Email Your Senators to Oppose the Big-Spending Farm Bill

Heritage Action opposes the Senate farm bill and the vote will appear on our Legislative Scorecard. Unfortunately, this bill has a bipartisan history of success, despite it being loaded with wasteful spending for old, out-dated programs.

Conservatives need to contact their Senators with this message: real reforms need to happen now, and this $1 trillion farm bill just continues the status quo which is bankrupting our nation. Use the form below to email your Senators with this important message.

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38 thoughts on “Email Your Senators to Oppose the Big-Spending Farm Bill

  1. This legislation is another example of why ANY legislation (by both parties) continues to grow government. When politicians are elected by their constituency they will have “others” write the laws or replace laws, and in the process those ‘others’ ALWAYS expand government with their ‘improvements.’ Let’s just remove laws, reduce laws, reduce and eliminate regulations – not create more (or replace it), and once and for all actually reduce the size of government. In fact, if it does not reduce the size of government AND the cost don’t bother doing it at all.

  2. We are $16 trillion in debt. Vote NO on this ripoff farm bill. Set American farmers free so they can again feed this poor hungry world. Big Government Butt Out!

  3. I am sick to death with our legeslators playing Russian Roulette with our countries fute. Both Democrats and Republicans are far more interested in staying in power next to the trillions that come in;than doing right by we fools who elect him. I guess it was Romneys turn? Why bother then with the primaries. The people have NO SAY anyway.

    • Romney will be fine. Don’t listen to the far left and their lies. Learn what Romney’s life REALLY is. He gave every single dime he inherited to charity. Show me one Democrat has has done anything like that. Obama, Biden and others are VERY stingy with their own money, not so with the taxpayers!

    VOTE NO ON S.3240

  5. Maybe a hand written note is more effective but by the time it gets through the Congressional mail screening security system the bill will be history. E-mail is the best, a fax is a close second. Both will insure your point gets through before the bill is marked up or hits the floor for a vote.

  6. If you do not want Pres Obama to win re-election, EVERYONE needs to get behind Romney. He may not be the best choice, but he’s by far better than the choice the Democrats are sticking us with. I am comfortable with Romney, he’s a good family man, NO radical far left associations, good business sense and nothing hidden or secretive hidden away like Obama has. Bain did a LOT of really good things and the businesses that failed under his leadership would have failed BEFORE Bain tried to save the company. Unlike Obama who gave taxpayer BILLIONS to “green” companies to spend and then go bankrupt, and Obama hasn’t the good sense to apologize for wasting OUR money, not an investors. Over 70% of the green money went to Obama campaign donors and bundlers. CRONNY Capitalism!!!

  7. Am sick to death with our career politician playing with our countries money and could care less about us or our country. Both Democrats and Republicans are far more interested in staying in power putting millions in to there pockets; than doing right by the fools who elect them. I guess it was Romneys turn? Why bother then with the primaries. The people have NO SAY anyway. We get another communist against a Socialist. How nice. every one in Washington needs to be sent packing and put them all on term limits.

    The reason is simple, these policies are against the SELF-INTEREST of all politicians.
    I am in the solution business, so here is a solution that works ever time it is tried, FIRE EVERYONE IN 2012 form the President on down. Then we will get TERM LIMITS, BALANCED BUDGET and a FAIR TAX SYSTEM.

    • Term Limits will only come by a Constitutional Convention. Do you know how hard that is to achieve? Every state legislature in 33 states must ask for it. It will never happen until the streets are bloody and the people are hungry.

  9. Everyone with a cell phone should take a photo of thier ballot and send it to thier rep in congress.It will show how you vote and how you will vote next time,should get thier attention.

    • This make a lot of sense! It would definitely have an impact on those that decide our laws. anybody have any blank ballots handy to distribute? I like that idea. I’ve been sending letters on a regular basis to a large number of our Congressman and Senators. Maybe a copy of a ballot would send a better message.

  10. I oppose S. 3240: Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2012 because it is time for you representatives of the people to stop spending money we do not have. No more ethanol, sugar, whatever subsidies for big agribusinesses or for small farmers. Why do I have to subsidize products that are bad for our health, bad for our environment and bad for our economy? Cant any of you ever vote to really cut spending? Not just the rate of growth, but actual spending cuts. Will all of you have to be voted out of office before you get the message?

