Why We Fight: Chipping Away at Freedom

Putting more power in the hands of any president is risky, but it’s especially foolish when the Obama administration seems wholly dedicated to increasing the size and scope of the federal government.

That’s why Heritage Action is focused on these seemingly small policies. They erode Congressional authority and oversight over the exercise of governmental power and offer opportunities for increased, unaccountable spending. See the big picture and links to background materials and chances to take action below.

Heritage Action opposes S. 679 because it would enable the President to appoint more ‘Czars.’ Czars are back in vogue in the Senate, as a bipartisan group wants to reduce the number of executive branch positions that require Senate confirmation. Barring an unexpected set back (i.e., robust grassroots opposition), the bill is headed to the floor later this week once the Senate completes consideration of the EDA Reauthorization Bill.

Heritage Action opposes patent reform because it enables bureaucrats to set mandatory fees and allocate funds. A ‘patent reform’ bill in the House would transfer the power of the purse from Congress to the patent agency, making Congressional oversight and accountability more difficult, or impossible. There is a move afoot to address the fee diversion issue, though details remain scarce and there is uncertainty on the Hill whether the deal will address the fee diversion problem.

Heritage Action opposes extending and expanding duplicative, ineffective, and wasteful Trade Adjustment Assistance. The Obama administration appears to have bipartisan support to extend and expand – to stimulus levels – the failed Trade Adjustment Assistance program.  A deal to include TAA as part of the legislation to implement the free trade agreements is in the works, and could be announced anytime this week.  Details on the would-be deal are scare, and there is tremendous uncertainty on the Hill regarding the outcome.

Runaway spending, enormous deficits and overwhelming debt are still the big problemRead CEO Michael A. Needham’s on the debt limit battle and the conservative plan to Cut, Cap and Balance.

Stay tuned and keep taking action, together we can push back against these bad bills and protect America’s freedoms

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47 thoughts on “Why We Fight: Chipping Away at Freedom

  1. Congress is giving away our Constitutional right to a Republican Government because they are too lazy to do the job for the people. They are all alike Republican & Democrat.

  2. I am facing forclousre & going bankrupt want to know when the crooks that cooked the books at fanni-may & freddi max are going to be brought up on charges

  3. If we continue taking away power and responsibility from Congress; why pay them. It seems we have a president who has a “lust for power” and will do whatever it takes to get the power. If I wanted a dictator, I would move to Cuba.

  4. I have come to the conclusion that no matter how honest a man or woman is, once they join Congress they become crooks. They have lost the meaning of honor. They have a free ride even after only 1 term. They are accountable to no one but themselves.

  5. We need to wake up and force term limits on All representatives. It should not be a lifetime job. I believe it would be tougher for the lobbies to corrupt them with term limits.

    • I totally agree. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives should have term limits. One or two terms (tops) in the senate. 12 years is a long time. The house, maybe 4 terms tops. This is crazy! They don’t care about anything but keeping their jobs until ready for retirement, so the respective constituents are not represented.

  6. never!!! Our government is not a socialist style government. Nor do we cater to an obama style government! Our government by the constitution continues to serve us well!

    • I don’t see how you can say never!! After all the changes that have been taking place 90% of them not good under this adiminstration. I lived in England back in 1980-81 and let me tell you we are almost there. If we don’t change our direction we’ll be the new Europe.

  7. Hey Heritage:
    Why don’t you give us a pre-written fax to send to our congressmen like other serious political sites do? You make it hard for anyone with little time to take advantage of your info.

    • There is a link if you look below each article you will see a take action or take a stand link this will let you send a pre written message to your representatives.

  8. Amen! to Joko’s statement above. A pre-written fax would help much in our responding to the various issues.

  9. The current government and its various administrations are corrupt through and through. They have an agenda of control and power, and that’s what they care about. All because it boils down to money. Anything else you may have had in mind for them, forget about it. Everything they are about is a dog and pony show so as to distract you from the little man behind the smoking curtain. You know him: he’s busy at the controls trying to take over the world.

    And I agree. Heritage, you give us no way to act upon the information you supply us with. What gives? Either we are all involved, or we loose. It’s as simple as that. But keep up the good work anyway, and thank you for all you do!

