Watch Out! The Super Committee is Eyeing Tax Increases

In August, Congress passed and the President signed the Budget Control Act (BCA) of 2011, which increased the debt ceiling (again!) and set up a bizarre legislative process to “streamline” deficit reduction. Conservatives opposed the BCA, and for good reason!  The so-called “super committee” is tasked to tackle our nation’s dangerously mounting debt. One look at Europe, and the stakes are abundantly clear.  Our nation needs serious, fundamental reforms.

Unfortunately, the “super committee” is eyeing serious tax increases to meet their $1.2 trillion deficit reduction goal. $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction doesn’t sound like a lot considering we’re nearly $15 trillion in debt. What does sound like a lot is an additional $130 billion in new taxes every year for the next 10 years (that’s $1.3 trillion, for those counting at home). Because with the hard line “soak the rich” mentality that liberals have taken, any attempt in the future to cut taxes and spur economic growth will be vilified by the left as a handout to the wealthy. Thus, the tax hikes are more than likely permanent.

Amazingly, though, not all Republicans – and many so-called conservatives – are willing to take massive tax hikes off the table. According to news reports, more than 100 House members – Republicans and Democrats alike – sent a letter to the “super committee” urging a “big, grand bargain – taking nothing off the table.” In Washington, that is code for a tax increase.

Conservatives must make it abundantly clear to Congress that tax increases will not solve our problems and therefore should not be part of the solution.

Also included in the Democrats’ deficit reduction plan is about $1.7 trillion in budget gimmicks, most of these relating to cutting provider reimbursements for Medicare treatments. These kinds of cuts were included in Obamacare, and while the left claims them as making adjustments to their “sacred cow” the result is nonexistent. As always, whenever provider payments are cut, years later those cuts are overridden with a “doc fix.” The “savings” never materialize, but the claims of cuts and reform are made immediately.

That is why real spending cuts are needed, to both discretionary and mandatory programs. Wasteful programs and agencies that don’t need government funding (like NPR and energy subsidies) need to be cut. Government needs to get out of industries where it doesn’t belong (which is most of them) and entitlements need real reform (like the Ryan budget or Heritage’s Saving the American plan). Remember, the government has been promising people far more than it can realistically provide. Much like Greece, our current path is unsustainable.

Conservatives must also make it absolutely clear to Congress that spending cuts must be real, not typical Washington-style gimmicks.

Further cuts to defense will also cripple our country by weakening our military. Remember, $350 billion was already cut from the military in the first round of the debt ceiling increase. Additionally, military spending was also cut during the short-term CRs and remaining budget bills earlier this year.  To be clear, our nation’s military is already suffering a readiness and capabilities crisis!  Further cuts to an already underfunded military are irresponsible and dangerous.

What President Obama, liberals and even some Republicans would have you believe is that we have to accept some damaging defense cuts in the “super committee” package to avoid the automatic sequestering which occurs if a deal is not reached. That would slice  an additional $600 billion in security spending over the next ten years, much of it from our nation’s military.  Conservatives should not be frightened into voting for a bad debt deal from the Super Committee that includes massive tax hikes or cuts to defense, just to avoid sequestering. Refuse the bad debt deal, then stop the sequester. Conservatives should not give into Washington’s kabuki theater.

Conservatives must reject Washington’s kabuki theater, which would have you believe that you must accept some dangerous cuts to avoid more damaging cuts. 

The bottom line is this: the so-called super committee is poised to do some super damage to our economy by raising taxes. Conservatives must reject tax increases, demand real spending cuts and reject the dangerous game being played with our nation’s defense.

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  1. Many of us out here in the hinterland are so fed up with today’s GOP of sheep, cowards, half-men, and wimps with no gonnads to fight the Left and Obama and his minions from Hell. God, what we would do for a GOP fighter and tough guy.

    • They Republicans can even out think them!!!! I would not do ANY fixed amendment to the stupid Obamacare UNLESS they get something total through the legislator process including the president signing it. They may want to fix it to help the people, let the demoRATS take the heat until they pass ur legislation through THAT’S THE ONLY COMPROMISE THEY NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid ass republicians go along and get put in corners ……. They never take the attack to them

      • Since the communist party seems to be in control of the media and education in this country, the democ – RATS will never take the heat. Notice how they changed the definition of the 3rd grade word “consensus” from “opinion” to “settled science” (see dictionary) to put more of our tax $$$ into their pockets at the solar companies, owned by those politicians relatives. The biggest scam in U.S.history !!!

      • Have you been paying attention to reality? The Republicons have compromised on NOTHING! Obama’s health-care act is EXACTLY what the Republicretin thugs spent eighteen months paring down in order to satisfy their medical insurance masters.

        As far as the above article is concerned, a little history:

        More than 30 years ago, back in May 1980 and before Ronald Reagan even won the presidential election, Irving Kristol (father of the odious and always-wrong Bill Kristol, and founding member of the neo-conservative movement) authored an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal titled “The Battle for Reagan’s Soul.” In it, Kristol argued the political logic of supply-side tax cuts, even though they would inevitably lead to huge budget deficits:

        “And what if the traditionalist-conservatives are right and a . . . tax cut, without corresponding cuts in expenditures, also leaves us with a fiscal problem? The neo-conservative is willing to leave those problems to be coped with by liberal interregnums. He wants to shape the future, and will leave it up to his opponents to tidy up afterwards.”
        (H/t Jacob S. Hacker & Paul Pierson, Winner-Take-All Politics.)

        This means that the current economic was not only avoidable by patriots but was deliberately brought on with NO concern for anyone not already wealthy. They wrap themselves in the flag so you can’t see them defecating in it and wiping themselves off, then proclaim themselves “patriots”. Liars.

        • Dear “Progressive”, you evidently did not live through the Reagan years. The liars on the left promised spending cuts to go with the tax cuts, then never allowed it to happen. Progressive is just the new re-packaged term for socialist, and the so called Republicans have had no backbone and have been the only ones to compromise at the expense of our country. We don’t need compromise, we need true leadership and conservative values along with someone who will call the liars on the left out publically.

          • Yes I did and I am STILL amazed that anyone is stupid enough to believe that taking money FROM the consumer and giving it to the wealthy will successfully drive a consumer-driven economy forward. President Ronnie RAN on lower taxes and budget cuts. Then, like any good Republicon, he went back on his campaign promises and vastly increased the size and budget of the federal government although he did lower taxes. Briefly. He lowered everyone’s taxes, then saw it was unsustainable and, for the first time ever, implemented taxes on unemployment benefits, his opening salvo in the war against the middle-class. Oh, yeah. He raised taxes on the poor and middle-class too. Thirteen times in seven years while dropping top tax rates from 70 % to 28 %. Gotta pay for those upper echelon tax cuts somehow.

            Progressive is not the same as socialist (hint: they’re spelled differently for a reason). Progressives/liberals at least try to make thing better through change. Changes like the Declaration, The War of Independence, the Constitution, ending slavery, giving women the right to vote, giving blacks the right to vote are all signs of progress. PROGRESS. Conservatives fought each and every one of these tooth and nail.They fight against change to work within the extant power structure.

            and as for, “the so called Republicans have had no backbone and have been the only ones to compromise at the expense of our country.” Really? Pay attention. ” I got 98 percent of what I wanted. I’m pretty happy.” Rep. Boehner last August. This is pretty much the opposite of compromise, but it certainly has been at the expense of our country. America deserves better.

        • Dear Progressive Republican: ” If The Republicans Have Not Compromised On NOTHING, Then How Do You Think We Ended Up With A Super Committee???????”

          • Because there are still enough patriots with enough pull to call the fascist traitors out.

      • Linda,

        Although I marked your comment last week as liked, there is one problem with “unless fixing it” (Obamacare) whether totally through the legislature or not. What the government so called gives, they can take away. We would have them in control rather than the people they are suppose to serve.

        It still amounts to “Socialism”. Remember really what that mens,”From those that have, to those according to their needs”. Sounds rather idealistic and it is “IDEALISTIC” but where would it stop. The ” ” s are fron Karl Marks and his Communist Manifesto.

    • There is one but to many Republican and Independents have bought into the liberal media bias of this great American, the person that would stand up to them and the coward GOPs is SARAH PALIN. So if you want to get this country back to how it use to be then get behind her and let’s fight for our freedoms!

    • Not all in the GOP are sheep. Check out Ron Pauls agenda. In my opinion he is the only candidate, along with Michelle Bachmann, who will get this country back to where we belong.

    • That’s why the T.E.A. party got started! We have only 1 Republican with a spine in Fascist – fornia. His name is “Donelly”.
      And he’s working to repeal our tax $$ going to criminal invaders college. Make sure you people vote!!

    • Government has never made their self imposed deadlines, nor have they ever solved a problem, and we certainly have a problem, IT IS GOVERNMENTS, inability to stop spending. Obama and his administration think the only way to spend more is to raise taxes. We don’t have a revenue problem we have a spending problem. Obama and his administration should be charged with Treason, but that will never happen, even the republicans won’t file charges against Obama, I am beginning to think they are in his back pocket. John Boehner is about worthless, talk about a do nothing guy.

