Cats, Obamacare and the GOP

For the past three days, as the Supreme Court heard arguments over the constitutionality of Obamacare, Heritage legal analyst Todd Gaziano has been giving video updates outside the Court.  On Day 2, a cat on a leash was the co-star of the 3-minute update.

Roll Call did the legwork and discovered the details: the 13-year-old tomcat is named Pud, and has “no opinion on the health care law.”  Pud provided some levity to an otherwise very serious legal proceeding, but his presence also prompts a reminder of a vote House took on March 8, 2011.

By a margin of 280 – 138, the House approved H.R.525, which would expand a provision of Obamacare by making veterinary public health professionals eligible for public health workforce grants and loan repayment.  You read that right, just one year after it became law, 280 members – including 95 Republicans – voted to expand a provision of Obamacare.

Then last night, 16 Republicans voted for a budget based on the Simpson-Bowles plan, which would have maintained Obamacare in its entiretyThe Weekly Standard’s John McCormack reported: 

Moderate Republican congressman Steven LaTourette of Ohio has come up with an alternative budget with Democrat Jim Cooper of Tennessee. LaTourette’s office is now circulating a “rebuttal memo” around Capitol Hill that challenges some arguments made against it. But the memo doesn’t even try to rebut the fact that LaTourette-Cooper budget would fund Obamacare…  

As justices continue to expresses skepticism over Obamacare’s constitutionality, it is stunning that even one Republican would vote for a budget that protects the law, let alone 16!

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3 thoughts on “Cats, Obamacare and the GOP

  1. What is the Root of the problem? Who Writes the Bills? Who Passed the bills? Who can over ride a Presidential Veto by a two thirds vote? Your Legislators, House of Representatives and The Senate. How many Americans go to the polls and vote for Legislators without knowing anything about them or checking their past voting record? If it is someone new running we need to check out their Character, How they stand on moral issues? what groups,charities,clubs do they support or belong to. Check their background, are they qualified for the job they are pursuing? Are they true patriotic Americans? Judges on the Ballots need to be checked out. “We The People ” Need to do our Duty. We must get involved and educate ourselves on the Constitution of The United States. This is our Country, Our Government, Only we can make it better. The internet makes it much easier to check things out.. Can’t depend on the News Media. Need to check out what the Media say or present to us as a fact when it is their opinion. If their rating go down from lack of audience which causes lack of sponsors, Maybe just maybe they will become real journalist instead of propaganda machines. That s my view.

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