Washington MUST support this Balanced Budget Amendment [out of date]

It’s time for Washington to get the message: they have a spending problem. H.J.Res.1, a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution will rein in spending while keeping taxes low. Our country needs to ensure big-spending in Washington do not get another chance to bring our country to the brink of bankruptcy.

49 states have some kind of constitutional amendment requiring them to balance their budget every year. If the states are required to live within their means, then the federal government – which derives its funds from the citizens in those states – should be required to live within its means as well. According to the Heritage Foundation:

Congress must get spending under control in the long term. America cannot raise taxes to continue overspending, because tax hikes shrink our economy and grow our government. America cannot borrow more to continue overspending, because borrowing puts an enormous financial burden on the American children of tomorrow. A BBA will help address this long-term problem because, after the multi-year process for securing ratification of the BBA by three-quarters of the states, the BBA will keep federal spending under control in subsequent years.

The Washington Establishment cannot continue to spend taxpayer dollars freely, without restrain – a constitutional limit. Our children and grandchildren wouldn’t be suffering under enormous debt if Congress had been more frugal. We cannot allow their addiction to spending to go unchecked. It is a drain on our economy and threatens to undermine the American dream.

How can you help?

Take Action:

On Thursday, deliver this message, in person, to your closest district office: Spending must be reigned in, and without H.J.Res.1, future Congresses and Administrations will be free to continue the reckless spending of the past, further eroding the freedoms our country was built on.

Find the office nearest you:

1. Go here: http://www.capwiz.com/heritage/home/

2. Enter your zip code in the box below “find your officials”

3. Scroll down and press “info” below the Member of Congress you’d like to visit

4. Select the “contact” tab, which will display the Member’s office information
For maximum impact, call ahead to arrange a meeting with a staffer and bring a group of like-minded friends with you. Remember, the goal is to encourage your Member of Congress to make the right decision.

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47 thoughts on “Washington MUST support this Balanced Budget Amendment [out of date]

    • This spend, spend, and more spend has got to stop now, along with all these entitlements. But not at the expense of defense, soc. sec., nor medicare. The budget must be balanced and foreign aid to countries that hate us must be stopped, too.

      • I agree that the spend spend borrow spend spend borrow has got to stop now. Cuts must be made in entitlements, for sure – like ‘corporate entitlements’ and ‘foreign military aid entitlements’ and all the ‘special interest’ entitlements, and there are 100’s of billions of dollars that could – should – be cut from the ‘defense’ budget without even coming close to endangering our ability to defend America. Everything, across the board and within the board, must be looked at – for example, why do the feds pay nurses who work for the VA more than $10,000 more than nurses earn in the private sector? There are HUNDREDS of things just like that which add up to 100’s of billions of dollars of ‘wasteful’ spending – like ‘perks’ for federal employees at the EPA that are 1. not available to ‘everyone’ in government (because it was a ‘union’ negotiation) and 2. that are paid for with OUR MONEY. The list goes on and on and on…

        And no, SS/Medicare/Medicaid does not need to be touched. If there is to be any ‘borrowing’ to be done it should be to PAY BACK the SS Trust that the government has been ‘borrowing’ from our entire lifetimes.

      • JAG,

        You just exempted the top three expenditure categories. If social security and medicare are not entitlements, then what are they? The sad truth is that all that money that your parents generation and my generation put into SS, Medicare and Medicaid was stolen from the “kitty” by Congress whenever they needed some money. Now the “kitty” is broke. If they had just left it alone, the money would have exceeded our needs today.

        Money corrupts. A lot of money leads to a great deal of corruption. That’s Washington!!!! They need to get off the spending, no matter what fund, and get back to governing. The fewer federal government programs, the better, for everyone.

        BALANCE THE BUDGET, REVISE THE IRS AND HAVE A FLAT TAX EVERYONE PAYS AND HAVE TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS. Take these three steps and you will change Washington forever.

