Heritage Action Statement on Boehner Debt Plan

In response to the debt plan outlined by House Speaker John Boehner, Heritage Action’s CEO Michael A. Needham released the following statement:

Heritage Action is eager to review the details of the latest plan.  As we have said, we are a “no” on raising the debt limit and will remain a “no” unless a proposal drives down federal spending and borrowing while protecting America, rejects tax increases and includes the sort of historic reforms that will save the American dream for our children and grandchildren.  Based on preliminary reports, we are skeptical this proposal rises to the occasion.

Additional Information:
Open Letter to Congress: “No” on Debt Deal “Unless”
Heritage Action is a “no” and will remain a “no” unless a deal rises to the level of the substantial fiscal challenges which face our nation.

Watch Out for the Gimmicks and Promises
The American people understand our nation is on an unsustainable path, but they are not willing to accept a gimmick-riddled deal cloaked in bipartisan rhetoric and feel-good promises.

Heritage: Conrad-Gregg Commission Bill Is Wrong Approach to Fiscal Crisis
Under the fast-track rules for considering the commission’s recommendations, the congressional minority’s rights are unduly limited.


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22 thoughts on “Heritage Action Statement on Boehner Debt Plan

    • Did you not see this in the statement: Based on preliminary reports, we are skeptical this proposal rises to the occasion.

    • Heritage says no to allowing the president to continue his irresponsible spending. If that is what Duder calls wrecking the economy, he must be standing on his head.

    • Duder must not understand our Constitution and our economic model.
      Let me summarize it.
      Each Citizen is given his liberty and freedom to reach as high a level in our society as his natural and developed talents allow. Our Federal Government is given the duty to ‘Porvide for our Protection and Defense’ and ‘Promote the General Welfare’ of the total Society. Notice the words ‘Provide’ and ‘Promote’ where they are used. To ‘Provide’ means exactly what it says, the Federal Government is to Pay the Bills for our Defense and Protection, and we, the Citizens through our industry will provide the funds.
      ‘Promote’ the General Welfare, on the other hand, means that the Federal Government is authorized to perform actions for the use and edification of all of the Citizens as a whole. But the Federal Government is not authorized to ‘Provide’ the general wefare for any particular Citizen or Groups of Citizens.
      The Heritage Foundation follows the Constitution exactly to the letter and contrary to your post the Heritage is not the destroyer of our economy. That is the realm of those ‘One Worlders’ in both of the major parties, Repubs and Democrats or as a group Republicrats. We have not had a true Nationalist President since Reagan and damn few before him after the founding fathers.
      Wake up and read some history, study some books on economics, try Adam Smith, he is a great read. Give G. Edward Griffin, ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ a read. It is really a well researched tomb and has opened many eyes to what is coming very quickly to our world.
      I do not havea clue as to why we keep electing fools into our government, but we do. If we want to keep control of the Federal Government we can do it by never increasing the Debt Limit, this would force the Federal Government to only spend the money that they take in with taxes. We should not let ten year old kids use our adult credit cards and that is what we have done for the last 100 years.

  1. Who will you work for if the government gets rid on the rich? By the way how many more people will you hire if your taxes go up next year $10,000?

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  3. People need to understand the government doesn’t make anything that generates money for our economy. Without businesses actually making money to pay people, the government has no money. Taking more money from those who actually work for a living and giving it to those who don’t has gotten out of hand. We need term limits, no more lifetime professional polititions. A flat tax where everybody pays is the only way to be fair to everyone and eliminates loop holes, ear marks and other ridiculous things that are a waste of time for discussion. We need people who have common sense to lead this country and get the dead weight out to get a real job where tough choices are made everyday like the rest of us.

  4. I believe we need term limits on congress also, not just on the presidency. Maybe then they will make the tough choices to make our country grow in prosperity. With the private sector shrinking and the public sector growing at this rate, we (as a businessman) will lose our chance at change for a balanced budget amendment and repeal of ObamaCare. I couldn’t agree with Sue more flat tax for everyone

  5. Some people including many Republicans think the Cut, Cap and Balance Bill will be a panacea into correcting the financial woes of the Federal Government, because the amendment will force them to spend within their means. Excuse me, but isn’t that what the Debt Ceiling was supposed to do? The debt ceiling is law by Statute. A Constitutional amendment carries much more weight; however amendments can be repealed, just like statutes can be overridden by a new statute. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Amendments are circumvented everyday. So what good is it if the politicians do not follow the law whether it’s a Statute or an Amendment? The problem arose in the Federal Government when it became involved in things they should not be involved in. Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution enumerates the power of the Federal Government and was supposed to put restraints on it, but it has not. The Government’s main responsibility is to protect its citizens.

    • Amen!!

      Please see my suggestion for implementing a change in elected offices. i have tried to make it simple, i,e., not have to change the present terms of office, but but a limit on total years in offices.

  6. I fear we are on the brink of seeing our nation slide past the point of no return. Will America, the Land of Opportunity, become America, the Land of Entitlement? Cut, Cap, and Balance will not solve the problem. But it might be a step back towards sanity. We did not get here overnight, and we will not escape quickly. We need the courage to fight to restore the promise of America. This nation was founded and built by risk takers. People came here in pursuit of an opportunity. They will willing to risk failure in the hope of achieving success.

  7. I believe that the real world is that we are stuck with being 1/3 of the govt. Therefore, let the house present its best shot (Boehner’s bill) and let the 2/3 of the govt. take their best shots and live with their decision. God is in control and we can only pray that our country will continue to survive whatever we are dealt. We have overcome much more in the past and this too shall pass.

  8. Cut spending, cut taxes, and get the jackboot of regulation off the throat of business and I think you’ll see a recovery faster than you think.

  9. With what is and has been going on with the Federal budget, this country will experience inflation of over 100% per year as early as 2012, and it will continue for at least three years, unitl some “smarts” are intoduced as emergency measures to control the economy.

    The current debt of 16.4 trillion is, in “real terms”, per Bill Gross, the economist, more like 75 trillion.

    We are a “lost nation” looking a glass of water thai is half full, rather than half empty.

  10. The Patriot Thing To Do

    All Senators and Congress Persons including the President and his staff take a 10% pay cut and apply the savings to the Federal and State budgets and deficits as they are the ones that have got us into this mess by over spending our money and raiding our Social Security and Medicare trust funds. If you agree please pass it on If you disagree just delete Thank You,

    • I second that emotion ! Obama created a lot of jobs for his “buddies” – he made them “czars” – they get paid very well I’m sure – those jobs and the people holding them need to be eliminated – the “perks” that all the Senators enjoy also need to be eliminated and their private health care plans cut off – let them live like we do and pay into Medicare instead of taking from those funds we have paid into all our working lives, They live like royalty and this is unacceptable.

  11. Here is my plan to cut spending.

    Any person elected to a Federal Government position shall be limited to a maximum of two (2) terms. This applies if the person was elected or appointed. Additionally, A person cannot be a candidate for a Federal Government office if the sum of all years in any elective office exceeds or will exceed twelve (12) years. This applies if the person was elected or appointed.

    This will stop all the spending that is done to be re-elected since re-election will not be possible.

  12. I think we should abolish the FED. They aren’t part of the government and still controll our money and charge us interest. GET RID OF THE FED

    • I would make all who would be elected officials not be able to make any more than the top ranked military official, not including the President. This with term limits would radically change the fat we see today. One more thing…stop lobbyist from paying for the decisions that should be made from thought, conscience and morals.

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