Action Alert: Patent Reform No Small Issue [out of date]

Congress passes numerous bills every year that receive little, if any, media coverage. These “small ball” issues often contain pork spending or, in this case, a complete a transfer of power from Congress to unelected bureaucrats.

This bill would allow the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to set it’s own fees and spend the revenue collected from those fees. Currently, Congress sets the fees and appropriates funds for the USPTO.

This framework of checks and balances is crucial.

Congress must maintain the ability to conduct oversight and hold government agencies accountable. Transferring the power from Congress empowers the USPTO and makes oversight and accountability on the important issue of patent issuance more difficult.

Government efficiency should not come at the expense empowering bureaucrats and undermining the ability of elected Representatives to keep executive branch power in check.

Take Action: Please stand with Heritage Action. Email your Member of Congress.

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33 thoughts on “Action Alert: Patent Reform No Small Issue [out of date]

  1. Please demand that President Obama submit Free Trade Agreements without coupling them with the Trade Adjustment Assistance program.
    Thank you,
    Patricia Mesker

    • I want to understand. Please explain your reasoning for wanting the Free Trade Agreement without them being coupled with the TAA

    • Personally, I believe that every bill that is to be voted on, should be posted for the American people to review and see just exactly how these moron Senators and Congressmen are actually spending OUR money!!! These moron’s have had carte blanche spending our money without having to qualify or explain the need or reasoning to spend our money!! ALL BILLS, small or large should be submitted to the American people for approval! We have allowed these morons to do their own policing of these bills and look where we are, in debt up to our asses, solely because of THEIR over indulgence and spending like “DRUNKEN SAILORS”!!!

  2. Obama needs to be stopped at everything he is trying to do before we vote him out. Do not allow this man anymore government overrides.

  3. This action would again be another way for administration to hide true expenditures. The Jr. President does not even put out a budget so it could be scrubbed by congress and visible by the citizens who employ him. This is another stroke of arrogance by the bloated left at controlling the public and blatent theft.

  4. We must keep the doors for innovation as free as possible. The associated cost’s with keeping those doors open could be easily abated by simply removing what ever those “doors.” might be.

  5. Congress should not empower bureaucrats to have the ability to oversee themselves. Congress should reserve that power to congress only.

    Let’s do away with some departments, starting with the EPA.

    • Yes, Congress seems to want to make themselves irrelevant. Aft then immediately followed by eliminating the Depart of Education

  6. please demand that President Obama submit Free Trade Agreements without coupling them with the Trade Adjustment Assistance program.
    Thank you,
    Angelo Christiano

  7. I oppose unelected bureaucratic control over government funding. That is the responsibility of elected officials.

  8. Congress passes numerous bills every year that receive little, if any, media coverage. These “small ball” issues often contain pork spending or, in this case, a complete a transfer of power from Congress to unelected bureaucrats.

    Congress shall be held accountable!

    President Obama shall only submit Free Trade Agreements without coupling them with the Trade Adjustment Assistance program.

  9. Government ‘efficiency’ should not undermine the ability of elected representatives to keep executive branch power in check. Say NO to the Trade Adjustments Assistance program.

  10. Vote No on HR 1249

    You cannot give departments freedom to spend and raise money/fees with no oversight. Too easy to be corrupted or play favorites.

  11. Why is the Congerss trying to fix something not broken? Or are thay just to lazy to manage the USPTO. At any rate thay seem to be making them self irrelevant on oversight in the three branches of our government.

  12. Please demand that President Obama submit Free Trade Agreements without coupling them with the Trade Adjustment Assistance program. Tell Obama “hands off America!!”

  13. I can see where these people get to make their own fees and spend their own revenues might be a good idea. Congress hasn’t done such a great job so far have they? Look at the mess we’re in.

    On the other hand, if EVERY little or not so little agency did this too, what kind of mess would we be in? Isn’t that what’s going on at the FED now? JUST WHO IS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY? Wouldn’t that be called anarchy?

    NO OVERSIGHT! This must not happen! Of course, Congress is just about there now aren’t they? Are they doing what you want them to do?

