Heritage Action’s Week in Review 11/18/11

Heritage Action dominated the news this week, getting mentioned in multiple stories written about the “minibus” spending bill that was passed by the House and Senate this week. We opposed the minibus, as reported in several Roll Call (here, here, and here) and CQ (here and here):

“Many Republicans have argued against raising the loan limit for fear of increasing the risk to taxpayers of further losses from loans on foreclosed home. The conservative Club for Growth and Heritage Action, a group affiliated with the Heritage Foundation, urged lawmakers on Tuesday to reject the minibus because of the FHA provision and the overall size of the appropriations bill.”

We were also mentioned in The Hill (here and here) as well as Bloomberg for our key vote against this misguided spending bill.

But that’s not all! After our CEO, Michael Needham, released a statement about the Supreme Court reviewing Obamacare, the statement was used in an article for The Baltimore Sun:

“On the other side, Michael A. Needham, chief executive of the Heritage Action for America,  ‘We are hopeful America’s system of checks and balances will right this unprecedented wrong and overturn Obamacare in its entirety. At the same time, however, Heritage Action will continue to push Congress to repeal Obamacare in its entirety because the stakes are too high to put all our eggs in one basket.’”

CQ also picked up the statement, which served to reinforce the strong statement made by Congressman Tom Price (R-PA) that conservatives still need to fight to repeal the “law in its entirety.”

Politico Pro picked up our continued opposition to the Senate’s newly-introduced NAT GAS Act.

Not only that, but the Potomac Tea Party Report is encouraging its members to join you in supporting our organization – thanks to our Political Director, Russ Vought’s, “experience and strong conservative convictions.” We would like to thank the Potomac Tea Party and all the great work they do defending conservative principles.

Your steadfast commitment to conservatism is what drives us. Getting noticed by the press is how we know we’re making a difference.

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One thought on “Heritage Action’s Week in Review 11/18/11

  1. E-verify!
    This is one awful law! It does not solve any problem. Most cities and states cannot afford to enforce it. It is part of the “progressive” agenda in that it creates chaos while pretending to do good! It does not (NOT) create American jobs, because we won’t do the job for the available wage! Why do we want produce to rot in the fields? We are in tough economic times and we work hard to make it worse?
    If we do not have the political will to close the border, then we deal with the results, but not by punishing American farmers, hotel owners, or any other job creator. Make American English the only language, deport felons, educate those born here, and provide a path to legalize their presence.


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