Local Blog Roundup

Below is a list of blogs from across the country which deal with the hot topics of the day:

As Maine Goes – Staff – 83% of (American) Doctors Have Considered Quitting Over Obamacare. Who Wouldn’t?

GOP Alaska – Becky Bohrer – BP Won’t Pursue Alaska Project in Current Form

Civitas Review – Matt Willoughby – Elections Board Rejects Voter Challenges Based on Driver’s License

FlashReport – John Fleischman – HJTA Seeks Court Ruling to Preserve Election Integrity

Illinois Review – Staff – Hultgren Responds to Obama Call for Higher Small Business Taxes

Michigan Capitol Confidential – Jarrett Skorup – GOP-Led House Passes New ‘Tax’ On Private Contract Workers To Pay For Retirement System Liabilities

Write on Nevada – Victor Joecks – Why One Teacher is Urging Other Teachers to Leave CCEA

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