    • A great reason to oppose any increase in Taxes is the state of Connecticut. Our democratic governor, Dannel P Malloy increased taxes by the largest amount in state history, even more than when the income tax was instituted(temporarily) 20 years ago. He has since increased spending by a similar amount, none of the increase in taxes went to reduce our debt. So, giving OBama his tax increases will not reduce the deficit a penny, as he will spend it all to buy votes.

  2. Is it possible that the “Super Committee” of corrupt politicans never got them memo from
    the public in the last election. DO NOT RAISE TAXES, Cut Government spending, eliminate useless and obsolete programs. Get off your dead backsides and actuall study
    the budget to find and elimiate waste and fraud.
    Apparently it will take the 2012 election cycle to remove more of these corrupt and “Go
    Along, To Get Along” crowd. We have to many “Professional Politicans” as obama calls
    them who are also lawyers. That is an oxeymoron if ever there was one. The correct
    term should be Crooks and Criminals as the majority have never held a real job and have
    become millionairs since entering office broke. Ever wonder whose money they have “acquired” by means fair and foul?

  3. If we have a Congress and Senate, why should we need a “Super Committee”? Congress should just do their job!!!! Stop with all the committees already! It’s as bad as having a lawyer at a simple real estate closing!!!!

    • I totally agree with you. At the same time – hear me out before reacting – I do feel there is room for more taxes – from the tens of millions who live without paying any now! I feel that, instead of soaking job creators any more, we should look to the ones who are exempted from taxes and have them pay their fair share of whatever income they do receive!!!! After all, those are the people who consume the largest share of our taxes and have time to occupy Wall St or any other public area they can desecrate to create havoc in our society. And that is their contribution to our system? Heaven help us!! I just hope the dems and unions mess this one up so badly that they are seen as the pariah they truly are.

      • We need a flat tax that increases slightly as income goes up. 5% for people that make 0 – 50,000. 10% for 50,001 – 80,000, 15% for 80,001 – 100,000, 20% for 100,001 – 500,000 and 25% for anything above. No write offs PERIOD. Corporation and all! May need a little tweaking! You know what I mean.

        • Karl Marx would like your graduated income tax but I don’t. We need a consumer tax so that those with hidden income pay their fair share of the taxes.

          Let’s say that I am a politician who takes bribes. What percent of my bribe income do I pay as taxes? Or maybe a drug dealer or illegal alien. Do you really expect me to declare illegal gain as income?

      • I think the entire tax system needs to be overhauled! There are people who earn very little and should not be required to pay as much in taxes as those who earn more, and considerably more! There are far too many businesses that can afford to hire big shot accountants to take advantage of IRS loopholes, as things are now. I think of GE, most recently. It’s an abomination. With tax reform, these loopholes would be virtually eliminated, hopefully. It’s a big issue and perhaps the Republicans will have the courage to change things.

  4. So, no tax increase proposal, BUT close all the damn loopholes. I’m tired of any big-oil subsidies, and farm subsidies. If an activity is not profitable in its own right, stop doing it! Maybe there are kinds of start-up businesses that can’t take advantage of economies of scale; maybe such companies deserve short-term subsidies, If it’s in the national interest. But all these blanket subsidies need to stop.

  5. It’s not the tax payer’s fault that the legalized criminals (our representatives) in DC have been busily serving their own interests rather than America’s for decades. If the Gov. can’t function on the income it takes in, then it must do what every American has to do when the well is dry and that is to cut more spending. Here are a couple of suggestions: Eliminate the Depts of Education, Energy, EPA, Fannie and Freddie, all welfare programs and subsidies, the USDA, close most if not all military bases around the world unless the host country is willing to pick up the tab. America could regain most of its greatness with about 10% of its current government. Government is our problem and NOT our solution.

  6. Whats the use they do not listen !! no matter what, the only way we can fight is to take them out of office, unfortunetley we keep re-electing these clowns !! so nothing changes but for the worse. when someone tries to make changes the out cry goes up not my program take someone eleses but not ours !!

  7. What needs to be done is for all of us to contact the members of the committee and give them our take on what they do. Major problem is if you are not in the members district you can’t contact them. I see things all the time from Reps in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island in NYC. You can’t get to them unless you go to their local offices. I have done that and it pisses them off, ask me if I give a damn. Was very happy to see a conservative win Weiner’s seat, Bob Turner is a man I trust and have met. These are the types of individuals we should be putting up for election. Our current crop for president is disappointing, the only one I really like is Cain and even he has problems.

  8. Let’s make it perfectly clear – raise taxes – 10 years of Bush tax cut with zero job growth,let’s stop the same old bull shit. The only trickle down jobs are the trickle down jobs outsourced overseas. GOP need to get off your lazy butts – stop the same old rhetoric and raise taxes immediately. While you are at it – pass the job bill – stop the racist attitudes towards a black president. AGAIN 10 YEARS OF BUSH TAX CUT -ZERO JOB GROWTH IT DOESN’T TAKE A GENIOUS TO DETERMINE IT’S NOT WORKING. WE ALSO NEED TO CURB SPENDING.

  9. I want the unconstitutional Super Committee disbanded, immediately. It is designed to deadlock so that massive funding cuts will be taken from the military. That, to me, is the primary purpose of this illegal and dangerous committee.

  10. Unfortunately most, nearly all, members of both houses have lost touch with how a vast majority of Americans feel about our crushing debt that has been forced on working America these past 50 years. They just don’t get it!!! And those now in office will never get it! They are surrounded by crooks and by people who just don’t understand that 50% of Americans of all backgrounds are supporting the other 49% and the 1% remaining are so rich they don’t care.

    This round of budget talks are probably lost; therefore, I only way I see to resolve this large problem is to focus on the upcoming elections. Don’t vote for either party, both party’s are corrupt from the top to the bottom. They say one thing and then play games out of sight and do as they please.

    I believe we must vote for any third party or organization that will go in and totally destroy the existing political system that has developed within the US. The Supreme Court works with the political party in power and is no longer independent; Agency heads appointed by each current political party actually have more power than elected officials. Its time to elect persons outside of either political system.

  11. Who do you think is best prepared to beat Obama in 2012, providing we get that far? And, is Newt Gingrich someone who could get the country back on track and lead us into the future??

  12. It should be obvious to any educated person that we have a spending problem and not a revenue issue. If your representative does not support that position, vote him or her out. We will not retake control of our destiny until we get control of our fiscal policy. It really is as simple as that.

    I am represented by DeMint, Scott and Graham. The first two are pretty solid conservatives. Not so much with Graham. He’s up for election this time and I hope the Tea Party can muster up a winning candidate to unseat him.

  13. “Further cuts to an already underfunded military are irresponsible and dangerous.” So my question is: Why can China, Russia, and even India continue to build their militarys exponentially while the U.S. spends more that all 3 put together and we can’t cut any of the spending because the military is supposedly “underfunded”? Sounds to me like there is substantial waste in the military spending. Just askin’ . . .

    • One of the reasons is that we (the USA) keeps sending hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars to 152 foreign countries around the world…..2/3 of which hate everything the USA stands for. Fools and their money will soon part…………

  14. Recent big government Keynesian economics by both Bush & Obama that involve more deficit spending, bailouts, attempts to prop up the housing market, artificially low interests, more government programs & often some form (often hidden) of tax increases have all repeatedly failed these past 3 years. This is because central economic planning & crony capitalism is not as economically efficient as Austrian economics which permits “the Invisible Hand of the Free Market” to operate. The correct approach is LESS central economic planning, cut deficit spending, stop propping up the housing market (let it hit bottom asap & then bounce back up on its own), let the markets determine what the interest rates should be (not the Federal Reserve), stop the printing up of money out of thin air, end all the tax loopholes found in our tax code, cut overall tax rates, simplify the tax system, cut Federal rules & regulations, repeal ObamaCare & balance the budget asap & start to seriously pay down the debt asap. Ron Paul’s Plan would achieve that goal in 3 years which is reasonably soon enough. Other plans that achieve a similar goal should also be looked at. Our problem politically is that about 50% of people pay no Income Tax & want to receive government handouts. That is why BOTH the Democrats & the GOP are full of establishment “big government” politicians looking out more for re-election than for doing what’s best for the nation. They are looking at short term political gain at the expense of long term economic losses. We need more “small government” politicians in office, especially in the traditionally conservative GOP. We need to threaten the GOP with political loses (removal from office if they continue down their RINO paths) if they continue to fail to do what’s best for the nation economically long term.

