President Obama Finds Another Battery Factory

We all know what kind of jobs President Obama thinks Americans should do: construction and “green” energy. This is why it seems he only visits construction sites, solar panel plants and battery factories.

Well, he’s found another battery factory (also remember, an “advanced” battery technology used for hybrid cars actually emits more pollution than a normal car battery does during manufacturing). But that aside, the market for these batteries is just not there.

President Obama gave nearly $1.2 billion dollars to American companies to help jump-start the battery business, and another $1.2 billion to foreign countries for the same thing. Of course this was part of his failed-stimulus program that was supposed to create jobs here in America, not overseas. According to the Washington Post, there just isn’t a proven market here for these batteries:

“‘The battery story is highly questionable,’ said Menahem Anderman, the founder and chief executive of Total Battery Consulting. ‘Basically, there’s really no proven market, neither electric vehicle nor plug-in hybrid electric vehicle — and there’s really no battery company in the United States that has a verified product.’”

Despite the hype and government handouts, hybrid cars have been around for a decade but only make up about 1% of America’s 250 million plus vehicle fleet. And even though the President thinks that throwing more money at these companies will somehow build demand for the product, it just isn’t true. In a couple years, America will be building three times more alternative batteries than people will want to buy.

So how does one increase demand? Well, wisdom says that you don’t force people to buy a product, but this President believes that giving government tax credits to people who buy certain products is somehow good for businesses.

Take the Chevy Volt. Only 125 were sold last month. At $40,000 a pop you can see why. Oh! But you get a $7,500 tax credit if you buy one! Unfortunately for GM, there are cheaper cars out there that get better mileage. Even GM admits that these cars won’t turn a profit for years:

“‘We can’t make money on the first Volts,’ said Troy Clarke, president of GM’s North American operations. ‘But as we get a chance to change the generations of technology, we’ll lose less and less.’”

That’s a little ridiculous considering taxpayers spent billions bailing out and subsidizing this company and for what? A failing vehicle that is supposed to save this company from ever needing another bailout?

President Obama would be wise to reduce the hurdles to job creations across all industries, instead of cherry-picking a few select companies that he thinks people should work for.

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11 thoughts on “President Obama Finds Another Battery Factory

  1. My mom used to say “Don’t step over dollars to pick up nickles”
    Seems that is what the pres. is doing with these “investments in clean energy” Which is just code for “I just wanna spend your money!”

  2. Throwing federal funny money at an unneeded battery technology seems as delusional as hyping a climatological theory into a political cause or maintaining that keeping large groups of people in total dependence on federal dole is compassionate. Obama is at least very consistent in his ideaological misdirections while enroute to more power.

  3. Pres. Obama visited a factory here in Bedford, Ohio, recently that makes parts for windmills–a part of his “green energy” schtick, which he’s funding with your tax dollars he extrorts from you each payday via witholding taxes.

    This Ohio company just filed for bankruptcy….are we taxpayers now “unsecured creditors” a la GM and Chrysler Corp? STOP THIS MADNESS!

  4. The Maricpa Skills Center in Phoenix, a mostly low income, tax funded school has stopped their culinary program, ( the kind of skills that can gain a real job ) for their “Green Jobs” education. The kind of skills needed for tax funded companies that will go bankrupt anyway. Another example of keeping the poor, poor. I don’t care if someone wants to chase windmills, but I am sick to death of paying for all of the liberal foolishness!! Pay for it yourselves all you “green” fools! And take NPR, Planned Parenthood, Dept of ED, AG, etc, etc too.

  5. I totally agree the federal government should not subsidize anything, including, but not limited to farms, home ownership, banks, oil drilling, to-big-to fail corporations, welfare handouts, solar panels, and batteries as it is not in our USA Constitution. However I rescently bought a 2009 Toyota Camray hybrid as it was a $1500 premium over a similar equipped standard Camray and at $3.00 gas, the break even point is 3 years two months. We normally keep a car for at least 10 years. Hybrids are here to stay and can make sense.

    • I traded in my 2000 Honda Insight Hybrid. I had it for 11 years and was afraid I would end up having to pay for a new battery pack since the warranty was up at ten years. The lifetime speedometer showed 65.5 MPG at trade in. Honda had replaced the battery pack 3 times under the warranty.

  6. If he wanted to do something constructive he would find out how Tesla built his electric car with an 80 HP electric motor in the early 1930’s that was powered from the ethers all around us.

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