Senate Transportation Bill Vote Recap

Today, the Senate voted on their version of the transportation bill, MAP-21 (S.1813), which we key voted against. The bill extends transportation funding and programs for 2 years at a cost of $109 billion, which continues to fund highway, safety, and transit programs at levels in excess of revenues expected from the federal gas tax. The vote results are below, along with a list of the Republicans who voted incorrectly:

The Senate Transportation Bill: Passed by a vote of 74-22
Heritage Action: NO

Republicans Voting Incorrectly:
Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN)
Sen. Roy Blunt (MO)
Sen. John Boozman (AR)
Sen. Scott Brown (MA)
Sen. Saxby Chambliss (GA)
Sen. Thad Cochran (MS)
Sen. Susan Collins (ME)
Sen. Charles Grassley (IA)
Sen. Dean Heller (NV)
Sen. John Hoeven (ND)
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX)
Sen. James Inhofe (OK)
Sen. Johnny Isakson (GA)
Sen. Jerry Moran (KS)
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK)
Sen. Pat Roberts (KS)
Sen. Jeff Sessions (AL)
Sen. Richard Shelby (AL)
Sen. Olympia Snowe (ME)
Sen. John Thune (SD)
Sen. David Vitter (LA)
Sen. Roger Wicker (MS)

Democrats Voting Correctly:

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4 thoughts on “Senate Transportation Bill Vote Recap

  1. Shameless. You can’t fund Income. Please tell me how. You borrow the money at 2% and loan it out at 3.4%. Why do you need to pay for leaving a profitable financial instrument in its current form ??? And why does the Fed lend you the money at higher the discount rate??
    Why is that not the issue? You claim you need to cut funding for non related programs to pay for leaving the rate stand. You benefited from an unprecedented tax break during war time and you wonder how to pay for income producing loans for college students. Really pathetic. Please stop sending me your ridiculous propaganda letters. PLEASE!!!

  2. Well again you politicians just put way more people out of work in a 24 hours period I’m so proud of you and the republicans compromising. Just shut down more small businesses Why? Because you didn’t read yet another bill.

  3. Just think College students needing a handout. Let them pay their loans off at age 47 like our president did. He may have never payed them off if he wouldn’t have become president.

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