Heritage Action Responds to Supreme Court’s Misguided Decision

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision to essentially uphold Obamacare, Heritage Action for America released the following statement from CEO Michael A. Needham:

“America’s system of checks and balances ensures the Supreme Court’s misguided decision will not be the final word on President Obama’s government takeover of the healthcare system.  Although the Court failed to provide a much-needed check on federal power, we have every bit of confidence the American people and their elected representatives will.

“Indeed, since the debate began in August 2009, Americans have vocally opposed President Obama’s approach to health care, which remains unaffordable and irresponsible.  As such, Congress must repeal the law in its entirety.”


Join with Heritage Action as we put the pressure on lawmakers to repeal Obamacare. Join the fight for a better tomorrow.

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189 thoughts on “Heritage Action Responds to Supreme Court’s Misguided Decision

  1. Who got bought off here? I for one say no…. no one is going to tell me what, when, where, and how I should or shouldn’t buy something. The government is now the enemy and they are going to feel the wrath of the people. The Supreme Court is not all powerful, the people are and the government can go screw themselves.

    • SCOTUS is the dysentery crowd.

      They were publicly warned by Junior not to diss him by ruling his kingdom is free to choose.

      What do you think they were told in private?


      The new POTUS will select probably 3 new justices — help get Junior out of the frat house and Romney into the White House and restore law & order!!

      Thank you.


  2. Amen. As we have just seen, it is now up to we, the people. We cannot count on others to save us from this march towards our loss of freedom and the trampling of our constitution.

    Get involved. Get talking. Vote Conservative. Stand UP for your position everywhere you can and vocally support a conservative, fiscally responsible, constitutional approach to governance. Vote OUT OF OFFICE all those who do not respect and uphold our Constitution…

  3. We can’t count on congress to do their job, but we should be able to count on voters to replace most of the congress come November…

  4. We have an eloquent system, designed for times like this:

    “The General Government will at all times stand ready to check the usurpations of the state governments; and these will have the same disposition towards the General Government. The people, by throwing themselves into either scale, will infallibly make it preponderate. If their rights are invaded by either, they can make use of the other, as the instrument of redress…the state governments will in all possible contingencies afford complete security against invasions of the public liberty by the national authority. Projects of usurpation cannot be marked under pretences so likely to escape the penetration of select bodies of men as of the people at large. The Legislatures will discover better means of information. They can discover the danger at a distance…they can at once adopt a regular plan of opposition, in which they can combine all the resources of the community. They can readily communicate with each other in the different states; and unite their common forces for the protection of their common liberty.” –Alexander Hamilton The Federalist Papers Federalist No. 28

    It is time for the States to act, and it is time for us to insist that they do so on our behalf.

    God bless

  5. I predict that the Romney campaign is about to get a lot of money and more involvement from people. We should hold the House, gain the majority in the Senate… he is the last piece of the puzzle to destroy the Obamanation.

      • It won’t let me click “like” so I will just say it in words. Great Idea. Let us all do all we can. Thanks

    • I am in 100% agreement with you. Let’s take all three arms of the government and take our country back. Please communicate your message to everyone you can and maybe with a little luck and Gods help we will succeed. Thanks for caring about this great country.

  6. Doc MOC

    The States are the key…and always have been the natural, logical, and designed, barrier between the Federal Government and the people.

    • unfortunately,not when you have both the executive and judicial branches stripping away states rights. i’d love to see some of the states start secession proceedings.

    • There is no need to secede.

      A big problem is that people have not yet seen the states as the way to resist the Federal Government. All too many think their vote for the right president, or their opinion is the way to do so. It is not.

      Our system is designed that “We the people” speak through representatives, not directly, and not just in Washington, but against Washington as well. There are MANY avenues the states can take, and that ONLY they can take.

      They brought the suit to the SCOTUS, but this decision hardly means their hands are tied. Not hardly.

      But, they act at OUR behest.

  7. Fortunately, I place my trust in God and not SCOTUS. Remember, it was SCOTUS that gave us abortion and pornography. This is the penalty we pay as a nation when we reject God’s laws and fail to train the next generation…..

    • TL61: so you think the Lord wants us to have this law shoved once again down our throat so we can fund others abortifacients, sterilizations and birth control?

      What religion is that to believe it?

      • No… This is what happens when we reject Him as a nation. The same thing happened to Israel when they rejected Him and were carried to Babylon for 70 years. This is not what God wants, this is what men who do not know God want…

        • TL61: don’t want to get into a debate but the Good Lord could help us out a bit — this ruling could have been just one way.

          • It’s a wake up call for the nation. There has been a systematic undermining of our values for a century and many of our cultural institutions (universities, libraries, etc.) have been hijacked. Now we have a POTUS and SCOTUS that came out of a secular world view.

            Either we wake up or the nightmare will continue.

    • I trust in God too but I do think he expects us to do our part and help ourselves. We cannot expect his help if we just sit idley by and wait for something to happen. We need to take responsibility and do our part. Each of us can stand up for what we believe in but I can’t take responsibility for how other people behave and neither can you. Pray for them. That is the greatest thing you can do to help them find their way to His Word.

  8. This outrageous vote by the Supreme Court to increase the power of the government over individuals has just won the Presidency for Mitt Romney. Americans love their Constitution and their freedom of choice over their finances and lives, and the fight for their rights has really begun in earnest today! We will not take this lying down. Even those who have been apathetic will rise up to fight this unjust law. We will see many more voters at the polls in November and many are writing checks to Mitt Romney’s campaign today, including me.

    • You have it right. We need the house, senate and white house and hopefully in Nov. we will succeed for if we fail, our beloved country with all it’s freedoms and opportunities will be forever gone. We cannot survive 4 more years of this administrations destruction of America. Talk to everyone you meet and help them to know where we stand. Thank You for you are a patriot.

  9. We not only have a President and a Senate that ignores the will of the people, we have a Supreme Court Chief Justice that is out of control. He agreed with Obama that we do not have to protect our borders, but that we also have to pay for other people’s healthcare! We are being controlled by people who have no interest in protecting us from terrorists and in also allowing us to continue into debt as we pay for those that get far more from the government than they put in! This Liberal takeover has to stop now!

    • Romney already told us how. He said that MA care is STATE run healthcare, but Obamacare is a mandate from the federal government. He argued against Obamacare throughout the campaign, and has consistently stated that he will begin his efforts to repeal Obamacare in its entirety on day one as president. His speech this morning reinforced that very principle.

      Romney is not perfect, but he is INFINITELY better than Obama!!!

  10. Do not despair.

    This ruling will make the 2010 elections look like a warmup for this November.

    Romney said he will get rid of this bill.

    66% of Americans do not believe we can be forced to do this.

    If all those that believe it go and vote the dictator will be gone.

    Let’s all get involved in get out the vote effort and dump this horrendous regime.

    In the meantime, let’s see the rulings when the religious freedom cases come before this crowd of cowards.

    Join me in sending all of them a copy of Heritage’s pocket constitution with a note to READ the damn thing before you rule on it.

    Call the congress and tell them to DEFUND the entire bill not just repeal it — get rid of it.

    Together let’s get Romney in office:


  11. I pray as never before that all of those against this invasion of rights will get up off of their behinds and cast their vote in Nov. Our rights, liberty and future depend upon turning these past three years around so that our precious United States of America can once again be the land of the free.

    • The mighty Boa understands your zeal.

      However, it is WAY past time that people come to the realization that we are no longer governed by the Constitution. The mighty Boa has mentioned numerous times that we need to do what we are charged to do by the Founders. Most people react with “let the system work”…

      Today’s ruling should make it clear to most that the “system” is not GOING to work. It has been overtaken by muslims and marxists and is now a renegade government.

      Yes, let’s all “hope for November”… Counting on “the system” really worked well TODAY, didn’t it?

      There IS one solution. And only one. But, as always, the public remains too apathetic to act. We keep hearing about people who swore to “uphold and protect” the Constitution. But treasonous act after treasonous act goes unanswered.

      It is time to face the fact that we are now under a dictatorship. People can act to rid ourselves of it, or they can suffer under it.

  12. I can’t believe any of you actually think that CONGRESS is going to repeal Obamacare! When you have the most “conservative” justice agreeing with Obama we are doomed unless Romney wins and republicans take over Congress. Sorry don’t see that happening.

    • What on earth makes you think ROberts is the “most conservative” justice? Scalia and Thomas are the MOST conservative judges and have been so for many years. Roberts was nominated by WHO??? George Bush, the most progressive Republican ever to hold the office of President!!!! We got what he paid for! he put in a progressive judge, and that showed clearly in today’s ruling!

