“Impatient” Americans

Before heading off to Martha’s Vineyard for ten days,  President Obama is tried out a new line on his summer bus tour – Americans are “impatient.”

The President gave his take on the American people’s outlook to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer:

They say look, he’s the President and we think he has good intentions, but we are impatient and want things to move faster. 

Why would Americans be impatient?  Because President Obama’s unemployment record is dreadful.


Unemployment has averaged 9.4% under President Obama, significantly higher than Presidents Bush (5.3%) and Clinton (5.2%).  Three years ago, then-candidate Obama’s sweeping rhetoric resonated with the voters; now, Americans see he has no plan to drive down his massive deficits and empower job creators.  He’s failed to deliver “hope” and Americans are seriously reconsidering the “change” he’s saddled upon our country.

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8 thoughts on ““Impatient” Americans

  1. If I remember correctly, President Obama is the one who told “the people” that he would take care of their problems in the first place. Perhaps he brought a lot of this impatience on himself with his lofty rhetoric and scant planning.

  2. Obama has spent more money that any of the past President, He is one of the greatest speaker but does not what to do what it is going to take to put our Nation back to work, all the stimulus money instead of going to banks and Auto companies should had been spent to fix our highways and bridges. also allow the oil companies to get back to drilling off the Louisiana coast.

  3. What is wrong with everyone? Obama is a good READER. He doesn’t write anything, in fact without his 2 teleprompters he could not speak and without all of his speaking does it satisfy us? Can he with his slick promises bring healing to our country? Doing is what we need …words fall way short. We come up wanting as a Nation God help us!

  4. He talks a lot about nothing. He repeats a lot when he doesnt knows what else to say. American People impatient, you bet. We need jobs. Jobs produce income, income produces taxes and pays down the government debt.
    He does only what he wants, not what you and I want. Did you see how quickly he got his Obama care passed. And nobody wanted it.
    Obama is a puppet and is doing all the right things to bring America down. Wake up America.

    Let’s forget the heipheniated name of the American (Ex: latin-american, african-american, asian- american) (did you notice how we put American second) If you are in this country legally, you are an AMERiCAN, now give your allegiance to the country you live in. Lets start giving back to America the strength that the people of the 1700-1800- 1900 century did, when they came to America. They became Americans and worked like hell to produce the strong country it became. And they went though hardships that we could never understand. Our country has now become a haven for all those that want something from it and give it nothing in return.
    Our freedoms are being taken away, and there is not even a whimper.
    We are being overtaken from within and we voted in, the man that is now doing it. He is not an American. He is a muslim, and his allegiance is to Islam. He said so himself.

    As for a speaker, have you listened to him talk when he has no script to read?

  5. I agree with the others here that Obama is destroying America and the American way. Now he is making it so illegals can get permits so they can work here. What of Americans that need jobs? He says he has a way to put Americans back to work and he’s going to tell us about it in September. Why not now if he has a plan. No it will be like all of his other promises. Spend more money that we don’t have and it will go to places he wants it to go. Produce jobs, I don’t think so. More and more jobs go overseas while workers here go without pay. Yes I think he is destroying us day by day, job by job. President I think not, he is a puppet nothing more. Destroying centuries of good. Why do people still defend him. They say he is a good speaker, yes when he has his teleprompter in front of him. He is all promise and nothing more. I could write a book about all the wrong he has done, but there isn’t enough room here. He has done more wrong in the last three years than any other president. He has spend more money (without any results) than any other president. He says blame Bush but that only works so far. After three years it’s time to say blame Obama.

  6. Let’s face it. Mr. Obama seduced the electorate and continues to seduce the gullible as if promising a wedding ring after a one-night stand with no intentions of delivering what such a promise represents.
    He and those like him are enjoying their expensive lifestyles while the taxpayer continues to “hope.”

  7. I was never worried that Obama could put this
    country in the economic and morally misguided
    predictcament we are in today. Lets not forget
    his foot soldiers that were incapable of getting in front of the teleprompter themselves; they opted to
    recruit a “mouhpiece puppit”, Obama, to be their voice. And they made a good choice. Obama succeeded in wining the votes with his Hope, Change and Bush got us into this mess rhetoric.

    Foot Soldiers: Biden, Leahy, Klobuchar, Durbin,
    Frankin, Levin, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Kennedy,
    Kerry, Boxer, Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton.

    A collection of total failures, that tell us every day,
    “Americans are smart”, then they use their power to do the exact opposite.

  8. I am a senior citizen appalled at all the politicians, which includes our fast speaking President, and the cut backs they want to make to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. How dare they!!! We seniors worked hard to earn our Social Security and Medicare benefits and now there’s talk about cutbacks AGAIN???

    Am very disappointed, to put it mildly, just knowing that our unemployment rate is so high when it shouldn’t be. Why can’t these same politicians bring back manufacturing and industry to this country? BECAUSE the labor is CHEAPER off shore, folks…yeah, thats about it. So tell me, who, in reality, is concerned with this country’s unemployment? Not the politicians thats for sure. Doesn’t matter which “party they belong to….in the end they are all the same. And the Pres, yeah, you are right, he is their PUPPET!!!!

    Now these same politicians want the average American to limit their spending….R U kidding? We’re barely making it as it is! So Washington D.C., you politicians, how about you guys taking cuts on your high salaries if you are so concerned with budgets and limit spending; how about coming down to the level of the average “unemployed” American? I’d love to see some politicians volunteer to try living just one day as an average American; they’d never make it.

    This country is in a mighty pitiful situation and I’m afraid it will get worse before it even gets better….no matter who is elected to the supreme position of President! Its going to be a tough challenge, thats for sure!

    Like Barbara said “God Help Us” and Help this Nation….Amen!

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