Time to Bypass the White House [out of date]

Heritage Action Targets 61 Districts in Effort to Send BBA to the States

Washington, D.C. – This week, Heritage Action will launch a campaign in support of H.J.Res.1, a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  The multidimensional campaign, targeting 61 districts across the country, will pressure key Members of Congress and give the Balanced Budget Amendment the optimal chance of success in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“This balanced budget amendment has momentum in Congress as a solution to our spending crisis,” Heritage Action’s CEO Michael A. Needham said.  “Since President Obama is unwilling to come to the table and have an honest conversation, Heritage Action is launching a campaign to bypass the White House and send a Balanced Budget Amendment directly to the states.”

Last week, the White House said America’s crippling debt “is not a constitutional issue” and a balanced budget amendment was not necessary because Congress is capable of solving our nation’s problems.

“This effort is not about today, it is about the future,” Needham continued.  “Our children and grandchildren are being held hostage by a White House that is addicted to higher taxes and over-spending. Fortunately, the road to a Balanced Budget Amendment does not run through the White House because the current occupant has shown no willingness to reduce the size and scope of the federal government.”

Heritage Action’s effort will include a targeted social media campaign, robocalls and direct grassroots outreach.  The campaign will take place in advance of the expected House vote on H.J.Res.1 during the week of July 18.

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July 13, 2011

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14 thoughts on “Time to Bypass the White House [out of date]

  1. so Obama does not think this nation distroying debt is not a Constitutional issue. perhaps its time for us, the voting tax payers to send a clear message of who works for who. the message, American families must live within a budget, so must the American government. no more printing money out of thin air and no more credit card.

  2. obama thinks he is immune and protected from any and all opponents. His comeuppance is on its way. No man is immune and his ego is being set for a colossal fall of truly biblical proportions.

    • I pray you are right Gary. Wouldn’t that really make life a little bit easier? If we could bypass the WH it would be so much nicer as well.

  3. obama is a psychopathic/narcissist, and cares only for himself. If it doesn’t serve his purppose, he doesn’t care. Period. He could care less about our country or the people. He is incapable of caring and pretty much incapable of anything else useful.

  4. Are you sure about the balance budget? i have read if that passes that will increase the presidents authority.

  5. It is time for the Republican’s to call Obama’s bluff and continue to refuse an increase in the National debt. Even then, Obama should be restricted in it’s spending, meaning Congress must approve it. Withdraw the blanket approval that began years ago when they voted to change it.

    I’m not sure Obama is not a Meglomanic, definitely some sort of psychological problem there. No matter how much or little the debt limit is raised, he will start throwing billions around at every pet project and country. CONGRESS must go back to requiring approval before he can even spend. that would stop some of the mega millions (& billions) he has thrown around.

    It does appear to me that his threatening the elderly about their social security checks should definitely SEAL HIS FATE AS A LOSING CANDIDATE IN 2012.

    He has never cared about our country or its people. Just in the last few months has he (& the first lady) started courting our military, the same ones whose checks he threatened to stop and also the same ones who he felt should buy their own health insurance as they volunteered. Now, they are courting them and I sure hope they don’t fall for his bs.

    Republicans, get the message out with your own press conferences.

  6. The problem is those who have made entitlement a way of life. They will happily vote the progressives turds back into office. The other problem are those who don’t vote and don’t care. As long as they get their checks they can buy alcohol and drugs.

  7. I’m for any approach to a common sense solution to all of the problems this President has created, perpetuates or has on his wish list, that can be accomplished without his participation or that forces him to carry the full burden of the onus of whatever he can obstruct as he surely will make every effort to do. He is a national disgrace.

    • Actually, BO is a real live fraud and not a U.S. citizen and no I am not a birther.
      And I like the pennymack plan. Simple, easy and we can make it more than a penny in actuality. We just need to get it done without all the garbage that the dems/pres creates. Pass it and move on to the next issue.

  8. The one problem the Republicans should address is the size of government. Not with blanket statements, but real numbers. How many people in these government agencies, their salaries, their benefits. This would ignite a spark that would send the people into a frenzy to get something done about it.

    Then, have congress review itself. If their concern is for the us, they should take the next step to “share the pain”. How about their salaries being reduced. How about their expense accounts being cut. Their bennies, health care, retirement???

    It’s about time we all share the pain.

    I believe I saw where the Pelosi’s may have a net worth of approximately $60 million. Harry Reid is got to be up their along with many more leaders in our country. Why don’t they write the first checks for sharing the wealth.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you Ken…and I believe you are correct with your approximations on Reid and Pelosi…others as well.

  9. I favor the idea of going forward with the Balanced Budget Amendment. Obama has no reason to try to bypass Congress, but he has given us all plenty of reason to give him a good taste of his own “medicine”.

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