  15. Really, the politicians are making this way harder than it needs to be! Cut real spending and cut it significantly, and CUT or REFORM our TAXES – FLAT TAXES, not at 23% or something even near that, lets drop it down to 10% – 15% for everyone one above the poverty line. And why is the Federal budget set to automatically INCREASE each year?!!! When you are broke, everyone else has to cut spending, even on things they like, and you certainly don’t increase your spending!!! It is time the Federal Government acted like they care for the future of this country, and it is long over-due to start heading back to a truly constitutional form of Federal and State Governments!

  16. Any Republican, conservative or not, that votes for any tax increase, should be promptly sent home next November. Our problem is not more taxes, it’s less spending. Which should include a large cut in our UN contribution, or even drop out completely. Are these people deaf, dumb, and blind. There is so much pork, waste, and corruption going on in Congress that I don’t know how they can walk from room to room with out tripping over it. Plus, these guys wont even come to the defence of some one like Mr. Cain, yet they let the Democrats get away with murder, because they are afraid someone might not like them, or they might be called a raciest, or whatever. Most of these Rebublicans don’t have a strong bone in their spine, or, a you know what between their legs. Too many of them have been in Congress way, way too long.

  17. We are now paying the price for the failure of the Republican party….a party that has not lived up to its supposed conservative values for decades. Republicans have proven, time and time again, that they are not willing to fight for principle. Go along to get along has been their practice for far too long. Republicans have demonstrated through their apparent cowardess that the only meaningful difference between them and the socialist-democrats is that the socialist-dems are willing to fight for what they want. John McCain is the perfect example of the touchy-feely RINO that we have come to expect of Republican representation. Republicans have done little to throw off the ugly labels attached to them by ignorant democrats. Republicans have allowed democrats to co-opt the black vote through a refusal to tell the truth about who it was that fought for thier civil rights and who it was who fought against the black community tooth and nail. A record that would be so simple to set straight, yet Republicans are unwilling even to tell the truth about so obvioius a truth as their fight to secure life, liberty and property for black Americans. Instead, Republicans allow themselves to be labelled ‘racists’ and much more. Republicans no longer represent the conservative citizens in America. They haven’t for a long time. They have chosen, instead, to represent special interests at the expense of all productive Americans. The simple truth is that, along with the assistance and complacency of the Republican party, Congress and the federal government have become a criminal enterprise.

  18. Except for most of this freshman class, we have nothing but idiots and A$$holes in DC. I urge all who read this message send donations to any of these candidates…Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann or Ron Paul. The GOP establishment wants Perry or Romney to be our candidate.

    Let’s fund the real conservatives and support them in every way possible.

  19. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should we allow the “establishment” to select our candidate….Hello Bob Dole, GWB, John McCain…get it…we lose even if their candidate wins.

  20. Let’s face it. Any true conservatives on the committee should move to disband it and get back in the public eye (transparency???) and duke it out on camera with the full body of conservative support. This is not even “representative government” as my representative is not on the super committee. Seems like we had a problem with “taxation without representation” once before…. Where are the revolutionaries now?

  21. Get real politician’s, we are sick and tired of paying for someone else’s taxes, mortgage, health care, schooling, whatever it is you are trying to stick us with. Back to basic’s, CUT THE SPENDING. We are watching and we will vote you OUT!!!!! NO NEW TAXES–READ OUR LIPS!!!!!

  22. Dismantle the SuperCommittee, it is a joke. It seems as if they can only mechanically and mindlessly, go for tax hikes, cuts to social security and medicare and defense instead of real sensible spending cuts. Are they nuts! That’s it! That is all they can come up with? There is no reason why just Congress themselves cannot work on the Ryan Plan or Heritage’s Saving America Plan. I think there are forces down there in DC who are hell-bent on establishing socialism or marxism to make us just lilke Europe or worse. These people have to go and only the next election give us our chance. I’d rather have a really good conservative whose only wrong doing is having an illegal immigrant working on the landscaping that any of these left wing liberals who are ruining our country.

  23. We have a fighter who knows just what and how to do it…everyone should reconsider and think about Newt Gingrich as our candidate… forget all the baggage… just go for the one who is (as everyone says “is the smartest man on the stage”) and forget the baggage that he carriers… he can do the job better than anyone up there. They are all good candidates with each having their strong points, but Newt knows the government and how it runs, has had years of experience and the guts to tell take on Obama. He would destroy “the one” in a debate. LETS GET THE GUY WHO KNOWS WHAT AND HOW TO PUT THIS COUNTRY BACK TOGETHER AGAIN.

  24. James Maxwell, you are 100% correct. Somehow they did not get the “memo” sent in 2010. The message to them now must be:
    Remember the 2010 Elections? It broke records that went back 80 years. 2012 will create new records never before seen in this nation, and you may be one of statistics.

    And somehow, we must also enact a 6 yr term limit for the house and the Senate. 6 years – 1 Term – is plenty of time for a Senator to do damage or repair things. 12 years is too long (12 minutes was too long for the likes of Harry Reid) – I still feel anger just remembering that moron complaining that he would have to live without the Cowboy Poetry Festival if funding were cut back any further (“oh, the horror of it all…”). Frankly I wanted smack him in the head to see if maybe he was possessed or having a nightmare of some sort.

  25. With all the things that the Obama administration has done to deserve to be voted out of office, supporting illegal immigration, bowing to Muslims, gun running, not procesuting Black Panthers, election fraud, etc, etc, etc, they still will probably get re-elected because of one thing:
    The Republican’s refusal to listen to the will of around 85% of the voting public that supports a tax hike for those making over $250,000 per year. They are cow-towing to their rich supporters that push them big bucks to keep their special privilges and low tax rates.
    In the 2nd world war we didn’t borrow money from China – the tax rate was 90% on incomes over $100,000 (ie. now $1,000,000?). We won the war and didn’t morgage our kid’s future.
    I and a lot of lifetime Republican voters I know are considering doing the unthinkable – voting Democrat for the first time in our lives if they’re able to keep the tax cuts that Geo ll pushed through for his buddies.
    Please don’t blow it!

  26. We have a dangerous set of “representatives” in Washington. They are there to protect themselves and to get more money personally! We have to elect new representatives who really are servants of taxpayers! Throw them all out!

  27. Here is a great tool to keep up with what the “super committee” newest ideas are and it allows to vote for the proposal or against it. After you have registered as a user it sends your vote to your local congressman and allows to make comments…..very cool tool for tracking what’s going on. So jump on board as the liberals have high jacked this and have increase the support for the tax increases.

  28. We have a SPENDING problem, NOT a REVENUE problem.

    Every family HAS to live within its means.

    Are our representatives going to man up and do what is right or cave in and raise taxes ????

    I am tired of RINO’s, it is passed time to take a STAND and save this country from the TAX and SPEND liberals and repubilcans alike.

    I am a CONSERVATIVE 1st and a Republcan a distant 2nd and we need to get ALL of the Establishment RINOs that want the status quo out of office this next election.

    WE need to take a STAND and save our country from the ENEMY WITHIN.

  29. How did we get to delegating Congressional duties to the dirty dozen? Is this even legal? Everyone knows we need to cut 4 Trillion dollars,reform the tax code and get rid of the job killing regulations,SO why are they not doing that? Unless they steal the vote, America will be voting against anyone in office, hoping we get someone with courage to do what is right for America and not what is advantageous to personal political power and lining Congressional pockets. FED UP! I think America can do better.Let’s clean house and send them all packing.

  30. You are correct BUT, we cannot stop the fight!
    My experiences with contacting my two Maryland US Senators (Democrats) is always negative. The hidden message in their replies to my correspondence is, “We know what is best for you and your family. Don’t tell me what to do!”
    These fools do not realize that they work for “We The People” and some day it is going to bite them in the ass…….the sooner the better!
    Term limits MUST be established for Congress to get these “personal weatlh greedy career politicians” OUT of Washington!

  31. The ONLY Super Committee action that Conservatives should support is CUT, CAP, and BALANCE. If every Conservative in Congress would get behind this approach and accept absolutely NO RINO compromises, we could move toward the fiscal responsibility. The Super Committee is nothing more than a compromise engine to further disable the US economy.

  32. If I’m not mistaken if this committee fails our military can be gutted. Is that what we want considering what is going on in the world. Is this another osama set up, I smell a rat.

  33. No new taxes! The federal government wastes our tax dollars, i.e., Solyndra, Beacon Power, new Congressional jets, new executive office buildings in DC, cocaine for monkeys, tunnels for turtles, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bonuses, and everything else they bail out. This current federal government can’t get anything right! No Soup for You, feds!

  34. There is SO much irony here with Congress proposing tax increases. WE THE PEOPLE did not cause this mess, Congress and the Presidents did. They have yet to take any meaningful cuts in their salaries or benefits, WHEN THEY CAUSED this mess. This is what the people need to remind Washington…..THEY did it, and we aren’t going to pay for it. They need to figure out how DC is going to fix it…..not those of us who didn’t make this mess.

  35. tags
    I’m convinced that we need the TEA party as a party – not Michelle Bachman’s caucus – but a third party. The old guard Republicans (including pundits like Karl Rove) just want to keep their power base and keep everything the same. They need to get out of DC and see what’s happening out here. We also need to get term limits and get these ancients that protect their turf out of here.

