Promises, Promises on Gang of Six

Today, the U.S. House passed a serious legislative proposal – Cut, Cap and Balance. Heritage Action seeks to drive down federal spending and borrowing while protecting America and not raising taxes. Cut, Cap and Balance did exactly that. Unfortunately, the Senate is an entirely different story.

Our friends at The Heritage Foundation have a great first look at the Gang of Six proposal:

All three Senate approaches — the McConnell Plan, the McConnell-Reid “Just Borrow More” Plan, and now the Gang of Six “Maybe Later in the Year” Plan — have one thing in common: procedural gimmicks that promise Congress will do in the future what it won’t do now to control spending. The time has passed for procedural gimmickry — Congress should cut spending and cut it now.

Then the Gang of Six promises — an unenforceable promise — that some time in the next six months Congress will enact a second law with all kinds of Christmas presents for everybody.

Although the “Gang of Six” claims that their plan is separate from the debt limit increase, everyone in Washington including President Obama thinks its precise purpose is to pave the way for a debt limit hike.

The takeaway: the Gang of Six’s plan does not rise to the challenges facing our country. Read the rest of Heritage’s analysis.

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80 thoughts on “Promises, Promises on Gang of Six

      • to fi mike: you should retract your scurrilous and immoral statement immediately. comments like that are not worthy of thinking, caring americans, and give fodder to foam-at-the-mouth critics who say conservatives are a bunch of knuckle-dragging ku klux klan types. shame on you.

          • Being “conservative” shouldn” be a means to obliterate ANYONE. It should be a force to stand on principles and values that make our country what it is. Hate has no productivity or good purpose. Standing firm for what is right does. It takes a stronger person to have self control and perseverance and stand calm but firm than to foam at the mouth and bash others. “Mary” does not represent anything I hold in high regard.

        • I am glad to see you stand for the voice of reason in making political comments.
          Too many Americans are making utterly wild statements that reflect poorly on the points that they are trying to make. Unfortunately, their own statements are counter-productive and mark those who make such wild, illogical statements as “know-nothings.”

          Thank you for insisting on rational thinking.
          It will enhance political discourse and make this a better America — and a better world.

      • Lets keep the hate speak down a martyr is the last thing this country needs. That would tip us out of control. Lets talk issues that are constructive, to get this great country of ours back on track – (of which it hasn’t been on in the last 50 years) Pay attention unite and uphold our constitution or we’ll not have the freedoms that buit this country.

      • My bet is that neither Mike or Mary are conservatives and as a conservative we recognize principles guide us and not fear mongering and threats.

        • As conservatives we are responsible to not just our fellow man but our God who is one of “decency and order” unlike other “so-called gods”. He is also a God of Laws, of equality of all under the Law – when we see cells out of control we diagnosis cancer. Our Constitution recognizes the fallibility of man , the need for informed input and “consensus” within the constraints of the Constitution. Acknowledged was the inability of our Constitution to constrain a people without moral constraint; that’s where we are now.

      • mike,no harm should come to obama while in office,reason being one should not make him a martyr. vote him out of office!!!!! mike, I understand your frustration,you are not a racest.

      • Please remove yourself from this website. We can’t have people like you on here. That kind of comment gets us NOWHERE. Or just never make a comment like that again. Please.

    • Lets all remember the bigger picture. This is about Socialism vs. Capitalism . Not only must we stop Oblabla, but we must defend our core principles . Being a conservative may not be enough in the upcoming elections . We need to work toward eliminating any socialist leaning politician .

      • Add to this mix the infusion of Sharia Law from the many tentacled system of Islam. Eradication before total invasion is critical before we truly become an Islamic nation – that’s the goal of these “moderate Muslims”!!

    • Does this win mean that we have 190 House members that voted NO and we can vote some of them to go home come elect 2012! Also, now we can see how many Senators that might get to go home too! Keep up the good work….we will take back our government, soon!

    • I think O`bama is just a scapegoat for this countries` destruction . Or perhaps a product of the true enemies . How about ACLU ( wasting our tax money to give rocks human rights ) AMA ( giving mood altering drugs to children with too much energy ) FDA ( anyone buying food from FDA approved products has got to expect health failure ) The list goes on my friends . We need to focus not only on the WH and who`s in it but all of those unworthy orgs . That have brought us to this unrest . !

