Action Alert: Call Your Representative to Oppose the Transportation Spending Bill

Last week, we told conservatives across the country about a massive $262 billion transportation bill moving through the House. Yesterday we announced that this bill will appear on our legislative scorecard: Representatives voting for the bill will lose points.

Now is the time for conservatives to take action.

This bill, H.R. 7, spends far too much, relies on questionable offsets, creates a new slush fund for alternative transportation and maintains unacceptable levels of federal control.

Conservatives must remain vigilant on big-spending stimulus bills, especially those that are typically rubber-stamped without much fanfare – like the current bill. Congress must hear your voice, and understand you expect them to honor their word.

This spending bill is not acceptable and must be stopped. Call your Representative now.

After you make the call, use our form to tell us how it went. We’re especially interested in any Representatives that oppose this bill.

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One thought on “Action Alert: Call Your Representative to Oppose the Transportation Spending Bill

  1. For the first time in 30 years, HR 7 would direct 100% of the highway taxes to roads and bridges. It also takes the Obama Administration out of the equation by eliminating so-called “discretionary” earmarks (along with Congressional earmarks) and letting the States decide what their own priorities are. It zeros out Obamarail and it focuses more of the highway money on the Interstates, National Highway System, and safety projects. That idea makes liberals pretty unhappy because they want gas tax payers to cover the costs of local bike paths and childhood obesity programs — Boehner, Cantor and Ryan made sure that mandates for these programs would be removed. The public transit people are upset because they’ve been sucking on the gas tax teat and never had to pay a dime. The House bill ends that. So that’s why I say to support HR 7, nearly every conservative Republican has ignored Heritage Action on this but they still have to beat back the Dems and the transit lobby. Heritage Action may have gotten some headlines for its opposition but they’ve really just hurt the conservative cause for reform. Heritage Action, why are you more interested in making a name for yourselves than helping improve our national highway program? It’s unbelievable.

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