Letter to Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor “Don’t Muddy the Water”

Dear Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor:

We understand the House of Representatives is scheduled next week to consider legislation–the Medicare Decisions Accountability Act (H.R.452)–to repeal Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), and we write to express our concerns with this strategy.

IPAB is an unelected and unaccountable board of 15 bureaucrats empowered to set Medicare reimbursement rates in order to control costs, and it will mean rationed health care for our nation’s senior citizens.  To be clear, we adamantly support its repeal.  However, we are gravely concerned that IPAB alone is being proposed for repeal and not part of a full repeal of Obamacare.  This legislation is part of a troubling trend to break off the worst portions of Obamacare for individual votes, which muddies the water in this election year between those who are adamantly opposed to Obamacare and those who want to see its implementation.

This approach is misguided at this point in our nation’s national dialogue.  The entirety of Obamacare is both terrible policy and politically unpopular.  Poll after poll reveal the American people’s fundamental recognition that Obamacare is unconstitutional and will increase their premiums, lead to rationed care, and insert the federal government into their most personal medical decisions.

We cannot allow the idea to take root that the worst parts of Obamacare can somehow be “removed” when in fact the entire law must be rescinded.  If this belief is allowed to take root, Obamacare is very likely here to stay as K Street lobbyists rush not to put their shoulders to the wheel of full repeal but to get their easy scraps from Congress’ table.  And of course, the political consultants will clamor for only repealing the most overwhelmingly one-sided and poll-tested appealing provisions.

In addition, partial repeal votes allow politicians of both parties to obfuscate on full repeal.  It gives many who have consistently opposed full repeal an opportunity to convince their voters that they are with them just because they register occasional support for repealing an IPAB or some other politically unpalatable provision.  For example, repealing IPAB has substantial support among many of the very same officials who voted for Obamacare in the first place.  A vote on H.R. 452 is an outright invitation for wolves to take on sheep’s clothing.

Instead of continuing to put forth partial repeals of Obamacare, the House of Representatives ought to schedule additional votes on full repeal before the coming elections.  This will offer real checkpoints for the repeal coalition to grow the vote for full repeal and energize our activists.

The worst aspects of Obamacare—and the target of many of these partial repeal bills—are already discredited as policy and destabilized politically. One way or the other, they will be repealed. The question for this moment in our nation’s history is whether our coalition will insist on full repeal, and we look forward to working with you towards that end.


Edwin Meese III
former Attorney General

Erick Erickson

William Wilson
President, Americans for Limited Government

Chris Chocola
President, Club for Growth

Gary Bauer
President, American Values

Brent Bozell
President, Media Research Center

Dan Perrin
President, HSA Coalition

Tony Perkins
President, Family Research Council

Drew Ryun
President, American Majority Action

C. Preston Noell III
President, Tradition, Family, Property

Dr. Herb London
President Emeritus, Hudson Institute

Morton C. Blackwell
Chairman, The Weyrich Lunch

Richard Viguerie
Chairman, ConservativeHQ.com

J. Kenneth Blackwell
Chairman, Coalition for a Conservative Majority

T. Kenneth Cribb
former Domestic Advisor to President Reagan

Michael Needham
Chief Executive Officer, Heritage Action

Alfred Regnery
former Publisher, American Spectator

Hon. Donna Hearne
Executive Director, Constitutional Coalition

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72 thoughts on “Letter to Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor “Don’t Muddy the Water”

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      • Didn’t suggest that at all! They voted for him 100% FACT! It also is written that the FIRST(CAIN) will be LAST, and the LAST(ABLE), murdered by CAIN, WILL BE FIRST TO BECOME RESURRECTED! NO? I DIDN’T WRITE THAT! WATCH!

      • And NOT all women either… I’ve even brought my 81 yr old. mother over to the conservative side… she’s brought several of her friends. These are people who have never voted across the D party line. They realize their mistake in voting for O in ’08 and are making the effort to fix it.

        So I agree… enough with the stereotypes and generalizations.

        And yes. The entire bill needs to be dumped…

        @Nancy Pelosi – We read it – found out what was in it… now get rid of it.

  5. The problem with writing anything to Boehner, he was neutered at birth and when he was set to go into congress, they layed his suit out on his bed. Then they folded it so carefully and packed it, then sending the suit to D.C, but they forgot onething and that was to put Boehner in it. So now we have a cut speaker still in Ohio and a empty suit in Congress.

