Heritage Action Statement on House “Farm” Bill

As a group of bipartisan lawmakers push the House to advance the nearly $1 trillion 2012 Farm Bill, Heritage Action released the following statement from CEO Michael A. Needham:

We commend Speaker Boehner for his longstanding and continued resistance to big-spending farm and food stamp bills. With our nation’s debt approaching $16 trillion, we cannot afford another $1 trillion boondoggle.  Nor can we continue, in the Speaker’s words, ‘Soviet-style’ farm programs that create perverse, market-distorting incentives.

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2 thoughts on “Heritage Action Statement on House “Farm” Bill

  1. Speaker Boehner, as in John Boehner, he did something ? Hmmm, wonder if that has to do with his re-election. Its a sure bet he is getting something out of it. He hates to Tea Party who stand up for our Constitution and its Founding Principles. He has done NOTHING to stop what is going on in our Country, that makes him complicit. I consider him a Rino Elitist who has forgotten his beginnings. He most likely will win re-election, but I pray that other Conservatives will not vote him as Speaker again. We need a Speaker who LOVES the USA of America. Sorry, to rant on, but its the way I feel.

  2. I agree with AmericanLass that we need a much more aggressive Speaker who will fight for Conservative principles. I have been very disappointed in Speaker Boehner. A very nice man, but we need more than “nice”.

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