  36. A “Super Committee” is nothing more than an oxymoronic distraction. A feel good band aid is just, another waist of our money. We don’t want entertainment we want action. Here is a novel idea, reduce government size. We have heard the test balloons of 1.5 trillion over a long term but what about inflation that will offset that.

    Why not use the computer power in Washington to eliminating some of the deadwood agencies and eliminate the massive tax system in place that generates more government jobs. Congressmen and Senators should be spending more time in their district not on junkets to overseas country’s we need to lead not follow.

  37. Enact the Fair Tax so everybody pays a fair share instead of loading all the weight on the backs of the working class.

    Cut spending

    Terminate 90% of the wasteful, unConstitutional government programs.

    Flush the White House and Senate.

    Be Happy.

  38. The Heritage Action for America is nearly USELESS. You raise red flags, but give us little assistance to do something about it. NAME NAMES. You describe in this article that “According to news reports, more than 100 House members – Republicans and Democrats alike – sent a letter to the ‘super committee’ urging a ‘big, grand bargain – taking nothing off the table.'” So, what can we do about that non-specific information? NOTHING!

    Do your job, NAME NAMES!!!!!!

  39. The problem at this point is that those who govern feel that they have an unlimited supply of revenue from the people. Hence, a tax hike seems like a no-brainer to them. They have lost touch with the everyday working American because they have insulated themselves from being an everyday working American. Remove the insulation, and hold them accountable and the governing will respond in a better fashion than they are currently. I leave the definition of that removal to discussion.

  40. A big part of the problem with the Super Committee is that it’s members are being fed millions of dollars in campaign cash by lobbyists from unions, the health care, financial, transportation, and agriculture industries. And you can be sure they’re all asking that they be left out of any cuts to their budgets. Money in politics is the reason we have the debt crisis in the first place. End lobbying….end the money influence of unions and corporations in the legislative branch, and watch how much easier it is to cut spending.

    • Until there is complete “Campaign Funding Reform” and really tough “Ethic & Impropriety Reform” there will always be a corrupt and bought governemnt

  41. For the people that are not paying their fair share, I agree they should be. There is one big problem with raising or new taxes. Where the problem comes in, with more money (taxes) comes more power and sadly, more money for the greedy politicians to spend. They will not use the money to reduce the debt. Raising taxes would make very little progress in reducing our overall debt to begin with. It would place more hardship on Americans in an already sinking (sunk) economy. The Super Committee or anyone else in Washington will only increase spending to cover payback to special interest groups, companies and people that got them elected.

  42. They can call this a super committee but it is a dumb move by this do nothing congress and senate. With leaders like Reid and his crooked liberals and congress went along with a set up like this is a sell out. We need to vote out anyone that is in congress or senate along with obama or what ever his real name is. Congress should be impeaching this fake. He has not followed any laws that he sworn to up hold.

  43. There are billions to be saved if they enforce our immigration laws and stop subsidizing the illegals. Get rid of the anchor babies.
    NO to raising taxes on the so called rich. They provide jobs. Remove the regulations that keep them down.

  44. The GOP folded when it allowed Obama to load up the taxpayers with yet another last minute Godfather-Like “Offer You Can’t Refuse” – “The Super Committee” – just to meet the last budget deadline!

  45. Rich supply jobs – 10 years bush tax cuts zero jobs – why continue down the same tracks repeating the same useless efforts. RAISE TAXES- BUSH TAX CUT DID NOT WORK AND STILL DOESN’T WORK. ZERO TRICKLE DOWN JOBS – WHERE ARE THE JOBS – OTHER THAN JOBS OUTSOURCED OVERSEAS.

  46. This administration would have “the founders heading for their muskets”. We are absolutely in a battle for our very existence as a nation. Too long have we been bullied about by the extreme leftist progressives. We started the reclamation in November of 2010. It is going to take another 4 or 5 election cycles to replace enough politicians and begin to get rid of most of the policies and regulations and bureaucrats from Washington DC. It took years of war with the British, it will probably take years this time with the progressives. Dig in!

  47. Those of us that pay taxes already pay more than 50% with all local and state taxes taken into consideration. How about we start taxing the 50% of Americans that pay no taxes. We need to cut government not raise taxes. We need to vote all of these people out of office and pass term limits.

  48. Unless we replace the DO NOTHINGS (Liberals and Conservatives) in Washington it is NEVER going to matter who is president, bottom line! A bill has to go through the House of Representatives and be passed, then to the Senate where it must be voted on and passed, then it goes to the president. The president then signs it into law or vetos it. If vetoed it goes back to the Senate where it is debated and then if the majority votes to pass it, t becomes law, over-riding the veto or it is voted down and is dead. To get the Conservative rule we need the majority in the House and the Senate to get any laws passed or MUST have the majority to override the president s veto. If the American people vote the liberals back into the majority in the Senate again in November of 2012 it is the end of America and our Constitution as we know it today and Obama will have done what he set out to do, “Fundamentally Change America” and ruin our way of life in this country FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!! The American SHEEPLE need to wake up and see where we are headed, unless they want to be ruled over and told by the Government how to live their lives. If any of the SHEEPLE out there remember what Russia was like back in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s and the horror stories that we read about that came out of that country, then they need to think what it would be like to live under rule like that. Having only what the ruling ELITE say you can have, no more and most of the time much much less. That is where this country is headed. Our Freedoms, Our Rights, and our way of life gone forever because once we get to that point you NO LONGER have ANY say on what the government does or how THEY rule your life for you!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  49. Oh Linda you are right on the mark! Let’s get someone who will fight for the people, I’m sick of everyone of the polititians getting rich and the rest of us are going down the tubes. Their friends even the crooked ones are all getting fithly rich at our expense. Let’s clean house. Palin 2012!

  50. BTW, so far NEWT GINGRICH is the only one who has also addressed dealing with our wayward legal system, dealing with Judges who want to make law instead of enforcing it – Judges who are unwilling to uphold our CONSTITUTION! Check out his “21st Century Contract with America”, NEWT will wipe the floor with Obama!

  51. This should be simple. Eliminate the following departments: Education, Energy, Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, HUD, Homeland Security, and revamp and review EVERY department and agency in the federal government. Cut Congresses” pay to that of the MEDIAN income of Americans. Eliminate ALL non-essential perks and programs. Sell off ALL the material stored in government warehouses, that is redundant, outdated, and unused and the property that will be rendered useless by doing so. Then let’s get rid of the “Super Committee” which isn’t constitutional anyway, and make Congress, the entire Congress, to do the job they are being paid to do….period!

  52. How about the paying Gov. Union members (demand) the Gov. Unions they belong too, to make health care avalible to them & not beg the taxpayers to pay up their health costs??? What a war chest the unions have, they could offer an outstanding health ins. package for the paying members & their retieree’s…. Come on UNIONS, pay up & get off the taxpayers backs. You’ve ridden there way too long!!! There’s one entitlement off our backs!!!!!!!!!

  53. This is so typical and makes me feel ill. Is there no one who will do what is right? We, the people, must be continually, overly involved to get this country and its government back where it is supposed to be. That will be tough because we have generations of people on hand-outs and class warfare is always such an easy fire to fan. Plus with liberals fully entrenched in the education system, the upcoming generations have already had the same mind-set implanted. I don’t even know if it’s salvageable.

  54. The Republicans are their own worst enemy. We the People put them into the majority in the House. What do they do–they re-elect John Boehner as Speaker and Cantor as the whip. I can’t think of two men less suited for these positions. They have certainly proven my point since last November. Then there’s Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell in the Senate who capitulates with Reid and then slides on over the the House to give Boehner his marching orders. Then, wella, we end up with a ‘Super Committee.’ Is this even Constitutional. Can you imagine our four Fathers pushing off important responsibilites and decisions to their ‘enemies’ who never saw a Conservative value they would support? I’m fed up with all of them. There are few exceptions I can think of off hand of the Republicans. The RNC/GOP has turned into Democrat light and worse. God bless Senator Jim Demint and his new group of Senators. The House is dead to me. Boehner has even co-opted the newbies. Shame on all their houses.

    To answer the question: NO, taxes is not the answer and never will be. A House cleaning is the answer.

  55. Super committee?? There is NOTHING SUPER ABOUT IT!!
    They will never agree on any solution that doesn’t raise taxes!

    Put the question on the ballot for 2012!
    Let the people decide!
    It would certainly show who in congress are the
    ones that would make economic slaves of us all!!

