18 Tax Hikes in Obamacare

It’s previously been thought that there were 16 or 17 tax hikes included in Obamacare. Now we learn that there are 18 tax hikes (found so far) included in order to pay for the President’s takeover of the healthcare industry. The Heritage Foundation has a new chart detailing each of these tax hikes along with a timetable of when the tax takes effect:

*little known fact: the tanning salon tax was originally meant for plastic surgery, but lobbyists for the industry were able to influence Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and other Democrats to get the tax on their industry removed.

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2 thoughts on “18 Tax Hikes in Obamacare

  1. Over $800 Billion removed from the economy that would otherwise be used by consumers to stimulate the economy. I guess Obama figures he can just add to the national debt, borrowing more money to offset this with another government stimulus program…

    If instead, during this economic/unemployment national emergency, we cut through the red tape (at least until the economy and unemployment normalize) and allow oil production to increase, the U.S. could add 10 million barrels of oil per day to the international supply. This would cause the price of oil to drop dramatically lowering gasoline prices, transportation costs, heating costs, all petroleum product costs, create untold thousands of high paying jobs in the oil industry. Not to mention all the ancillary services jobs that would result.
    In the U.S. for every dollar drop in the price of gasoline ALONE, would mean $200 Billion in consumer’s pockets as stimulus to drive the economy each year without any government deficit spending.
    World wide this would mean several trillion dollars of stimulus EACH YEAR into every consumer’s pocket. WITHOUT any government deficit spending. Go Figure.

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