  13. I give up , America is dead and there is no reviving her , the United States supreme court has abandoned the United Staes constitution for politically correct ” social justice ” . This move will give Obamass the fuel he needed to get re-elected . Another four years of Obamass and the United Staes of America will be an historical legend . My decendents will be slaves of a communist state , probably in a communist world .

    • Actually, the SCOTUS ruling today will ENRAGE all red blooded Americans. It will make the Democrats / Socialists / Marxists relax because they got their crown jewel approved by the Supreme Court. Obama will NOT be able to gain ground in the election, because he doesn’t have the ammunition he needs. Mitt Romney now has the ammunition in the war, and will gain ground in the polls within the next 10 days.
      Yes we MUST replace Obama as well as Obamacare. We must elect Romney AND we MUST elect all Republicans (not as good as conservatives, but far far better than Socialists / Marxists) that are running for the House & Senate. Any remaining Democrats in the Senate, must be hounded by every citizen of this nation. Don’t pay attention to their BS about the fact that they only respond to those of their state! If they refuse to you with your own address, then pick an address in their state and do it again. Keep emailing them every week or even multiple times per week. We must be the loudest, squeakiest wheels in their ‘car’ – so they have a strong desire to do what we want so that we will leave them alone. It will take WORK on our part to do that, and that is precisely what our problem has been. We all work for a living, and the Socialists / Marxists meanwhile live off the government and spend their entire days advocating for their pet ‘projects’……….

      We need to stop coasting, and start WORKING on our nation’s health…

      • I pray that you are right , but my doubts are in the determination of the American people , many of them unconcerned , uninvolved , and could care less .

        • This nation is “God’s” nation. He created it out of nothing, and it was HIS hand that guided the entire declaration of independence, the Constitution, and so much more of the founding documents. The principles and liberties espoused by the founders CAN be had by all again, but those who desire liberty and small government MUST become MORE active and involved than the elitist liberal / progressive / socialist / marxist left. We MUST also call upon GOD each and every single day, MULTIPLE times each day, for HIS providence to prevail in this nation. We must further ask for HIM to bless this nation such that the citizens become INVOLVED and SEE the error of the way this nation is now traveling…

          It is up to Christians from ALL religions to band together in principle, and to work diligently from now until November and then beyond – to restore this nation to its greatness and its true liberty its true small government nature and so forth. WE THE PEOPLE MUST ACT THROUGH “HIM”…..

  14. By the way. With today’s ruling, you might as well start shopping for your “electric car”…. Whether or not you want it. Whether or not you can afford it…

    Oh, and those guns… Just leave them on the porch for the pick-up…

  15. DON’T GIVE UP! What “men mean for evil, God can turn to good” Regardless of whether you like Mitt Romney or not, are concerned about his religion, all we should care about is how he will govern! We have to win the majority in the House and the Senate! Now that the Supreme Court has ruled, the mandate is a TAX, it’s time for a TAX REVOLT. Join your Local Tea Party, Contribute to the Heritage Foundation, or the Republican Trust. WE ARE AMERICANS, PEOPLE! WE don’t just lay down and let the Socialist/Marxist Regime take our rights and our Country away from us! RISE UP, PRAY, and JOIN THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM! LET FREEDOM RING!

  16. I am thoroughly disgusted by SCOTUS’S decision. I can’t believe Justice Roberts. The Amercian people know this is unconstitutional and we must make our voices heard in November. This is something not to take lightly. Everyone must get out and vote and get Obummer the crap out of the White House. Also very crucial is that conservatives must keep the House and take the Senate.

    • As Thomas Jefferson, one of our founders who drew our Constitution and later President of the United States Said: ” The Tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the BLOOD OF PATRIOTS AND TYRANTS” and that there should be a revolution every 20 years to notify those politicians who ignore the will of the people, that the people have the right & duty to throw out by violence, if necessary, a tyrannic government that ignores the will of the people and install a new government. The current polls show that the majority of the American people DO NOT WANT obummer’s medical bill. This ruling by the Obummer supreme court will I believe assure, that the American people will “THROW THE RASCALS OUT IN NOVEMBER.”. The November election is our last chance to save America without the blood of patriots and tyrants…. God help us!.

  17. This ruling is the straw that broke the camels or more correctly the nations back. It most likely will lead to a civil war which will destroy the United States. GOD HELP US
    The Executive Branch ignores the people,
    The Legislative Branch ignores the people,
    The Judicial Branch ignores the people!

  18. This ruling hads awakened a sleeping giant! We now know that we are going to have to fight even harder. the evil people are at the gate! We must vote out Obama in Nov., or our children have NO future! None!

  19. If Romney isn’t elected, and we don’t win both houses, I fear all hope is lost for the tiny bit left of our Republic. It’s time for all of us to come to the aid of the Country we love! Chief Justice Roberts has single handidly proved himself to be a Wilsonian progressive. I cry for my beloved country.

    • How much money did it take to swing the final vote??? Everybody is on the take there days, the god wearing the black are not exempt. We will survive obummer health care and how did the S.C. (supreme court) miss this. Payola, payola, payola.

      • You must admit, WE elected a big government Republican president, in George W, who appointed a progressive Chief Justice to the SCOTUS, and did nothing, but expand government like a loyal progressive. Payola? That sounds like a liberal conspiracy theory.

    • Yes, we are on very thin ice. It is precisely why we MUST elect a Republican controlled Senate and EXPAND the majority in the House AND elect Romney.
      The MAJORITY of Americans (60%+++) are OPPOSED to Obamacare and its ridiculous method of collecting monies, etc. We must build on that anger against Obamacare, that is likely to grow exponentially now that people realize that it is ‘the law of the land’ – and use the anger against it to get those who might vote for a Democrat in the Senate, to vote for a Republican to be be able to overturn Obamacare.

      We can’t forget all the other garbage that Obama has produced while in office, he has vastly expanded the EPA, the NRLB, the FTC, and so many more UNconstitutional federal agencies. We must not only curtail these agencies, but most of them must also be TERMINATED ie: removed from the federal landscape permanently. Agencies such as the Department of Education must be erased from the federal government, and a law should be passed PROHIBITING the president from creating any such “department” ever again without congressional approval (both houses). Legislation should also be passed that requires all ‘departments’ and ‘agencies’ that were created solely by the actions of a president, are immediately and permanently removed.

  20. ACA is a tax, another one. SCOTUS’s decision leaves existing Insurance companies turfts they’ve carved out for themselves, intact. No portability! And individuals now MUST buy insurance or pay a penalty. This pleases all in the Insurance industry. We The People are going to pay, one way or another…period!

    Result of SCOTUS decision: 1) upcoming SCOTUS retiree (Ginsberg?) and another progressive candidate fulfilling SCOTUS’ vacated seat. 2) a definite win for Democratic National Committee, Democratic Party in general and a big boost for President Obama’s re-election chances, 3) a quantum shift to Progressive agendas at Federal, State and International levels, 4) continued weakening and “re-defining” of what a “living constitution” is, 5) National Popular Vote Movement now has new impetus for altering Electoral College system to a “winner-takes-all” national electoral system, 6) “Dream Act No.3” is now a reality with new citizens enrolled into democratic folds across the nation, 7) By SCOTUS “kicking-the-ACA-down-the-road” essentially back to Congress, the Executive branch of the USA now has full and pervasive control over everything America…bureaucrats in culture of corruption in Washington DC will rule and regulate everything America.

    Mr. Obama’s re-election will ensure America will be Progressive and “left-of-center.” The mandate is a tax, and the commerce clause is its basis…period! Only way to thwart federal expansion and control over everything America” is to: 1) repeal ACA (which is what SCOTUS is saying), 2) repeal 16th Amendment “Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census of enumeration.” This will possibly eliminate the IRS, tax code, tax industry, courts, bankruptcy laws, etc. It will usher in a “Flat tax” and stimulate private enterprise. Possible Gold system?

    But with a Democratic Congress and Democratic Senate AND Executive Branch in 2013, America’s decline is guaranteed. Unless of course…America Wakes-up. Otherwise, We The People will be chattels of an omniscient Federal USA Power and UN. God Bless America. Amen

  21. This is not American. Our RIGHTS are being taken away. The Elected and Appointed NEVER seem to Listen to the People. I would like to know if today’s ruling will also impact the real estate market as was originally sent via emails over a year ago describing that the health care bill Would pinch the real estate sales. THIS IS NOT OVER. NOT.
    Maybe if the People withhold taxes, the elected will get our message when they get No paycheck…………

  22. This decision provides Gov. Romney with opportunity to divide and conquer. How? He should address those who will now have to pay a tax, if they choose not to carry personal health insurance. If this demographic was leaning toward Obama, based on perception of receiving valuable goods at lowered cost, then persuading a move toward Romney would detract from Obama’s votes and simultaneously add to Romney’s votes. I agree that the conservative base will remain energized. But a shift of independent voters could provide needed margins for Romney in closely contested States. Repeatedly drumming on the fact that Obama promised the mandate was not a tax will heighten awareness that the Democrat Party is the party of taxation and will reduce trust in President Obama.

