55% of Americans Oppose Debt Limit Tax Hikes

All too often, President Obama seems to govern by poll-tested sound bites (corporate jets?) instead of sound policy. However, when those polls disagree with his big-government philosophy, he ignores them (Obamacare?).

A new Rasmussen poll finds that 55% of Americans do not want tax hikes to be included in any debt ceiling increase. Only 34% think they should be included.

This does not bode well for the President. Even 42% of his own party don’t want a tax hike (58% do), and 82% of Republicans certainly do not want taxes raised. 51% of unaffiliated voters oppose a tax hike.

Apparently the American people do pay attention, Mr. President.  They realize you cannot solve an over-spending problem with tax increases.

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2 thoughts on “55% of Americans Oppose Debt Limit Tax Hikes

  1. He continuously threatens the little guys. This is simply another step in the planned collapse of the American dolla. He is one step closer to the new World Order. If we allow him to get by with this it will never stop. Signing bills behind our backs, He all of a sudden thinks he IS the savior.

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