  11. Most people do not realize that Bush and Obama are distant cousins and both belong to the Illuminati. The election already has been fixed, since our elections have been sold to a company in Spain, and we NO LONGER tabulate and count our votes, a company in Spain has complete possession of this agenda. Many of our so called elected officials are in support of the New World Order. Our elections are totally out of our USA Hands. A few areas of microscopic research should include: Reptilian Agenda, Agenda 21, Laws Of The Seas, HAARP, Club Of Rome, Illuminati, and the New World Order. People wake up YAHVEH(GOD) is the ONLY ONE that we have ever had and have that love us. Make no mistake about it Obama is pushing for world dictator.

    • Otessa, I know much about SCYTL that you mention above and have brought this subject up at many mtgs, with my District Congresman and recently with an Constitutional Attorney at a voter fraud mtg. Thought I would share what he said about SCYTL since you brought it up – first my Congressman said he knew nothing about it and asked that I send his office the information (which I did). Many thought that perhaps he was covering since he had no answer – who knows.

      The attorney said that this is being hyped up and it is much ado about nothing, I sure hope he is correct but am still worried. He said that SCYTL does not do any tabulating but only reporting once the numbers have been verified. This just happened two days ago and I have not heard further from my Congressman.

      As for Oblunder and Bush being cousins I believe they are like 15removed – so really everyone is connected in someway so what’s the dif. Bush did his damage just like all the others and Oblunder is the crowning king when it comes to disaster.
      Keep our eyes open and REMEMBER NOVEMBER. Never give up – our kids future is at stake.

    • Hey Otessa, I read an article about this a while back as well. Where is the proof that the votes are going to be tabulated in Spain? I want to know so I can confront my crooked Senators and Congressman. My e-mail address is Look forward to ur data to back this claim up.

  12. My letter this evening:

    Dear Sen. Robert Casey [D, PA], Sen. Patrick Toomey [R, PA]:

    I oppose S. 3240: Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2012 because the “Progressive” actions of the Federal government have NEVER lived up to their intended results. UNintended consequences of Big Government programs have instead caused LACK of freedom, diminishing prosperity, and increasing encroachment and control by our elected and unelected “betters”.

    As a former small businessman, who has also worked for private companies large and small, as well as the City of Philadelphia, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Federal government, I can say unequivocably, that government holds NO monopoly on virtue OR intelligence.

    By creating increasing bureaucratic regulation that penalizes entreprenurial activity and by picking winners and losers, this Bill would ensure that America’s food sources will become LESS plentiful, LESS varied, and LESS healthful.

    Do us all a favor, REFRAIN from tampering with American agriculture. Your actions, though possibly well-intentioned, are a recipe for DISASTER, and will cause additional crises to use as a Progressive excuse for futher meddling and usurpation of our Rights.

    Thank you for your service, and be aware that I will be carefully monitoring your words and actions on this, and other pending legislation.

    And I VOTE, as do most of my family, friends, neighbors and coworkers.

  13. As a farmer I’m definitely in favor of getting less money from the government. 15% of the USDA budget is farm subsidies. 85% of the budget is food stamps, I would like to know how much of Heritage’s not wanting the bill to fail is on the subsidies and how much is on the food stamps? My impression is the majority of the dislike is based on 15% of the budget. I think their should be real cuts not cuts in projections. There was a time during the George W. Bush presidency the ag dept cut farm subsidies but the overall USDA budget increase because of an increase in food stamps, The public because of the automatic assumption that 100% of the budget goes to farmers criticized the farmers for the increase. I’m in favor of real cuts to the farm subsidies but am getting tired of not having the 85% (food stamps) part of the budget being a significant part of the discussion

  14. Any time goverment is involved,you know it’s going to cost the taxpayers more.I am sick of being screwed by big goverment over and over.If you vote for this bill or any more porkulus ,we wil throw you out of office.If mrs obama really wants to end obesity ,take the food stamps out of their fat little fingers ,so the cards can’t be used at fast food joints .If everyone had to work to survive,things would be better for everyone.You can’t keep stealing from the working class…..we will turn on you and vote you out.