    Democrats claim that government spending creates jobs. If we accept this premise (which I do not accept), we conservatives must remember that taxing takes funds away, destroying jobs in the private sector. Government spending adds non-productive government jobs and destroys capital otherwise available for growth when it subsidizes activity that the market will not. Think Solyndra, for example. Thus, government spending destroys more jobs than it subsidizes, due to higher overhead costs and due to lack of the intimate specific knowledge of actors in the market. This is a net loss for the economy and a good reason to eliminate government meddling in otherwise free markets.

  23. If Soros and others who are working the strings for Obama can impact a decision by SCOTUS, which I believe is possible, then how much hold do they have on our election process and what will the November election hold for the citizens of the United States of America? As a nation, we are taking a very dangerous, socialist “left” turn.

    • Good luck with that. The conservative response will be to weep and snivel and protest and pontificate and ruminate and…well pretty much anything other than actually take care of business. Perhaps Issa can send a sternly worded message. We are a nation run by clowns, fools and criminals.

  24. Since it’s passage in the Senate we all knew this was nothing more than another tax. It’s too bad that the political side of the court prevailed but I think the silver lining in this decision is that it’s going to ignite a passion in every person who cares about America, our freedom and our kids future. The other thing is that this now puts this bill lock, stock and barrell on the shoulders of the Democrats and as time goes on, especially between now and November, and the more that surfaces regarding the bill, people are going to just get mad. So, I say, let’s stand together and vote everyone of these democrats out that support this and every other attempt to socialize America. The war has just begun.

    • Yes, the Supreme Court decision today is but a single shot in the WAR on our inalienable rights, liberties, pursuit of happiness, et. al. We the people MUST act immediately to replace all members of the House & Senate that voted FOR Obamacare. If we simply replace enough members of the Senate that voted FOR the abomination known as Obamacare, then we will take control of the Senate from Democrats AND thus gain control of the House, the Senate, AND the White House.

  25. We need health care reform. We have ALWAYS needed health care reform. The justices were possibly right in defending a mandate to have it, but they were also right in calling it a tax. The House needs to fund it, so it could still be repealed and started over. Truth is that Republicans have to do something about health care. They had good ideas (if liberals ever admit that they did– I attended several townhalls back when, and can attest that they were good ideas and I am in healthcare, so I should know), but Pelosi never allowed them to be discussed. I would like to see a more sensible way to healthcare for everyone without the 2500+ pages of Pelosi’s (you have to pass it to see what’s in it) law!

    • The GOP rules the House. All they have to do is refuse to write the checks. It’s really that simple. The hard part is imbuing them with character, honor, competence, courage, and a willingness to do what they were elected to do.

  26. Would someone please give those poor ignorant SOBs on the SCOUTS a copy of the constitution and make them read it? It’s painfully obvious they don’t have a clue what the document is about or what the founding fathers intended by writing it.

  27. The new “battle cry” : Reject, Repeal, with Romney! Reject Obama , repeal Obamacare, by electing Romney( and a lot more real conservatives to the Legislative branch).

    • “R” is all you need to know. Elect CONSERVATIVE and/or LIBERTARIAN “R”epublicans to the House & Senate, to ensure “R” majority in both houses. “R”epeal Obamacare in its entirety, not just some parts. “R”elease insurance companies to sell policies in ANY state in the Union. “R”estrict Medicare benefits for those who have the financial resources to pay for their own healthcare. “R”eplace ALL those politicians that voted *for* Obamacare at ANY stage in the process, with conservative “R”epublicans in both the House and Senate.
      Immediately create “R”epublican led constitutional legislation in ALL state legislatures, that makes federal implementation of Medicaid regulations a violation of the state’s constitution…..

  28. SCOTUS has now set a precedent. How about next year we all get a new Chevy Volt and a “tax” bill for $2,200/month. Then we all get a big windmill and some solar panels for our homes and a “tax” bill to cover the $1.2M cost? Do we all need to buy GE appliances now or get a “tax”? Will Obama hire another 32,000 IRS agents to make sure we do what is best for us?

    The word “tax” was never used in the original document. Now that we took Pelosi’s advice (and passed it so we could see what was in it), we are crystal clear on that point. In fact, Obama & Co. went to great pains to shout from every rooftop that it was not a “tax”. Perhaps they should have classified it as a “mandatory contribution”. Or perhaps it was all just a pack of lies like everything else.

  29. I object to being forced into the “medical care” modality of health care. As one who does not like to be treated by the standard poison, burn, cut modalities of the medical profession, I really object to having to pay for such treatments when I prefer naturopractic or homeopathic methods. This is to say that maintaining the body in a high state of homeostasis is the best method of health care. The government has created and promoted the largest monopoly (medical care) in the country.

  30. My goal cannot be any clearer as a candidate for US Congress in CT-02. The incumbent strongly supported this BAD legislation. I will VOTE TO REPEAL THIS TAX. Everyone needs to stand up and do whatever they can to stop the slide down a slipperty slope, losing our freedoms along the way.

    Washington ignored the will of the people and supported this mandatory tax promising us big government, big debt, and interference in our private lives. It is BAD legislation.

    We can replace the job-killing Obamacare tax, restore our rights and ensure the next generation is not left to pay our debt. We can work to reform healthcare so that up to 20 million citizens don’t lose their right to keep their current insurance.

    It’s our choice now. Are we going to support a big, intrusive and all-powerful government or sound healthcare policy? Or, go to war over this tax? Which option do you think is best for you and your family?

    I plan to work to lower healthcare costs while ensuring government bureaucrats don’t come between an individual and his/her doctor, that pre-existing conditions don’t disqualify individuals and, that every state has good access to health care.

  31. SCOTUS gave Obama an unearned lifeline. They should have remanded the Act for rewrite as a tax bill. That they didn’t is pure judicial activism.

  32. All is not well in Fraud Land, my take is the Chief Justice Roberts has made a machiavellian move to hand this ball of thorns Scam Care back to the Deemers as a massive tax bill, after the Fraud in the WH swore profusely it was not, the court also took away the impetus to have the states participate on behalf of the fed to impair their own citizens, Justice Kenedy made a disenting comment that this whole bill was invalid. This makes the bill in it’s present state subject as a tax to the vote in the House and all that is needed is a majority to stop it cold. Were you a Deemer, would you go to your constituents and tell them you are now going to hand them a $1.2 T tax increase? 33 members of the congress are up for election, I believe a R rather than a D behind my name would be held in better stead, the hiring of 15 thousand new IRS employees to police for the insurance companies is not a real good picture in the eyes of the voter….Woe unto the fraud.

    Holder the racist butt boy for the Fraud in the WH is going to be up on contempt of Cong., it is being stated it will be bipartisan and a estimated 20-30 Deemers will be joining party line Republicans to make this so. The documents in request will be reviewed by the investigating committee should contempt come to the forefront, I would imagine the Fraud in the WH is becoming queasy with anticipation and the revelations in those docs are goping to rip his world asunder…….Brothers and Sisters, Let Us Pray.

    I am now willing to risk a bet on a Romney landslide….

  33. It’s not so much the fact that this decision will decrease the quality and availability of healthcare; or that it will cost the Middle Class achievers of this country more money; or that it will add trillions of dollars to our national debt; and it’s not even that the law will ultimately lead to a tyrannical government run monopoly on healthcare. In fact, the troubling issue has nothing to do with healthcare. It’s about FREEDOM. That’s right, the very freedom that our good men and women are overseas dying for. This decision is the equivalent to flag burnings by militants, only now it’s the Constitution that’s being burned. Tax? Are they out of their minds? How can someone be taxed for NOT buying something? We the people, must now check this tyranny – in November.

  34. The Tax is BAD enough but most of ObamaCare is NOT about Health Insurance. We have LOST OUR FREEDOM TODAY!

  35. It is very sad that the Supreme Court cannot even go along with what most of it’s own citizens wanted…..repeal Obamacare. The future is dim unless Romney wins.

