Action Alert: Email Senators to Oppose the Violence Against Women Act

Heritage Action is key voting “no” on the Violence Against Women Act. Senators voting for this bill will lower their Heritage Action scores.

We oppose this bill because, while it has a catchy name, it is full of harmful policy. From not giving men due process and presumption of innocence, to expanding the definition of “violence against women” coverage to include some men and transgendered people, this bill is bad policy.

Use the form below to email your Senators to oppose the Violence Against Women Act.

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One thought on “Action Alert: Email Senators to Oppose the Violence Against Women Act

  1. Any possibility of providing a more detailed analysis of the bill. Having written and reviewed legislation, I am fully aware of the intentional ambiguities written into law that empower government and provide a catalyst to abuse the rights of individuals. It has been my experience that a significant number of individuals will support or oppose legislation solely based upon the title of the bill. Likewise, I have experienced a similar behavioral characteristic when organizations cursorily supports or opposes proposed legislation without mentioning the specific objections or points they support. In other words, lack of information is used intentionally as a means to garner support for a position. More information would certainly mitigate such circumstances. Keep in mind that a plurality of those who peruse the internet for information similar to what you provide rarely go the extra length to perform additional research on their own.

    Just some thoughts, and thank you for putting this site together. I look forward to reviewing more information.

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