  6. We have sent petition after petition and we are being ignored. All of those concentration camps we can use to put all of this Traitors in when we take back our Country. Then maybe we can borrow the Guillotine from the French and finish the job. If they don’t know how to use it they loose it.

  7. That in the main of the whole law is unconstitutional should negate it right off and this is from a supposed Constitutional law student now I know why he lost his license to practice law

  8. Obamacare has been a pile of GARBAGE from day one. If the Republicans do not make this the center point to win the election, it will end in disaster, and remember this is the last change to save our GREAT COUNTRY.


  10. Speaker Boehner seriously needs to return to Congressman Boehner or adopt the “ex” status. He certainly is not representing “We the People” in his job as speaker. I don’t think he has done very well since the beginning.

  11. Sir; The people elected the House Members in “10 to act for them they want Obamacare out, now it is up to you to the will of the people, do as the people have asked you to do!

  12. If we don’t totally repeal Obamacare, I fear we will be in for years of legal arguements interpreting the 2000+ pages of this bill.

  13. When Speaker Boehner first took office I thought he was on the side of the little man but more and more I’m finding that he is just part of the establishment and shirking his responsibilities by cowering to the opposition. I will truly urge my state representative to vote him out of the office of Speaker when his term expires. We need to STOP OBAMACARE BY REPEALING OBAMACARE. THE EXCESSIVE SPENDING OF OUR GOVERNMENT HAS TO STOP! STOP! STOP!

  14. please–we want all of it out–stand up and do the right thing—do the will of the people as you have pledged to do

  15. Obamacare is really a blueprint for Obama to completely takeover the United States. FDR in all his years in the WH created 28 new agencies. If Obama care is not repealed it will create a staggering 108 new agencies. This is beyond ludicrus, this is dictatorship in the making. This thing must be repealed and Obama must be defeated.

  16. John Boehner seems to have been bought off by Obama as he passes pretty much everything Obama wishes…would Nancy Pelosi have done the same if GW was pres? I don’t think so. She was cold as ice to him and pushing her agenda the second the BO regime took over. We need someone that will push a Conservative Agenda as the founding fathers envisioned…Having John Boehner at the helm is clearly a mistake.

  17. While I’d love to see all of Obamacare repealed, that won’t happen until we have a new president and congress. The only progress Boehner can make is to push through repeals of things he can get bipartisan support on. The election hanging over the Dems heads IS part of what’s motivating a willingness to make some progress. Demanding everything we want and being unwilling to make progress where we have common ground is part of the problems in Washington. I support progress over stalemate. I also pray for the November elections!

    • There are many more issues exploited in Obamacare than just health. Setting up the role of the national policing army with officers, tax increases in the future and others. When will people read this law in detail and expose all the crap that is in there to destroy us as a capitalistic democracy and subvert us into communism or at least european socialism. If you think the marxist lost the cold war you are wrong. They are hard about destroying us from the inside as they failed to do so from the inside.

  18. Repeal Obamacare. You don’t need to be a math wiz to see that the numbers are bogus. This is not the only thing Obama wants control of. This is just one site showing that he wants everything. http://conservativebyte.com/2012/03/obama-signs-executive-order-allowing-control-over-all-us-resources/ There are more but I just don’t have the time to post them all. He is executive ordering his way out of being the president of a Republic and leaving us with the scraps.


  20. We have lost sight of our Constitution and our very fragile freedom that it enables. The entire Obama Health Care bill while well intented is an assult on both the Constitution and our Freedom. The main reason we have a health care crisis in this country is because we have forgotten that the government is not our keeper. This entire bill must be repealed so that the people are free to make choices about their health not the government.

  21. The horrendous monstrosity of Obamacare proves beyond debate that the interests of this despicable president are NOT with the people but his self-serving MARXIST agenda!! And now we’re faced in November with awful or worse? How did this happen?!
    How did we let our arch enemy, the despicable media, decide this for us again?!! How do we keep falling for this every 4 years?!! Once again, we’ve allowed the amoral media decide our candidate for us by means of distortion and mendacity!!! Why are we still so stupid as this?!! IF DARTH VADER GETS RE-ELECTED, IT’S OUR OWN DAMN FAULT!!!!