    • It is real sad because I see our Country being destroyed and at some point a 3rd. world country with a dictator. I saw this coming some 3 yrs ago when I sent a six page letter to the then speaker…What I said is happening right now!!!!
      joe l

    • We must go to the heart of this problem with SCOTUS. A court that is Constitution centered would have invalidated this entire mess of a bill. But they did not because most of these men and women are not patriots and do not believe in the constitution. The congress must start a


      through the system at once to dissolve the present court – all the sitting Justices – and provide for

      ELECTED SUPREME COURT JUSTICES with four (4) year terms.

      Only then can the American people keep the political hacks, socialists and communists off the Supreme Court.

  36. I now regard this Regime as my oppressor. I have talked to numerous people this morning. We all feel the same way. This will not stand. The American people will have the last word. I will not pay one dime towards this abominable dictate even if it means going to prison. They can’t imprison 180 million of us. That is roughly 60% of the American People who oppose this vile act. No more bargaining with these hard line democrats. We need more principled Republicans in office who will stand up to these radicals. Republicans……stand strong and stay the course. They may have won this round but we will win the war.

    • Noodles5,
      I give you an A+++. I believe Americans are not willing to give up their freedom at any level. Over 1.3 million lives have been lost defending freedom. Our leaders must defend the Constitution and step up to the plate or move on.
      Joe l.

  37. Let’s be brutally honest with each other for once, please! There is no legislative way to reverse the damage already done by the “Affordable Healthcare Act,” formerly known as Obama-care until bless by the Mullah Roberts. It will take something our so-called elected representatives do not have — a back bone.

    The Great Experiment has failed, as Ben Franklyn warned possible. We, my fellow Americans, have destroyed the hope and dreams of our children and grandchildren. We, this generation will be known as the worse generation in American history — assuming we have a future in which history will be recorded.

      • Sir, I have not give up, but am being factual and truthful. If the so-called “Tea Party” members — or as I call them, the late arrivals — gave every penny they make to elect Conservatives and Constitutionalists representatives it will take at very least six election cycles. And even then we will not purge the socialists within our mists.

        To roll back AHA, our elected representatives KNOW they will be insuring their own defeat in their next election — the pain will be so great, I suspect even you are not ready to accept it.

        It took the battle cry “no taxation without representation” to throw off the tyranny of British Empire. This newly created “empire” will not fall by wishful thinking alone.

        No Taxation Without Representation!

        • Then maybe you can change the tone of your words so you don’t make us sound so beaten. I guess you’ve never been an inspirational speaker. Well how about practicing that now. That last thing everybody needs to hear is how bad the situation really is. We ALL know that already.
          Instead of wallowing with your head down, say ‘it’s going to get better from here on out cause there’s a couple hundred million real Americans that are standing with me.
          All trials are meant ultimately for blessings, you know.

          • I am a pragmatist, sir, who sees the truth without the filter of delusion of “good wishes.” The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over, and over expecting a different result.
            Know your enemy, sir, we are not playing on an even field. We are being handed our hats and shown the door.

          • We have been handed our hats for a long time now, because Republicans are too busy COMPROMISING their values to get bills passed. They must begin holding firm to their values, and holding legislation up untli they get their way. We have gone far too long where the Democrats have tried to get the Moon and then settled for the nearest star – while Republicans have been happy that they prevented the Democrats from getting the Moon. But if they get enough ‘baby steps’, they still get the moon eventually.

            We have to start FIGHTING just as hard to move the pendulum to the RIGHT, as the liberals are fighting to move the pendulum the wrong way!

          • Your pragmatism is an excuse for your pessimism and something tells me that others have told you that before. Get off you high intelligence horse and stop dumping your defeatist words on us. There’s a bright light at the end of this tunnel and it’s not a train. Or you can take your ‘wait & see’ and ‘I told you so’ attitude and just watch us defeat this dragon.
            Is that all you are? A spectator?

          • We have to WORK like it all depends upon US, and then we have to PRAY like it all depends upon HIM. By combining the two together, we will be invincible AND we will retake the White House AND the Senate. If we don’t do the work, AND we don’t do ALL of the praying – we will fail. HE who is above us all, will NOT help us if we don’t do everything we possibly can to help ourselves first AND THEN PRAY. Prayer is not a one time thing, but rather an every day multiple times a day thing. We should be praying for HIS great nation every single day. Christians as a whole stopped praying for this nation, and we lost our way as a result. GOD only helps those who help themselves first!

            This is NOT about religion, but rather is about GOD. Our Heavenly Father, our Eternal Father, our greatest Champion, and the ONE who can help us to return this great nation to HIS Path………..

          • We’re gonna take the Senate, we’re gonna unseat a couple judges who think they are God, and we’re gonna repeal the Communism Healthcare Bill that Hillary and company have been working so hard for so long.
            Then some people are going to jail. Do Not Pass Go, and no Executive Privilege is gonna derail us.

    • Most of the liberal, judicially active justices on the SCOTUS today were appointed by a Bush — we all snookered.

  38. Look everybody, cheer up. I see several options to defeat this. First of all, the states can opt out of obamacare. As far as I see it most if not all of the states will opt out. Secondary, November is but a short way off. I for one am going to vote this democrate croud out of office. Watch 2010 repeate itself with a landslide for Rommney, the senate and alot of the house. Keep the faith and stay the course. We have lost one battle, not the war.

    • I hope and pray you are right. It is so depressing to see what is happening to our country with this jihadist as president. I pray we have enough conservative people to get rid of him and people like Pelosi, etc.

    • First, the Mullah Roberts has waved his magic judicial wand and converted a “fine” into a tax — the States cannot defend its citizens from federal taxes, we pay or the IRS, with its newly hired 16,000 agents show up and take our stuff.
      Second, the States can ONLY opt out of increasing their Medicaid rolls, and STILL retain the federal matching funds. But, that does not mean the federal funds for other programs like, oh I don’t know, roads can’t be cut if a State opts out.
      Third, today’s ruling has striped all of us the Rights granted us by our Creator. Congress, or the Executive by executive order (I suspect) can FORCE us to buy anything, or be taxed instead.
      We cannot pie-in-the-sky what happened to our Republic on this day.

  39. I am more worried that we now have an other justice turncoat to the liberal philosophy on the Supreme Court – John Souter Roberts. I have never seen a liberal supreme court justice turn conservative but numerous Republican nominated justices turn liberal- David Souter, John Stevens, Sandra Day OConner, Henry Blackmun. We were all concerned about Justice Kennedy as the swing vote. Little did we realize that John Roberts turned into a David Souter at a critical time in US history.

    • Roberts is not Souter, and Roberts is not a turncoat. WHO was president when ROberts was put in? George Bush, the most progressive Republican president in HISTORY! It is NO surprise that Roberts is progressive, and his choice to rule as he did just proves he is nothing more than a progressive after Bush’s lead…

      • Neal
        While I appreciate your sentiment, Justice Roberts took an oath,not to GWB, but to uphold the Constitution, each and every time, not to play politics, chess, etc.

        Regardless of who nominated him, it is the Constitution that is his judge, and it begins with “We the People…” Its OUR Constitution.

        God bless
        “If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people, whose creature it is, must appeal to the standard they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify.” –Alexander Hamilton 1788 – Federalist No. 33

          • Hi Neal

            Roberts said: “We do not consider whether the act embodied sound policies. That judgment is entrusted to the Nation’s elected leaders. We ask only whether Congress has the power under the Constitution to enact the challenge provisions.”

            So, does congress have the power to do what it is doing under the Constitution, with the Founding principle of enumerated powers? Hardly.

            This is constitutional if you change the terms, make a fine a tax, etc…maybe create 2-3 new universes where the the math will come out right.

          • I did NOT say that I agreed with Roberts in his OPINION that Obamacare is constitutional! I simply said that HE believed his opinion upheld the constitution.

          • Hi Neal
            You and I are on the same page.

            Unfortunately, “believing” it is Constitutional is not enough…it has to actually BE Constitutional according to the actual words of the Constitution and the intent of those who wrote it…that is honest exegesis.

            It was a simple question: can Congress under the Constitution force us to purchase something–to participate in commerce so it could be regulated? The answer was no they cannot..but Roberts jumped in with, well they could if they called it a tax–lets just change it to read “tax.”

            That is clearly dishonest as that was not the basis for the suit or the statements of the entire administration and congress for months–its not tax.

            Lincoln had an interesting statement: if you call a dog’s tail a leg how many legs does it have? The answer is 4–just because you call a tail a leg does not make it one. (he used a calf).

            Well, just because you call an attempt to force someone to buy something a tax doesn’t make it one.

