Rep. Sandy Adams: Do Not Return to Earmarks

In a Dear Colleague letter circulated yesterday, Congresswoman Sandy Adams (R-FL) requested that her fellow Members of Congress sign on to her earmark moratorium letter. The letter implores members not to give in to the temptation of earmarks, which lead to more government spending and more crony capitalism.

In May, Rep. Adams also penned an article for RedState, detailing her opposition to a return to earmarks:

“By getting rid of earmarks, Members are forced to evaluate each bill on its merits.  It encourages Members to read the actual text of the legislation, determine the positives and negatives of the bill, and then make a decision based on whether the bill is in the best interests of their constituents and the country.  When earmarks are allowed, instead of reviewing the merits of a bill, Members put too much emphasis on whether a specific earmark getting passed is more important than the underlying bill.  That makes for bad public policy and expands our nation’s debt and deficits.”

She outlined that those in the House who are mulling a return to earmarking do so under the guise of the problem being fixed after a little over a year of the moratorium. What those who favor earmarking don’t seem to realize, is that the American people have not forgotten what earmarks stood for, as evidenced by the battled over miscellaneous tariff bills, and we will not forgive those who want to use them to “grease the skids” in order to pass bad legislation.

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3 thoughts on “Rep. Sandy Adams: Do Not Return to Earmarks

  1. Some misguided politicians want to be judged by the voters on the pork they return to their district without acknowledging the cost to the taxpayers at large. Thinking like that, and doing business like the “good old boys” have done for years has given us such great monuments to spending like the infamous “bridge to nowhere”. The power players on the Hill only became so entrenched by steering taxpayer dollars to their cronies at the expense of ordinary American’s who simply cannot afford it anymore. I for one, would prefer to judge my Representative (job description – not a title) on their commitment to reducing my tax burden for wasteful pork barrel spending. Thank you Sandy Adams for making that commitment. You, and the fiscal hawks who dominate the freshman class of 2010 are what is needed in Washington if we are to ever get a handle on the runaway spending and consequential deficits that has racked up a 16 Trillion dollar national debt we simply cannot afford to add to. With 40 cents of every dollar spent in Washington being borrowed money, we commit generational theft by allowing continued earmarking for pork barrel spending.

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  3. Personally, I am fed up with Congressmen and Congresswomen using earmarks to engraciate themselves to their constituents to further THEIR careers and get their goodies. There needs to be a “come to Jesus moment”in Congress and soon.STOP the spending and giving yourselves and your state these unspeakable benefits all the while asking us the taxpayer to pay more and more. You are NOT responsible and you ask us to be good citizens!!!! What is it going to take? We, the public, are frustrated beyond words. We are sick and tired of the spineless attitude and the arrogance that we see on TV everyday. YOU WORK FOR US!!! You have forgotten that……earmarks do not work for the good of the whole. We are beyond that now and must cut everything for this country to survive. There have been too many military men like my father and my husband who have sacrificed for this country. Earmarks have been a problem for a very long time. Each bill should be simpler and to the point. I know the lobbyist do not want that however!

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