Heritage Action’s CEO on The Daily Rundown

Heritage Action’s CEO, Michael Needham, appeared on The Daily Rundown today with Chuck Todd to discuss the pushback on our Legislative Scorecard.

Earlier in the week, Heritage Action was depicted as being “too conservative” and “out of the main stream.” We were also called “right-wing,” the typical derogatory term afforded to those Members of Congress who believe in smaller government and personal responsibility.

Michael Needham was able to defend our scorecard as a way to measure Members of Congress based on their adherence to conservative principles and as a way to open a dialogue with their constituents.

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6 thoughts on “Heritage Action’s CEO on The Daily Rundown

  1. We cannot allow the more “moderate” (read “progressive”) element of the GOP to quash the movement now known as the Tea Party that has FINALLY started the process of returning the USA to sanity with real Conservative ideas and policies. The “liberalization” of American society has caused so many problems at all levels of society, from the “everybody wins” policies in our public school sports programs, to the blatant ignoring of the Rule of Law, when it comes to immigration and property rights, that it has become necessary to “reboot” our American political system and reset things back to the ideas that CREATED “American Exceptionalism.”

  2. A real study would be to show what the voting records were, and are in the Bush Administration and Obama Administration. This would show the people how no matter who is in charge of the Presidency or the Congress, mostly everything keeps moving toward Environmental Catastrophe, Expanding War, Less help for the sick, Extensive attacks on individual Liberties and the on coming Austerity Measures for this Country. Now that is the truth, believe it or not.

  3. Reagan set the course. We need to get back on course and “stay the course”. The liberals keep lamenting that the top 1% should pay higher taxes. The problem is that we have an administration that shoved Obama care and 400 new regulations in the faces of businesses and would be new business start ups. Who wants to start a business or expand when looking at new health care demands for each new employee and each current employee, plus add hundreds of new and mostly unnecessary regulations and permit fees making the cost of doing business unthinkable. America would do just as fine as we did during two terms of Reagan administration years when inflation was reduced, regulations were curbed and the most positive result was that 10% unemployment in 1982 was reduced to 5.3% by the time Reagan left office in 1988.

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