            Anyway…I appreciate your work.
            God bless

            “All of us who were engaged in the struggle must have observed frequent instances of superintending providence in our favor. To that kind providence we owe this happy opportunity of consulting in peace on the means of establishing our future national felicity. And have we now forgotten that powerful friend? Or do we imagine that we no longer need his assistance? I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth-that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the Ground without his Notice, is it probable that an Empire can rise without his Aid?” –Benjamin Franklin To Colleagues at the Constitutional Convention, June 28, 1787

      • Mr. Graham, President Reagan, hardly a progressive, gave us Sandra Day O’Connor — bulwark of the leftist Court, George H. Bush, progressive father to GW Bush, gave us David Souter, and my FAVORITE of all Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed by Slick-willy Clinton (Rapist in Chief).

        It seems to me Republican Presidents appoint more liberal justices than Democra-tics. Only Repubicans are inflicted with the “reach across the isle” disease, the root cause of today’s reality — welcome to the USSA!

  40. First the decision is made, second we see the Gloating faces of the Left, and third, the reality that a Freedom of Choice has been taken away from every American. It is truely sickening.
    This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. and when people who canNOT afford this Mandatory insurance are fined by the IRS, How do the Left expect those fines to be paid…………. Honestly, they are dumber than whale droppings.
    I don’t have a lot of money BUT I am NOW going to donate to Mitt Romney to win the election and put common sense back into this country.
    Never in my lifetime have I experienced so much pure hate. This is a Sad day for America.

  41. I am just sick about this decision. I pray that Romney is a landslide. God bless America and all of us who still want to fight for our freedom and liberty. What is wrong with Roberts??

  42. To Neal Graham, my quotations were meant mostly as sarcasm! It is just that he has been the deciding vote towards the right on many occasions. We know that moderate Bush appointed him which doesn’t say much.

  43. I have no words that I can use here, Robert is very disappointing, I thought he was fair and honest, what a Trader to the Constitution he is to uphold.!!!

  44. Just say NO MORE! Just get out there and get active. Donate. Blog. Speak up. By god if this country is to go down; I am going to go down SWINGING. I am one unafraid angry freedeom-loving Hombre. No way you libs are taking my daughter’s future!!

  45. The Supreme court is suppose to be our last line of defense against a tyrannical government. We the people need to speak out and exercise our right as leaders of this country. The “government” is OUR servant. Let’s act like it and demand action! Here’s to hoping for change…

  46. There is a HUGE MISTAKE to allow SCOTUS to have LIFETIME guarantee to be in the Court..THAT HAS TO BE CHANGED..OR MORE CRAP LIKE TODAY WILL CONTINUE TO BE FORCED UPON THE MAJORITY OF U.S. CITIZENS THAT HAVE VEHEMINETNLY OPPOSED OBAMACARE..It’s imperative we get rid of obama in Nov. & get this piece of bankrupting legislation TOTALLY REPEALED… With a President & Congress that will make that happen…OTHERWISE..!!

    • Obviously Roberts life was threatened in some way and he was probably paid off by the vermin in the white house….Time to get them all out of our government and repeal all the crap they have chit out under the muslim impostor!

    • Its a HUGE mistake to vote the “the lesser of two evils” when entering the polls. If we did not elect progressives (NOT Constitutionalists) to high office, people like Mullah Roberts would not get appointed.

      But to be honest, Mullah Roberts is truly the “Manchurian Candidate,” he hid his progressive beliefs well hidden, while saying all the right words. Huh, a liberal/progressive/democra-tic that lies — who-da-thunk-it!

  47. My shock never ends. So, the Arizona law is legal and Obama loses, but Obamacare is legal? So now our government can force us all to opt into government healthcare. Goodbye American way of life, hello Canada. Obama does not care about the American people, he thinks we are the problem, as would any good Islamic citizen of Kenya. Too bad we can’t trade. Now, he will believe that the Supreme Court has given him a “mandate” to rape the American public. This monstrosity has nothing to do with healthcare. It is a socialist’s dream highway to the death of our economy, and the rebuilding of America as a socialist mecca.

    • The Arizona Law is not “legal,” the only thing they can do is ask those already under suspicion to proof of citizenship. They cannot detain them for being illegals, they can only notify ICE — oh, and ICE said they WILL NOT TAKE CALLS from Arizona law enforcement.

      All the SCOTUS did Monday is to carve in stone that even States MUST do “capture and release” of illegals just like the Feds are doing today,

      Please read these opinions, yes they are difficult and the first few will take many stops/starts and re-reads to fully grasp, but understanding the precedence they set is VERY IMPORTANT.

  48. At first It seemed unbelievable to me but now I see that if the Supreme Court states that this is a Tax then it seems necessary that Obamacare be voted on again since it was presented to the congress and the Senate and the American Public in a false manner. No one on capitol hill voted for a tax? am I correct? Once again it will have to be a do over for the Obama Administration. Didn’t he have to say his oath over again too? ( Do we see a pattern here?) Reason why the economy is in such a bad state – No TRUST. Do it right and honest the first time and save all of us the headache.

  49. i cant believe that our “chief” justice Roberts voted for this obama-obamanation—if he was trying to renew respect for the court, he is badly mistaken. I would certainly like to hear his reason—and if it because he thinks it is a tax, how come the administration denied that? If that is the position of the court and admin, then i firmly believe the congress that passed this bill was mislead–(normal Obama technique)–but now we should insist that congress re-vote on this bill, afterall they must approve any tax bill, right? We should all write to our congressmen, DEMANDING a re-vote. ONLY CONGRESS CAN PASS A TAX BILL.

    Supreme Court, more like Supreme idiots–dont know their own Constitution

    • Sorry, there are no “do overs” defined in our Constitution. Congress voted and passed the Bill, the president signed it into Law, and SCOTUS upheld the Law as Constitutional — and acquired an extra-Constitutional Judicial Branch Power, the ability to “transform” a “fine” into a “tax” for the Legislative Branch.

      • FormerlyFree

        I kinda liked that fine into a tax transformation thing too. Talk about support…

        …and all this time I thought it was about checks and balances.

        Silly me.

        God bless
        “If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people, whose creature it is, must appeal to the standard they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify.” –Alexander Hamilton 1788 – Federalist No. 33

      • It is not a do-over to REPEAL the entire law in the subsequent congress. It is by far NOT the first nor last law to be repealed, and Obamacare WILL be repealed in 2013! Romney will now win the presidency in a landslide victory, thanks to Obama & Obamacare! The SCOTUS will also cause many of the “likely democrat” Senate races, to now switch over to “definitely Republican” Senate wins. This singular action by the SCOTUS, will galvanize support for REPEAL & REPLACE. Replace the Senators members of the House and president that voted FOR Obamacre, and REPEAL the legislation on day 1 of the 2013 legislative session.

        • LOL, dream on, sir. We thought the same after the 2010 election — how far did that “historic vote” get us?

          Can I wear the Ruby Slippers for awhile, I’d like to click my heals and pray “I wish politicians would represent us, I wish politicians would represent us.”

          • You can’t seriously have believed that the small number of newly elected members of the House & Senate would be sufficient to radically alter the tenor and direction of the Congress? No way! Some people think that you would be able to change congress in one electoin, however it is clear from history that it would actually take a number of elections. We therefore MUST be even more involved in THIS election than we were in the 2010 election, to continue to MOVE the pendulum further towards conservatism and towards constitutionality.

            I don’t “expect” politicians to represent me. I KNOW that I must do the work to PUSH my elected representatives to represent me as much as I possibly can. As long as I sit on the sidelines and just complain, I get exactly what I deserve – and so does everyone else out there that just sits around and complains instead of GETTING ACTIVELY INVOLVED!!!!!!!!!

          • Your a newbie to politics, aren’t you? Did you sign up on some web site somewhere?
            Where in in D.C. March 20-21, 2010 with we who are ACTIVELY INVOLVED protesting in and around the Capital demanding our representatives NOT PASS this Law? I was.
            The IRS audited me three times over five years during Slick-willy Clinton’s reign; I was extremely ACTIVE during his administration.
            In fact, I started my activism under the worse president in history — Jimmi Carter, and fought HARD to stop President Reagan’s “one time amnesty” from going into Law.

            I know of what I speak, sir, cause I’ve been there and done that; save your condensation for for the man in the mirror. Where were you, sir?

          • You can keep your “Condescension” to yourself, because whether I was in DC or not is irrelevant. Whether I harassed Bill Clinton or not is irrelevant. The truth is that the only thing that matters, is what we all do now. Some of us do not have the ability to be physically involved in the campaign to retake America, because some of us have physical disabilities that prevent such action. But you don’t stop and think that everyone is at a different place in their lives, nor did you think for a second about the fact that there are literally THOUSANDS of American HEROS that would love to be able to be actively involved in the fight to retake America but that cannot because of their infirmities.

