Boehner Debt Plan Vote Today

House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) debt deal plan is scheduled for a vote today around 5:30pm. Heritage Action remains opposed to the Boehner plan, which is insufficient to address our impending fiscal crisis.

Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham spoke this week about the Boehner plan and what a deficit reduction deal should actually include:


Americans need a solution, not another deal to punt the necessary choices. We need to call Congress and tell them not to stall but to solve. Our children and grandchildren’s futures are at stake.


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21 thoughts on “Boehner Debt Plan Vote Today

  1. The Cut, Cap, and Balance plan is a good plan to start moving us in the right direction but since it was so cowardly not even considered by the Senate Speaker Boehner believes he has to compromise. We have compromised and kicked this “debt can” down the road for far too long. Now is the time to act regardless of political fallout. It always takes courage to do the right thing and doing the right thing will always be opposed by those who don’t benefit from doing the right thing. Leaders lead in the right direction because they know the long term benefits are worth the short term pain.

    • You’re absolutely right. Why should the Republicans be “sent to their room” to come up with another downsized plan to please the liberals who can’t be plaeased with anything that makes sense and is worth passing into law just to have it rejected again? Standing firm and letting the world know that they’re insisting on a plan that effectively does what is required to start getting the debt crisis fixed. However, with a 10 yr. plan as the answer which is part of Boehner’s plan, without immediate cuts seems to be vascillaing to the point of doing nothing good.Just as a patient needs a regular check-up to see if whatever plan–if any will be adopted–is absolutely necessary. Further action in addition to scheduled cuts in 6 months will be necessary in spite of Obama’s statement that it will be vetoed if it is not long term to take him through the election so this issue, which is of his making, doesn’t surface to prevent his reelection. Standing firm on a short term plan is as important as any other part of any plan. And since the media is mostly liberal it will be necessary for all Republicans and conservatives of any group to get out the message or the Democrats will try to see to it that the Republicans get the blame for what the Democrats have caused and want to perpetuate. Getting out the right message is everyone’s job whether sending articles on the internet to anyone we know and asking them to pass it along to anyone they know is an important way everyone can get invloved. There are others, but our nation has never faced such an attempt to overthrow everything that has made our country continue to be, as it has been since its inception, a light to the world to what works when people are free of government meddling.

  2. I vote no on the debt deal and I vote no completely. There is no reason for an “Unless” and those who understand the economics of our nation understand. Everyone wants an unless because no one wants to really start the down sizing of our government. So now is the time that Uncle Sam starts facing reality. –14 Trillion = we are out of money! Subtracting another trillion doesn’t make us less broke! STOP SPENDING!!!!!

  3. One of the basic rules of negotiation is never negotiate against yourself, which is what the republicans have been doing since Obama hasn’t shown one stitch of leadership and brought forth his plan for the budget. I suggest that since the republicans hold the cards that we stand fast with cut, cap and balance and get the constitutional amendment through once and for all. In business we are forced to spend within our means, or we simply go out of business. The liberals cannot seem to get that through there thick heads, and yet, I know some of them are business people. It seems when they get to Washington, they want to spend more and more. It is never enough. Maybe the reason is that it isn’t their money. Well now is the time to say enough is enough. Stop spending our money!

  4. The Cut and Cap are no brainers, the only reason not to do this is they (Congress) do not care.
    As far as Balance, I was under the impression that a law was passed, back in the Carter era, that mandated that Congress balance the budget every year. If this is the case why is this law being ignored?

    • There was a balanced budget amendment before Congress I think it was 1995 it passed the house and failed in the Senate by one vote that one vote was cast by Senator Joe Biden since eh voted last it was his choice.

      • The law I am refering to was not under Carter, it was under Reagan. It was the (Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Balanced Budget Law) signed by Reagan in late 1985. It passed both House and Senate.

    • One reality: While most States have Balanced-budget in their Constitutions, many if not most States have been on the dole from the Federal Govt because of ‘social engineering’ initiated by the Federal. Hence, the States are mostly dependent on the Federal which has the power to borrow and print money. So, one economics author even told me, “Would you want to see the US down to the level of third-world country by balancing its budget?” Ridiculous but true!

  5. Cut the size of gov employees 1st., stop all of Congress’ pay. Cut Cut Cut the spending to foreign countries. Then let’s talk about programs that are not working.

