Senate Votes to “Kill” the Blunt Amendment

By a vote of 51-48, the Senate voted to table the amendment offered by Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) to reverse the Obama Administration’s anti-conscience mandate. The amendment would have exempted religious-affiliated institutions – such as schools, hospitals and charities – from being forced to provide health insurance plans that covered procedures that violated their religious beliefs.

With a majority of Senators voting to kill this commonsense amendment, we are reminded of the dangers of government intervention and control.  And it should reaffirm our resolve to repeal Obamacare in its entirety. Now that the Obama Administration decided it can force religious institutions to violate their conscience so that their views are more aligned with the current Administration’s, where does it end?

Americans should be very afraid of a government that throws the First Amendment out the window. What’s next? The only way to ensure we never find that out is to repeal Obamacare in its entirety.

Below is a list of Republicans who voted against our key vote, and the Democrats who voted in favor:

Republicans Voting to “Kill” the Amendment:

Sen. Olympia Snow (R-ME)

Democrats Voting Not to “Kill the Amendment:

Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA)
Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV)
Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE)

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88 thoughts on “Senate Votes to “Kill” the Blunt Amendment

    • Senator Olympia Snowe is very much Republican………although moderate, she is respected by the people of Maine.

      • rebes31… Are you as retarded in ALL of your thinking? You are sooooo full of cr@&!!! snowe is not respected ANYwhere on the entire planet! snowe leaves a trail of slime on the ground when she moves and wouldn’t make a pimple on even a CURRENT republican’s butt! Get back under your rock, azzhol#.

      • Respected by the people of Maine, but not by any one of conservative cloth outside of the Cape Cod state. Voting with the Democrats 100% makes her a “mislabeled” Republican; not a “moderate” Republican…

      • Snowe a moderate?? Did you fall and bump your head or did the doctor prescribe the wrong meds?? A Senator that votes ALL the time with democrats is what you call a RHINO. She joins the likes of Arlen Sphincter.

      • What is a moderate? A liberal trying to convince gullible people they are middle of the road diplomats. I’m a Maine Republican and I have never voted for Snow because she is in fact as liberal as most Democrats. Most independents are in fact very Liberal and side with the Democrats 80% of the time. I read a report that most people are in fact conservative and only about 20% are Liberal socialist. The problem is that most conservatives don’t raise our voice like whiney Liberals. We sat back and let the Liberals take control of the major news organization, education entertainment and government. They have very effectively used them to manipulate the truth. We need to take back all of these institutions from Liberals who want so desperately to remake America in their warped image. We are in a war!

      • What is a moderate? A liberal trying to convince gullible people they are middle of the road diplomats. I’m a Maine Republican and I have never voted for Snow because she is in fact as liberal as most Democrats. Most independents are in fact very Liberal and side with the Democrats 80% of the time. I read a report that most people are in fact conservative and only about 20% are Liberal socialist. The problem is that most conservatives don’t raise our voice like whiney Liberals. We sat back and let the Liberals take control of the major news organization, education entertainment and government. They have very effectively used them to manipulate the truth. We need to take back all of these institutions from Liberals who want so desperately to remake America in their warped image. We are in a war!

      • There is no such thing as a Republican from any New England state. Only RINO’s, which is the same as a Democrat.

      • No she isn’t. That is a myth. She has been booed for months. She lies. She is a liberal/moderate. Not a conservative. Get real. She has no principles.

      • I just noted how the one supportive reply has but three little “LIkes” while those telling the truth about this career RINO, have dozens!

    • Replacing Snow is a daunting task in Maine. This is quite a liberal state and the only reason Snow (a RINO) got her seat was due to the fact that she’s quite liberal herself. Putting a conservative in there will be tantamount to what happened in Mass. in 2010. It can be done but it won’t be pretty.

  1. This not about contraception. It is about religious freedom. It is another attack by this administration to diminish the strength of those people who “cling to their bibles and their guns”. (to paraphrase) They want us all gone, void and useless. After all, they can’t push this one world economy being pushed by the UN if each of us has individual rights. That would go against everything they stand for.

  2. This clearly indicates that the majority in the senate either do not understand the Constitution or that their oaths to uphold the same are meaningless.