  22. Anyone with even half a brain knows that Obamacare is UNconstitutional. What the Supreme Court decision will reveal is who on the Supreme Court are enemies of America and are extremely corrupt and evil. Government control of health care is one of the planks of the communist manifesto. Government control of health care is tyranny from beginning to end. The lying, thieving, criminal bureaucrats rake in billion$ in taxes and dole out, relatively speaking, nickels, dimes and pennies in so-called “benefits”. It is a criminal, tyrannical RACKETEERING SCHEME! When they want you off the dole, they just arrange to administer to you some poison or some destructive bacteria, virus, parasite or spirochete. The so-called “mystery diseases” are man-made by the secret servants of Satan who are running, plundering and destroying America.

  23. Vote for Ron Paul to FREE AMERICA from the insane Satanic, Marxist, criminal murderers, war-mongers, liars and thieves who are running, plundering and destroying America.

  24. Now is the time for Mr. Boehner and the House of Representatives to stand united with the American People in poll after poll that want ObamaCare TOTALLY repealed…..especially now with the Supreme Court hearing the case.
    Now is the time for…..all or nothin’ baby…..we can’t afford ObummerCare either literally ($$$) or figuratively (loss of freedom).

  25. We’ve heard all the lies from this non American from Kenya, who’s only goal is to destroy this great Nation through socialism. Read my lips – REPEAL THIS DEMEANING JOKE – KNOWN AS OBAMA CARE.

  26. Repeal the whole mess. Then pass a bill to put health care in ,first, the hands of the individual – patterned after the auto insurance industry. Then structure the program so that each state and the individual’s doctor are in charge of the program. Safeway Stores initiated such a program in 2005 and during the next four while our national cost rose 40% Safeway’s health care cost stabilized and remained at a constant level. Contact their CEO Stephen Burd to get the details. REPEAL THIS CTASTROPHE.

  27. Larry White – March 19, 2012

    In 6 Days, The U.S. Supreme Court will begin hearing Arguments for and against ObamaCare. Nine Politically appointed people will decide for or against The People.

    The American Dream will be mortally wounded if we don’t stop ObamaCare.
    The First and Only Priority on this 19th of March, 2012 is making certain The U.S. Supreme Court knows Americans will not accept ObamaCare.

    Heritage Foundation, please help Multiply the attendance at Rallies this week-end and during the Hearings in D.C and across the United States of America.

  28. Obamacare needs to go in its entirety! It is full of legislation of which we know nothing but that could very well destroy our nation as we know it. I propose impeaching Obama and sending him to a socialist country to live since that is what he obviously wants for himself.
    Getting rid of pieces of it only lulls people into thinking that it is working fine and all is well. We are so close to losing our freedoms. Wake up America!!!!!!!!

  29. There is the sense that the issue of repealing Obamacare is being “milked” for some political reason. So I say not only do we need to dump Obamacare — and the sooner the better — but we also need to “flush” Congress. Congress has this mindset disease and it’s been around for a long time. It’s also contagious. Those presently infected need to be sent home — away from the infected area — where they can recover. Part of their recovery is that at home they get to go back to their regular job. What a wonderful recovery that will be for them. Many of them — I suspect — haven’t even known they were infected.

    Anyway, here’s how to proceed: Senator’s terms need to be reduced from 6 to 4 years. Next all members of Congress must be limited to ONE TERM. Then they get to go home to their regular job. To help their recovery from this terrible “mindset” disease Congressional pay must be cut roughly in half — to $80,000 per year. To me that’s a very generous amount. To them it’ll probably be quite painful. But they’ll get used to it. It’s really part of their cure.

    As us “regular” citizens watch this change, we will — hopefully — also experience a healing from a disease we didn’t even know WE have. I don’t have a name for it so for now I’ll just call it the “let the government do it” syndrome. The best elixir for us can be found in President Lincoln’s last words from his Gettysburg Address: “…that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Let that sink in, then get off your butt and begin acting like a real citizen. You’ll love the cure!

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  31. Obama care needs to be repealed, the entire thing. We as a nation cannot pay the bills for everyone that is not paying into the system. We strive to help the poor who cannot afford insurance through other programs that the government has.

  32. Repeal Obama Care. It is in the interest of our citizens. Our health care will get worse and will cost more. Most of us did not ask for Our Government to Control our health care. We do not need this so called healthcare. If it is so Great, Why are the Senators, Congressmen, and the Pressident and all his special people being exempt. It is not fair at all. Our healthcare will get worse as this goes on, and the Cost will go higher and higher. We want to take care of ourselves. Tyranny is not for the U.S. A. STOP THE GOVERNMENT Health care.