    • Stop the pay checks to all Government. Take back the pay hike Congress gave themselves last year or year before, because they could. Then go along with what Dori says

  6. I agree with Dori about cutting the federal work force most fed jobs have 5-10 people doing the same thing in the same office. As far as Congressional pay raises, the answer for that is to tie it to the ballot, so that every two years when we elect representatives “We the people decide wether they earned a pay raise or not.” You vote for your rep and as a seperate issue on the ballot would be Do you wish to give congress a raise this session? yes or no? Maybe that will get them to start responding to “We the People”

  7. I feel both of the debt reducing plans miss the point. The budget for year 2008 was about $2.1 Trillion, for 2009 it was about $3.5 Trillion and has increased annually. We should be talking about reducing the debt by $15 Trillion over ten years and not the 2-$3 Trillion we are debating over. Both of the political parties are pulling the wool over our eyes. It appears the only way to fix our spending problem is to increase the cost of borrowing money so high that it’s not feasible, but in doing so, we will ruin our economy and the lives of most Americans. Big government is a problem for both political parties which is why we need to clean house and elect new officials who care more about our country then themselves. GOD BLESS AMERICA, she will need it!!!!!

  8. To survive economialy, we must balance the budget, whatever it takes to do it. What Boehner, produces will not do it. His proposal is ludiorous

  9. While President Obama states,”It’s tempting to be a dictator,” may I SUGGEST it appears that the Left is intransigence. Moreover, it appears to be the Left that has no interest in dissenting opinions.

  10. Pelosi said this morning that Boehner’s plan is dead on arrival in the Senate.
    Having a majority in Congress is just not enough.
    If Krugman thinks Obama is a “moderate conservative” I guess the rest of us are really on the far side.
    America is under attack from within and everyone who is not blinded must speak out and keep praying that God’s will be done.

  11. Lets cut the crap we are not stupid. DO NOT RAISE THE DEBT LIMIT ONE PENNY. enough is enough! We are broke! We will not default on our debt payments. All the bullshit scare tactics from all the liberal news media has to be defeated. All those in office who vote for this should be kicked out next election. This nation needs a total going over. We already have a federal law on the books signed into law by non other president carter in 1977 requireing the budget to be balanced . Public law95-435 .It has been ignored by congress sence it was signed into law. The problem is ti does not provide for sanctions if not complied with. In other words no teeth. ( What a country). We need a real revolution because no one will listed to the american people, GOD SAVE US ALL. AND GOD BLESS THIS ONCE GREAT NATION

  12. This really sucks, these bast–ds in Washington need to go back to School and learn basic accounting, how to balance a budget. They are all the same, attaching programs to the defence bill knowing that it will pass. New congressman attached $1.2 billion to the just passed defence bill. Yes I am talking about our new freshman group, a part of the of the T-Party group. It did not take them long to learn how to do things in Washington. Who do we have to blame, good ole American public, those that will not stand up for their rights, kick the Bast–ds out of Washington, elect new prople, set term limitations, cut off their fringe benefits, and let them live like the rest of us. They are there to Serve at the pleasure of the people, not giving America away so they can get re-elected. 51% not paying taxes, bull sh_t, make everyone making over $20k pay taxes on everything above that number. Taxing people making $200-250k is wrong, they are the ones creating the jobs. How can those guys in Washington be so stupid? May God Bless this country and May God Bless the U.S.A.

  13. think we need to do some impeaching in the house & senate White house too we got to stop the crooks the thieves LET THE TEA party Speak
    enough of this over sized government

  14. All these “negotiations” are the trappings of Theater…bad Theater at that.
    While we watch the Carnival that is the “forever-battle” between the House and Senate, Obama and his minions are off AnyPlace USA rigging 2012 elections.
    Neither Obama, the House, nor the Senate are truly engaged in trying to make life in this country any better for anyone but than themselves.
    They already understand exactly how much ground one Party is willing to cede to the other; so the “Dog and Pony Show” they are parading before us is for our benefit. We are supposed to deduce their suitability for another term in office based upon the “show” not the substance.
    If they only realized that American voters are SO passed being wooed in such a shabby, thin, and oafishly coarse manner .
    The more I witness of the subterfuge, posturings, and wimpy lame-a** “negotiations”; the more I am reminded of Charles Durning’s gubernatorial character’s song from “The Best Little Worehouse in Texas”…..”Oooooh I Love to dance a little sidestep” !
    I am also reminded of an old H.L. Mencken quote, which I must unfortunately paraphrase, but the meat of it remains intact :
    The greatest hoax perpetrated upon the American voter is the notion that those they have just elected to office, are going to be any better than the set they just threw out.
    We can continue to send decent folks down to D.C. in the hopes that “The System” will not corrupt them; but how delusional is that?
    It is “The System” which needs radical overhauling before we can even hope to keep a steady watch on the players. As things are now, “The System” still favors the “in Camera”, and the “Sub Rosa” activities of a Federal which would fully enslave us.
    My comment to Obama, Boehner, Reid, and the irrelevant gasbag Pelosi is this:
    We all know you’re a bunch of whores, so the public haggling over your prices only makes you appear more ridiculous to us.
    Get back to the ”bidness” of managing our governmental finances responsibly, or we will permanently shut down your “Best Little Whorehouse in D.C”. and replace it with a government more suitable to a freedom-loving Republic.

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