            What we need to do, is to come TOGETHER and find ways that we can all BAND TOGETHER and work toward the restoration of constitutionality to the United States of America. Working together means LIFTING each other up, and NOT putting others down because they haven’t done exactly what you might have done – because you will most assuredly turn many off and thereby have a smaller army in the fight to retake this nation’s soul… Something to think about, right?

  50. I read Roberts opinion, he is way over paid! What a slap in the face to the conservatives of this nation. Hate to say it, but I don’t think we will be able to regain the liberties the three branches of this pathetic government have taken away from us peacefully! I DON’T LIKE JUST BEING A SUBJECT SINCE ALL THE MONEY I PAY THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD ALL CITIZENS RIGHTS! Buy more ammo!

  51. Welcome to communism, how can this be happening if the majority of Americans are against bummercare. I think we need to change our voting practice and count each INDIVIDUAL VOTE to get a true picture of what the Legal American’s want

    • “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” — July 4, 1776 “The Declaration of Independence”

      • It is high time for the true conservatives across this great land, to rise up and show Congress & the President just how strong conservatism really is in this nation. We are the BIGGEST group in this nation, but because we WORK for a living we are busy all day long. Radical liberals / progressives / marxists / etc on the other hand, don’t work and so they can protest / etc all day long. (see occupy wall street).

        WE THE PEOPLE *MUST* rise up and reclaim our government on election day…

  52. I wore the uniform for 25 years, sworn to “… support and defend teh Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic …” so I’m deeply disappointed that the Roberts Court found a fifth vote (for a 5-4 split), that dared to both strike down the Individual Mandate yet doublespeak its way to upholding Obamacare including the individual mandate worded as a tax. Indeed, any actual read of the U.S. Constitution (including amendments!) reveals how the now-dissenting opinion is right, that the entire Obamacare law is wholly and utterly unconstitutional. It’s time to elect enough conservatives & libertarians to House, Senate, and President, to wholly un-make this law. A good immediate second step: send to the states for ratification, a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting any future recurrence of any kind of Obamacare or other individual mandate.

  53. to be clear … the entire Obamacare law is wholly and utterly unconstitutional. It’s time to elect enough conservatives & libertarians to House, Senate, and President, to wholly un-make this law. A good immediate second step: send to the states for ratification, a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting any future recurrence of any kind of Obamacare or other individual mandate.

  54. You miss the point here; It was a slap in the face for hussein, hussein said “it was not a TAX or a TAX INCREASE!” The supreme court said it was a tax and congress can rise taxes.
    So now this is going to make hussein look bad and show what a “LIER” he is.
    I think it funny, hussein think he won, when in fact he didn`t won a thing.
    Now we need to go after congress to repeal the damn thing. Think about it! LOL

  55. It has been my impression that the Supreme court judged on the question AS STATED and did not make changes in definition on any part of it. Apparently I was mistaken?

  56. Yes, time for talking is almost over! Yes of course pray, pray that your aim is straight and your trigger finger doesn’t get tired! God helps those that help themselves! Are we citizens or subjects!

  57. Since when did we have a dictator in office.. I spent 23 years in the military, I received the second highest peace time award, and I did it to protect are freedom, and now we have some jerk in office trying to take that away from us, Ithink it time we stand up for our rights.
    He didn’t get my vote the first time and he sure won’t get it this time. I had a brother that was a police officer in Chicago, Illionis, wish he was still alive, he could really tell everyone about this jerk is in office.

  58. Very well said, I have an idea, lets thank unjust judge roberts with a vote to limit the terms of these so called judges! Let the watering of the tree of liberty begin!

  59. Well, lets start by getting the government of it then! I am going to re-read the constitution AGAIN because I must have missed where health care is a right. Get your hands off my liberties and definitely don’t get in the line of fire.

  60. I believe Chief Justice Roberts is a very intellegent man, and a political savy man. He knew his court would be split 4-4 on ObamaCare. But, rather than give the deciding vote to Justice Kennedy, he wanted it himself, so he could control his court. Chief Justice Roberts also knows ObamaCare is one of the most important issues for citizens and conservitives alike. There are two things that will drive people to vote this November, the bad economy and now ObamaCare. Chief Justice Roberts knows 65% of the people oppose ObamaCare, and his court properly defined the individual mandate, something Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have been denying since it passed the Congress in March of 2010. He also got his court to strike down the mandates for states to fund ObamaCare through mandatory Medicre programs not funded by Congress.

    Chief Justice Roberts just put ObamaCare on par with the failed economic policies of the Obama Administration, knowing this will have as much talked about it between now and the election.

    Chief Justice just voted Obama out of office with this ruling.

    • I believe you have it exactly right. Most importantly, the Commerce Powers were not expanded. A tax can be voted through the Senate with a simple majority. Obama has also been deprived of being able to campaign against the Court.

      • If Mullah Roberts REALLY wanted to limit “Commerce Powers” of Congress, what better way then to find the Law UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Oh, please, let’s not give this “Manchurian Candidate” credit for being too smart by half.

  61. Gilbert J. What we now have in office is a wannabee dictator… a product of Chicago Al Capone style politics refined by Boss Daly…We in the West do not put up with that crap…Most primaries showed very light voter turnout….As the ol sayin goes…snooze and lose… IMO this supr ct opinion will hurt the obama campaign immensely… Wake up America and lets get Freedom moving forward once again!

    • You are wrong. We have had a wannabee dictator in office from the very beginning. I saw the trend in 2008. Why did others not see it???

      • How right you are. He pulled the wool over a lot of American’s eyes for several years. Obamacare enlightened a lot, but not soon enough. Conservatives WARNED about the countless problems with Obamacare BEFORE it was voted into law, but the Politicians in Washington DC just didn’t believe us. The members of Congress that originally opposed Obamacare in its entirety, ultimately were the ones who sold out every American. The Stupak 12 will live in infamy as those members of Congress who screwed America for generations (unless / until we can completely REPEAL Obamacre.)

        It is not enough to defund Obamacre, because as soon as DemonCrats regain control of the House they will refund it 100,000%! We have to repeal the entire law as is, and then begin reforming healthcare one ti

  62. AMEN! lets get it done! Ok Coburn, Inhofe, Lankford, and Cole I know you all read this stuff, get the ball rolling. Mr. Istook let hear something about this! Anyone else in?

  63. Well Stated KC: The Dems have a jackass as their party symbol for very good reason….OK repubs..do not be steppin in any donkeydoo before this election!!!

  64. There are pros and cons in this decision. I am deeply disappointed in Chief Justice Roberts and feel that he has shown his true colors in this vote. He actually changed the argument from the Obama camp from a mandate to a tax. If this is not legislating from the bench I don’t know what is. On the brighter side, this will fuel the fires of the Tea Party and other Americans who DID NOT want this thing and will hopefully sweep not only Mr. Obama but all his liberal ans Socialist leaning partners out the front door. Thanks for the great work you do.

    • Defining the ACA as a tax was brilliant. The Commerce Powers weren’t expanded and a tax can bypass the Senate’s 60% rule.

      • Brilliant? LOL it was historic — Mullah Roberts just created a Judicial Branch Power out of whole cloth. He waved his judicial wand and turned a “fine” into a “tax”

  65. Does this now mean congress can force Americans to buy what ever they want, all they have to do is call it a tax. We peons are but slaves to the FEDS who can lord over us and the sad part is they will send us the bill.
    All Americans will now have a intimate relationship with the IRS who is the enforcement ARM of the H-bill and can just TAKE our $ out of bank accounts and everywhere else we have it, like 401Ks. Try and argue with the IRS. The pols don’t have to worry but us peons just got the shaft.

    • fedupMan: No, this does not mean Congress can force Americans to buy anything, it means that Congress, or the Executive, can tax us if we DON’T buy what they say we should buy. See the difference?

      • Agreed. You will have to pay the tax penalty if you do not buy the mandated exploding electric car from Government Motors. Kiss your nosmtalgic GTO goodbye!

        • WOW, I did not think about that one. I work forty-one miles away from home, guess I’ll be pushing my Volt that last mile to work every morning. 😉
          But, you are a genius! How best to funnel more money to the Unions (UAW) than for “the president” to sign an EO mandating we all have to drive Volts, or pay a tax — quoted ’cause he’s more of a tyrant.

      • Spoken like a lawyer. Don’ take this personally but I think Shakespeare got it right, “the first thing we do is get rid of all Barristers.” I got a belly full of fancy words that end up forcing me to do things I don’t want to do, like lose my $ to the moochers who just happen NEVER to work and leach off those of us who do for a living. I know “some” people need help but the #’s of moochers is growing exponentially because the standards have been LOWERED. There is something called “crazy money.” Google yourself for DETAILS. You will not believe what people are collecting.

