Oppose the Big-Spending Farm Bill: Email Your Representative Now

With only a few days before the August recess, some in Congress are looking to compromise and enact the big-spending farm and food stamp bill. Conservatives must keep up the pressure to ensure this wasteful policy doesn’t become law.

Email your Representatives now. Use the form below to express your opposition to the bill containing policies House Speaker John Boehner called “Soviet style.”

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36 thoughts on “Oppose the Big-Spending Farm Bill: Email Your Representative Now

  1. I see that the Democrat Party is considering endorsing same sex marriage. I would expect Christians to oppose this endorsement of sin. I particularly despise those who proclaim to be “pro-life” then vote for candidates who support abortion with funding.

    • I oppose H.R. 6083: Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2012 because the UNintended consequences of government “betters” will be EXACTLY as all the OTHER Bills enacted by your body.

      I work for the Commonwealth of PA, and have worked for the Federal government and the City of Philadelphia, as well as being an employee of businesses small and large, and a self-employed businessman.

      I KNOW firsthand that government has NO monopoly on virtue OR intelligence.

      This boondoggle of a Bill is nothing more than an extension of the well-intentioned-sounding “Progressive” Welfare State.

      My neighbors and friends are FARMERS, and THEY do not support your plans to regulate them into vassals of the State, dependent on bureaucrats for their very existence.

      And IF you want to FEED people without ENCOURAGING DEPENDENCE, then simply return to the OLD way.

      BUY farmer’s surplus and let Churches and non-profits distribute it to the poor. A grocery bag with produce, government cheese and a vitamin pill will keep famine at bay, but DISCOURAGE poverty like NO EBT card CAN!

  2. On a recent email I received, this statement was included .. “I am supposed to be concerned and angry with what Mitt Romney does with HIS money and just accept what Obama and the Dems do with MY money” OUTRAGEOUS!

    STOP this runaway spending, before the only choice left to any of us WILL be applying for food stamps!

  3. I agree RBuck,your absolutely right on that.this is why this country is in such a mess.,something like our Government,the right hand doesn’t know what the left hands doing.this country needs to wake up and do what needs to be done to get us back on track.If your pro-life stick with it and stop the killing of innocent babies.And you believe in the natural marriages,stick with it and fight to keep marriages between one man and one woman,as God so intended it to be,Homosexuality is against God and the BIble as it is writen!!

  4. I am opposed to spending non-existent money. I think this bill is intended to gain votes and that is the only reason the matter has been brought up. Those who would benefit would vote for the ones who provided such bounty! How shameful! Enough is enough! Where will this end–when our beloved country comes to a total collapse? Why? Why?

  5. We can not afford such spending. As long as government continues to offer such the weaker citizens become, relying on government insead of their own initive. Please stop this bill NOW.

  6. All the farm subsides should be stopped, and the only thing that should be included in all these bills are must be relative to the bill, i.e., not food stamps, etc., All bills in Congress and all bills passed by this lame government are so full of pork and give-ways to special interest, no one can figure out what they are voting for, this has got to stop.

  7. Not when 80% of this bill is for food stamps. Tired of the very few contributing to the feeding, clothing, and buy gasoline (yes, Virginia, you can get all this with food stamps) to the vast number who don’t contribute anything. And, by the way, driving bigger and better cars than I do.

  8. Hey crybaby Boehner, it is more than “Soviet style,” it’s outright COMMUNISM; that is what has been replacing our form of CAPITALISM since this Muslim-Marxist implant was selected for this very task. This regime are communists – anti-God and pro-death – and the sooner you admit as much, the better off the country will be. Though I realize you have been gelded for some time now and your not capable of saying what need’s to be said! N. Kruechev had said : “we will bury you from within,” the first shovelfuls are piling up, and fast! Until America acknowledges the obvious, it will continue being buried!