  56. The Super Committee is nothing but a sideshow designed to distract the public attention. Federal spending is completely out of control. We’d be well on our way to balancing our budget if we would focus on graft, fraud, and waste. But the SYSTEM is designed to perpetuate these practices. I can’t tell you the number of real-life stories from friends and clients in the military who are constantly frustrated by wasteful purchase and acquisition policies. Example: Identical flight jackets that could be purchased direct from a local supplier for $99 must be purchased for $500 through the government contract source. But, if purchased from the local supplier, that $400 savings is deducted from next year’s budget. Spend it or lose it in next year’s budget. This is a simplistic example and in many real instances, there’s only one possible resource. But, Congress needs to focus on all the waste and graft inside the system instead of inventing new taxes to pay for (and perpetuate) the waste. Get back to basic Constitutional priorities, and get out of our pockets.

  57. We need to cut the “budget” across the board. This includes the military. For those of you who are fiscally challenges, a real budget begins with income. You don’t get to make up a “budget” that is all wish list or pipe dreams.

    We are unconstitutionally “at war” all over the globe. This is not within our realm of authority. Pull our kids back home and just look at all the savings. Meanwhile, the local liberals want a tree board. They want to use our collective money on frippery.

    I don’t know which party is more deluded.

  58. poor management of our tax laws has allowed under fair, or unwise, payment schedules on Americans. Some few are treated favorably and not pay enough taxes that they should pay vast numbers of other persons pay little or no taxes. It’s time to reevaluate our system and assign fair numbers to all. Special interests have allowed our tax system to be reworked in favor of certain members would have handpick advocates. Who have to pull to bastardize the system. This criticism goes to the ups and the downs. Let’s hope sanity will prevail and that those in power will rectify this problem.

  59. They are totally going against the constitution by using something like this. It is congress duty to come up with the fiscal responsiblity of the country. What would you expect out of a bunch of money hungry morons.

  60. I agree. I also contact my two senators with emails. One is a Republican and the other is Reid. I get answers from Heller all the time. As far as Harry, well need I say more? He is an Obama clone so he will ignore everything anyone tries to tell him.

  61. If we have that Super Committee why do we have Congress, as another commenter stated, shouldn’t Congress be doing these “talks”? And what part of “real spending cuts with both discretionary and Mandatory cuts in the mix,and No Tax Increases”,
    don’t they understand?! Maybe since Congress is not doing their job, they should not receive a pay check. If I didn’t do my job that’s what would happen to me…NO $$$$ come Pay Day, period. That jury of 12 is going to let the clock run out, watch and see if they don’t!

  62. The entire left and all of the establishment Republicans have been a part of a destructive ideology and the Beltway regime, respectively, for so long that they are no longer Americans. They all must go, so the United States of America can again be represented by true, flag-waving, butt-kicking Americans. In my opinion, we need, and will have, a republican majority in the Senate, the freshmen being true conservatives, with the Majority Leader being Marco Rubio. We will also have President Herman Cain in the White House, being schooled in implementing Reagan-esque conservatism by Vice President Gingrich.

  63. The Republicans must demand that any compromised democrat tax increased be automatically expired/repealed on election day 2012. Let the democrats defend their tax increases to the 2012 voters!

  64. Why not just do away with the “super committee”? It would be taxation without representation, and in viloation of the law (the Constitution). None of my senators are on that committee, and since the decision of the committee can not be debated, or amended; and calls for a straight up or down vote I’m not being represented. Here is a plan…it also calls for the disbanding of this committee.
    The Veterans Day Event on 11.11.11, 0600 at the Washington Monument, is a March in support of the Veterans Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic. Members of Congress will have seen the Declaration before November 11, 2011. The March is to come together in support of the demands made in the Declaration; calling for the resignation or impeachment of Obama, Biden, Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and others in congress. , Hope you will support this effort. Go to or for more information.

  65. Term limits won’t matter because the replacement will be as bad. Corrupt Congressman must be prohibited from picking their individual voters by gerrymandering their district. Voters must be given the option of leaving a gerrymandered district. When too few voters remain in that district, the legislator musty be automatically fired.

  66. Do we have any credible polling data to give us confidence that a 100% Conservative can defeat Obama? Unfortunately, we choose our Presidential candidate far too early and risk a November defeat if our choice can’t win a Constitutional majority of the EVs.

  67. To our HOUSE OF REPS. Read the CONSTITUTION and the words of the founders of this countries take on debt. THEN DO IT. Thus endeth the sermon.

  68. Clearly, our “do nothing” CONGRESS need not appoint a “do nothing” committee. Of course, with 80% of Congress entrenched millionaires, is it any wonder members of Congress are intent on retaining the status-quo by engaging in politics as usual? In short, our elitist, political system has created an evolving plutocracy.

  69. I think a tax hike could be ok. we have gave tax breaks to the rich so they would create jobs what did they do, MOVED the jobs out of the USA. so why not tax the hell out of them for being so patriotic.2.5 million jobs gone never to return to the USA. why should we support the ones who did this.

  70. There is no constitutional authority for a ‘Super Committee” Budgeting is given to Congress. We are already taxed to death. If the SC recommends a tax increase it should be rejected, out of hand. Social welfare programs, business and farm subsidies need to be eliminated. Tax Scofflaws should be caught and made to pay up with no deals being cut. Deals with tax scofflaws cost everyone else money and reward the scofflaws. No one who owes back taxes should hold any position in our government, elected, appointed or civil service.

  71. We do not need tax increases, what we need is to cut out the perks to representatives, senators, cut out the money going to illegal immigrants. Send them back and we will have jobs for our own citizens which will increase the tax base. Some republicans are getting like democrats all they know is tax and tax some more. Let’s cut some taxes and get people back in the work place instead of on the dole as it is called in England.

  72. First, let’s get Government out of the micro-management business. Federal Government wants to dictate things they have no Constitutional right to meddle in, and things they have no understanding of. Scrap the Department of Energy, which produces no actual energy except Washington, DC hot air. Eliminate the Department of Education, which doesn’t educate anyone. Let patrons of the arts support artists. Cut endless foreign aid programs. Let the people’s money stay in the people’s pockets, so we can spend it locally and support businesses that meet our needs. Believe it or not, if Government leaves us alone, most of us are pretty competent to run our own lives. I’m not heartless. I’m just tired of Washington deciding how to spend the money I earn on wastefulness.

  73. I am so sick and tired of all the political posturing. The fact of the matter is that 95% or higher of their spending is not authorized by the Constitution. Someone please show me where in the Constitution that the tax payers have to pay for TWENTY-TWO personal “assistants” for the 1st Lady? Where in the Constitution does it say that the tax payers have to pay for some 30 odd Czars? Where does it say that we have to pay for Chuck Shumer’s NINE office locations?

  74. Unless real cuts are taken, there should never be tax hikes. The wasted money being paid by us through government programs & bail-outs is criminal. Our representatives need education on what their duties are. They seem to think that once they get to Washington only what Washington says is right. Their salaries should be voted on by their own state, not voted on by themselves. They would have earn what they make or get fired (voted out).

  75. It seems to me – we vote these folks into office and their brains get sucked out when they arrive inside the beltway…..I am sick of these folks spending our money – because it is not theirs – giving it away to worthless causes. We need to vote out anyone voted into Congress prior to 2010……… with their heads

  76. DEmocons,REpublicons they are all CON Men/Women. Cut NOW 1.8 Trillion. Roll back to 1998 or so budget.. NOW. Then Fair Tax. Repeal the 16th amendment giving the Congress the power for income taxes.. Corporations are not people should have NO Power or ability to contribute to Congress or any presidential races.. No congressperson should be able to accept any contributions from outside of his district.. No Senator from outside his state..
    If the Super Committee does not do its job then we will have a Very Exciting 2012.. Fasten your seatbelts kiddies it will be a bumpy ride.. Everyone is FED UP.. Tea Party junior representatives better speak up and get vocal.. Trend Research shows a nasty future coming.. Hope they are wrong but they have been fairly accurate for 30 years..

  77. Where a consistent vote from both Congressional Houses would stop some of the foolishness, it will not stop the foolishness voted in by the current Congress that made a terrible mistake, allowing the automatic kicking in of increased taxes and automatic budget cuts.

    However when the next Congress, after the 2012 elections meet there will be an opportunity if the complacent among us will vote and push for others to vote for a clear “Majority in the Senate (60+) and a maintained majority in the House. One Congress is not held to uphold any committals of previous Congressional approval. Yes that’s true. At minimum defunding.

    Push hard as this is the only way for a change worth its’ wait and one that can turn the current trend to “Socialism”.

  78. First of all… we don’t need a super committee. We have a congress and they need to do their job! Second, we don’t need the czars that Obama has appointed. Those positions aren’t needed and is the responsibility of congress. Obama, get rid of the super committees and the czars and start listening to the people.

    • It would be so nice if your suggestion could be successful. However, we must be realistic. The Super Committee is there even if it’s not successful the current path is set. We can as I suggested divert the end game by the result of the 2012 election.

  79. If this ‘Super Committee’ includes tax hikes in it’s plan, isn’t this tantamount to taxation without representation? I am not represented on this committee. Neither my Congressman nor my Senators are on this committee. Wasn’t this kind of situation part of what sparked a revolution?