  66. This is what happens when you put NEGROES IN CHARGE!!!

    We get the first tyrannical dispostion of the Constitution and the first cabinet member ever to be held in contempt of Congress.

    Before you know it this negroid will want your babies for sacrifice. Cum to think about it he already has by injecting 15,000,000,000,000 in spending debt so that we worship him and governnment.

    A first hand look at Africkan rulers in America.

      • I would but you are in the way!

        The negroid is not legal to be president. He is not a natural born citizen. A natural born liar but not a citizen.

      • You need to be educated on negroid behavior. They are racist people and is being used by demorats to bring this country down.

        Shame on them for looking at negroids that way, only to use them to get their way.

        Barry Saetoro does not know he is the useful idiot!

  67. I don’t give a damm what this goverment does or doesn’t do.Been planning for this for two
    years,have enough supplies and ammo to last anywhere from 8 to 10 years,hidden of course,Let this F—–UP goverment send some of their thugs looking for myself and family
    I have but one choice and that is to protect them.Been saying this for awhile,PREPARE
    people the shits about to hit the fan.God Bless all you Patriots out there Semper Fi

  68. White patriotic conservatives will bitch a shit-streak about this to each other but as usual won’t bother to get up off their polite cautious little asses and actually get active and finally DO SOMETHING about saving our country. They bitch about it at work and then go home and sit. Liberal conditioning is working exactly as planned, Americans won’t like it but quickly will just get used to it,sort of like gas prices. Just what in the hell do you think the 2nd amendment is for?…not duck hunting.

    • Drives me nuts when they complain and don’t bother to vote or pass via newsletter or emails the information that would help stop this debacle. When someone wants to express their opinion to me, the first thing I ask is, “Did you vote in the last election” and Who did you vote for?” Why? If they did not vote I am not interested in their griping and if they voted for Obama, they got exactly what they voted for.

      With the SCOTUS upholding this law, well, good-bye USA, hello USSR.

      • Obama lied to get voted in. The people that voted to elect obama were lied to and your calling it their fault? Your the troll fool.
        It’s not good-bye USA as you trolls like to put it. It’s good-bye troll. Good bye lier, impeach him, arrest him. Get rid of Kagin.

    • Who exactly do you think makes up the tea party? Patriotic conservatives of all colors and walks of life who are quite informed compared to the believers on the left that never question, just believe what they are told. Today is the worst day of Obama and his believers because it will galvanize people that do not want more government take over of our lives. Obama lies about everything; little and small but this lie will be called just what is it, a lie. If you want to keep your healthcare – you can. This bill will save money (just the opposite) balance the budget and cover 20M people. and its not a tax! It is a tax and it will hit the young and poor hard.

  69. It’s obvious you aren’t paying attention and what is this stream of thinking using the term “white?” Did someone release the Klan bait today. This the second post made by some form of neolithic dragoon. What’s really sad here is that if the guns were to come out, non-thinkers of your “caliber” would be the first to rounded up and finished off. Go back and read some history about militias taking on modern, well trained armies in the past century. They don’t fair well. What is left to us to conduct in earnest is a political reformation in the house and senate. It is going to take years of effort to reverse the trend that led us to where we are today, that “wak” is called work. Bluster about the use of firearms is just that, bluster.

  70. everybody vote this november,we will win if we vote,so make your voice be heard,i have talked to alot of people that voted the president in office,now that they learned thier misstake they are going to vote him out of office.so do your part ok.thankyou fellow service people,americans.i love this country ,give me liberty or give me death.

  71. This is the result of a Congress who has refused to take on the president when he by passes them with appointments, executive decrees, and refusal to uphold the constitution when he disagree with the law. We have long had a Congress and a President who put ideolog and party before America; now we have a Supreme Court that is doing the same thing.

    • How right you are! Members of Congress are so worried about getting re-elected, that they are literally usurping their own authority to restrain the White House and to restrain The US Supreme Court – just to keep themselves spotless before their consituents. What they don’t realize is that by doing it, they are signing their own walking papers. This year will become a changeover year, where a lot of the incumbents that have opponents – will be defeated SOUNDLY…

  72. Why bother this november? Romney is a new world order guy and the one they talking about to be his VP is portman who is one of the worst new world order establishment type guys. So what do we do? Get romney to repeal Obamacare so he can put in something as daming to our liberty as Obamney care is. This ruling tells me we got screwed big time and the establishment is just laughing at us. They get what they want from Romney since they didn’t quite get it all from obama. The only way we can correct this problem is a complete gutting of the federal government. Whole departments must cease to exist, Dept. of education, EPA, FCC, FDA, TSA, Homeland security, ATF, Dept. of Agriculture, just to name a few. Otherwise, this will continue to happen to us. And we wont get any of that with Obamney. I’m done. I’m preparing for the war that will start before the next election. With a little luck it will pass me by but I doubt it. Hope you all can survive when the dollar is worth zero before the end of the year.

    • Why bother this November? Because if we don’t work our backsides off to retake the Senate AND the White House, America will literally cease to exist as it was created before the next election. This is THE most critical election in this nation’s history other than the election of the first President! What I wouldn’t give for a candidate for office that SOLELY was there for the good of the nation.

      We HAVE to eliminate all the PERKS for Members of Congress: Lifetime Pension after 1 year, lifetime FREE healthcare plan after 1 year of service, and everything they do after day one in office is all about getting re-elected. We have to have a grass-roots effort to radically alter the entire model for Congress, and it will take YEARS. It took us years to get to the nightmare we now have, so it is going to take time and EFFORT to get back to where it must be. We must make it so you can survive as a member of congress, but so you do NOT get ‘wealthy’ as a member of Congress. You are there to SERVE your constituents, NOT to serve your pocketbook. The automatic annual raises, is crap. They should NEVER get more than the cost of living raise that Social INSecurity gets, and their ‘salary’ should be CUT back to where they have to work hard to make ends meet. They also MUST have their staffs cut back DRASTICALLY. The bills presented in congress occupy thousands of pages, because they have staffs of 20-30 or more that just sit there and create legislation. They don’t care about making it functional, they only care about satisfying the special interests. I say that if they want something voted on for a special interest, it MUST be presented on its own. Every amendment, resolution, bill, etc must be voted on by the entire congress. If we have them on record for all of those votes, we will have a much better way to hold their feet to the fire.

      • So you really think Romney is going to cut governement (not cut growth mind you but actually cut the government). And you really think he will cut obamacare completely and not keep major portions of it as good policy and ram it to us further. You know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and thinking you are going to get a new result. A vote for romney is a vote for obama and vise versa. Its kind of like watching the news and seeing the talking heads claim that Obamacare taxes the middle class and never once do they give an example for folks to see and hear and for the liberal democrats to respond to. For example take the medical Itemized deduction tax in obamacare. It goes from 7.5% of your adjusted gross income as it is now and takes that to 10% of AGI as of 2013, and it does not matter what your income level is at everyone gets it. If you have $10,000 in itemized medical deductions thats an equivalent tax increase of $2,500 minimum. There are millions of families and individuals who Itimize their deductions and more than 70% of them are below $200,000 in income. Yet not one of the talking heads will bring it up and shove it down the throat of those liberal democrats. This tax alone is going to make me lose my home as I wont have enough left to pay the property taxes. I see no reason to support more of the same. Time would be better off spent trying to survive what is coming be it war in this country or the dollar ending up used as toilet paper, or both. Both of which I believe will happen before the election.

        • Romney is not Obama. Romney is NOT conservative, but Romney is not a Socialist / Marxist like Obama. Claiming they are the same thing, is neither helpful nor accurate. Romney will (on his own) slow down the march towards bankruptcy. With 200 Million Conservatives pushing him as well as pushing both houses of congress, it will definitely alter how the Federal government operates. But it will take ALL of us pushing them ALL of the time…

  73. This problem is not going away, it will only get worse, the supreme court ruling is not a surprise, sad and wrong, but not a surprise. Obama knew his healthcare plan would be found unconstitutional as it is written, but at the last minute SOMEONE slipped in the “tax” thing. The question is how did that happen and who made that happen since Obama swore up and down it wasn’t a “tax”. So he will get off scott free for this and someone else will get the blame for presenting the reform as a tax. This country thought Clinton was slick watch out he has nothing on Obama. All the people that voted and vote for him are going to be left in the dust and trampled on; he does not care about anyone he only uses them for his own agenda. Yes I am a conservative Christian and believe all this has been prophesied, pay attention, but it is hard to watch. I believe God is getting pretty fed up with us as a nation and is turning us over to our own ways, not His. So, yes we need to fight but we need to be smart about this fight, not just lashing out at each other.