  9. Those of you in power have created a “welfare mentality” across our nation. We grew up in an era where you worked hard, family came first and took care of everyone and we lived off the land growing crops, gardening, and raising cattle. No one gave us anything and we are proud of it. Your style of government dependency has taken away the incentive to do it on your own and be proud of what you do. Those of us who worked hard can barely take care of ourselves in this economy and yet you keep raising taxes so WE can take care of those who could take care of themselves but don’t because the government through OUR taxes makes it too easy. And yes, most do have cell phones, computers, clothes and cars and houses as nice as we do. Where did common sense go?

  10. Another “bitter pill” – STOP THIS BILL! We are past the point of being polite. This administration -led by an anti- american muslim is “hell-bent” on tranforming the greatest democracy the world has ever known – into a failed socialist welfare state.
    It isn’t to late – November 5 the date – Throw the “occupier” and all the brain dead democratic leeches OUT!!

  11. Tired of stupid mentality with agenda instead of working for America. No common sense in these insane politicians. You can’t give away the farm and expect a miracle. I’d like to know what planet these idiots came from. At my school, math told me that if you keep withdrawing from the bank and you don’t put back what you withdraw, you will get a negative balance. DUH! There are no checks and balances with these politicians, they spend like kids in a candy store, without any responsibility. If it was their own personal account they would be bankrupt, but it isn’t, so they have no responsibility and they just don’t care. OR, they do know what they are doing and this is their objective, to ruin our country…… BINGO! I think I hit the nail on the head! Get these traitors out of office, especially the number one traitor terrorist muslim communist. They all need to be exposed, impeached, and hanged for treason. That’s what our country used to do with traitors. A good deterent for anyone else who took it upon themselves to stab their country in the back to put us in danger.

  12. Obama is turning this great country in to CUMMUNISM and all Boehner does play footsey with jackass these idoit put in

  13. oboma and our libral congress and senaters are destroying our country..let have another revalotion like we did to free our country from the english in the 1700s do away with all democrats and librals free america again

  14. Please stop the farm bill, we cannot afford to subsidize the large farm conglomerates. The small, family farms need this subsidy; not the conglomerates. Please stop the farm bill as it is currently worded.

    Thank you,


  15. Hon. Tom McClintock,

    Help for the small farmer is needed. The grand land holder farmers do not need this tax spending nut-job bill. Food Stamps are a necessary evil to help those that really can’t find work survive. I would say that the majority of the enemployed lost their employment because of the financial meltdown. These unemployed workers are trying there darndest to find work. Of course, some of these unemployed aren’t even looking for any kind of employment. I call them “PROFESSIONAL GOVERNMENT LEACHES”.

    Please think hard about voting for thi type of legislation. We the People don’t need any more taxation of any kind.

  16. I am sorry but they- Dems/GOP- are both complicite inthe destruction of this nation. They are all elitests and want fewer of us so they can have more wealth to spend. They are overpaid nd dishonest. Farmers, real farmers which amount to 2% of the entire population are feeding us- No farmers, No food. There are not jobs Obama has seen to that and the GOP has not stood in his way. So to get re-elected they all want this bill. Not for the farm vote but for the food stamp vote as there are more on food stamps than there are farmers…wake up folks. Yes, Obama is a plant, an ignorant one, who was put in place to force this nation into socailism and the GOP does nothing to stop him. Without proof he is really an American, hiding all his records, and knowing nothing about American history including the number of states in this country it is evident he is a foreign born, foreign raised Moselm who was educated to destroy the USA.

    • Jim, What are you talking about? “The GOP has not stood in his way.” YES IT HAS! The GOP has offered bill after bill to the Democrats and Obama, has BIPARTISAN bills on the table right now to fix the looming tax problems, and is supporting a slate of candidates to take back the House, Senate, and White House. Stop whining and READ the bills being proposed and the House and Senate VOTING records that show the opposition, primarily from Democrats and/or the President, is defeating common sense proposals. It can’t be any easier with this website guiding you to the necessary information and help. Get with the program!