  3. In California, how can we get Barbara Boxer and Diane Finestein out of the Senate seats? These women have tens of millions of dollars and have ruined this great state with their socialist agenda. Such Godless women cast a needless shadow upon this great land and are selling our freedoms out. What can be done? I have wanted to run against them and in the past have helped other candidates try to as well but realistically how can I when they have so much money and influence.

  4. One more thing. When this Obamacare birth control issue arose, a major problem was the definition of contraception in the bill. Obama was including the morning after pill in the definition. That pill is after conception and therefore abortion. Further, the bill included some types of actual abortion. BUT the no one would speak of this. I only heard of it on a Christian radio station. Why is no one actually detailing the language of the bill? Obama is making us into the bad guys by avoiding the language of the bill. If everyone knew the bill includes abortion, I think even some of the democrats would vote against it. Why arent any of the Republicans, Conservatives, FOX News … making any effort to detail the language of the bill?

  5. Indeed, stupid people are too stupid to know they are stupid and you can’t cure stupidity. Just so happy that RINO Snowe is retiring! Thank God!

  6. WE need to create a unit to preserve and defend the constitution as understood when approved by Congress.

    This org. should be set up along the lines of the NRA and ACLU. That is voteing membership and sueing the govt. for costs of defending the Constitution.

  7. How to destroy America. Reelect Obama. How to destroy America more slowly. Elect any Republican but Ron Paul.

    • You are overlooking something that is intuitivley obvious to the most casusal observer. Ron Paul will unwittingly precipitate a nuclear war.

  8. The only relevant question here is:

    Can the GOV. tell INSURANCE Co’s what to cover?

    Answer: NO!

    Problem solved!

  9. The muslimes and the 80+ communists in our congress don’t care about no stinkin constitution. Muslims shouldn”t be allowed to hold any office in the US because Islam is totally contradctory of the constitution. So, how can you swear to preserve and defend what you dan’t beleive in?

  10. I think it’s more like their oaths or the oaths they took are meaningless to them and a nuisance that must briefly be dealt with when they enter office.

    Posted by royws:
    “This clearly indicates that the majority in the senate either do not understand the Constitution or that their oaths to uphold the same are meaningless.”

  11. Islam swears to uphold the Qur’an regardless of ANY constitution or law if ‘push comes to shove’. They are bound by those tenets. We’ve already seen it happening randomly in the U.S. and Canada within the judicial system! Their Qur’an trumps everything else. They should not be permitted to hold office where their beliefs trump the law, system or government of the United States of America, and they will if they are given those positions. It’s sad to say. I lived for many years in the Middle East and Muslim countries…I saw it all in ‘real time’.

  12. Not ALL Democrats need to go…….. some are more conservative than some of our Republicans…. take a serious look at their voting records and then vote. Seriously,,, study their voting records first and be open minded.

    Remember how people lie to get into office and then in a year we see what a mistake we made… so look them over and then vote Tea Party…… 🙂

    • They are few and far between otherwise we’d see more getting accomplished and not overridden. The Congress has passed many things since the GOP has had control, but they are all shot down by the Senate…including some budgets!

  13. I believe the Democrats have levied a serious attack on our Constitution. Olivia Snow has telegraphed her anti republican stand for years. There are other registered senators and representatives that act like they are doing what their constituents want, but if you look at their actions you will notice they are just playing the game to stay in office. They only vote and support non controversial programs that do not offend anyone. However, their votes end up adding more rules and statutes which weaken our basic ‘Bill of Rights’ and are reflective within Supreme Court decisions. America, I suggest we mark them and avoid them that cause divisions and offenses contrary to that which we believe. Finally, I believe we should separate them. Olivia Snow should have been put on notice years ago.
    Frank E. Vincent

  14. I am in awe/disgust that so many of those running this country have such contempt towards individual liberty as well as individual responsibility, we must send our message loud and clear in november and remove these disgracful anti-american politicians from office.

  15. There would be no need to have debates on health care if the congress would of done its job and read the Affordable Health Care Act bill before they passed the damn thing. It would of never passed in the first place. Why you ask? Because the mandate is pertty much telling me i must by law, purchase health insurance .Even if i dont want it. Congress is a waste of time and money. Our freedoms are being traded for security. We must stop this path or we all will be in the same catagory as our pets. We take cats and dogs into our homes. We take their freedoms and give them security. I dont want to be the governments pet. I can take care of myself.

