Obamacare Will Hurt Families

Part of President Obama’s massive healthcare takeover could leave families paying far more for their healthcare. Wasn’t the crushing burden of healthcare costs on middle class families exactly what this administration passed this bill to avoid?

This is just one of many reasons why this massive, 2,000 page government takeover was a bad idea. It’s been over a year since this law was passed and we’re still finding things that are horribly wrong with it.

In 2014, everyone will be mandated to buy health insurance. To help people afford private insurance, the government will subsidize it. However, if an employer offers government-approved health insurance (which most likely will be more expensive thanks to Obamacare’s minimum requirements) then that worker does not qualify for the government subsidy.

Here’s the problem, a lot of workers won’t be able to afford the higher cost of employer’s healthcare, but they won’t be able to receive government subsidies to buy private insurance because their employer offers insurance. Headache? That’s what these unfortunate families will receive when they can’t afford insurance, but they’ll still lose money because they’ll be fined for not having insurance under the mandate.

So you will have three options under Obamacare:

  1. Pay lots more per paycheck for employer health insurance,
  2. Pay lots more out of your pocket for private insurance without a government subsidy or;
  3. Give money straight to the government through a fine for not having insurance.

The greediness and disregard for American families from liberals never ceases to amaze.

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6 thoughts on “Obamacare Will Hurt Families

  1. This is what happens when no one reads a bill but passes it any way. This is what happens when a bill gets so big, has so many references to so many other parts. This is what happens when an administration, in an attempt to bully, blackmail, bribe, scheme, hide, threaten and out right lie to get to an ultimate goal of single payer. This is what happens when a media doesnt do its job, but instead attempts the biggest power grab in the history of our nation, and an administration doesn’t put all the facts out there for the CBO to check, when the citizens believe all the promises of what government can do to help us, to make our lives easier. Or a citizenry doesn’t care, doesn’t hold our government or the media accountable.

    This has never worked in any other country, this was put together too quickly for there to have been any sort of impact assessment on the future. Every member of this administration that disagreed with the way it was put together, scored, rated, publicized, should have protested a hell of a lot harder then they did. The house, as they promised should have defended every bill, funding request, everything that came across for a vote should have been voted down

    Every single citizen no longer has control of their own health. Instead it will be in the hands of a board of strangers we don’t know, didn’t elect, and will have the ultimate power over our quality of life in every illness, every pain, our quality of life.

    We are now nothing but a line item in a budget. A budget that in the near future will not be able to be met. The budget will be cut, our choices for medication fewer, our standard of care lower, and there will be decisions made for us that will end up being because of cost. And we have NO recourse. No where else to go. No one else to see. No way out.

    This is exactly what Obama wanted. Insurance companies to go out of business, companies to drop the health care benefits, to throw us into the single payer system. The facts were out there. Recordings of his true goal there for anyone to see but the media and the entire administration failed us on this. Nothing is fixed, instead of fixing the areas that needed it, a plan was put in place to destroy our entire system.

    Our future is there to see, take a look at workers compensation. Take a look at young people no longer able to work, not getting the medical attention they need because a board of people have the ability to determine how you will live. It isn’t pretty, it isn’t a life I want for anyone. But I see it every day. My husband is getting the pain pill that Obama talked about. An addictive, dangerous series of narcotic medication that he does not want but has absolutely NO choice because they won’t do what is really needed. A medical procedure that could relieve his pain, allow him to go back to work after 12 long years, a life free from pain. A life lived the way HE determines. Not the way someone else has decided he should live it. He ha sheen sentenced for life. He can’t get the care I could get with the same problem. How sad that the American people are so gullible, so greedy, so willing to hand over their most valuable asset, their bodies and their health to a government that does not care. Because of Obama and his administration, because of a media that no longer has any ethics, and because of a people that still believe that government is truthful and has your best interests at heart, that they care for us little people. It isn’t too late…yet. Speak now, because soon it will be.

  2. Single payer is working out well in Taiwan. They took US medicare system and extended it to the entire population. They spend 6% of GDP on health care and have 70% patient satisfaction.

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  4. I’m disabled with NO income or health care WHATSOEVER! My wife only makes about $6,000 annually and also has health problems. I’m at stage 4 kidney disease which is literally killing me. I read we’ll be fined $1,400 a year for not being able to afford insurance. We can barely afford my meds now and I’ll be forced to stop taking them altogether when this takes effect. Does this make sense to ANYONE? It’s like fining a homeless person because they don’t have a roof over their head or anything to eat. Great news though, illegal immigrants ARE EXEMPT FROM BEING FINED! I’ll go one better. Here in AZ., Medicaid is called Access. Although we DO NOT qualify, it says right in the application “If you’re an illegal immigrant and cannot obtain a Social Security number, you’ll still get health care under the Federal Emergency Medical Services. Immigrants not able to legally obtain a SS number ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PROVIDE ONE!” I’ve emailed Gov. Brewer’s office NUMEROUS times, but without the courtesy of a response, as I anticipated. God Bless America, but only if you’re NOT A LEGAL CITIZEN!

  5. This is the punishment the nation gets for voting for a socialist who still goes around snatching money from other people’s wallets. Obama is bankrupting the nation. Compared to George W Bush, the rate of his spending is THREE TIMES that. Suppose for example, that Bush’s spending hit $200 billion, then Owe-bama pushed our nation’s debt to $600-700 billion. Our great great grandkids will still be paying off this buffoon’s debts long into the 21st century. Obama: worst president EVER. And if you dirty liberals want to wave the race card like you’ve been doing those last 3 and a half years, go ahead, clearly you want racism alive and well. The liberals and their lying propaganda networks like CNN would panic if racism died out. Shame on them and shame on Obama.

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