  10. Commenting on Nina Zicks statement. Politics is an honorable profession, it is to bad there are so few honorable politicians. She is right, when they are elected, their honor, ethics and morals take a back burner and good ole boy politics take the front burner. What a pity. How many good things could be accomplished for the nation and it’s people. Our job is to keep watch and come election time show them who they work for by voting them out.

  11. How about a predesigned form that one could fill out on line and the send it. Why give money to the USPS.

  12. We really don’t need any more czars and staff and advisers and the rest of this joke that this so called President calls his administration.We need less government spending and less government.I would hope that we could impeach the clown in office,but that won’t happen.The media and his supporters would consider that being racist and we can’t have that.

  13. As I sit here and read the comments of the people
    on the pages above, I think of my dismay and what is happening to ocountry. I wonder what our judicial system is doing about this movement that is taking our country down the tubes. Obama and his Czar’s are acting above the law and our Congress is doing nothing to stop this terrible tarvisty in our country?

    • The judicial system is the problem and congress, and wall street and the investors from foreign lands buying up our foreclosed houses. all by design. get rid of your local corrupt and work up form there or down from the top to local take your pick it will keep you very busy, but do it now…start doing it now!

    • Yes, There are felonious and impeachable offenses that have been ‘noticed’ and then dismissed. If we burn Obama on ONE offense, he is toast, and we can go about fixing our country without un-doing his ‘legislation’ .

      • Along ” Double Vet’s” line, forging a document.
        Those who didn’t drink the kool-aid know the long-form birth certificate is a forgery…..it has been ignored so much it is hard to give it the attention it is due.


  15. You folks that want a pre written statement I suggest you write your own letter. Get involved and forget someone else doing it for you to make it easy.

  16. The only website that I know of that does the FREE faxes is NumbersUSA. They’re carrying the load regarding the illegal immigration issue totally running on donations to keep them strong. We need to unite before we DO get a dictator; that seems to be in the works with this administration. We just can’t trust the politicians!! WHY are there ANY Republicans ponying up to accept this? It’s bad enough with the Dems, & now this? After all the wonderful work that the Tea Party events & speeches that were made for the “grassroots” to get them elected. I’m EXTREMELY disappointed in the new freshmen in the House & I really thought we would get some positive action & now ARE they siding in with the Dems??? If so, it’s disgusting & it looks like we’re just not going to have a Constitution unless it’s the U.N. NWO & then all our sovereignty, service & rights will be GONE! I’m so saddened, especially since we have the most important election coming up & we still don’t have anyone in that has the guts to stand against this slaughter of our Country that God has blessed so immensely! It’s hard to even imagine how far our gov’t has gone against our constitution. Do they not know that THEIR families will be under the same slavery as us??? OR maybe not, who knows now. The Radical Islamists are probably jumping up & down to see how weak we are now. It’s not just with this administration, but because it’s been going on for decades!!!! The RADICAL Islamists has said more times than one, that they will be flying their flag over the WH & there WILL be Sharia law! Does anyone really want that for this country??? NOT me!!!!

  17. FYI: because of the Anthrax scare, politicians really don’t want to correspond via snail mail anymore, although after your letter has been properly scrutinized, they will accept it. And letters only have the “punch” of Joe Citizen, whereas the preformed email with the backing of a national political movement, lends an authority not available to the Mr. and Mrs. Smiths of the world. In short: it commands the attentions of our political leaders. So let’s not give up on the idea yet just yet, Heritage Action. There are many more political causes that use this particular method of communication, and it works very well for all concerned. I know, because I do it all the time.

    Now, as for our country: it’s being divvied up as we speak. If we want it back, we will have to fight for it. Not with threats of harm, or guns, or physical persuasion (at least it hasn’t come to that yet!), but with the certitude of involvement. The more we become aware, the less they will be tempted to try and get away with it. What America is sorely lacking at the moment, is accountability. It’s up to us to hold our elected official’s feet to the fire, and our lives to the touchstone of personal responsibility. Working together we can–and will–give them a damn good fight!

    • There is a link if you look below each article you will see a take action or take a stand link this will let you send a pre written message to your representatives by email.

