Harry Reid’s Sense of Shared Irresponsibility

It has been 797 days since Senate Democrats passed a budget plan.  Last week, President Obama shamed Harry Reid’s (D-NV) Senate into cancelling its July 4th recess so they could get serious about the debt and deficit reduction.  Of course, Senate Democrats still don’t have a budget.

This afternoon, the Senate began debate on their “plan”: S.1323, a purely political non-binding sense of the Senate resolution:

Sense of the Senate- It is the sense of the Senate that any agreement to reduce the budget deficit should require that those earning $1,000,000 or more per year make a more meaningful contribution to the deficit reduction effort.

The Hill reported:

The bill has no specific recommendations on how much taxes should be raised on high-income earners, and is simply a recommendation that these taxpayers pay more.

Not only is Harry Reid’s “plan” non-binding, it contains absolutely no details.  The resolution is purely political, serving as a basis for political ads and to launch class warfare rhetoric.  We’ve said time and again, increasing taxes will not solve our spending problem.  And currently low tax receipts (thanks, recession) are no excuse to raise taxes.


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4 thoughts on “Harry Reid’s Sense of Shared Irresponsibility

  1. Mission creep. There is no support for Republican party mission creep on reducing spending in order to raise the debt ceiling. It is full spead ahead with all cuts and no taxes or Republican’s lose their base.

    • Republicans just don’t get it.. The people know what’s going on. And they are sick of the middle class having to pay for the parties agenda… Oh you idiots have really forgotten who has made your party. The fringe will never provide enough votes to move the party forward… All the best of luck to you idiots..

  2. Spending is always easiest when it’s nothing that you’ve worked for…..drones do that for you, then you get to have fun spending *their* hard earned money. There are no more values today in this world, no morals. Just sit down and shut up and I will lead you!
    OH MY GOD HELP US!!!!!

  3. Lillian,

    I don’t mean to be mean but I have got to say “sorry babe, but YOU are the idiot here”. YOU are the fringe. The vast majority of the people has HAD it with the INTENTIONAL wasteful spending of our tax dollars so that the case can be made for the raising of taxes. The rich are already paying an over-burdensome percentage in taxes while almost 50% of the population is getting away with paying ZERO. Raising taxes further on these who are the job creators will only further stiffle economic growth and REDUCE revenues to the gov’t coffers. Anyway, we appreciate your “best of luck” but we don’t need it as the Dems will soon be completely out of power for quite some time

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