An Eye for an Eye?

According to new reports, President Obama and congressional Democrats are (finally) dropping their demands to hike taxes on job creators and other hard working Americans in order to “pay for” a tax cut for the middle-class. But buried in the story is a claim that the Democrats could give up the tax talk in exchange for congressional Republicans dropping their bid to speed up a decision on the Keystone pipeline.

This is yet another example of how Washington works. One party gives up a job-killing tax hike proposal in exchange for the other party giving up a job-creating proposal. Does that make sense to you? This isn’t how Congress should work.

President Obama and his allies have been calling for the tax hike on job creators even though they knew it would never pass. How’s that for playing politics? A senior Republican aide said:

“They know they have to drop it if they want to get something to pass.”

True enough, but dropping a job-creating provision at the same time isn’t a compromise – it is just dysfunctional.

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3 thoughts on “An Eye for an Eye?

  1. We need to have Congress get some backbone..they always give in to the Dem. when they put up even a small fight, our side caves. What kind of leadership is that? I believe we need to get the Dem. to comprmise, that would be a big switch in direction…!!!

  2. Yes, the pipeline would create jobs, but the ecological return on those jobs has not been decided yet. It is totally irresponsible, to give a go ahead, to this pipeline, until it has been determined it won’t contaminate the soil or drinking water of thousands of people. Whether you like it or not, we have to share this earth with billions of other people. The more we contaminate the less we have to live on.

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