  33. We as a nation of free people must stop the Obama Administrations violations of our Constitution. Obama’s illegal operation “Fast and Furious” is evidence that this administration has no regard for the lives of anyone. A border patrolman and hundreds of Mexican citizens are dead as a result yet this administration lies and covers up the fact that it committed murder. I hope that the people realize that Obamacare is a death sentence for anyone 76yrs. of age should they need life saving medical treatment. If only people would wake up and see that this want to be dictator has no regard for human life just as his role models Hitler and others didn’t.

  34. Obamacare is as unconstitutional as anything ever imagined. Snuck in the back door with absolutely no one(including our bodies of law) knowing what was included in it. Never have I heard of something so underhanded happening in our White House. The act of pushing it thru is as deplorable as the content of the product. It must be repealed in its entirety and tho’ we do need healthcare reform, it is absolutely nothing like this. It must be done openly and with approval of Congress, the Senate and the good people of America.

  35. Yes, repeal Obamacare in its entirety. Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor are whistling dixie. They both are up for re-election. They are playing not only their constituents but all Americans. They are weak and have been taking advantage of Republicans having majority in the House. They have passed numerous pieces of legislation knowing they would go no where in the Senate. This has given them cover for the past two years. No longer. They need to repeal the Obamacare Bill in its entirety or sign up for unemployment.

  36. This health care option is NO Bill to help us. It is a growing monster to control us. Our first clue should have told us plenty that it is not for the muslim population. Only for the rest of us in the US. Death panels and removing meds for people who need it. And then on top of that it is going to cost double of what we pay now. OVER 1 TRILLION DOLLARS. People who are out of work and are injured as my son. Can’t get help. Not even the operation that he needs. Not even medicaid will do it. So as far as I’m concern Obamacare can go and take a flying leap out the damn window. It will not help. Even our meds are coming up short. Why is that I wonder. What did the dictator put a hold on that too. Have you noticed on the TV. the media hardly show any old people in Iraq or Afgh. or Iran. ???? Only the middle age ones show along with the young.

  37. Obamacare needs to be repealed all of the way with no short cuts nor any compromise in order to keep anyone in Washington happy. I have a mother who is 85 years old and would be one of the people who would be in jepority of having her insurance not covering some possible problems she might have in the future. With Obamacare she could wind up being told that she should “Take a Pill” because she is too old to have a procedure done because the cost is not worth it.

  38. I firmly believe that the representatives we elected to fight OBama Care among other serious matters, have failed us. They gained our trust to fight OBama care after the Dems, signed this American Tragedy into law, behind our backs, late on that fateful Christmas Eve night. What deviousness the liberal progressives used to attack our American liberties. I believed our representatives, especially including Rep. Boehner, would fight back against this law. But after the election was over, there was no movement in the house to repeal it. Now they are attempting to repeal one small portion of the bill, which doesn’t make much sense to me. I am so very disappointed in our elected officials. I don’t believe they have the courage to do anything of much concern to protect and defend the American People. Rep. Boehner, YOU, in my opinion, have betrayed our confidence. You seem to be afraid to go to battle with the people who are trying to eliminate our freedoms. We trusted in you. My trust in your abilities to perform any task at hand, has been eroded.

  39. Heritage has been doing a lot of the heavy lifting on getting Obama Care repealed, keep up the good work. The entire healthcare bill and the process used to get it passed, the bribes, pay offs and outright lies, were despiciable and the Democrats like Reid and Pelosi should be ashamed of the damage they have allowed to be forced upon America. The hardships that have been discharged across America, regarding this bill, won’t be completely felt for probably 3-5 years.

  40. It is long past time for our elected representatives to get up off their butts and act responsibly and to take responsibility for what this government is doing to the people of this country. It is incredibly irresponsible to cede so much unbridled authority to an unelected person such as the Secretary of Health etc.

  41. Vote every politician out of office, ask your governor to support term limits for all setting politicians both state and federal.

  42. We need to get rid of the old establishment, and to do this, we need term limits, no more behind close doors deals and they (establishment) have to earn their paycheck just like we (the people) do. No work, no pay. Stop all of this garbage at our expense. No legislation without our input. Repeal Obama Care, that’s a given.

