Action Alert: Tell Your Member of Congress What Their Score Is!

Today, Heritage Action has unveiled its comprehensive scorecard. This will allow both you and your Members of Congress to gauge where they stand on the conservative spectrum.

This scorecard holds Members of Congress accountable and reveals how they vote on important pieces of legislation. Our key votes and scorecard also encourage Members to abide by their conservative principles on smaller issues – when they think no one is watching how they vote. These votes are often the most telling in terms of conservatism, and we need to let our Members know that we are watching and you are holding them accountable.

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Learn more:
Heritage Action Releases Scorecard
Mike Needham: A Tough Conservative Scorecard

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2 thoughts on “Action Alert: Tell Your Member of Congress What Their Score Is!

  1. Reduce foreign aid, terminate Obamacare, reduce troops over seas, quit stealing money out of Social Security, control the CIA, and limit the executive power as it states in the Constitution of the United States of America! It’s our money, and I’m tired of working hard to have it spent wastefully and carelessly. Do what is right for once! We the people are not happy….

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