        • Jennifer;

          Comment on term limits is perfect. These jerks get into office for life and forget what the real world is like. They don’t have to worry about health care (and payments on it); they get an automatic pension for life serving a single term (same pay); not to mention they keep giving free stuff to the poor. Well they are poor because they are forcing businesses out of the country. Why not support the businesses that exsist and find a way to bring back the overseas businesses back. This creates more jobs, the retarded government will get more taxes; and there will be less on wellfare. And a side note. Wellfare, unemployment benifits; we should have them work sweeping streets and cleaning the roadways of litter at least 15 to 20 hours; just to get the check they think they are owed. This would honestly weed out the incompetent and force the lazy to work. Thus more taxes being paid and less spent.
          I could go on for hours, but I’ll rest now.

    • It appears we have hit some sort of low point. Matters get better after most discomforting situationd, speaking specifically of the wasteful spending (other moral items won’t be mentioned here). Stand up and be counted in the fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment to OUR Constitution, without cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Work will do it!

    • Careful what you wish for, the BBS amendment is not what it appears. NO to constiutional amendments until Obuma is out of office. Sneaky backdoor BBS is a better description of this amendment, which does not stop the spending. It sez the folks in power get to decide when and how to raise taxes and debts. NOT A GOOD PLAN!
      Stop fighting wars in other countries, stop all foreign aid except food to poorest regions, Stop all immigration for 5 years, Abolish the IRS and do a Flat tax on goods and materials, 10%. Stop foreign imports if not paying taxes in America.

      • no no NO NO NO BB AMENDMENT will give ALL power to OBAMA !!! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS PLOY !!! read more by @Crucial411 go here: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/bmp8s0

        WE THE PEOPLE ordained and established a Constitution wherein the powers WE delegated to the federal government are limited and defined – “enumerated”. Read the list at Art. I, Sec. 8! Basically, all WE gave Congress authority to do for the Country at large is international relations, commerce & war; and domestically, the creation of an uniform commercial system (weights & measures, patents & copyrights, a money system based on gold & silver, bankruptcy laws, mail delivery & road building.) Some Amendments authorize Congress to make laws protecting civil rights. That’s about it, Folks! The list of objects on which Congress may lawfully appropriate funds is short. The only significant authorized expense is the military. James Madison, Father of the U.S. Constitution, said in Federalist No. 45 (9th para):

        The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.

      • Is there any validity to the article in Canada Free Press by Publius Huldah…”Why a Balanced Budget Amendment is a hoax and deadly trap”

  1. Both parties need to forget the special interests and vote to cut spending, increase job opportunities, balance the budget, and take a “hatchet” to Obamacare!

    The parts of Obamacare that have already gone into effect: pre-existing condition coverage in particular has to be the basis of a new healthcare program along with adding tort reform!

  2. 2012 is a must fed budget vote for me, those that dont support it, I will vote out no matter what party they are on- we cant have any one in washington that does not believe in spending more than we can afford to pay- we the people have to balance our budgets, why cant they.

    OUT with all who spend more is my 2012 line

  3. I am also sick to death of them trying to balance the budget by laying off workers. All we do when this is done is to give the unions ammunition to use against us, Let’s aim for the big ticket items like O’Bamacare and some other of his socialistic ideas. Get rid of them and save trillions!

  4. A vote for RON PAUL in 2012 will address this issue, and he’s the ONLY one who will, because he’s the ONLY one who gives a sh*t.

  5. If we need to amend the U. S. Constitution to force Congress to do what is right, then let’s start without Congress.

    I would like to see every state use the most recent version of HR 1 and vote on passage. If the amendment should change from what is now proposed, state legislators would have to vote again but the initial groundwork would already be finished. It should not take long to vote on the final version once all the arguments have already been made.