  17. You are so right. We have farmers in our area getting over a million dollars in subsidy payments. It use to be funny when the joke was told about the farmers and their two mailboxes but not any more. In fact we are paying for the land they farm, we are going broke and the “big” farmer is getting richer. Don’t see many of them struggling, driving older vehicles, living in homes that need to be repaired and farming with older equipment. It is time that it ends. If I was a business owner and fell behind would the government be there with a subsidy.Heck I am at the border line of poverty working 2 jobs – struggling to make a house payment, put food on the table, clothing on my person drive a 12 year old car but don’t qualify for food stamps or other government programs but hey give me one kid and I would! If they want to farm that is their business just like Joe Blow who opens up a business and takes risks if he has a good year or a bad year and if Joe Blow goes belly up there are no hand outs. It is just sorry Joe you just lost your shirt find another job.

  18. I am not in favor of subsidies. If you cannot make a profit in any business then you should not be in business.

    • If you read the Farm Bill you will find out more money is going out to handouts to those who just don’t want to work. A smaller portion is for farmers. Agreed farmers are feeding us bu this bill is not about the farm it is about subsidizing people who just don’t want to work. There are jobs available to those who want to work.

  19. I fail to find “farm subsidies” or any other subsidy anywhere in the Constitution. Let’s get the Federal Government back to doing what it’s supposed to do, like creating budgets, and out of things it’s not supposed to do, like education, EPA, selling guns to Mexican Car tels, artificially restricting our own energy production, attempting to rig the outcome of electins and a whole host of other things not the responsibility of the Federal Government.

  20. Look at what greed of policticans have done to corn. The policitial need to subsidy ethnol has raised food prices for all americans so a few can get rich. Now we see a shortage of corn due to mother nature and the every day person in the street still has to pay higher prices for food just because of subsidy to a product that only the policticans and a few corp. got rich from. Did we learn anything? Ask the solar and wind policticians that subport these programs. When does the everyday person in the street get a break from greedy policticans?

  21. We the People are the government – they are our elected representatives only as long as we keep voting them in – and We the People expect and demand that “our representatives; the lawyers” get out of every area of our lives from Agriculture, Education, Economics, Healthcare and Medicine, to all of our Liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to all United States citizens. We the People must be UNITED AS ONE to cast out these communists and their agenda to destroy the Freedoms, Faith, and Families and very foundations of Our Christian Forefathers established for eternity in the United States of America!!!!!!!! We must fight back with Truth and God’s Word and Power to a defeated foe!!!!!!!! Let’s get moving Americans!!!!!!

  22. Stop giving illegals free education and health care.Everybody who comes to this country should do it the way the europeans did it not try to go under the radar and bleed the country. Bring back manufacturing to America

  23. I agree with the other commenters!
    Get government out of our private businesses, it doesn’t matter whether they are ranches, farms, or a machine shop!
    We have far too many government regulations and the majority of them have to be stopped!
    As for our farmers and ranchers, get out of their way! They have fed the world since WWII, and will continue to do so, but have to have the government, whether it is the EPA, IRS or others, out of their business!
    I have never felt so unrepresented, so angry and so anti-government as I have become!
    While I love my country, and am a proud American, I don’t feel I can back our “govenment” as it is now!

  24. For what it’s worth, I have been in constant communication with my representative and senators about the directions congress and the president have been taking us, directions which, for the most part, are all wrong and leading us away from our democratic republic, our freedom, and the already proven free market system that are what made this nation the great nation it is and was founded to be. To deviate from our Constitution, or to abdicate our own responsibilities and place them in the hands of a government going amock and growing much to powerful over the people who rightfully own the government and are in-fact the real government, is reprehensible. We cannot be this stupid. We cannot be so personally greedy as to overlook what it is that makes us a great nation. We do not want government involved with everything or interfering in our lives like this. Once again, as this bill will ultimately prove, we cannot legislate good intentions. In the end, every time government involves its self in things like this, good intentions of government always seems to result in the worsening of whatever it is they attempt to “fix!”

  25. WE THE PEOPLE need to take OUR government back! It has been too long stolen from us and we are at these sheisters mercy!

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