  16. I see only four Senators (above) that had the guts to vote their consience (-1 sp) instead of voting the way their party instructed them to vote. We the people are allowed to vote for the people that we want to do the party’s bidding, public be damned!!!!!!

  17. It is sad to say I must appolgise for Virgina, We have Dems. repersenting us…….
    They don’t seem to listen when we let them know our feelings on a matter it’s time for more change…. vote the bums out!

  18. Senator Snowe displayed her lack of respect and loyalty to the Republican Party by waiting for the last minute to announce her retirement. Her action(s) show her true colors.

  19. Snowe has an wierd sense of humor , referring to herself as a republican , is and always has been ludricris .

  20. Pretty sure I know how the two senators for Wa. voted. They don’t seem to have ever read the Constitution either. Sure hope Cantwell gets retired this time.

  21. It’s time WE take back OUR country. From everyone. Not just the crooks and the Little Muslim PUNK president. Oh make no mistake about Barry Soetoro Hussein’s goal. He is out to take over the U.S. Let’s STOP the Little Bastard.
    Concerned AMERICAN, Larry Velasco

  22. How is it that Obama can “exempt” all of his big contributors like the Unions and even some health care providers. A total of 111 entities! If they can give wavers to all of them and not exempt religious organizations! This is criminal, seriously criminal!

  23. Sen. Snowe is an enemy of America and has undermined the Constitution her entire career.
    She and other RINOS are more to blame for the loss of our liberty than the Dems because they ‘PRETEND’ to be republicans.

  24. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri unfortunately, again, voted against the wishes of the people of Missouri. Missourians voted 71% against the healthcare mandate and she consistently supports it. She is up for re-election this year and we have to make sure that all of the people in Missouri know that she is not representing the majority of Missouri. She is a progressive and does not care at all about Missouri. Her 2006 campaign slogan was “Make is Safe”. We are now all very insecure due to people like her and their irresponsible risky policies.

  25. I am from PA and you can be sure Senator Casey will be getting an ear full…plus will be out making other people from PA know what he did!! Can”t get rid of his kind fast enough

  26. This is what we get with Big Government. This is what we get with Commie Government. This is what we get with Marxism! Guess where the present government is taking the American people. It “ain’t” for a joy ride. Wait until CAPPS Provisions 55 and 148N are in force. Rejecting Senator Blunt’s amendment will feel like a slight slap in the hand compared to what is coming. Time to get rid of all the idgets- if it sin’t too late. The Fatuous Fatheads are trying to destroy everything our alive and dead military has fought to keep…Freedom-Liberty-Life…Was and is it all for not?


  28. Thankfully Sen. Snow R-ME will not run again. It seems the ravages of age have caught up with her and the onset of senility has been on going.
    I hope ME finds a suitable replacement in the form of an actual Republican.
    Our own Senator Shaheen D from NH needs to be replaced also, but alas we have to wait until 2014 to give her the boot.

    It is pathetic as well as unlawful that 51 of the very people who swore to uphold the US Constitution have violated the 1st amendment. In so doing they have proven once again they can NOT be trusted to uphold the Law of our land, and should be removed from office. They along with Obama do NOT deserve to hold office. God protect us from those who so willingly fail in their duty, honor, and allegiance. They bring shame upon themselves and our country, and by their actions have earned our contempt not our respect.

  29. Upon taking office, senators-elect must swear or affirm that they will “support and defend the Constitution. This Constitution of the United States of America very first amendment clearly states… “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….” How is that such an important constitutional matter, clearly defined and honored by all predecessors is suddenly not understood by half of our residing United States Senate. There are great number of Senators violating their oath of office. It is not simply a matter of split opinions; that’s not how our government works is it.
    Say it isn’t so!

  30. Snow is retiring? Good! Now she can go destroy her own family with her misguided decisions instead of our country. Good riddance to this liberal Dem in disguise!

  31. What a break…Snow is leaving. She is a disaster to the party. Go to Maine and you will understand better how she could win an election. Maine is placed in the 1930s with no interest in joining the U.S. Instead, they think the rest of the nation owes them their support.