    We no longer have to depend on men and horses to deliver documents. What took days or weeks 200 years ago can be accomplished in seconds today. Even paper documents can be sent for next day delivery. Thus We The People could have a Balanced Budget Amendment this year.

  6. It’s time for all of the “PROFESSIONAL” politicians to abide by the wishes of the PEOPLE who elected them to office. STOP catering to “The PARTY”!!!! I did not vote for a Republican or a Democrat, I voted for a person that I THOUGHT (silly me) would represent ME in government. You M U S T learn to live within M Y budget, just like I do..

  7. The balanced budget amendment is a necessity or the government will deliberately spend us all into bankruptcy. But there’s another thing that must also be done – limit the Fed’s ability to print unlimited amounts of money. Unless we do this the federal government and the Federal Reserve Bank will have an unholy alliance that will plague us forever with ever-increasing inflation.

  8. Time for all our elected officials to man up and do what is right for America. Do not raise the debt ceiling and do not raise taxes. Cut the spending and balance the budget. Otherwise we have a place for you on the unemployment line next election. Trust us, we can and will replace any elected official that betrays the majority
    of the American people on this issue.

    • I’m a bit conflicted about the BBA since deficit spending was necessary in the 1940’s and the 1980’s to save the country. We may be faced with such a situation again in the future and the BBA is not something that could be quickly rescinded. However, these current and rapidly growing deficits might be a bigger threat to our national security than any other enemy out there right now. Hard to see how an exception could be built in to the BBA for scenarios like WWII and the Cold war without the liberals perverting it to allow them to continue their madness along the road to mediocrity or worse. As I said, I am conflicted.

      • No, deficit spending was not ‘necessary’ in the 40’s or the 80’s (particularly in the 80’s!). It’s always a ‘choice’ – always – to choose either tightening the belt and doing without some ‘wants’ for awhile or going into debt. And it’s always a bad choice to ‘choose’ debt.

        • Borrowing a little money in the 1980’s to win a cold war that could have gone hot and cost ten times or more the 50 Million people that lost their lives in the late 30’s and 40’s, was money well borrowed. There is nothing wrong with borrowing some money, like most of us did when we bought our homes or began our businesses. Both purchases in my life actually improved my standard of living even while taking on some debt. The key is to keep the debt service costs at a level such that it does not negatively affect the standard of living. Would you advocate eliminating the banking system? After all, if debt is always bad, put your money in your mattress.

  9. It is CRITICAL that the BBA include a firm limit tied to GDP! We must also include absolute limits on “indirect taxes”, ie user fees, license fees, arbitrary fines, and avoid “bureaucratic despotism”… as Dr. Arnn says.
    Isn’t NOW the time to consider REPEALING THE 16TH Amendment and enacting a consumer tax? If not, why not? H.R.25 and S.13 do just that.

  10. IF we don’t balance the budget we are going under, which wils result in us begoming a muslin country which most Americans do not want. We simply cannot continue to raise the budget limit and get more and more in debt. What kind of fools have we, as fools put into office over the years that can not figure this out. Make a budget that matches the government income. It is that simple for one who is a high school drop out. Why can’t our college educated economy destroyers figure this out. We give other countries, some of which are our enemies millions upon millions of dollars and in turn around and borrow millions upon millions because we cannot afford these outlandish gifts. I say let those countrys borrow what they need (but not from America) and pay it back themselves. It does not take th most brilliant person in the world to figure that out.

    • In my last comment I forgot to mention the millions of illegals sponging off of us gettings billions of dollars, yearly out of our budget. STOP IT!! DEPORT THEM TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO SUPPORT OURSELVES

  11. i support a balanced budget.cut off all foreign aid and oust the illegals living here.we citizens are sick of paying for everyone else.

  12. What makes you think they will obey a Balanced Budget Amendment, if they (Republicans & Democrats) won’t obey the Constiution as written? This amendment does not address the concept of congress being limited in their spending by Article I of the Constitution. It will do nothing until 2 years AFTER the amendment is ratified. Say you have a budget for $4 Trillion. With the BBA, it has to be balanced. Will having this amendment prevent massive tax hikes by congress to balance the $4 Trillion budget?

