Cloakroom: March 26 – March 30

House Cloakroom

Analysis: This week the House of Representatives will be focused on the budget.  Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) passed his budget, The Path to Prosperity, out of the House Budget Committee last week and it will be on the floor this week.  The budget tackles entitlement reform, through Medicare premium support, general tax reform, and bloated levels of discretionary spending.  This budget is a significant and positive step towards getting our country back on a sound fiscal footing. 

Major Floor Action: 

  • H Con Res — – Establishing the budget for the United States Government for fiscal year 2013 and setting forth appropriate budgetary levels for fiscal years 2014 through 2022. 

Major Committee Action: 

  • The House Rules Committee will hold a mark up of a “Postal Reorganization” bill.
  • The House Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing on “Jobs and Gasoline Prices.”
  • The House Science, Space and Technology Committee will hold a hearing on the “International Space Station.”
  • The House Foreign Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on the “Chinese Threat to the United States.”
  • The House Financial Services Committee will hold a hearing on the “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Semiannual Report.” 


Senate Cloakroom 

Analysis: This week the Senate will vote to move to either a politically driven energy bill or a postal bailout.  The first vote will be on the energy bill which would continue the practice of government picking winners and losers in the energy sector with consumers being the ultimate losers in the entire scheme.  Should the Senate manage to move on to the postal bill they would be considering a bailout that puts the taxpayer at risk for substantial losses in the future while doing relatively little to reform the broken structure of the postal service. 

Major Floor Action: 

  • S 2204 – A bill to eliminate unnecessary tax subsidies and promote renewable energy and energy conservation.
  • S 1789 – 21st Century Postal Service Act

Major Committee Action: 

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