Super Committee Set: Time to Think Big

The Congressional “Super Committee” is now set.  If you’re trying to get up to speed, here are a few helpful links:

  • Orlando Examiner has a good run down on who the members are and how well they stack up when it comes to conservative principles
  • The Nation asks, who’s paying the super-committee?
  • LA Times says the super committee reflects party leadership lines

On the policy, The Heritage Foundation lays out the standard:

The American people should demand recommendations from the new Committee that are equal to the great economic challenges our nation faces.  Congress must drive federal spending down — including by fixing ever-expanding entitlement programs — toward a balanced budget, while preserving our capability to protect America, and without raising taxes.  Congress should also get the federal government out of the way of the private sector, to encourage the saving and investment that generates economic growth and the jobs that millions of Americans need.  It can be done.  The Heritage Foundation has shown how, with Saving the American Dream:  The Heritage Plan to Fix the Debt, Cut Spending, and Restore Prosperity. 

What will ultimately become of the super committee: A super grand bargain?  Another stimulus?  Tax hikes and defense cuts?  Serious pro-growth reforms?  Regardless of the rhetoric that shrouds the committee or the deal, conservatives will be looking at the policy, seeking to ensure pro-growth tax reform (not tax hikes), serious entitlement reforms (not “minor adjustments”) and real cuts to spending (not Washington-style cuts).

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One thought on “Super Committee Set: Time to Think Big

  1. Super Committee? Comprised of who? Are they going to try to come up with some bi-partisan plan that gives into the democrats again?
    I am really not very hopeful of seeing any good plan for the economy which could mean jobs too. They still have not done away with lobbyist and pork barrel special interest nor riders on bills that have nothing to do with the legislation asked for. This increases spending with little knowledge of the rider. It’s a 2 for 1 spending trick.
    Seeing is believing. I’m waiting………..

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