Harry Reid Mistakes “Cap” for “Guarantee”

We can imagine  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) saying “that depends on what the definition of ‘cap’ is.”

It should come as no surprise that the Senator doesn’t want to spend less than the discretionary spending cap set forth in the Budget Control Act this August:

“We had an agreement and that was put in the form of a law that’s now the law in this country. That said how much money we’re going to spend this year and how much money we could have for disaster relief. That’s what we’re going by.”

Note to Sen. Reid: just because you set a “cap,” doesn’t mean you have to spend that much, you just can’t spend more than that. Perhaps Sen. Reid should consult Merriam-Webster:

Cap: an upper limit (as on expenditures) : ceiling

There is nothing – NOTHING – in the law that says you can’t spend less than that amount.  Conservatives should continue to push for lower spending levels than that “compromised” level because our country can’t afford to continue this reckless spending. The August debt deal allows government to continue to grow, nothing was actually cut.

We can’t keep spending at these levels, we need to start living within our means and true conservatives need to stand up and fight for lower spending levels, like the ones proposed in the House-passed Ryan budget.

This is just further evidence of how Washington operates…they’ll find any excuse NOT to cut spending.

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One thought on “Harry Reid Mistakes “Cap” for “Guarantee”

  1. We the people are suffering from serious language failure…Congress has TWO bodies, The House and The Senate! The House, under Speaker Boener’s leadership, passed the Ryan Budget. BUT as stated in earlier Heritage Action report “It’s been over 900 days since Senate Democrats bothered to pass a budget and Congress hasn’t completed the appropriations process on time since 1994.
    The Senate, only 100 of 535 of our elected members of CONGRESS continue to fail in their duties. In fact, only 1 of 535 needs to step up and do his job; Senator Harry Reid! SEIU buses re-elected him in 2010. A Conservative Majority in The Senate and CONGRESS is necessary!…if our Republic lasts that long.

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