  32. Although I don’t live in Maine, I have tracked Olympia Snowes voting record. I would say she is less than a moderate, but, unless the voters of Main can get a conservative in her place, nothing changes in the Senate. I’ll keep hoping though. This country is going in the hole daily with this administration and general public succumbing to liberalism. Very tenuous moments for our constitutional rights being protected. If this upcoming election doesn’t turn things around, I’m deeply concerned that we may not know the U.S.

  33. Nothing is more crucial than to obliriate Obamacare once and for all and save our Republic from the radicalism that has its’ tenacles in our schools our higher institutions, military, churches and just about every aspect or our economy. Anyone who thinks Obama should be president for another 4 years is either blind or has lost their moral compass and no longer believes in Democracy.

  34. On June 29, 2009, I emailed a letter to all 435 member of the House and 100 member of the Senate advising them that they too would be joining the unemployment lines with the rest of unemployed, if the voted YES on the Obama Health Care Plan. Well, I am no prophet, but most of these Democrats lost their seats and ultimately the majority control of the House.. Why did this happem? Because they knw that 70% of the American citizens were opposed to it. However, they did not listen and voted for it. Now, here we are again. Obama is a Solcialist/Marxist/Dictator, who believes that he can just disregared the U.S. Constitution and do whatever he wants, while his Democratic Senatorial puppets doing whatever he DICTATES to them. Well, let me tell those 20 Democratic Senators whose terms expires with the November 2012 election. I feel save in predictating that many of you as will be standing in the unemloyment lines, because you like your fellow puppets in the House, elected to follow the direction given to you my your Socialistic leader and not the will of the people. How dare you do violate the rights of the people by disregarding the U.S.Constitution. Shame on you. And, furthermore, for those of you how claim to be of the “Christina Faith”, need to “dust off your bibles”, and read the following 5 Scriptures.
    1. Isaiah 43:6
    2. Isaiah 44:12
    3. Jeremiah 1:5
    4. Malachi 2:10
    5. Ephesians 1:4

  35. We need to work hard to get these Secularists out of Congress. Every single Senator who voted this down needs to be on the hit list for ouster. Half these Senators do not respect the Constitution. Or bet yet, have never read it. Pretty sad. Let’s work hard to get idiots out of Congress.

  36. bob casey is from my state, and be sure I will be doing every thing I can to see he does not make another term..enough is enough!! he will be hearing personally from me!!
    like obama…he has to go

    • FYI, Unless you favor the mandate requiring the violation of religious convictions, through forced abortion and abortofacients insurance coverage (SP?), as this administration is doing, you may wish to support Sen. Casey, or another principled constitutional protectionist. He voted against tabling the bill.

  37. Too bad they abolished the draft ; mabey if more people had the opportunity to fight for this great country,they would show more appreciation for what we have .

  38. Please note, those who voted against the Blunt amendment not only approved Obama’s mandate, but in actuality also voted against Article one of the Constitution and in doing so, despised the oath they took to up hold the Constitution. America should be aware the only thing we truly own are the bill of rights. If WE THE PEOPLE don’t own our rights, then we are subjects to Obama’s sovereignty.

  39. I am so glad my Republican Senators, once again, voted against Obama’s plans. I hope the next president will be a conservative, who will be able to undo all the idiocy Obama has done!

  40. I would like to know when the Government began thinking company provided healthcare plans were 1) mandatory and 2) something they could control. My understanding is healthcare benefits were a form of compensation offered to workers in lieu of some salary to lure them into employment and to save money. I find it ironic that the Government has co-opted this optional benefit to make it mandatory. Does anyone have any history on this?

    • I believe the health benefits where something companies instituted during the WWII era when the government placed salary caps on occupational income. In order to keep their current work staff/recruit new talent, this was devised by the American people as a work around to government interference.

  41. 18 years ago, my husband & I gave up our health insurance through my husband’s employer after they added abortion coverage. We did not want to pay for murdering babies. We joined a group called Christian Care Medishare. We contribute a set monthly amount toward medical needs of other members. Christian Care Medishare and two or three other mutual sharing groups have been exempted from the offensive Federal Health Care mandate. We are relieved to not be forced to pay for insurance to murder babies. But are still dismayed that the world and our nation have turned from God to the point of executing our children for the sins of their parents, and that our tax monies are not protecting/defending innocent children, denying them life.

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