      • No, Obama is not a scapegoat. He knew what he was getting into when he ran except that his ideals were different than he was actually running on. Obama was for Obama, it wasn’t (We the People), it was( I the Ruler). He has attempted to do so many things disregarding congress that he has created this crisis we are in now. There are many things that he has thrown under the bus including our patronage to our constitution of the USA.
        I remember every morning in grade school, the whole school attendance would gather outside the school flag pole and say the pledge to the flag as the flag was drawn up the flag pole. I realize that that was 45 years ago but what has happened to this great country that we have forgotten this and it seems as though we have forgotten those men/women that fought many battles and many of them lost their lives/physicaly & mentaly impaired in order to save our freedom in the world.
        This new government is allowing groups of people being americans or immigrants to change the constitution and other american made laws and regulations. They are allowing/ignoring any and all immigrants to flood into the USA and giving them all these freebies that we americans work for and many americans can not get. On top of that they then want to just turn around and give ammunity to all of them so that they do not have to deal with it even though we have laws on illegal immigration.
        The worst part of this is that it doesn’t seem like they(the president and his socialist group)do not care about us the americans, that we are unemployed, loosing our homes, many have used up their retirement funds in order to pay their bills & feed their families. They don’t care if we loose everything, they don’t seem to understand that the reason for more revenue is not because of not enough taxes but because there are not enough people paying in taxes because they are not working.
        We need jobs so that more people are working to create more revenue, but we also need to layout all these government programs and new regulations that have kept business from being able to start up. We need to eliminate some of these and get back to the basics meaning that taxes for one were originally created to fund our defense and to help needy and set money into Social Security for people as they retire or become disabled.
        Within this program to help the needy they were also to be put to work somewhere to earn their welfare, not just be handed a check for nothing. I do not mind helping people but not if they are not even going to try. This is also why many of these programs should be cut because they are just another give me program. For example there is planned parenthood that the government subsidizes with our taxes. I do not care what they supposedly do or don’t do, the problem is that there are thousands of hospitals throughout the country that have downsized due to lack of patients. We need to work out ways to utilize the hospitals more for services for low income women & men/families and put these educated healthcare people back to work. If someome wants to set-up somewhere for abortions and such then they can do it through fund raising but not taxes.
        The people of this country need to come to terms with the fact we need to de-regulate so we can obtain the oil, gas and coal we have in order to reduce our energy costs. We have enough of our own energy sources to last us for many decades.


      • well would you not say BUSH got us in this mess he had 8 years Obama has had 2. We as a country NEED to Stand together as ONE

        • Regina it is true that Bush started spending but Obama came in a put his foot on the paddle and accelerated it to where it is now! As a matter of fact he agree with it before he was elected that taxes should not be raised.
          Obama could have done something before now he came too busy fighting for gay marriages and transforming americans.
          He could have put his engery into this instead of all these other unnecessary issues that has nothing to do with the survival of this country.
          Obama is just as much the blame!! He has not done anything right that is worthy of praise yet.
          VOTE HIM OUT NEXT ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lets Talk about BUSH screwing up this country he put alot of money in his pocket over our GASOLINE issues Never bothered HIM he did not pay for gas he had his hand in the gasoline issues and got rich off us AMERICANS and well he started a bigger war that has cost this country ALOT

      • regenia,regenia,you are good example of public school education. regenia, shummer,barney frank, chris dodd are the people who caused our troubles. they allowed people who could not afford houses purchased them, when the balloon mortage came due, they could not pay the the rate.bush and mccain warned fanny mae,however the dems said fanny mae was ok. they lied.

      • Regina this country has been screwed up for a long time, Bush was rich before he got in office. He is not the only one put money in his pockets so did the Clintons.
        So is Obama.
        Obama does’nt know what the hell he is doing.
        This man is so insane he can’t think for himself and his advisor do not care thats why they are advising him wrong.
        Vote Him Out Next Election!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. The Senate needs to pass the Bill and let Obama veto it.

    In the process we will note the Senator’s who do not vote for it (Hopefully Reid can not table the Bill).

    • Thank you to those who voted for this bill in Congress and a note that I will be searching the vote record for ANYONE representing the state of Oregon who voted against it and will make a special trip to the voting polls just to vote against you. I, for one, am sick and tired of the Democrats bull**** and am ready for some new progressive faces to represent me in the Congress as well as the Senate. So those of you who hold a seat in Congress or in the Senate be well aware that I am not alone in my openions. We will all be watching how our representatives vote on the issues and if they follow the ideology of this President and his administration. They are in for a rude awakening in November, 2012. They will find themselves out of a job just like the last election. You were warned then and you can consider yourselves warned again! We, the People, are sick and tired of the lies, deceit, and corruption you represent. Clean up your house or expect to be looking for another line of employment. We will be firing your ass in 2012, right along with this sorry excuse of a human being, Obummer. You know, the guy who has been posing as the President of the United States, and with no constructive efforts on behalf of our country. You’re out of here right along with the rest of the liars and cheats just like you. And GOOD RIDANCE!!!!!