    • Salvatore,

      Whether you and I like it or not we don’t have a leg to stand on. It is not “tantamount to taxation without representation”. Your Senator and Congressional Rep are there. If they’re not on this “Super Committee” they are still part of Congress. The so called super committee will not have the power to institute anything as it must be voted on by both Houses and passed. The vote that our representatives cast fulfills their duty under the Constitution.

      Put the pressure on them to cast the vote with the desired end for the people. If the suggestions of the Super Committee aren’t passed they have already voted for or against the automatic triggers on cuts. The question to ask is how did they vote on that Bill?

      The Bill “Passed” unfortunately. But if you read my previous comment there is a way to correct that in 2012 and making sure that the House maintains its current majority and the Senate brings about at least a 60 + seat majority Conservative body.

  80. I will go back to Reagan – no, not Ronald, but Nancy. She has the answer when something is bad for you: JUST SAY “NO!”

  81. Since those congress men and women are our employees, I believe we should cut their pay. That will help cut the deficit.

    • I forgot to l leave a comment when I marked your comment as liked. The unfortunate thing is they are the ones that would have to vote on the decrease as they are the one that voted on the increase, by statute.

  82. I sent this to the Super Committee and others.

    Subject: Federal budget

    No, not one damned dime tax increase! Not one dime.

    I urge that Congress work diligently to abolish the Departments of Energy, Education, Health and Human Services and Housing and Urban Development. Congress should repeal Obamacare and defund and eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, the Endangered Species Committee, the Federal Financing Bank, Federal Student Aid, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Commission of Fine Arts, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, et al. The book, Reckless Endangerment, is filled with facts that completely justify the immediate dissolution of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, entities about which it was ballyhooed that the taxpayers would never be on the hook for one thin dime. Hah! Eliminate heating oil subsidies. Eliminate Legal Services Corporation, Ready to Learn TV Program, Amtrak, Community Development, Department of Energy Winterization, Energy Star, New Start Transits, inner city and high speed rail, national and community services, Freedom car and fuel partnership, general assistance to D.C. and subsidy for Washington MTA, Presidential campaign fund, taxpayer funded union activities by federal employees. Eliminate subsidies to the Woodrow Wilson Center. Prohibit funding for the defense of any lawsuit challenging any provision of Obamacare. Eliminate the Women’s, Infants and Childrens’ Program. Eliminate the Urban Mass Transit Administration. “Masses” is a favored communist word; the “masses” in this country have chosen the automobile as their transit. Eliminate the tax credits for electric and hybrid vehicles. It is tyrannical for the government to pick winners and losers in the automobile business.
    Immediately repeal the Community Reinvestment Act. Eliminate the Children’s Health Insurance Program and Medicaid. Eliminate all money going to Planned Parenthood. Eliminate the prescription drug program in Medicare; a majority of senior citizens did not want it when George Bush pushed it through Congress, and they don’t want it now. There is at least $100 billion of waste and fraud year after year after year in Medicare and Medicaid. A $5 billion computer system could track that waste and fraud and save the taxpayers $100 billion year after year after year. Eliminate Amtrak, including Obama’s high speed rail. Eliminate the Transportation Security Administration; unionized and oh, so politically correct, they can’t find their butts with both hands. Eliminate all block grants; each state should decide its own taxing and spending. No bailout to the states; they wildly overspent so they must get themselves out of their own messes. Eliminate all agricultural subsidies, including to ethanol, which costs $50 billion a year and is now widely recognized to be harmful to the environment. Lift the ban on imported sugar. Stop spending money on a second engine for the F-35; the military does not want it. Sell half the non-military vehicles and 90% of the land the federal government owns. The federal government owns 650 million acres, one-third of the land area of the United States! The Bureau of Land Management has designated 3.2 million acres that could be sold right away. The federal government owns 70,000 buildings which are not used or under used; they should all be sold. The GAO, itself, says that there are $200 billion a year in duplicative programs; all of these must be eliminated. Eliminate the Department of Homeland Security whose functions are redundant of what the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, etc, etc does. Eliminate Job Corps and the other wasteful and unproductive federal jobs programs; that would save the taxpayers $6 billion every year. Stop bailing out the big banks. No bank is too big to fail. If they can’t make it, they fail and in a free enterprise system other banks will do the job.
    Immediately round up and deport all illegal aliens into the interiors of their countries; this would save hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars year after year in education, crime, welfare, medical, housing and food costs. Immediately fire the thousands and thousands of new federal employees hired by the Obama administration; this can be accomplished by declaring the debt emergency which actually exists; these firings can be accomplished in an emergency, avoiding civil service requirements. Federal employees’ remuneration is twice that of private sector employees performing comparable work; federal employees’ remuneration should be cut in half immediately. Cut retirement and health benefits in half because they are far in excess of those in the private sector. Immediately eliminate all unemployment compensation. People should save for their own periods of unemployment; it is outrageous for the government to loot some taxpayers to pay for other people not to work. Return all the unspent stimulus money to the Treasury.
    The federal government spends $50 billion year after year on buildings it does not even use. Slash the defense budget by one-third; we don’t need military bases in England, Germany, Japan, South Korea and 900 permanent military bases around the world. Our 100,000+ troops in Europe and Japan should be brought home IMMEDIATELY. Eliminate NASA; it is just a jobs program that we can’t afford and yields little benefit. Immediately quit the United Nations and stop all funding. Immediately stop all foreign aid, including to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Force all those dictators to whom we have given billions of dollars and who have squirreled much of it into Swiss bank accounts to pay every dime back. Require Iraq, an oil rich country, to pay back every dollar the United States spent on Operation Iraqi Freedom; this includes money for disabled veterans. The United States has the muscle to do that; we just have to have the will. Jimmy Carter bought “peace” in the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel by bribing each of them with $3 billion a year of our money. Stop that.
    Senator Tom Coburn has a list of federal agencies which are redundant. Senator Rand Paul specifies $500 billion can be cut right away. Immediately abolish the Transportation Security Agency. News reports over the years have document that it is ineffective, inefficient and corrupt; the airlines can provide more efficient and effective security. Heritage Foundation,, specifies the first $342 billion that can be cut. Senator Pat Toomey has shown specifically that vital functions such as the military can be paid out of the continuous stream of income tax revenues. If the government shuts down, it can be clearly shown that the shutdown was caused by Obama and the Democrats.
    Most of what the federal government is doing is unconstitutional, not permitted by the Constitution.
    The States created the federal government, and the people, through the Constitution, delegated certain enumerated powers to the federal government and prohibited the federal government from exercising any power not specifically enumerated. James Madison, the father of the Constitution, said in a June 6, 1788, speech to the Virginia ratifying convention, “The powers of the federal government are enumerated; it can only operate in certain cases; it has legislative powers on defined and limited objects, beyond which it cannot extend its jurisdiction.” Thomas Jefferson said “Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically enumerated.” It is not the case in this country, as it is in the European socialist democracies, that the government may do everything except that which it is prohibited by a constitution from doing. Nearly all of the federal governments’ activities – the taking of some people’s money and giving it to others for their welfare, medical care, housing, food, businesses, or anything else; an enormous peacetime military used not to defend U.S. citizens on U.S. soil but to meddle in the affairs of every country in the world; the outrageous regulation of our private property on the spurious pretext of community good; intrusion into the very education of our children, a private and local matter only; etc. ad nauseam – the looting of our money to pay for that odious leviathan are both wrong and unconstitutional.
    University of Texas Professor Marvin Olasky in The Tragedy of American Compassion notes that Americans are the most generous people in the world, year after year donating hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars of money and time. That is entirely sufficient to take care of those who are truly needy, as private charity did from the founding of the country until the cancer of socialism in the 20th century. Of the tens of millions on welfare, only a tiny percentage are truly needy, most of them are just lazy bums who choose not to work and have baby after baby in order to increase their welfare allotments.
    The great wisdom of the Founding Fathers, scholars who knew well the evils of massive government, which has existed throughout human history in almost all places, was to limit the central government’s powers to a very few specific functions. It is a tragedy for those who love liberty that the American people have forgotten that that government which governs best governs least.


  83. There is the deficit reduction report Heritage wants, and there is the report that can be passed by the committee. The choice is accept tax increases along with the cuts, or live with the automatic sequester which will hit defense hard. The makeup of the committee is such that you will not get only cuts, so which of the two options are less objectionable?

  84. Well, first off the average taxpayer does not need increased taxes placed on them. Now,
    for well over three decades the Oil & Gas Industries, Pharmaceutical Industry and several
    other Large Corporations have been legally allowed to transfer their Huge profits
    overseas. This legal tax loop needs to be closed now. The rather super large retirements
    paid out to Senators and Congressional Men & Women needs to be cut by three fourths.
    Further, the extremely large salaries paid out to Senatorial & Congressional leaders needs
    to reduced by one half and frozen for ten years. A extremely capable Presidential
    candidate is Michelle Bachman and I hope The GOP Party will realize that fact. very soon
    if they want to win. Ms. Bachman tells it the way it truly is! Oh yes, I think Sara Palin
    would be a good running mate for Ms. Bachman, this truly is the team we need period,
    to turn this country back around!!