  18. I don’t consider giving the President the right to hire more czars very constitutional. DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS
    I would like to get rid of a bunch of bureaucrats and you want to give them more power. Unconstitutional! AGAIN DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS
    The Trade Adjustment Assistance was a failure and you want to extend and expand this! DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS
    Listen, you could solve alot of your problems if you just started getting government OUT of the private sector and only dealt with what the Constitution tells you have to deal with. LESS GOVERNMENT
    I know you hate that, but that is what it is going to take. Getting government out of healthcare, business, mortages, and on and on and on. Deal with it. You were elected to get the government back down NOT up.
    Again I say, as I will always say, LESS GOVERNMENT

  19. This is very discouraging. It seems like we have a constant battle against these tax and spend politicians. I live in Maryland and am getting tired of receiving replies from Mikulski, Cardin and Sarbanes that indicate they are determined to not balance the budget or stop the ridiculous spending. Their purpose in life is to control everything we do. I feel like communism is just around the corner.

  20. No farmer I know, ever plowed his field by turning it over in his mind. It takes effort and mental fortitude to overcome the disarray we now find ourselves in. I know it can be done because, even I, came over from the dark side. I was lured away by forces greater than my ability to understand them at the time. They are a crafty lot, those socialists calling themselves democrats.

    But because of people like you who stayed the course, I began to see the error of my political ways. If only I knew then, what I know now: Obama would have never been elected. So yes. There is hope for us yet, where America can once again stand tall, shinning her beacon for all the world to witness, and aspire to.

    With every passing day, the Obama administration jams through another of it twisted political agendas. But also with every passing day, someone else just like me wakes up to the “disturbance” in the force for good. There’s no way I’m giving up my country without a fight. It’s not over until “they” pry the Constitution from the grip of my cold, dead hands. And I hope you all feel the same way. Stay strong. Stay true to yourself and your values. In the end, it’s all about staying the course for freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

    And they will know they have been in a fight.

    • I agree 100% Wayne, This has gone beyond Republican or Democrate, Its now We the People against the government, UN is CRAP in a sack, I feel the same way you do Its time to stand and fight for what you belive in, It seems to me that these socialist jack asses have lost there ever lovin minds, The majority of the people I have spoken to on Obamas presidency now see the truth of his ways and his marxist,socialist agenda, would NOT vote for his WORTHLESS azz a second term, but with his carzs in place and taking turns STOMPING on the constitution, he is transforming this country and driving it into the pits of HELL, IF they spent as much time working on the economy instead of changing the law at there word we might be on the road to recovery, LOCK & LOAD my friend this is going to start a revolution of another kind.

  21. Please don’t allow Romney to get the nod for the GOP. The last thing we need is another proven failure of a leader.

    GOD Bless America.

  22. As far the GOP candidates go, they are no better than the dems, and are just as sold out. To make your vote count–and I mean really count so as to put America back on its rightful track–you have to vote for a Tea Party member. Dems and GOP are all about governing from a political point of view. The only new thing under the sun these days IS the Tea Party. And they govern from the Constitution. Mess this one up, and Obama will be a shoe-in for 2012.

  23. I was really excited about Rick Perry entering the race until I did some research. He attended the 1977 Bildenberg meeting and now I’m not so sure about him. As a Tea Party member a lot of teapartiers express the same concerns. I emailed Perry to ask why he attended that meeting and if he was still a member – haven’t received a reply yet. We can’t trust the words of anyone – they have to prove themselves to us by what they do, but I also feel anyone is better than what we have.

  24. Thank you Heritage Action for America for bringing these issues to our attention. I am adamantly opposed to any legislation that would expand the role of “Czars.” If President Obama were a leader he wouldn’t have added all ot these types of positions that he did. He has surrounded himself with more advisors so he doesn’t have to think for himself. No more “Czars!”
    Also, no more patent reform that takes the power of the purse away from Congress and gives it to the executive branch.
    And the last issue of the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program, which is a failure, should not be included in legislation to implement the free trade agreements.

  25. Obama the tyrant dictator, if we do not impeach him then why complain, if we don’t revolt then why complain. If we don’t vote,then why complain. I am complaining now. What am I goi g to do!


  27. The problem that “We The People” face, and must by all means overcome, is that the enemy is now within. We have been infiltrated. Many Muslim, social and communist countries, have been forever saying that the only way to defeat the might of America, is to get close enough to take it by the belt buckle. In other words: defeat it from within. This is exactly, how the Vietnam war took us down. And the things we are now doing in the Middle East is starting to look awfully familiar.