  2. The McConnell_Reid plan must be stopped.

    Or is it to late. Has McConnell really thrown the Republican Party and the future of America under the bus.

    • If the Republicans are really smart, and, I am not saying that they are, mind you, they will boot out turncoats and dumbasses like McConnell each and every time that they are sold out on issues of such critical magnitude.

      The Republican party could do itself a big favor by getting rid of the dyed-in-the-wool wishy washies, the political dead wood, and replace them with charismatic, educated, and honorable patriots, whose loyalty is to this country, our Constitution, and to the American people.

      By the way, I am NOT a Republican. Just in case yall are wondering…….

      • Hey! this is not the time for foolish talk. And if you really want to get rid of someone dyed in the wool wishy washies start with that lying commander in chief( Obama.)

        Vote him out next election!!!!

        • Daphney:
          You hit the nail on the head! Obama stated that his mother had no health care (he was pushing for his Obama Care bill at the time he made that statement) when in fact she did have health care and was denied “full” coverage due to a preexisting condition. Another lie was that he was with his mother at her bedside when she passed away in a hospital in Hawaii. The fact was he was in Chicago at the time of her death, running for senator.

  3. No More Promises:
    I think the time to stop this over spending is now! We don’t want to see the debt limit increased without a sure plan to reduce spending. When we say reduce it, we mean the present not over the next ten years. Just like you want the citizens of this great country to control their spending, Congress needs to follow suit.
    Cut, Cap and Balance

    • Lets CUT AND CAP THIER SALARIES SEE HOW they like that I bet not a one of them say cut my pay HAHAHA and I bet the country will balance they are all OVER PAID

      • Regina
        Lets cut and cap planned parenthood who Obama give 1 billion every 3 year to.
        Let cut and cap the money he is sending overseas to build hospital etc…. to people who are not paying taxes to us at all.
        Let cut and cap Obamacare
        Let cut and cap all that Obama administration is spending that has nothing to do with the people in this country and see if the people could get their checks on time who has paid into this system.

        Vote Him Out Next Election!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well it good House pass a cap spend,but what sure we can be Senate is will pass too?A real are we a peoples said yes or no,problem with a large politician are if win don’t remember no more.Many issue alike immigration or any another issue is must set on a ballot and we vote,a power over a few guys is not a good idea.

  5. Now is the time to act on the debt limit. We absolutely can’t kick the can down the road again. We must think of our young people and their future welfare and not load them up with more debt.

  6. Like most sensible Americans who want our country out of “banker danger”, I want Congress to pass Cut, Cap and Balance (BOTH chambers). And I want the Republicans to CONTINUE to be tough and make the changes necessary to insure low taxes, less debt and a downsized govt that lives within it’s means, period. That’s all we need, it isn’t rocket science or designing the atomic bomb…but it’s every bit as important to our future.

    • Both chambers MUST PASS Cut, Cap and Balance.
      The Republicans MUST CONTINUE to be tough and do not give in.
      The bloated government must downsize and keep taxes low.
      Government does not have an income problem, they have a spending problem.

    • The magic bullet, as I see it, would be a combination of MAJOR SPENDING CUTS, MAJOR TAX CUTS, and MAJOR NON CRITICAL PROGRAM REDUCTION and ELIMINATION, in order to get a balanced budget and get this nation out of debt within the next 10 to 15 years. Otherwise, we are doomed.

  7. I will be writing my senator and telling him that he no longer deserves my vote (Sen Crapo of Idaho). He is selling us down the toilet. As far as Obummer goes, he has never, nor will he ever get my vote. What a piece of human excrement!

    • I second that Robert Graves ,and if I may elaborate. obumma has no intrest in the welfare of this country,he seems hell-bent to do all the damage he can until he is voted out in november.Why would he care he’s not even an American citizen,just my opinion.

    • Stop and Look at the big PICTURE. We as Middle class have made the RICH RICHER cause they get tax breaks or pay nothing while we pay all the big monies I am sick and Tierd of the middle class paying everything while the RICH GET RICHER and have not a worry


  8. (First) – FI Mike needs to be barred from this site. (Second) – It is political suicide for the Republican party if they don’t demand immediate substanial cuts in spending. Then substanial cuts the following year. (Third) Proposed cuts in out years, are not worth the paper they’re written on. Only fools fall for that kind of cut proposal, as there are no safeguards that will ensure cuts beyond the immediate and those bordering years. (Fourth) Those Republicans in the senate that are found dishonest and weak, will have primary challenges. (Fifth) Conservative leaders, and their supporters should come up with a written mandate, that for every dollar contributed to conservative canidates, that an equal amount be given toward those primary challengers running against those weak rino republican senate members. ——- Lets hold those Rinos feet to the fire.