  85. This Super Committee is such a joke! One more ploy to kick the can down the road and
    act like the only solution is to raise taxes. I am so fed up with the establishment Republicans, they act like cowering children afraid of any bad press, always standing on the fence, never really truly able to stand with integrity and unwavering principles…it makes me so sad and furious!!!!!

  86. What this article desperately needs is a link to all super committee members’ e-mails, so we can tell them exactly what we think of their fat, leechy, blood-sucking ways!

  87. Can we stop lying to ourselves and stop calling members of the communist party “democrats” or “liberals”? We need term limits for all these “career politicians”. Since the S.E.I.U. controls the ballot boxes in Taxifornia, don’t bother saying “vote them out”.

  88. I am so disappointed with the GOP, both houses,
    They seem to be paralyzed with the fear Clinton put into them, during his impeachment, even though Clinton’s action during the impeachment hearings would have been 10 times more justification than the feeble actions by Nixon during his problems.
    Compared to Obama, Clinton was a choir boy, with no fault.
    The GOP would rather watch the US collapsing under he Obama tyranny, than to risk an election defeat because they intervened in Obama’s destruction.

    Don’t they realize their silence will ultimately render them obsolete??

    They are such cowards.

  89. There is a lot of pork that needs to be cut and we need lots of cuts to be made in order to get back on our feet. This super committee is a whole lot of smoke. The democrates never intended to cut so we could reduce the deficit. The people working on this committee are the wrong people to get anything done. Kerry is the worst. You need people on this committee that haa had to deal with balancing a budget. Kerry has plenty of money and doesn’t know how to cut. You need people that cannot afford to waste money and Kerry is not that person. I listened to New the other night and he is the only person that has a whole plan to get our country back on the road to recovery. Ron Paul trips over his own words. Michelle Bachmann is a good person but will never be able to stand up to Obama. We need to elect conservative senators and get rid of the demcorates. Also get rid of Obama and the EPA.

  90. If you really want to cut the debt, start cutting all of the foreign aid. We could start by cutting it ten percent each year. Go back to the way citizenship was awarded in 1950. To come to America you had to have a sponsor, who would guarntee that you would not be a burden on taxpayers. Stop SSI checks for people who never worked a day on American Soil. I am referencing the elderly that come here to be with their children. It is nice that they can be reunited with their families, however their families should support them. Not the US taxpayers.

  91. We are being held hostage by the special interests on K Street and elsewhere. Unlike the Marines, we need more than a few good men. People like Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, Rand Paul, and Paul Ryan cannot overcome the overwhelming number of lawmakers who are inherently out only for themselves. For all the yelling about fair shares, their is an underwhelming ground swell of Democrats and Republicans who want to fix the tax system (One rate flat tax with no exemptions or deductions would be my vote), reform our bad spending habits, and get the job market going again.

    So… enjoy your ride on the Titanic. The crew in charge is going to keep running full speed ahead right at the iceberg of fiscal irresponsibility. There aren’t enough intelligent people in this country to alter the course.

  92. About the public unions, teachers and all others: Personally there should be no public unions because “we the people have no say in their salaries or pensions”, their negotiations are with another public employee who has nothing to loose, just pass it on to the public in way of taxes. As a union member in the private sector, for many years the company paid all the medical benefits, but there came a time when we in the private sector, and medical expenses got to high, had to pay a portion of that. Not only in the medical but in our pensions, and most of us also paid into a 401 fund with matching funds from the company. I do not believe that public employees should be exempt for any changes, most of the states are going broke, which is not entirely the employees fault but that of the governing people we vote in. There are too many agencies some of which are redundant and need to be eliminated, but no one mentions doing that.

  93. When the democraps had control of the house and senate, they were the ones set in motion the events that put this country in the position it is in today, led by the wicked witch Pelosi. This just goes to show the arrogance and complete distain the democraps show towards the american people.

  94. The super committee was a farce from the beginning , just another Obama scam to keep from cutting all the unconstitutional social and other programs necessary to bring the government in line with the its constitutional mandates that would increase its positive effect on liberty and justice for the people and its negative Restraining effect on government .

  95. Isn’t it sad that we have elected a bunch of cowards, so worried about being re-elected that they will not stand up & do the right thing. We don’t need tax increases, we need spending cuts.

  96. How many of the 50%+ who pay no taxes support a payroll of others who do pay taxes?
    If the taxes on the rich ($250,000 & up) are raised, will those individuals & small companies increase the number of employees they have, or decrease the number?
    If taxes are increased, will government increase or decrease the spending level?
    If taxes are increased, will the number of government employees increase or decrease?
    Answer these questions and it might help in deciding which directions things should go>

  97. It is time to kill the sacred cow. It would be a ggod idea to eliminate the Department of Education, Farm subsidies, eliminate all funding for the National Science Foundation, Deprtment of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration and the Housing and Urban Development. It would be a good idea to make a small cut in Social Security.
    It could save our country $1 trillion dollars a year.

  98. When a person wants something needful, useful but costly; prudence dictates that only after diligent honest effort for earned income should it be purchased. Sometimes the item must be bypassed or set aside for another time. That’s not to say it can never be purchased again. Oh yes, buy on credit. Watch out! That could lead to a form of Slavery. The effort and interest expended to have it now could have been saved, or invested for interest and used for additional causes, is thereby blown into the wind. So it is with nations. Over spend and inherit problems and trouble.

    What to do? Peel the skin of the onion. Make two piles. Call one useful and needful and the other one useless. Then consider – people lived without these before they were part of the national budget. Put the first pile on hold for future reinstallation. In the meantime, one by one eliminate one skin after the other until you arrive at a balanced budget. When that is achieved; not without pain, then and only then and as the budget allows. add back the first Worthy Pile of onion skins; dump the rest thereby resuming a steady course for the Ship of state. Oh yes, get back on the track of our Constitution!

    Ralph Wiechmann

  99. Certainly we do not need the money for the Military cut any farther. Our defence money needs to be increased; not decreased. I want our country to be safe not in the hands of the enemy.

    However, I honestly believe that it is okay for the wealthy and the very wealthy to be taxed more than the lower income people are taxed. I just can’t agree with Conservatives who can’t see that. I realize that includes many of the very people who sit up there in Washington! I haven’t heard of any of them taking lower incomes in order to “serve” America. I have heard the term about “public servants”; but I have yet to see one who is anything close to poor or even middle class. And yet, right now in America many people in the “poor and middle class” are truly hurting. We don’t need to be hurt any more by more taxes. Faith Posten

  100. By making taxes at all levels voluntary everyone would get the amount and type of government they are willing and able to pay. This country would become a true democracy. Everyone would vote on every government program all the time. Most would vote “no” by giving no money most of the time. If other service industries, and government is just a service industry, can function with voluntary donations from customers and benefactors so can government

  101. The super committee was created to fail. And it is failing. The only answer to this entire mess is to elect leaders, real leaders to every public office throughout the country. Sadly, there are only a handful currently serving in Washington. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to retire these spineless Republican statists and get an entirely new breed of representation in both houses. And that goes for Boehner and McConnell.

  102. Adding more taxes is not the solution; it’s more of the same problem! Its only purpose is to keep our economy in a stranglehold, and keep us weakened and defenseless while we’re invaded from without and attacked from within by those who swore to uphold and defend the very Constitution they’re trampling on. We need to harness unions, especially those large conglomerate ones, and mega corporations as well, get them ALL out of our politics, and get back to a Constitutional Republic, if we’re to save this nation at all, but that means regaining morality, restoring ETHICS, and CUTTING entitlements entirely. All of those are going to be met with rage and outrage by the left leaning crowd, who now comprise nearly 50% of our population, thanks to our “education{?} system” indoctrinating them so well. But if we cave in to them, America IS lost forever!

  103. Our country is at an impasse. It’s not just Congress and a spendthrift presidential administration, but all of us. For every person with a conservative mindset there is one with a liberal to offset it. Inaction is the true enemy. Anyone with an iota of common sense has to realize that some moderate tax increases or removal of subsidies and loopholes are requisite in any plan that has even a small chance of turning this failing country around. Of course doing away with the huge socialistic power grab that was Obamneycare is also a requisite. Replacing it with a plan that includes tort reform that removes the need for doctors, clinics, and hospitals to practice almost useless defensive medicine is a must. Just the money saved by not needing to repeat tests at every level of treatment would be tremendous. Along with the savings from doing away with redundant tests there would be a huge relaxation of the pressure for higher and higher malpractice insurance premiums. Just the savings from those changes would result in trillions of dollsrs in savings, and free employers from the stifling fear of the unknown costs hidden(although not as well as those liberal socialist thugs in Congress thought they were) in the Democratic Party’s crowning glory, the destruction of free enterprise in US medicine, Obamacare. What the “give me, give me crowd fails to understand is that our Fearful Leader, our Apologist-In-Chief, never promised them universal healthcare, he promised them universal coverage, and didn’t even really succeed at that. I don’t expect a miracle from the super duper group from Capitol Hill, I just hope they can come up with something we can all agree on, or we take another huge step toward the destruction of the United States.

