Action Alert: Release Free Trade Agreements!

The Obama Administration is currently holding trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama hostage in order to continue funding a failed stimulus program. Below you will find a letter addressed to House Leadership urging them to vote for the free trade agreements, and against the ineffective Trade Adjustment Assistance program.

“TAA is undoubtedly – and deliberately designed as – a federal wealth redistribution program that has no business existing in a free society. The underlying assumption inherent to TAA is that increased trade is bad and needs to be offset by yet another pseudo-compassionate federal program paid for by taxpayers at-large. It is time that we fully rebuff such thinking and forge ahead with a robust trade agenda that removes barriers wherever possible, on the notion that more and freer trade benefits all parties involved – consumers, workers, business-owners, inventors, and so on,” the letter says.

Learn more at “Trade Adjustment Assistance: Don’t Link the Costly and Ineffective Program to Free Trade Agreements

Take action: Please stand with Heritage Action. Email your Member of Congress and urge him or her to the letter supporting free trade agreements and the complete defunding of the TAA program.

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37 thoughts on “Action Alert: Release Free Trade Agreements!

  1. Enough is enough! We are sick and tired of all the lies and things you are doing to ruin this nation. Please take a stand for free trade and defund this deadly TAA.

    • We need to repeal all that Obama and the Gemocrats have passed and reject all their issues that they are trying to put forth.
      Medicare should be restored, retroactively, and
      COLA paid each year.

    • How Many JOBS have been lost since President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into effect? Voting has it’s consequences. The Union I belong to backed Clinton in NAFTA and are responsible for many jobs leaving this country. Wake UP AMERICA!

  2. We are loosing our economic freedoms (other freedom is not possible without economic freedom) in ever increasing frequency. Please study this issue closely and vote against the TAA programs.

    • Correction, we are and have lost our Freedom provided by our forefathers as they penned the Constitution, Bill of Rights and other Documents of importance.

  3. well NAFTA and China’s favored nation status worked so well that we might as well vote for this agreement and then we could ha a minus 10 million unemployed in america.

  4. You can believe it or not and it doesn’t matter, but America, as England is “Israel” by the seed of Joseph(Gen. 48:16) and we have put over u.s. a self-professed Marxist(Anti-Christ), whose father promised a fundamental transformation of of the same kind to government in Kenya! Like father like son? Not quite because this is the Anti-Christ(Marxist) of Revelation. Next, comes the two-witnesses of Revelation. I only wonder what will be the fate of those who give each other presents when the Anti-Christ(Marxist over Joseph) over Israel kills them? Just saying…

  5. It started with the messed up Oath of Office. My vote is for Impeachment and criminal prosecution.
    Stop screwing with this country .

  6. quit the dirty pool to ruin our county’s growth.god bless our republic and may god protect us from the evil that is surrounding,and most importantly keep our freedom in tact for our soldiers so they can return to the original america unchanged and FREE,amen

  7. TAA is one of the reasons I am leaving Illinois after being born and living here for 54 years. This obama needs impeached and all that he wants should be voted down.

  8. Obama has to be stopped immediately before he and his socialist henchmen destroy what is left of America. If he is commander-in-chief, why can’t he be court marshalled for crimes against Israel and the American people. If not a court marshall, at least get him impeached. This is total insanity.

  9. The ONLY way we will get this done is to STAND-AS-ONE! It “isn’t who’s” right, but “WHAt’s” right! Wake-up before it’s tooo late! Take “Heart” – have “Courage” and “Fear” not!

  10. Is there any place where this Imposer in the White House is not trying to support loafing and waste to destroy this nation

  11. This continual unamerican activity has to come to an end. This administration is the most unamerican, or should I say,anti-american one I can remember. They have no integrity and no shame.

  12. I agree, we’ve got to force this Administration (Obamacrats) to vote to return jobs to the US. And stop ketowing to all the two bit leaders (Arabs and other idiots that hate us) and tell them that the US will not back down when it comes to the freedoms that out Veterans fought and died for. FOLKS, IF IT WASN’T FOR THE US OF A SOME OF THOSE COUNTRIES WOULD STILL BE RULED BY A DESPOT THAT HATES ANYBODY THAT DOES NOT AGREE WITH HIM. ((EUROPE UNDER THE HEEL OF NAZISM!))

  13. Listen… you can hear America singing-our spirits & our thoughts are comming together again–freedom, civility, one nation under GOD-let free trade reign-encourage growth.

  14. Obama and the Democrats must have short memories. Look what happened the last time they didn’t listen to us. Stop playing politics and do what is right for this country. Create jobs!

  15. Obama swore to support and defend the Constitution

    against all enemies, foreign and domestic. As HE is

    the enemy trying to dismantle America’s way of life,

    and virtually ignores the law of the land, then he

    should be impeached.

    I don’t know how much more our country can take, or even should take from our, so called, leader.

    • Barack Obama, with the help of 99% of all the news media in this country, is rapidly destroying America.And he is obviously enjoying every minute of it. WE are all living through an unimaginable nightmare that only we conservatives comprehend.
      Unfortunately, we are now paying the price for out greedy and spineless politicians from both parties.
      There-I said it.

  16. It is time to kick the ones in office out that are holding our country hostage for their own gain.. What is the matter with our people in this country that they can’t see this very bad behavior going on..

  17. You can`t say it any better than Winston Churchill
    If you believe this, pass it on to every blog and friend and to your Congressman, Dem or Republican. >>> SOCIALISM is a PHILOSOPHY
    is the EQUAL SHARING of MISERY. <<<

    • Haven’t WE had enough yet AMERICA? How much longer do we bury our heads in the sand?!? Why has no one come forward with IMPEACHMENT proceedings?? Our children are being taught dispicable things in the public school systems. If it wasn’t for FOX NEWS (God bless them) we would all be “mushrooms” in the dark and fed bull #&@%….

  18. Sorry, but I don’t see how “free trade” has helped the USA. Tariffs on cheap imports help level the trading floor, and provide income for the Fed. Gov’t. They also help keep jobs at home, by offsetting the ridiculously low prices that come from ridiculously low wages in China and many other nations. FREE TRADE is only that if everything is equal, and obviously it’s not.

  19. I think it is time that we as AMERICANS stand together and kick this bum out of office. He has done nothing but hurt America. He has not lived up to any of his promises. He spoke of change and has not changed anything all he did was go with the same old bullshit. He has spent more money in 2 1/2 years than anyone president in their 8 years in office. IT IS TIME FOR IMPEACHMENT. That is my opinion

    • YOU don’t see the changes happening to America!!?

      I’m afraid that Obama is following his agenda right down to the letter. He WANTS to destroy our way of life and move us into a Socialism. Look at Obamacare, for instance. The only problem is, Why is he and Congress exempt from having to adhere to the same healthcare that they prescribe for us?

      Like in the book, Animal Farm, by George Orwell, the pigs eventually convinced the other animals that
      “some of us are more equal the the others”.
      ……..and so it goes, until we all wake up from this hellish nightmare and get rid of this administration.

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