“Dirty” Solar Energy Going Down in Flames

Two more blows to the solar energy industry.

First, a new study being published by the journal Energy Policy which claims that lead batteries used in solar panel production is more dangerous than conventional batteries because they release over 2.4 million tons of lead pollution into India and China, where most solar power is created.

“Without improvements, it is increasingly clear that the use of lead batteries will contribute to environmental contamination and lead poisoning among workers and children,” Said University of Tennessee, Knoxville engineering professor Chris Cherry.

This study comes on the heels of the announcement that Solyndra, the California solar panel manufacturing firm which received $535 million in stimulus loans, is going bankrupt.

President Obama visited the firm last year and held it up as a beacon of hope for the future. This is not the first solar energy company to go bust after taxpayer-funded stimulus grants. Evergreen Solar, of Massachusetts, also received stimulus dollars and went bankrupt just a few weeks ago.

While President Obama and big-government environmentalist may hope solar energy solves all the world’s problems, the reality is that this form of energy does not appear viable right now: it’s expensive, it’s not as efficient as oil and gas, and the batteries required for it undercut the very reason for their trendy existence. By putting all of his eggs into this “green energy” basket, President Obama has set the country on a dangerous and wasteful path.

Now, someday in the future this technology might be a great alternative, but spending money our country doesn’t have to subsidize expensive energy won’t create jobs or stimulate the economy.

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3 thoughts on ““Dirty” Solar Energy Going Down in Flames

  1. Do your research.

    1) Essentially none of the solar homes (nor offices) use batteries of any kind. 2) Solendra is going down primarily because of the recession — reduced demand but the same (or growing) supply.

    True, solar manufacturers and installers need to re-work their businesses towards lower-profit and higher volume.

    Also green energy isn’t “one basket.” There’s solar thermal, solar electric, wind, tide, geothermal, biomass, and more.

    Is renewable energy less expensive than non-renewable? Nope. Will it be in 10-20 years? Yep.

    Despite my technical disagreement, you have one key point. Has the government’s spending on solar created many jobs? Nope. A lot of it has gone to companies that wasted it, and to R&D that should be done in the private sector.


  2. At least you know the facts. The ISS is there & velcro is an everyday thing because we spent $ wisely for years, & there were no failures ,,

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