  104. ILLEGALS….they are bankrupting every system in America. Welfare, Free Education, Paying NO taxes, and using the ER as their Primary Care Physician. As long as Obama ignores the Constitution he Swore to uphold and defend, there is no solution. Obama, with all his Social Security numbers and sealed records is no doubt a Muslim or Anti-American plant, to infiltrate the US and destroy it. Don’t belive me? Do you think he really separated himself from his former preacher? Just ask a Secret Service Agent. They see first hand every day how racist the first couple is, and if he gets Amnesty for all his Hispanic friends, nobody will ever get him out of the White House. It’s already illegal in many states to ask for PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP when VOTING. Talk about voter fraud

  105. No new taxes. Spending has gone thru the roof under Obama. Obama spent $5 Trillion just this year. The super committee is stacked with “Dem” zealots that want more taxes to become permanent. The next election will be a tsunami that will sweep the nation and dwarf the 2010 election.


  107. Tax increases should be off the table completely. Revenue increases should be on the table from serious tax reform that entails a drop in corporate capital gains and the elimination of the preponderance of loopholes and government subsidies to select business and agricultural sectors.

  108. KEEP THE LIST, KNOW HOW YOUR CONGRESSMEN VOTED ,YOU CAN CHECK IF THEY are not holding to their promises.We need to fire those members as well,No RINOS, Let them become democrats if that’s where they feel more at home.They don’t belong on our side of the fence! AT ALL! THIS IS A BATTLE FOR OUR LIBERTY! Give the enemy no quarter.

  109. ALL our current politicians must GO! We need single terms for all offices – elected and appointed – so that no one can develop obligations to anyone else which compromise our freedom and welfare! We can start by electing legitimate TeaParty members such as Harold Caine. The Dems and the Republicans hate him already because he has no obligations to reward any of them for anything!

  110. One area where they could make a big cut would be to cut regulations on farmers and cut the subsidies allowing them to grow any crops as needed by the consumer, planting as much land as needed for this purpose. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. There are a lot of outdated programs in the EPA, Department of Commerce, and other agencies that have long since outlived their usefulness but continue to be funded. Some Agencies and Departments need to be trimmed back, not only in funding but also in personnel and regulation. Another real boost to the economy and jobs would be approval of all the drilling permits languishing on EPA and other Agency desks for months or even years waiting for approval; this includes the FX Pipeline from Canada to Texas. That alone would put thousands of people back to work and over a period of a few years nearly make us totally independent of foreign oil. “President 0” probably wouldn’t like that though since it would take a lot of money out of his buddies pockets in the Middle East.

  111. Voters MUST impress upon their representatives WE THE PEOPLE will NOT accept ANY new tax hikes. Coloradans just did that, in our mid-term electoral vote, by SOUNDLY REJECTING Prop. 103 – -which would have RAISED our sales AND income taxes (in a horrible economy) to (supposedly) “fund education”! We ALL know, that once the state legislature has their paws on that “extra money” they will do ANYTHING THEY WANT TO with it. By voting this proposition down, we have sent a CLEAR MESSAGE, to our state AND local education boards that they MUST use the money they have (OUR MONEY) more wisely. Quite frankly, education CANNOT BE IMPROVED by throwing more money at it – -the only way we can “improve education”, for our children and grandchildren, is by being MORE CAREFUL in our hiring of educators- – making certain these educators are of GOOD QUALITY, CHARACTER AND ETHIC!

  112. The committee completely circumvents the processes of government for the people based upon their representatives that are there to represent the interest of the people who elected them. They have given their power to the committee of six to make the decision that will govern all people whether the people’s representative has any meaningful input or not. Most likely they didn’t anyway. First lets go retroactive for 20 years review and eliminate the give away programs that were established to garner voting blocks, problem here is that these programs have never really been evaluated on a benefit-cost basis, and determine the people that are really eligible, don’t think you would find the amount the taxpayer is now funding. Once in place continue to pay and never investigate again is the way bureaucracy operates, they aren’t spending their money and they believe money comes off of a money tree. Second lets cut all elected officials benefits from the President down, lets cut salaries, reduce retirement benefits, reduce medical coverage to let them come closer to understanding what the common person faces when retired or trying to use a means of funding their retirement. This should be done retroactively for at least the last 25 years, the government doesn’t mind to tax or increase fees on the citizens retroactively. I bet you haven’t heard this mentioned as a possible means of cutting expenditures This would be a tremendous amount of money, would help to reduce the debt be a meaningful amount, most are independently well off by the standard applied to the majority of the citizens in the United States today. Another step to be taken is to stop spending enormous amount of money of foreign aid, they do not like us, cut the spending and see how long they call you an ally, will only last until another country steps in and replaces the money we have decided not to give to them. I think we should be able to supply humanitarian aid and military help if they are a true ally. I can’t think of very many that would qualify for both types of aid. It is time the government becomes accountable for how they are spending our money, transparency in the way that we have the option to help determine if that is the way we want our tax dollars spent. Take a look at the green industries that the all knowledgeable government decided to invest our money into. Just read where there are a couple more on the verge of going bankrupt. These are expenditures that cost the tax payer more money because it cannot be recovered. Do some research on ethanol and then tell me if we are getting the best return for our tax dollar or should there be another use for the grain used to manufacture the product. Our leader, if you wish to call them that, have lead us down a path that has no return, the economic conditions are only going to become worse in the United States, barring some type of miracle.

  113. The super committee needs to go! Congress needs to handle this matter together, and quit the crap! Get busy and cut the REAL ENTITLEMENTS: Welfare, Food Stamps, Obama Phones and Internet, Housing,Merdicaid, now Free Diapers; the State Department buying Obama’s Book 1000’s of them! Stop the Foreign Aid that we cannot afford-Keep aid to Israel Only! Get rid of Fannie and Freddie; Give Dept of Education to the states and shut Federal Dept of Ed down; Shut all depts down until there is one of each-but do away with EPA, DEPT OF COMMERCE; OUTLAW: LOBBYISTS, AND CZARS! And Indict Obama, Holder, Clinton, Wasserman, Barney Franks, Bernanke, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi all of Treason and put them all out of our Misery! Get rid of all the illegals on the system; and shut our borders down; and shut down all bases around the world!

  114. Progressive Republican; Why Don’t You Answer My Direct Question To You???????

    Your Half-Baked Response Does Not Address My Question???????????

  115. I would be in favor of a tax hike that can only be used on the national debt and nothing else. They want a hike, give ’em a hike, but don’t let it go for more irresponsible spending!

  116. This show how incapable politicians are. They are so stupid they refuse to work with the concept of living with in ones means.
    We the voters need to run every professional politicians out of Washington and out if state government. We also need to get rid of the news media who don’t report the news they create the news. They are as crooked as the politicians. Go Herman Cain!!!

  117. These RHINO’S (A) need to follow the CONSTITUTION & The Bill of Rights, which most of them seem to have forgotten they made an oath to support and defend. (B) All of them need a 40% reduction in salaries & benefits as well as all federal employees. (C) Vote the Federal Reserve out of business get rid of 50% of most government agencies and the patriot act, and make a law that NO LOBBISTS ALLOWED and if any politician excepts bribes is KICKED OUT OF OFFICE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. (D) Throw the United Nations out of the United States and the USA out of the U.N. (E) Any politician who belongs to any organization like council on foreign affairs, bilderbergs, tri-lateral commission, any organization that separates their alligence to this country they are thrown out.

  118. We need leaders with spines! Are Republicans on teh super-committee being worn down by weariness? Stand STRONG! PERSEVERE! Hold out against the taxers!

  119. Washington is where we do the people’s business-Yeah-right. Today Washington is where we do BIG’s business- the people be damned. Until we clean out ALL politicians we the
    people don’t have a chance of a snowball in hell. TERM LIMITS. I feel we are coming to a crux point where our politicians will be removed forcibly. A sad day for this country.

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  121. Members of this so called “Super Committee” are just more of the Corrupt Incumbants of both Parties. until this Obama Administration came into power, There may have been a differance between the two parties, but that has changed. The Republicans, in recent years have always let the Democrats run over them in most cases, however now, when we have an Illegal in the Presidents Office, & the Wimpy Republicans do NOTHING about it, proves just how Corrupt our so called Reps in Congress have become. Members of the SUPER COMMITTEE have received Millions of dollars in under the table money, & they are supposed to be deciding what is correct??? Until voters wake up, & vote out all incumbants who have been in for more then one term,nothing is going to change. We will just continue to get Lip Service & Lies from 90% of the assholes.

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