Senator DeMint Echoes Call for Action

On Thursday, after the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, Heritage Action released a statement from CEO Michael A. Needham, which said, in part:

“America’s system of checks and balances ensures the Supreme Court’s misguided decision will not be the final word on President Obama’s government takeover of the healthcare system.  Although the Court failed to provide a much-needed check on federal power, we have every bit of confidence the American people and their elected representatives will.”

A few hours later, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) spoke at The Heritage Foundation and struck a similar tone, calling for the American people to perform the ultimate check on this law by ensuring we elect those in November who will repeal this law in its entirety:

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One thought on “Senator DeMint Echoes Call for Action

  1. [After studying the Federalist Papers; written in 1787]

    Voting for President.

    You may vote for the Representative you wish. BUT- remember this — That Representative; now selected as an “Elector” is not committed to vote for your personal choice at any time. He, in the infinite wisdom of the founding Fathers may select any person he wishes. (It is ‘First’ your freedom of choice, and because you chose that “Elector”; it then becomes his/her freedom of choice, protected by our Constitution, which allows you to select your cultured, learned Representative to be your Elector; to vote for you!

    The Elector, (the Representative you selected) is not held to any pre-conceived name to select. How many ways can I say this? It matters not how you did it yesterday, It only maters that today, you will at least follow the directions of the Constitution.

    I found no Documented references where Each State, Any State was forced into a winner take all position. Nowhere at all! Not certainly in the Constitution or in the Federalists Papers. Actually, the State lines are mute in a Federal Election Process for the President. Only the Federal District lines matter. The “Elector” is a person chosen by the people for that special purpose, and at the particular conjuncture in time. It was, to the framers, equally desirable, that the ‘Electors’ should make an immediate selection, they being most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station, and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice. All Electors chosen from around the entire Country meet at the same time (GMT), convenient to all and cast “secret” ballots; meaning each is kept secret until all ballots are collected by the President Pro-tempura of the Senate to be counted. They are placed in a box destroying all indications of State Origin. The prime geographic in play at that time is the 435 Federal Districts – NOT the States.

    That small number of persons (the Electors) selected by their fellow-citizens from the general public, will be most likely to possess the calming information and discernment requisite to such complicated investigations. The choices of the few, then together form a natural working cast, an intermediate body we call the Electors. They alone, each State by itself – in conclave hold the innate ability to keep the community from casting any sort of extraordinary or violent movements.

    We deliberately exclude from eligibility to this trust, all those who we might suspect having too great a devotion to the current President in office. No Senator, Representative, or other person holding any place of trust or profit under any United States Governmental function, can be an Elector. (That is crucial to this safeguard as it is imposed.) The most deadly adversaries of our ‘Representative Compound Republic form of Government’ might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from more than one quarter, but chiefly from the desire of a foreign power to gain an improper ascendant into our office of the Presidency. How could they better gratify this, than by raising a creature* of their own to the chief magistracy of the Union? Unknowingly it has happened this once. But; we now know, the “creature” got in another way.

    BUT: Not again – we, the American People foolishly and deliberately destroyed the other most significant other safeguard the Founders had put in place; by passing Amendment # 17 in 1913 – WHY did they do that, I keep asking myself?

    * creature – the name actually used in the Federalist Letters.
    Because somebody waived a flag proudly and loudly hollered; “We
    are a Democracy” Stir the pot – maintain the controversy, it sells papers.
    Waive the flag – continue to shout it out that egregious phrase …
    “We are a Democracy – WE are a Democracy” – Time and time again.

    Looking back from today, to see what was about in the early beginning of the 20th Century. Oh yes – there it is … the menace of the free world today. Karl Marx’s Book – he published the “Communist Manifesto” just about 50 years earlier. You know, that is the book the eeliest scholars of the day professed to be their bible. They claimed it solved the world’s problems. (The hidden claim is in there also. Divide the population into two groups – they and we. We are the few that govern; and they, the masses we govern … each to receive an equal share of whatever there is – after we take ours of course.) The trap was sprung!

    They did this, why! Without thinking, yes! Without reading the Federalist Letters. (Not likely, not knowing they even existed. Who hid them – no one; they just faded away, surreptitiously, like the Old General.)

    Like sheep into a pen, with the gate open – we all crawled into the next field, where the despotic, domineering, democratic “bullies” lay waiting to operate.

    What! What did they DO? “Passed the 17th Amendment to our Constitution.”
    That Amendment “Forced a Safeguard” and to the Code, Article 102 of the UCMJ
    Is a crime that carries the most severing punishment?

    Ask our Supreme Court, in Emergency Session; cancel the #17 Amendment immediately. All Senators for 100 years operating
    without legitimate credentials; and the 100 today; dismissed!

    All those that prescribed to this injustice have perished; we need
    now only to fix the problem and go on. We need do no more.

    The President, needing their council, advice and approval – these Senators,
    (Most I suppose unknowingly) had no right to give, no right to even be there.
    All is to be undone as we continue our new journey through the vastness of time.

    We cannot recover the painful journeys our people have suffered, but we can recover the dignity to be an American. This new re-start will build a stronger America. A more resourceful America, an America we all can be proud of.

    Read the Chart enclosed – see how the Governmental Corporation is organized. Know that it is called a Representative Compound Republic with a Constitution, run by a President (the CEO) and directed by a “Board of Directors,” we call “Governors”! They appoint [pro-tempura] a “Chairman” whenever they meet.

    We can do this – Start over, with a clean slate. The Directors, in Constitutional Assembly can fire all those associated in the conspiracy to pass bills without reading them. They can Fire the President, for dereliction of duty (too many to list). Appoint an interim small group to carry us till January.

    We elect a new congress (representatives) the States elects the New Senators, and hold up our heads … proceeding stalwartly ahead; announcing to the world:

    We are the United States. Do not mess with us!

    James Kovarik
    9319 Daney St.
    Goths FL 34734


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