Leave Washington Behind to Create Jobs

This morning, the Senate and Congressional Western Caucuses released a report on how to create real American jobs.  Their report, “Breaking Down Washington’s Barriers to America’s Red, White and Blue Jobs,” highlights one of the major problems plaguing our economy: Washington interference.

Eight simple bullet points:

  1. Increase Affordable American Energy
  2. Explore for American Oil and Natural Gas
  3. Strengthen the American Mining Sector
  4. Overturn Washington’s Overreach
  5. Promote Agriculture, Ranching and Forestry
  6. Support Recreation, Hunting and Public Land Access
  7. Eliminate Backdoor Cap and Tax Regulations
  8. Reduce Junk Lawsuits

A new report from The Heritage Foundation explains that increasing access to American energy “would help lower energy prices, create jobs, and bring revenue into the financially strapped government.”

Four simple bullet points:

  1. Get moving on offshore and onshore permits
  2. Open access and require lease sales when ready
  3. Limit litigation
  4. Place a freeze on new environmental regulations

Legislative solutions that would cut red tape, break down barriers to private sector job creation and develop America’s energy resources are readily available.  If the Obama administration is serious about job creation, they would embrace these type of pro-growth ideas.  Though if the press reports about the President’s plan are true, we shouldn’t hold our breath.

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One thought on “Leave Washington Behind to Create Jobs

  1. Obama know what needs to be done to create jobs and improve the economy. That is not the reason the Anglo-elite put him in the Whitehouse. Obama is just a puppet whose strings are manipulated by George Soros. Obama in his books ” From Dreams From My Father” and ” Audacity of Hope” showed his intentions and reason why he wanted to destory what he called white America. Just one statement is alarming. From ” Audacity of Hope’ I will side with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction. eleven of Obama’s top twelve in his cabinet are CFR and Bilderberg members. People should be alarmed to realize how many Zionist are in the Obama administration and on his cabinet. The AIPAC and the neocons control our foreign policies. We should have asked, Did Iraq, Iran, Syria, Kuwait, Afghanistan, libya citizens attack us causing 9/11? How is it that almost every terrorist came from Saudi Arabia and we didn’t declare war on their country? Oil? The US is nation building while back home the nation is falling apart. People are losing their homes. No jobs. Many of our troops are being sent back time and time again possibly to die for coporate American and to further the plans of the former PNAC.

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