  15. How many people outside of farming know the amount of money it takes to plant a crop. the cost to plant an acre of can exceed $500.00 per acre. The is just the inputs not machinery cost. If you plant 1,000 acres it takes $500,000.00 or 1/2 million dollars. New combines and large tractors cost over 1/4 million dollars each. How many of you can invest 1/2 million dollars in a crop that you have to depend on mother nature. The crop insurance in the new farm bill will cover part of that investment in case of a crop failure. Without the insurance how many of you could come with 1/2 million dollars for the next crop year. If you have a good crop you get no insurance payment but pay the premium. How many people have car insurance, insure homes and businesses? Take food stamp out the agriculture program and put them in the welfare program where they belong and the new farm bill won’t be so big. My 2 cents from a retired farmer who depends on crop insurance

    • Than you, Mr. Retired Farmer! The Food Stamp program has no place in a “farm” bill. What’s up with that?? I appreciate your comments. I grew up on a farm, and the subsidy my dad got when a crop failed was a life saver for our family. Dad couldn’t have continued farming if he hadn’t occasionally gotten help. “If” we don’t support our farmers, who’s going to grow the food in this country? Will we depend on produce from other countries? No, I agree with you – take out the Food Stamp program in the bill – but, let’s continue to help our farmers.

    • I don’t have a problem with crop insurance as a hedge against mother nature, but direct subsidy payments to large corporate entities, sometimes in the magnitude of $500,000 or more anually is getting out of control. I appreciate the cost of production and the risk that farmers take, but there has to be controls. And the food stamp portion of the farm bill is out of control. If memory serves me correctly, about 15 percent of American households are now on food stamps, often times abusing the system. The Federal government is not capable of managing any kind of subsidy or welfare program. How about smaller block grants to the states where leaders and managers have a better feel for local conditions and can manage the corruption better? But with socialist Obama in the White House, it is all about Federal control.

      • Like all economic industries, the Obama Administration, his Czars, and the Obama EPA who author endless regulations is now targeting small farmers to allow only large farm Corporations to take control of the farming industry. Recently President Obama took out all the small fish companies in Maine and Alaska, many that were in business for 30 to 40 years. Beware of the new Federal Government, the new Democratic Party, and new entitlement system that is bankrupting America not targeting the small farmer.

  16. For years (untold number of years) the Government has been subsidizing farmers to not grow certain crops – so here is a farmer with his land laying fallow – he doesn’t plant anything – but he gets paid not to grow. Just so the government can manipulate the market — well we do not need anymore bs from the government – especially this administration – after November ask me to vote on something to do with the farmers & I’ll consider it – until them with Obama still there in the WH – nothing – corruption is rampant

    • First, understand why the “Government” uses the farm subsities and know that this is how politicians force Americans to purchase foreign crops. Why else would the Obama Administration pay US farmers to burn last years record high tomatoe crops and force citizens to purchase expensive foreign tomatos at the store? Do your research and you will be surprised how corrupt the Obama Administration and the new Democratic Party has become in the 21st Century.

  17. Farm subsides have wasted tax dollars since
    FDR’s depression, once begunCongresss never stops wasting my tax dollars. Term limits, balanced budget and honor wouldrestoree Congress but Bill Nelson can’t be left in 2013 or we are lost.

    • That is how President Obama gets foreign political contributions. In the 1990s, Clinton sold the US manufacturing industry to China and Asian nations. Don’t take my words, do your own research and find out how corrupt the new Democratic Party has become. Obama is the worse type of politicians that will tell you anthing you want to hear.

  18. As a former die-hart Democrat, the new Democratic Party left me and not the other way around. I wonder if new Democrats care about America and the US Constitution with their “entitlement” system paid by 50% of the fellow citizens and giving foreigners the same entitlements.

  19. I learned my lesson back in the 70’s when Good ol’ boy Jimmy was sticking it to us… clinton had the right idea about doing it to women, only forgot that he had a wife…. Obumer doesn’t care whether it’s his wife or you……….. Let’s get him out of the USA, and send him back to Lord Sorros…………..

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