    And so, here we are: our government is now become our own worst nightmare. I served 12 years in the military with both the Air Force and the Army, and the oath we swear by at the time of our enlistment is to protect the United States of America form all enemies be they foreign, or — wait for it: domestic! I now in all good consciousness, cannot turn my back on that oath.

    To all those within earshot, do as Kathy did: research your candidates first! They have a history. And it’s this history that will show you clearly who they are, despite what they say they are. The difference is day and night, wrong and right. I will say this about that: too many Republicans with a failed political history are running, and all they are doing is divide the conservative vote, all for their own vanity, allowing Obama to walk right into a second term. And if you think things are bad now…

    So, what’s the answer? The answer is to tell you that both political parties are corrupt. These are the kinds of people that, if you give them a political inch, will take a mile of your freedoms. Not only that, but tax you with each and every loss. Just ask Bush. He was Republican. The key to success this time around lies not in voting for who you like, but who is best qualified to handle the situation America now finds itself in. And that means voting for a Tea Party member. Only then, can we start with the healing process.

  28. Theres only one way, thats a grass roots effort. The only one I see is The Tea Party. As A nation we are evenly divided by design I believe. So therein lies the problem, how to unite by common interest in National survival with such a diverse population.

  29. Lastly, I would like to strengthen and inspire you all by telling you to stay the course and believe in yourself. The time has come for America to rise up in its greatness, and not apologize for it. It’s my sincere hope that, through the process of inner discovery, each and every one of you will find—in epiphany after electrifying epiphany—an indelible truth that will forever write itself upon your consciousness. I say this because: it’s only through you, will a new understanding emerge. I say this also because: it’s only through you, will new leaders rise with that understanding. I say this because: it’s only through you, will the world ever know a brighter tomorrow as a result of your leadership as dictated by that understanding. You are not only America’s best hope, but its future. What tomorrow brings is up to you. It always was.

    Take care.

  30. All of Oboma’s Czars are either socialists or communists, definitely anti-American and un-American including Oboma.
    Either write Senators and Congressman or call their local offices. They will get the message the same day. Letters arrive two weeks later. It is essential that they hear from constituents.
    Woodrow Wilson and Progressives were determined to take power away from the states. Having the Senators elected directly by the people took power away from state legislators that previously appointed the Senators. It has caused all kinds of grief. Having Senators elected for many years; such as Senator Byrd, is disasterous to the people. I think they don’t even realize how bad it is. Repeal the 17th Amendment and give power back in the states where the Founders wisely put it.
    The Federal Reserve System is another severe problem that must be confined to the dust bin of history. To learn the truth about the Fed go to http://www.freedomforce.com, or call (800) 595-6596 and get G. Edward Griffin’s book “THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND.” plus CD & DVD. Gibbons explains the Federal Reserve in terms everyone can understand. It is a partnership with NY Bankers and Congress. It is a cartel. It has been responsible for every depression, including the Great Depression.
    They have been involved in, and profited from, every war. They supported the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution rather than the more moderate revolutionaries. They did it because they obtained control of all Russia’s natural resources.
    They are after power and control over all those institution through which people associate; such as churches, Chambers of Commerce, unions, schools, colleges, universities,Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc., etc.
    It is responsible for inflation which is a cruel hidden tax. It is devastating to the poorest among us. No one can escape it.
    thomas Jefferson never stopped speaking out against the evil of dishonest money and debt.
    He wrote: ” We shall consider ourselves unauthorized to saddle posterity with our debts, and morally bound to pay thrm ourselves. The earth belongs to the living, not the dead …We may consider each generation as a distinct nation, with a right to… bind themselves, but not the succeeding generation

  31. Pray!!! God is ruler of our universe, our USA is one nation under God. Get involved with others as where there is 2 or more gathered, he will hear our prayers. Those who pray together stay together. We can make the difference. It all begins with us and we can make change happen.

  32. Three different topics with the same alterior motive. At the end of the day whats’ best for America is what really counts not words or legislation in my opinon.

    Johnnie G. Dickerson
    10:21 a.m

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