  13. I am all for a Balanced Budget Amendment, but this one gives the President TOO much leeway and authority to simply play his continued spending game. We cannot afford to spend more than what we take in. Balance the budget by making a budget based on expected receipts and live within that. That is a balanced budget. You cannot exist on borrowed money. We cannot afford to continue to borrow money to support Illegal Aliens (and yes, they are ILLEGAL, send them home)

    Also, we need to begin using the zero based budget process. That means each department, as they begin their budget process has ZERO and they must justify why they need each and every penny, not just add 10% to last years budget. I have seen the military and our schools do just that having served in a fiscal capacity in the Marines and as a school administrator.

    • We need a balanced budget amendment but need to also fix the problem of spending on unimportant items. At the same time, the requirement to spend all of last years budget before one receive new additional money should be banned. What happens is that the money not spent on identified items tends to get spent on anything just to use up what was received.

  14. That,s a wonderful idea, BUT the Constitution (I presume that is what you are taking about amending) has very little, if any, influence on anything the federal (please pardon my profanity) government does.
    You distribute copies of the Constitution, but where does it have any effect on anything done by those “people” in Washington?

  15. A balanced budget amendment sounds like a good idea until; you anilize just what that would Really Require them to do!
    Example: If the Federal Budget was short of being balanced by, let’s say, Ninty Billion Dollars,or so, congress would be faced with just a couple of Choices:
    (A)=Cut Spending?
    (B)=Raise Revenue?
    EVERYBODY: Knowing Everything About Our Past Government’s course of Actions!..Which One of these Do You Think They Would Choose?
    The Simplest Solution to Almost All of Our Problems with “Our Out of Control Government” Today is to Heed George Washington’s Warnings from His Farewell Address to The Nation, Where He Warned us Not to Allow “Any Political Parties” to gain “Any Control” in “our Republic”,and What Would Happen to America if We Did! His warnings Decribe in Detail How Our Government would Act Like Under A Political Party Rule!
    He couldn’t have written a better description, Even if He was looking at Our Government Today as He was writing back then!
    Washington’s Warnings are found in paragraphs 20-25, of His Farewell Address!
    Make up your own mind after reading them!

  16. I agree on a balanced budget amendment . and add to that making all polititions to only run one term .. and hold all law makers acoutable for what they pass..

  17. They need to hold Obama’ spending by not giving him another 4 trillion dollars. He will blow that away in just a few month. We need to “contain him” until the re-election so he cannot do as much harm. Wilfully harming the USA should be an impeachable offense. People seem afraid to challenge him for fear of whatever? We need every person in office challenge him just as the citizens are. He does not have the best interst of our Country in anything he does. CUT HIS TRAVEL & SPENDING of his wife to zilch. If he doesn;t have White House Funds, he spends our dollars. We absolutely must vote him out in 2012. It cannot come soon enough.

  18. A balanced budget Amendment sounds so responsible! But wait…Congress hasn’t passed a budget in more than two years, and a budget is Constitutionally mandated! Supposedly Congress MUST pass a budget, but I guess no one has told them that they are all violating their oath’s of office by ignoring the Constitutional requirement of proposing, debating and ratifying a budget every year. So who will alert them to their responsibility to adhere to the Constitutional mandate of balancing a budget that doesn’t exist? How can we as citizens expect to enforce an amendment mandating a balanced budget if Congress just decides to work without one?
    Does this balanced budget amendment proposed here require a two-thirds majority of both houses to raise taxes? Does it limit the budget in other ways, such as preventing passage of any budget that exceeds a certain percentage of the GDP? I think the limit should be 20% of GDP and NOT adjustable! Does it prevent the government from operating outside Constitutional limits, such as continuing resolutions which permit the government to persist with NO budget? If not, then it is incomplete! We should make sure we support an amendment that will actually work, because right now… It would be pointless!

