founders understood that your life was your responsibility for good or for bad,hence the right to life ,liberty, and the “pursuit of happiness” . Your happiness is your responsibility to define however you wish not the Govts.We need to start thinking Constitutionally to return this nation to its former glory Which God by the way has no problem with when we do things his way, unlike Obama appologizing to the world for our being prosperous by Gods hand, however that is changing under Obama but really is a product of decades of unconstitutional govt., but Obama has taken it to new levels. All you readers out there need to check out Agenda 21 on the internet and you will see what the politicals are up to,One world Govt is obamas real goal not helping people, In his world you need to be controlled not free. Good by to Americas sovergeinty. The democrats are particularly heinous in this goal and the repubs are not much better. I offer the real national debt of 220 trillion as evidence. These numbers are from the congressional budget office not me. have a great day in christ

  32. To see a clear picture of direction where this nation is headed (in which the Farm Bill plays a part) go see the move still playing in theaters “2016”. No matter whether Democrat or Republican, this is well worth watching.

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