    • Mike has the right to say what he wants. Demoncrats have certainly said much much worse. Freedom of speech you know.

      • I’m with you John Terrell Campbell! It’s just like a snotty nosed shit democrat to squeeel like a stuck pig whenever someone offends them or those they support. Well here’s back to you in spades; I have seriously wondered why this President has NOT been attacked. He certainly has given sufficient reason to be. I don’t really want him dead, I wouldn’t ever want for him to become a martyr, I just want him out of office and exposed openly for the treasonous acts he has performed that have hurt our country to the bone. I do, however, hope that he is found out for every wrongdoing he has EVER commited and that he is locked up for the rest of his miserable life as payment. Then I will be satisfied. This is what he most certainly deserves and I wouldn’t want to beat him out of what he deserves, would you?!!!!

        • I have quite enjoyed reading all these comments for it seems that more and more people are on to Obama and his teams scemes. Yes, Cut the Crap and get a proper Balance seems to be the most popular desire! God Bless America and especially all those who sincerely want what is best for us! I too have been praying that God would expose all the deceit and fraud throughout our government and open the eyes of all the people, and it seems that our prayers are being answered.

  9. It is good to remember nothing good came out of 2008 elections.

    REMEMBER that today, until 2012!!!

    We need a president with the guts of Ron Paul -no compromise, today and always.

  10. Please…EVERYONE…contact EVERYONE you know on all social medias and ask them to contact their Senators. APPLY pressure NOW…Put Cut, Cap and Balance directly on Obama’s shoulders.

    • Should Cut, Cap, and Balance bill be passed by both the House and the Senate, and Obama be forced by political pressures (internal) to sign it into law, then a false flag event of unprescedented proportion will soon follow, allowing all of this legislation to flow under the “Emergency Powers Act” table. If you back this most dangerous man into that corner, he will play the trump card. Mark my words…..

      • wnettles… Wow, sounds like you’ve got Obama’s number pretty down pat. I think that he is a very controlling power hungry person and he’s showed his colors a few times, no pun intended, so I too have had similar thoughts about what he would do if he was backed against the wall. He’s a man that definately doesn’t like not getting his way and I think that he’d stoop at just about anything to get it. I haven’t trusted him from the start.

  11. I was never so afraid for our country! It’s being run so irresponsibly and when actions are taken to counteract the vandalism Republicans are the enemies! Now, I think it’s time that our President grades in college are revealed while Republicans do the work and correct our financial woes

  12. Our founding Fathers must be rolling over in their
    graves!!! To think that 56 men – most of them tortured and hung or who lost their land, homes and livelihood after signing the Declaration of Independence – started this country by pledging
    ‘their lives, their fortunes and their SACRED HONOR’ and to see what Washington has become today (which, I’m sure, our First President would NOT like to lend his name to) with back-
    room deals and wink/nod tactics… People who have NO HONOR should not be in any position in DC… That’s the first problem!!!

  13. As important as this budget stuff is there will be no America until and unless we get back to the Judeo-Christian principles this country was founded on. *Stop tossing Israel under the “bus”. *Stop giving money to appease people who want us dead (they ARE buying weapons with our money and they do mean what they are saying). *Get the government out of the way and let us work. *One final principle we are only as strong as our weakest person (like a chain). Let us help those of our neighbors who legitimately need it to help themselves. (For those who have a difficult time with spelling and grammar please take the time to have someone show you how to use spellchecker and how to edit your comments)
    Stop trusting in the government and start trusting in Jesus Christ.

  14. The Senate needs to pass Cut, Cap and Balance. There is no other acceptable way out. Washington must learn to live within its means. Next step, reform entitlement programs, i.e. stop corruption.

  15. This is another tactic to defuse or head off the momentum to do the right thing and undermine the Administrations attempts to bankrupt America.

    What the Tea Party has to recognize is this is a fight for survival and not about joining hands across the aisle.

    Many Republicans are playing fools to this con and undermining their own cause in the process. The question is ,when the cons do stop working, what will the Obamanoids resort to to get their way. We need to force their hand so they will expose their true selves to the American People.