  74. so please tell me what Heritage is going to do…I can tell everyone what needs to be done…#1 IMPEACH OBAMA …#2 FIRE NANCY POLOSI …#3 FIRE HARRY REID


    • You need to read this article from Heritage website!! Romneycare is the same as Obamacare! Wake up and read something and don’t just listen to Fox News. http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2006/04/the-significance-of-massachusetts-health-reform
      In reality, the legislation is designed to restructure and (partially) deregulate Massachusetts’s small-group and non-group health insurance markets and to convert subsidies now paid to hospitals for treating the uninsured into subsidies for the low-income uninsured to buy health insurance. The objectives are expanded coverage, greater consumer choice and satisfaction, value-focused competition among insurers and providers, and ultimately a reduced burden on the state’s taxpayers. The key to the Massachusetts plan is a new way of organizing the marketplace to enable consumers to compare and purchase health insurance plans.


  75. Once again American conservatives have been told that we are too “backwards” to make quality decisions for our family and ourselves……it is sad to say that this action occurred due to our own apathy, we are too busy with our lives to ensure a quality future for our own children. The socialist/communist rely on that very factor, as they quietly invade our local, state and federal government and implement their agenda behind closed doors. If indeed Americas sleeping giant has been awakened then it is every conservatives responsibility to become the watchdog, town, county, state and federal elected officials must be thoroughly vetted by the people, and for the people.

    • It is not enough to simply be watchdogs over the local, county, state, federal governments. Conservatives must begin INFILTRATING local, county, state, federal governments at every level. We cannot simply stay on the sidelines and complain any longer. Not everyone can do it, but there should be plenty in our ranks that CAN run for office and win! Likewise conservatives MUST retake the educational system from the INSIDE out. Conservatives must become teachers, and must work diligently to move the pendulum in the school boards, teacher’s unions and so forth – so that we can change the curriculum once again back to a bedrock educational system instead of an indoctrination system. As long as we don’t retake the Ed. system, we will not win the hearts and minds of the newest generations… The simple bottom line: We must ALL get OUT of our COMFORT zones, and start doing the things we don’t want to do:
      1) Attend city council meetings EVERY time
      2) Attend School Board meetings EVERY time
      3) Attend local caucuses, state caucuses / conventions
      4) etc.

      We must become actively involved and engaged at every level of government. It no longer matters that we are busy living our lives! It only matters that if we DON’T act, this nation is dead in less than 20 years! If we ACT and stay active constantly in every corner of this great land, we can turn this nation around in under 20 years. But it will take a lot of effort AND blood / sweat / & tears…

  76. I have read through many of the comments and reactions to SCOTUS’s ruling yesterday and couldn’t agree more with the majority. Right now I just feel so helpless and defeated. Despite these feelings I am more determined than ever to contribute to the enormous challenge we face over the next 4 months in defeating Obama and gaining control of the Senate and keeping the House. Yesterday has been a long time in coming, maybe since the days of Wilson and F. Roosevelt. I place a lot of the blame on we the American people for going to sleep and failing to hold our elected representatives responsible for all the bad legislation. I just pray that there are enough of us citizens left who care about preserving this country and who will fight to keep it as the Founders envisioned. May God be with us.

  77. This is a report from Heritage websiteThe Significance of Massachusetts Health ReformBy Edmund Haislmaier
    April 11, 2006
    More Last week the Massachusetts legislature passed comprehensive health care reform legislation almost a year after Governor Romney first proposed the key elements of a reform strategy. News reports and most commentary have focused on two small but controversial provisions in the final bill: requirements that Massachusetts residents purchase health insurance and that businesses with more than 10 workers who don’t offer their employees health insurance pay a per-worker contribution to the state’s uncompensated care pool. But in focusing on those items, most reporters and commentators have missed the truly significant and transformative health system changes that the legislation would set in motion

  78. http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2006/04/the-significance-of-massachusetts-health-reform
    The Significance of Massachusetts Health ReformBy Edmund Haislmaier
    April 11, 2006 Last week Massachusetts legislature passed comprehensive health care reform legislation year after Governor Romney 1st proposed the key elements a reform strategy. News reports & most commentary have focused on two small but controversial provisions in the final bill: requirements that Massachusetts residents purchase health insurance

  79. I spoke to someone today about an issue that hasn’t been addressed yet. What about low income seniors what has he got got in store for us?That is besides death panels and rationing. Tell you something funny last year had total knee replacementand knew I wouldn’t get it if Obamacare passed.. Jane curtin

  80. The very best the GOP can hope for is two seat advantage in the Senate, which is basically no advantage since RINOS like Senator Snow (R-ME) and Senator Collins (R-ME) vote with Dems over eighty percent of the time. And, even IF the GOP can get a one or two seat advantage (my own election poll research into Class 1 re-election says is a long shot at best) Dems will use the filibuster to block legislation like they did under Bush when the GOP controlled BOTH the House and the Senate.
    I say again, there is no legislative way to reverse the damage to the Republic that AHA and now Mullah Roberts has inflicted. We need to accept that we lost, and find another way.

    • A shorted sighted appraisal – if those in this country who are “in the know” and have followed this debate make the sacrifices between now and Nov. to inform the “uninformed”, especially the voting person, a major, and I mean MAJOR victory can be experienced this fall in both houses. We need to not only support those who are against Obama and the liberals of congress, but become very vocal in fighting AGAINST those who have supported him. They need to hear from us by the millions, via phone calls, e-mails, snail-mail, and in person as opportunity arises, and on a daily basis, not just two weeks before the election!

      • Yes. With the American people already very much AGAINST ObamaTAX, the stage is set for upsets in formerly Democrat strongholds. Even staunch Democrats will think twice about allowing this law to stand, and they will thus vote to remove Certain Democrats – which will give the Republicans a clear majority in the Senate so that the Anti-ObamaTAX will be repealed.

        By Roberts ‘deciding’ as Obama’s mandate as being a TAX, it changes the laws regarding overturnign the legislation. Now we only need 50 votes in the Senate to win the debate. We don’t need to worry about FILIBUSTER, because it cannot be used on tax matters! If they had called it a tax in the first place, many of the Democrats that voted FOR it – would have voted AGAINST IT! As such even sitting Democrats will vote to REPEAL the law, just because they kknow if they go on record voting to retain a 1.2TRILLION dollar TAX law – their political career is over! They will thus vote to overturn the legislation in its entirety to save their own hides. The Democrat leadership will NOT be able to save them, and the blatant vote FOR or AGAINST the 1.2 TRILLION DOLLAR TAX INCREASE will be HUGE.

        Roberts was wrong on so many fronts in his decision, HOWEVER now that the decision has been rendered we have to live with what it says. it says the law is a TAX, and Americans don’t want their taxes increased on that kind of a scale – not even progressives!

  81. It’s hard to believe even the Supreme Court plays politics. There is NO WAY this Obamanation is constitutional. We are so far from being a Republic anymore that it is hard to fathom getting out of this mess that both sides of the aisle allowed to happen. We can only do it if we beg God’s forgiveness and ask for His intervention. America is celebrating its 236th birthday. It may be her last.

  82. This ruling SHOULD serve as a wakeup call to all Americans that our freedoms are under assault by this current administration and it is up to WE THE PEOPLE to ensure he is taken out of office. This is what I think Justice Roberts was alluding to when he referred to ‘elections have consequences’, sound familiar?? Well the swooning over this ‘pretender’ should have worn off by now and free thinking, intelligent Americans need to take the next step. VOTE HIM OUT!! That is our job. We can work with Romney, he doesn’t think he is the ‘Messiah” or the ‘smartest one in the room’. Romney doesn’t have an arrogance problem. It is not enough to sit around, wringing our hands, get up and do something, we can all fight for our country.

  83. we the people,who are the real government,this can only happen if we the people allow it to happen,time to take back our once great country,to all freedom loving.god fearing american citizens.time to talk/communicate/plan/refine plan/prepare.we can,t count on or trust any of these treasonous trader politicians anymore,with a few exceptions.to the nra,aarp,amac,john birch society,teabaggers,all american citizens,a journey starts with a first step,lets plan/gather/prepare and take that first peacefull step,to the country we once know and loved.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,brian terry and family.and all american veterans/citizens.one nation under god

    • The name for the thousands of groups across this great land that are comprised of liberals / conservatives / libertarians / et.al., is “Tea Parties”. Tea Baggers is a rude, nasty, offensive, sexual slang. If you want to restore this nation to its former constitutional greatness, you need to leave the insults and inappropriate comments outside…

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