  14. We need the electorate to reform the terms our elected officials serve and to remove the pensions from their compensation packages. As I recall our founding fathers served this great nation on a part time basis and let the states and the people govern themselves. It is high time we should return to the example our forefathers set. We will return to prosperity if the electorate wakes up.

  15. We need someone who wants to make the cuts at the top and not the bottom. i believe the democrats want to dispose of seniors, we will not allow you to cut us out of what we worked for, for years.

  16. I don’t believe is only fees involve in this scheme. Patent reforms is the name of the game, has any one heard of Dr. Burzynsky. His patent were given to others, those others are the big companies.

  17. Legal Citizens…we can sit back and write our opinions herein or…WE CAN TAKE ACTION, Call DC Switchboard 800.340.0498 and ask to be connected to our senators and house member tell them to stop this non sense.

    We The People are being fleeced by Obama and his marxist-progressive minions, our freedoms & liberties under The Constitution are being circumvented…WAKE UP AND SMELL THE TEA, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!


  18. If they want to run like a private company, then make them a private company with the ability to fire people, hire non-union labor, etc. and accountable to both share holders and clients. Otherwise it is a government agency and Congress should oversee them – not that Congress is any good at running anything but I trust them more than some nameless bureaucrat since we CAN fire them – hopefully in 2012.
    We do need patent reform to make it easier, faster and less expensive for the individual or small company to patent their ideas. Unfortunately much of the cost is legal, not the agency so there is not much they can do about it beyond streamlining the process and eliminating frivolous patents.

  19. Stop the communist control to this dept. Stop having continue giving Russia access to U.S. Patient office special treatment to R &D work and steal patient designs and secrets.

  20. It’s up to us to run this country like the CEOS of a corporation! will we all cometogether and fire these
    Given present circumstances I feel
    justified in saying If this president and his administration are left in power, 2012 I fear will be the end of America as we know and love it.

    Then our only option will be armed rebellion, a sad
    and necessary prospect.

  21. My husband, now deceased, was a patent attorney and I was a patent administrative assistant in a large corporation. I am certainly against any kind of patent reform. The current administration and all its cohorts HAVE TO GO!!!

  22. The government has taken on to much power and pay raises for themselves through the past years. It is nice that they can serve for only one month and they and their family receives health care for the rest of their lives while the poor working man has to struggle to make ends meet and the ends don’t meet. What happen to the orginial plan for the government to serve and just recieve the pay available from their home states. We did not take on the whole government to be paid huge expenseive wages while the people at home struggles. Make them live on a salary of 50,000 dollars a year which is more than most of the people back home makes a year. Also these gifts that they recieve in money for speeches they give and the homes they own all over the world they need to become accountable for these things. I am not against anyone making a better life but when it hurts the people who put them in office I think enough is enough. The President of the United States should not make more than 100,000 dollars a year and speeches he give and receive money for need to pay taxes on just like anyone else. This going to political offices and making a killing on money and personal gains is for the birds. This hiding laws that the people know nothing about and is passed to pay back for getting on committees that will help to pass bills that is tacked on to another bill is for the birds. What is the matter with just looking at each bill individually and passing or vetoing them and go on to next one with out all of this back behind closed doors and bargains made without anyone knowing. What is the matter with these people. Let’s get back to the way the Constitution was set up “For the People By the People” That is what they said they would do when they took the office. Also not a person in Washington and in any state should be elected for only two terms and no more.

  23. I believe we should be out of so called free trade! I prefer to pay extra money to keep Americans making shirts & electronics (even earning a union wage) (who also pay a large share of the middle class taxes, by the way) rather than paying our Chinese enemies to take our money & then loan it back to us.
    I believe NAFTA & GATT will be the downfall of America by giving our money away to foreign nations which then use it against us ala the Arab States.
    Workers working @ minimum wage (or below as Republicans wish to) cannot pay taxes at a rate our nation can live with. We Republicans seem to want to put Americans into Slavery to Corporations by keeping wages low, while Democrats want to put Americans into Slavery to the Government by taxing them to Death. BOTH ARE WRONG!! Why can’t SOMEONE take the part of the America worker! Neither party seems to!!!!

  24. We have to stop this blatant abuse of our legislative process by this administration by voting down bills like the Patent Reform measure being formulated. This is just another way for the left to increase taxes by calling them fees.

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