  16. With taxpayers in or approaching minority status and election fraud rampant, getting out 100% of the conservative vote may not be enough; however, if you want to proselytize some liberals, be prepared to face the mentality that I shall attempt to explain:
    Many of those who support obama CANNOT tell you WHY they do! To that extent, they are much like a nude-dancing bar bimbo who STRIPS by night and does CRACK with her physically-abusive, drug dealing boyfriend by day. If you ask her why she doesn’t LEAVE him, she replies “Because I LOVE him”. If you press further and ask, “Well then, WHY do you ‘love’ him?”, she SOBS a reply through her swollen, bruised, battered and bleeding face, “I don’t know.” Be PREPARED. It’s HARD to communicate with these people!

  17. I hope there are enough clear thinking Senators on both sides of the isle that will vote for Cap, Cut and Balance. I like Mitch McConnell but I do not feel his plan is a good one and is kicking the problem down the road and for the gang of 6, their plan is filled with question marks. Thank you. Angie A.

  18. I will give all of you my opinion you need to google Garet Garrett and read his stuff it will help you understand both sides of this mess. Obama is just another President Wilson Obama has a more evil base and a 100 years to get into position.

  19. The President is basically powerless, congress is totally responsible for all of it. The president can only ask, but congress does his bidding. We can thank our liberal democrat majority for inaction and unwillingness to do what it takes to resolve our economic fiasco. The House can pass every conservative legislation they choose, but the democrat majority in the Senate will not even bring it to a vote. And if the democrats did vote to pass a bill that would restore us to sanity, the president will veto it. So, I guess in the end HE is responsible.

    • James P, the Senate will be voting on the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act this Saturday. Everyone on this blog should call their Senator and demand they vote YES and if they don’t it will be remembered Nov 2012. This includes both Democrat and Republican (RINO).

  20. I am very concerned with the level of education and crudeness of some of these comments.

    I don’t think these comments reflect the character of the Heritage Society.

    • I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran for the past two years we got noting for a cost of living yet we can find monies to spend on porkbelly projects and other items. I believe in my Country and I know that Congress will do the right things to get us back on track. We have the knowledge to get the job done and done right it’s time to put party difference aside and get back on track. We are the first to help other countries we need to help our country first and the rest will fall in place. Reduce the troops over seas and our foreign spending in these countries and we can save money. I thank you for allowing me to have my say. Welcome Home to my fellow Veterans. As always Stay Safe Stay Proud. Remember it’s not what you take out of life rather it’s what you leave behind

  21. Let’s keeep this simple just Impeach The Obama Jackass and let’s get on with rebuilding our nation.
    Democrat Party is the Party of Death, they are the cancer that killls Life, Liberty, and Freedom. They are Liars,theives and traitors.

    lobster anyone?
    PS: Anyone out their who doesn’t like what I’ve said, I couldn’t care less and you can go to hell anyway. Your part of the problem.

    • Timerunner I could not agree with you more.

      I hope people will open their eyes and see them for who they really are.
      Lets Vote Him Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Let Senators Coburn and McConnell know we are watching and will vote them out for their abdication of responsibility and failure to protect and defend the Constitution!

  23. First of all you haters don’t serve us conservatives well it is why we lost the 2008 elections. Republicans/teapartyers need intelligent articulate non-hater spokesmen and spokeswomen and at some point in time before 2012 Republicans – Tea Partyers must realize that only as a united team can we beat the Democrats in 2012. It is time NOW for a come to Jesus type of meeting between the two groups or we will see another disaster develop in 2012! Senate please do not chicken out it is time for you to vote for what your friends in the House have voted for! Listen to the people of this country we no longer will tolerate politics as usual. It is time to stop, drop and roll with cut, cap and balance and it is time for you to go on record as looking to the future on behalf of all the American People or turning your back on all the American People … DO IT NOW!

  24. I am constantly PRAYING that God will stop Obama from funding UNGODLY ABORTION with tax money and from putting other UNGODLY/UNFAIR laws into practice. America needs to remain “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” and NOT ALLOW any political leaders to put put UNGODLY/UNFAIR laws into practice!!!


  26. Why haven’t TREASON charges been filed against this administration???? I have a list of 60 charges of treason and I am still counting. WHY!! WHY!!
    Are there no Americans left in Congress??? Are they all for the “New World Order”?
    Also look up “What are they spraying” You will be amazed at what the Gov. is up to spraying in the skies above us…..unusual hot temperatures??? Maybe they are trying to create “GLOBAL Warming”… Please go to “” and type in “what are they spraying” and look at the u-tube 5 part series of how the governments GEO Engineering is spraying chemicals trying to control the weather….I believe that they have caused the Heat Wave and the fires in the Southern states, Aluminum Oxide is very flammable and that is one of the chemicals they are spraying….have YOU seen a CHEM-TRAIL??? Watch the video and let me know!!! I saw four yesterday…OMG God Help Us All….

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