    • OK, I just read the summary of the bill. It holds the limit of the budget to 18% of GDP which is a 2% improvement over my suggestion, it also requires a two-thirds vote to raise taxes, a three-fifths vote to increase the debt ceiling, and requires the President to submit a budget yearly. I support all of those provisions, but I’d also like to see some language to address these continuing resolutions we’ve been seeing for the last two years.

  19. Article 1, Section-7 of The Constitution says: “All Bills for Raising Revenues Shall ‘Originate’ in the House of Representaives; but The Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.”
    The Senate Can Not , (ORIGINATE), submit Any Bills that Raise Revenues,only submit Counter Versions of what The House has Offered!…….
    And The President has “NO-SAY” At All in Any of These Revenue Matters!
    I didn’t see that ‘The President’ was mentioned ‘ Anywhere’ in Section-7, of Article;1?..Did You?..

    Could this whole process by; Un-Constitutional?

    But My Party would Never be Part of, or Do Anything , that would be considered Un-Constitutional?
    Yea, ………….Right!

  20. Please look at section 7 of the proposed Balanced Budget Amendment. It excludes counting any repayment of the debt principal as a Government expenditure. That seems ridiculious. Isn’t it just a smoke screen legislation with that wording. Also the estimate according to Senator Demint is the proposed Amendment, if ever ratified, would not occur for 10-12 years so it clearly doesn’t fix our problem today. So can someone actually read the proposed legislation and tell me why it’s good. I agree the title sounds good but it goes down hill after that.

  21. Do not raise the debt ceiling! Balance the budget! Make the tough decisions. We can not spend more that we have and neither should govt.

    • Are you guys drunk at Heritage Action??

      You have the Gall to say “49 states have some kind of Constitutional Amendment requiring them to balance their budget”!!

      What State has a balanced budget??
      NY State is 8 Billion in the hole, most of the other states are unbalanced too; so much, for your state balanced budget amendments, all 49 of them, they don’t work. Stop the borrowing and taxing and the budget will balance, its automatic

      • Hi James , Texas is the only state to have a balanced budget. We have billions in our rainy day fund. We also only meet once every 2 years!! I wish congress would do the same !! the less time they’re there ,the less laws they’d make! Too many laws will make us like Europe, the place Europeans want to leave and come here! Why? less laws, therefore more chances of making it!
        Texas produced 80% 0f ALL new jobs in USA in the last two years! Why? we don’t spend what we don’t have[Dems try to force us into negative spending! but most got voted out!] Next , we don’t have state income tax! so more and more companies are coming here to set up shop! A good business climate! Name one BIG Democrat controlled city that is’nt BIG into the RED!! None!
        Have a nice day! Vote them ALL out!! and let’s start again! Starting with term limits! Regards, Colin

  22. I have writen so many letters to my congressman (Tim Scott) Senators Graham and DeMint, they probably have one staff member to exclusively responding with the standard boilerplate responses. I sincerely do not know what it is going to take to get their attention. They’re likea mule. Sometimes you need a baseball bat to get their attention. If the republicns cave in to the President on spending reductions then the republican party will no longer exist as a viable entity. They’ve been snookered too many times to have much confidence in this round of negotiations.

  23. Section 6 of the proposed amendment will pull the teeth out of any balance budget. All Congress has to do is declare war against something or country. (Don’t have to fight a war, just declare it). How about the “war on Terror” The amendment will do nothing to balance the budget.

  24. Have ya’ll read the amendment, with a “legal” understanding of it??

    It “GUTS” the Constitution in more areas than I can print here.

    I’m against it for those reasons, if the American people can’t elect a man honest enough to do what is right for the country, then the amendment is just one more law for them to violate.

    But leave the Constitution the “ALONG”.

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