With Cordray, Obama Bypasses Constitution

Today, Heritage Action for America released the following statement from CEO Michael A. Needham regarding the “recess” appointment of Richard Cordray to serve as director of the CFPB, even though the Senate is not in recess:

Today, President Obama decided to bypass the Constitution and the system of checks and balances that have served our country so well.   Rather than heed the advice of the Senate, President Obama decided to embark on an arrogant and unprecedented power grab.  This stunning appointment represents a fundamental threat to the balance of powers and the role of the legislature. Heritage Action calls on Congressional leaders to vigorously protest and seek legal remedy to President Obama’s outrageous action.  Americans deserve accountability, not another Washington power grab.

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10 thoughts on “With Cordray, Obama Bypasses Constitution

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  2. When is SOMEONE WITH BALLS going to go up to the White House with a warrent and arrest this CONSITUTIONAL LAW BREAKING so called President??? Bet SHERIFF JOE–would love to do it!!

  3. If it is unconstitutional in what he is doing why is not something being done about it, why can not WE THE PEOPLE have a recall on Obama he is not upholding the OATH he took when he bacame president and for any other politican who does not uphold our Consitiutiona and the Oath they take….

    • Yes, I am with you “lovemycountrytoo.” Why are the Congress and the Senate allowing this man to keep breaking the Law….possibly, because many of them are not upholding their oath of office in protecting and defending our treasured constitution. We must keep hounding and protesting all of their treasonous offenses. I just wonder if we could all walk together and make citizens arrest for all of them within our government who are displaying treason and tyranny and most likely are our enemies. Possibly, this is route we should be taking instead of writing and phoning and faxing these cowards and traitors. “In God We Trust.”

      • WE THE PEOPLE should demand that our Constitution and the Oaths they take are up held, all I ever see is the left/liberal/unions/democrats recalling republicans who are trying to make a difference, why don’t we see recalls on democrats who do not up hold the constitution and the oaths they take, this corruption is so one sided, where are the rich republicans, all I see is the socialists/communist/far left democrats spending millions/billions on trying to destroy this country and backing Obama. If Obama beleives in redistribution of wealth tell me why the taxpayers are supporting two illegal aliens (his aunt and his uncle) why are not Obama and his wife supporting them; Obama is the very rich that he is always putting down in his class warfare propaganda, look at his supporters they are among the very, very rich and far left and do not like this country but he loves his class warfare and to blame the republicans. I don’t care what party a member of congress is, but if you don’t believe in and uphold our Constitution, the Oath they take, our Laws then they should be recalled for not doing the job they were elected to do. Too much political propaganda and out right lies from this Administration and certain members of congress. I am 68 and I don’t think I have ever seen a President lie as Obama does right to our faces and his playing one race against another, rich against poor and the trillions of debt he has given our children and yet he still blames republicans for the mess he has created, as for jobs, who is he kidding, look at the total facts, the number of american citizens who are not longer counted but unemployed, true unemployment is about 11%, look at the number of work visa given 200,000 and they claim they created 200,000 jobs in the private sector well who got them Uemployed Americans or imported workers such propaganda and lies that this government feeds us.; then their is the illegal aliens millions of jobs taken. I want my country back, I want the fraud and thieft stopped of the Taxpayers Money, I want every congressman/woman held responsible for upholding our Constitution, our Laws and the Oath they take. I like Donald Trump and his speaking out on Obama and how this country is being used and abused by China, Oil Rich Countries, etc..and that is us the taxpayers we need more people speaking out with the truth of what is happening to The United States by corrupt government and foreign countries. There is so much wrong with our government and congress it would be more pages than Obama’s Health Care Bill but at least we would know what it would say…

        • Yes, I agree with you, “lovemycountry.”
          Believe me oh so many of us have written, phoned visited their office, but the congress and the senate do not seem to care what We the People are demanding….Many of us believe it is because they are all pushing for the New World Order (NWO)….The Agenda 21 is part of this New World Order. Obama is not our legal president and they all know it. He should not even be on the ballot again. Hopefully with the Georgia Court ruling it will set an example for more states to demand proof the he is eligible, which by the way, no matter where he was born, he is not eligible…his birth father was a British Subject….to be a Natural Born Citizen, which Our Constitution declares must be the fact for a person to be president, one must have two parents who are American Citizens. Obama is really a puppet who is following order, most likely from Soros, who indeed is doing everything possible for the New World Order to take effect…..this is the reason they are destroy the constitution bit by bit every day, for without our Constitution, this country will fall into the New World Order’s hands, so to speak. Yes, we must demand but I believe we need something more than just demanding at this point in time. Our time is running out and unless Obama and all of his appointees are removed, I do not see a chance for our government to survive. Too many people have buried their heads in the sand and are not fighting in whatever way peaceably they can to save our country from destruction. If we could all unite who do have our heads out of the sand and march into the Congress and the Senate and remove all of them and replace them with True American Patriots we might have a chance…We the people do have this power, but it would take We the People to do so. They are working for us and this is something that we all need to understand….for they want it in the reverse….We are paying their salaries….Possibly, another way people have discussed is the fact that we all refuse to pay taxes, for then how would they be paid? I truly believe with hope and prayer, we will find an answer to save our country. God Bless. God Bless Our America.

  4. George W Bush made some 171 recess appointments, he and his handlers bullied opposition with statements like “you are with us, or you with the terrorists,” or, “People need to watch what they say.” Not a peep of protest from the Right Wingers.

    Yet here we have an agency placed into law by Congress, but the GOP minority in the Senate has decided that the agency should not exist, and they will approve NO ONE that the President nominates EVER.

    By the way, this agency for the first time regulates payday loans, car title loans, checkwriting advances, which are aimed at the poor, the elderly, and our returning military. Interest rates of 300% or 400% are common, Loansharks never charged such outrageous rates, yet the Republicans oppose ANYTHING that protects the most vulnerable in our society.

  5. Frightening, not only here in the US, but around the world.
    Most of the frogs around us in this pot think that the water is very comfortably warm.

    Anyone seen the nauseating films of Jews willingly walking up to the edge of the waiting mass grave to be executed by the Nazis??? They just could not believe this could be happening!
    Guess my name will be on the administration’s list for indefinite military detention.

  6. I am with all of you. Especially Suzdelia, Citizen arrest! Lets go. I truly believe the plan after getting into office was to divide us and yell the race card until everyone is so afraid of doing anything. This president has kept none of his promises. Except to make quick changes to the USA. He has truly done this. Why hasnt anyone impeached him. Any other president would have been.

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