Obama’s “Armageddon” Birthday Bash!

The President and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner have been saying for months that if a debt limit deal is not reached by August 2nd, an economic catastrophe will occur. An economic “Armageddon” if you will.

So how is President Obama planning for August 3rd, the day the world ends? With a HUGE fundraiser for his 50th birthday, of course. I mean, it’s not like anything important will be happening that day. It’s not like he has a job to do or anything.

The party will be a star-studded extravaganza complete with a concert and all the proceeds will go towards…getting President Obama re-elected.

For $50 you get a ticket to the little people’s section. The people who the President claims are the ones who really fund his campaigns and who he’s fighting for? Yes, they get to see the concert and say they attended.

For $200, the general admission price, you get a better seat.

For $1,000 you get to sit with other wealthy people and have easier access to alcohol.

For $10,000 you get an even better seat and a photo with the President.

For – wait for it – $35,800 you get a private dinner with the President.

All of this while, if you believe the President’s fear mongering, the country is supposed to run out of cash.

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3 thoughts on “Obama’s “Armageddon” Birthday Bash!

  1. This is obscene. He has threatened seniors and vets saying he might not send out their checks in August. These people paid into SS all their working lives and our vets put their lives on the lines for our freedoms.
    I believe that he threatened Cantor, not because he wants a bipartisan deal but because he knows if he doesn’t get a deal by 8/2 this partee he is throwing will really look bad.
    He is a man child with sociopathic tendencies.

  2. Is this the same Geithner who is saying that the economy is recovering and that the Democrats are the ones you should thank for that? Well, of course that why our “leader” is throwing himself and his buddies such a birthday bash (at our expense). Wonder what Tim’s explanation of the stock market taking such a huge dive is. Come on, Tim, what’s your explanation. ..oh, wait. I know…its Bush’s fault!

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