Frustrated and Looking to Save One Job

President Barack Obama is “frustrated.”  In an Obama for America email, he told supported that he “will lay out a clear plan to get Americans back to work” and urged them to hold Congress “accountable if they don’t” pass his plan.

What exactly is President Obama’s plan?

A few weeks ago, the plan was supposed to contain NEW ideas.  From the AP:

The official emphasized that all of Obama’s proposals would be fresh ones, not a rehash of plans he has pitched for many weeks and still supports, including his ‘infrastructure bank’ idea to finance construction jobs.

More recently, however, it seems as though the ideas will be anything but fresh.  From the WSJ:

The president has yet to provide his new jobs plan, but has vowed that it would include ideas that both parties can and have supported in the past.

Ideas cannot be both “fresh” and “supported in the past.”  The contradiction leaves one wondering what exactly the President hopes to accomplish.

The Hill’s Ballot Box Blog provides a possible answer:

By forcing the GOP to take positions on such key economic issues…Obama and his team are hoping to draw out and lock down the president’s 2012 challengers.

It comes down to this: President Obama is stuck below 40% and his economic policies have failed to created jobs, so he is going to use a primetime address to the nation to jumpstart his 2012 reelection campaign.

The American people are frustrated, Mr. President.  And the last thing they want to see is a speech designed to do one thing: save one job – yours.



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11 thoughts on “Frustrated and Looking to Save One Job

  1. Anyone with a brain knows he has been supposed to have a plan for 3 years…3 years!!! He didn’t have a clue when he said he was going to give us his plan after the first of Sept…not a clue!!! Still probably doesn’t unless he has “dreamed” up something ridiculous with his econimist called in to help with the 3 year old promise..dammmmm the man is stupid, I don’t care how many degrees or honors he has had. Now he doesn’t have any money to pay people to work doing anything hahahhaah…he is down the drain!!! Since his “plan” announcement, he has had an earthquake and a hurricane…more excuses. What a joke.

  2. Obama has surrounded himself with cronies from academia. Advisers who haven’t a clue about real world workings. Educators aren’t even cutting it teaching, when and if they do, much less are capable of advising how to run a country!
    They, along with Barry, should go back to school and continue to teach naive students what to think, as against how to think!

  3. So he is still passing the buck – Now he will blame Congress if he does not get his way. Does he think the America people are a bunch of bimbos? We are a very smart people and he can’t “pull the wool” over our eyes. We all should get together- and storm Washington.- America, America, we are in big trouble-Keep a check on what he puses through with executive orders, too. Carney said on day this week (so I read) that there is a lot Obama can do without Congress. Our elected Reps should start speaking up and do the right thing for our country.Or next ekection- wend them packing also.

    • While it’s true that the American people are not a bunch of bimbos, it’s unfortunately true that the electorate is often uninformed and gullible. After all, President Obama, a virtual unknown was elected based on faith…..he pretended to be something he was not, and the majority of the electorate fell for it. As a goup, we often move like a herd, and all it takes to shift the herd is someone to fire a political “shot” at random, especially on the eve of an election. Since college profs are usually far left in their thinking, perhaps our high schools could do a better job of educating our upcoming electorate about economics, foreign policy, and politics. It’s not a matter of intelligence, it’s a matter of ignorance. One of my favorite courses in high school was called “American Problems.” Are they still teaching courses like that in high school?

  4. What if his plan is highly flawed? How can you ask to hold Congress’s feet to the fire if he puts out a stupid plan? He is crazy to ask support for something we don’t even know about at this point!

    • I guess he thinks we’ll fall for the Pelosi line again.
      “we have to pass it before we can find out what it says”. What kind of idiots are we? I don’t even buy a book or go to a movie without checking reviews and talking to people who have read or seen it already.
      Congress is suppose to respond to our demands. The Pres. doesn’t elect them.

  5. A popular saying comes to mind:
    Those that can, do.
    Those that can’t teach.
    Those that can’t do that, go into government.

    Where are all those students he taught and inspired while an instructor in Constitutional Law?
    Where are all those fellow students from Harvard that were impressed with his writings at the Harvard Law Review? Where are all his old girl freinds from his college days?
    Something is wrong here…..

  6. remember what pelosi said about obamacare, “we have to pass it to know what’s in it!” obama is 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag, we already know what’s in it! i believe i’ll leave that 10 pounds of crap on the side of the road and pass it by.

  7. Obama, has delagated everything to other people ever since he first stepped into office. And what should we have expected since he voteed absent on most every decision while he was in the senate. Let me tell you how he will come up with his job plan which we all know he never really had one of his own in the first place.
    First he calls in his advisors and tells them come up with 3 job plans and present them to me. He will then ask his advisors which one they like best and he will then focas group all three. After that he will pick the most popular plan and say ok put it up on the tele promter and I’ll read it out come speach night. That’s it.
    No bipartisanship and always leading from behind but always time for another round of golf.

    • Bruin Bob, you are absolutely right. He surrounds himself with sycophants, because he doesn’t tolerate anyone who disagrees with him. This bespeaks insecurity. Read the book “A Singular Woman” a biography about Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, and you’ll get a good insight to his behavior.

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