  43. There are many things going on in Washington that I cannot understand. One of the most egregious is the Congress’ (especially the Republican’s) refusal to exercise their Constitutional authority to stop the Administration’s legislative actions via making regulations that exceed Congressional intentions or writing Executive Orders that violate Constitutional Rights. Are there no heros left in Washington who will fight for Liberty?

  44. The end of ObamaCare will be the start to the recovery of our Country.
    Now we can go to TERM LIMITS for our esteemed Congress.

    It has been a long time coming and should have have been put into effect automatically when Bi-Partisan politics became destroyed, thank you Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in 2006….

    These two people did more to destroy Bi-Partisanship in Congress than any enemy this Country has ever had. They more than anyone prove to America, Tyrants must be thrown out and Term Limits make it legal. If the First President George Wahington, who was asked to be President for a life time term, refused, knowing how the fruits of evil becomes very easy when you feel that you are in for good. Two terms for the President and 8 years for the Senate and 8 years for the House.

    Then, no more free perks that the citizens cannot get, but Politicians expect.
    No Healthcare, unless ObamaCare gets upheld, then they get ObamaCare.
    No more Insider Trading to create more wealth for these poor legislators. No more free Postage and Secret Service and They even will have to pay for their own Travel arrangements. Poor Nancy, “Oh the Humanity”
    The beauty of these Term Limits is that 90% of Congress will be out as they have far exceeded these limits by now…

  45. I to want this trash of obamacare completely gone. If I wanted to be a socialist I would of gone to Russia a long time ago. Why don’t obama, polishi, reaid and the rest of them trying
    to push this crap down our mouth get the heck out of the Country.

  46. Previously, many of us thought we should try to find the best candidates to vote for, to prevent things like Obamacare from happening or even being possibilities. Now, we have to pick exclusively from Republicans and even then: Be SURE we get the absolute best, most honest and MOST Conservative candidates, every single time. Times are going to get tougher and tougher for decades to come; mostly due to OUR (collective) mistakes in recent years. It’s TIME to get quite serious about politics folks!

  47. I agree with term limits, but the real answer is for “we the people” to re-engage in the political process. I’m not sure when talking politics became socially unacceptable, but I bet it was the politicians that began this thought process. My grandparents always talked politics! The public school systems need a complete overhaul where education includes the teachings of how our government is designed to work – not the liberal bias it now receives.

  48. Everyone must make it their business and get serious about our Government and EDUCATE themselves by listening and reading as much as possible so that they can begin to make common sense decisions when weeding out the “bull”. If we expose ourselves as much as possible to comments and actions by Politicians, it will give us the knowledge we need and be able to sift through the “lies”. This will be the most critical vote of our lives. It will be the “turning” point in the history of AMERICA. Don’t give our Freedom away, DON’T give up……
    fight for your lives!

  49. The idea that the people should have the means to pay their doctor bills is somehow marching us to tyranny and dictatorship is kind of comical, no?

  50. Reading the below comments makes me proud to say that they truly represent the finest example of authentic frontier gibberish found only in early Mel Brooks movies.

  51. Here’s a thought: Why not let THE PEOPLE decide how a nation should be run rather than a handful of plutocrats and an agglomeration multinational corporations whose headquarters (and loyalties) might reside outside the borders of the good old USA?

  52. Ironic that Heritage would want Obamacare repealed as it was their idea originally. I guess it’s a intellectual property rights grudge or something like that.

  53. I can understand why many of you would be frustrated that only controlling a slim majority of one-third of the government does not give you ultimate power to do whatever you want, but alas, that is how the founders set things up way back when. BTW, if the founders wanted us all to be controlled by massive global corporations, they would have taken the ducats of the Dutch East India Company, don’t ya think?

  54. Just one final thing: Anybody here ever Googled “Edwin Meese III + scandals”

    It might be helpful to you to actually know whose wagon you are hitched to:

    “No other member of the Reagan administration, with the exception of Oliver North, was as tainted by scandal as Edwin Meese III. Certainly, no other Reagan official was more disliked, both within the administration and on Capitol Hill, though Reagan himself called Meese his ‘alter ego.’ At one point in his tenure as attorney general Meese was under investigation by three special prosecutors, each inquiring into separate allegations of influence peddling, bribery, and cover-up in the Iran-Contra affair.”


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