Pres. Obama “Hypocrite-in-Chief”

After renegotiating and sitting on the three free trade agreements for nearly 3 years, President Obama finally sent them to Congress earlier this month. Last night, they passed.

As you may remember, in the past few months, the President has repeatedly told Congress to pass them, saying they could do it “right now.” Of course, that was not true, as the President had yet to send them to Congress, meaning Congress could not hold that vote. Now, of course, the President is taking full credit for the agreements:

“The landmark trade agreements and assistance for American workers that passed tonight are a major win for American workers and businesses. I’ve fought to make sure that these trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama deliver the best possible deal for our country, and I’ve insisted that we do more to help American workers who have been affected by global competition. Tonight’s vote, with bipartisan support, will significantly boost exports that bear the proud label “Made in America,” support tens of thousands of good-paying American jobs and protect labor rights, the environment and intellectual property. American automakers, farmers, ranchers and manufacturers, including many small businesses, will be able to compete and win in new markets. I look forward to signing these agreements, which will help achieve my goal of doubling American exports and keeping America competitive in the 21st century.”

We’re so glad that after nearly 3 years in office, he finally admits the merit of the free trade agreements. Now wouldn’t it have been nice if he had sent them at the beginning of his term?

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2 thoughts on “Pres. Obama “Hypocrite-in-Chief”

  1. He sat on it for 3 yrs. to use it at this point to hopefully get reelected.Many will be fooled by the move as they are not well informed.They listen to the lamestream media & hang on every word as the truth.They don’t know that we gave Columbia millions to dollars to produce oil as did soros.Why did we give a rogue nation money to produce oil?These people hate us & are sending their worst to invade us illegally.

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