A True Town Hall Success Story!

Ellen Doyle attended Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick’s (R-PA) town hall meeting last week at a community college. She was there to get information and support her representative, who has been making tough decisions in Washington. However, she never realized just how much she and other activists would help the Congressman.

While Congressman Fitzpatrick was explaining to his constituents what he and his party are doing to help turn our economy around, an unruly liberal in the crowd kept interrupting. The member of the radical leftist group Code Pink continued to berate the Congressman, even as he patiently listened and tried to respond politely to her outbursts.

Finally, conservatives in the crowd had enough. The told her to sit down and try listening for a change – and it worked.

If Ellen Doyle and fellow conservative activists had not been there, the liberal would have continued her hijacking of the town hall and prevented the Congressman from explaining what is actually going on in Washington to his constituents.

This is Ellen’s full account:

Report from Representative Fitzpatrick’s Townhall meeting on June
9, 2011

There were 25 people in attendance, from all over the eight district.  Fitzpatrick started with a slide show, provided by the CBO, explaining the numbers, going over the reality of those numbers and then explained the Paul Ryan plan.  The slides were excellent, he really did a great job, explained what the Congress is doing, how they are fulfilling their ‘mandate’ as he said they were given on election 2010, and how they plan to go forward.

He started off the presentation by telling us about the “Open Rule” procedure enacted in Congress because they banned Ear Marks as one of their first acts.  He explained how every member could bring forward any appropriation for their district and have it debated & voted on by all.  None of us in attendance knew
about this and were very excited by the news.  Much more transparency, and vital; and he pointed out, every appropriation was voted on in the light of ‘do we need this enough to take a big loan out to get it??’  Excellent.

Key highlights of his presentation were to make the National Debt understandable for everyone, they why we are working so hard on it.  Then the second was talking about the Paul Ryan plan, especially in relation to the Medicaid issue, what it actually was, how it would really dissolve under Obama’s plan and why we needed to fix things right now.  Many questions in the audience on this subject and the Congressman was especially patient with the older people, explaining how he worked with his own parents to understand everything.  He even had the name of the lady in the district who they could call to get any help they needed.  He had the name & number right there; quite impressive.

One audience member was from Code Pink (tea shirt on and all!) and she was especially vocal and the Congressman knew her by name, was very nice to her, listened to her and tried to explain things a few times.  Then the rest of the audience got sick of her interrupting over and over, and they told her to try listening
instead of talking.  Not so much!  But it didn’t seem to throw him, surprisingly, and we learned later why.  In speaking to one of his aids later, he said she came to everyone of his townhalls and did the same thing.

He finished by bringing around the history of why Representatives are asked to run every two years.  He tied it back to our Founding Fathers, saying how farsighted they were in understanding that they were the body that appropriated the money and they needed to be held accountable.  Excellent ending.

My husband & I spoke with a few of his staff afterward, (after thanking the Congressman for all he has done and told him we have his back) and found out why they were having so few meetings.  His local staff member in Langhorne, said that they had a dickens of a time trying to find a place for him to hold them!  She said
churches wouldn’t let him, many normal venues as well, and because he was at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Community College, they welcomed him.  She asked us all to help them out in this aspect of scheduling townhalls.  Interesting, eh?

This is long and quiet detailed, but we felt we were your eyes on the ground and wanted you to get a real feel for what took place. Well worth attending, and educational as well.  Thank you for sending me the information yesterday to inform us of the meeting.

In Liberty,

Ellen Doyle

This is why it is so important for conservative activists to attend town halls. Your conservative Members of Congress need your support, and liberal lawmakers need to be challenged by intelligent, critical questions – not loud outbursts.

Your conservative Representative needs to see the crowd is with him. With so much left-wing pressure pouring into district after district, the truth needs to be revealed.

We’d like to hear how your town hall experience went! Please comment below with any stories you have from this past recess week.

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91 thoughts on “A True Town Hall Success Story!


      • Good job, here in Oregon most of the liberals are such cowards, they attack from the dark and shout over people

    • Wonderful job reporting of a true patriot. Mike has hard decisions to make. Thank goodness we have a good working relationship with him and his staff. He is doing great work among his constituents.

    • Finally we are starting to speak up and not let these loud mouths intimidate us. Imagine if we all did this without worrying about all the pc. A discussion is one thing but for years now the progressives have been shouting and somehow making us feel embarassed if we spoke our minds.

      Hooray for Ellen,,let’s all try to follow in her footsteps!!!

      • Conservatives have let lib’s rudeness go on far too long. I do not worry about being politically correct, no need to when we speak the truth. I will not allow a lib to make me feel embarassed when I speak with facts and heart. Lib’s drink far too much hater-aid, they need to mellow out.

    • Yes, and many of them do it on purpose, not because they are a concerned citizen. They are part of the progressive movement to silence conservatives. We had a townhall meeting in Congressman Allen West’s district where there were 4 “idiots”. There were at least 500 people in attendance and the crowd shut the 4 down and 1 ended up being arrested. So, yes, the townhall meetings are so important.

      • Seriously, where do they get off calling themselves “progressives”? How is it progress to try and frogmarch us backwards into tyranny?

        • They aren’t and it isn’t progressive. “They” are European in origin and will progress us BACK 500 + years into the Dark Ages…..oh, and with a toxic light bulb that works…some…of the time! A reading suggestion, “Subversion of the Innocents: patterns of communist penetration of Africa, the Middle East and Asia” by Dan Kurzeman. Think you’ll notice similarities.

        • Really where do they get off calling themselves progressives OR ‘liberals’? They dont know the
          Meaning of the words. They could take some lessons from the Founders and perhaps even read the US Constitution

          • That aught to be the criteria to even run for office, be it municipality, state or Fedral. Without understanding the constitution then how can they possibly follow it. I would be willing to bet that most, and I repeat MOST of our current politicians are Constitutionaly ignorant. That is another reason we are in such a screwed up mess. Almost all of the laws passed and signed into law this current session have been unconstitutional. Obamacare for instance. And the administration refusal ,to uphold the defence of marraige act. Or refusing to prosecute those Black Panthers in the Voter Intimidation case. Even their heavey handed lawsuit against Arzona’s law, that was overturned by the Courts. I could go on and on. But the important thing is GET THESE BASTARDS OUT OF CONGRESS, GET OUT AND VOTE!

    • Have you ever read The Annointed One? It really spells out what liberals are and why we will not get through to them with any type of fact or logic. They simply ignore the truth and evidence or refute it as not important to their “agenda”. War on Poverty, Sex Education taught by schools, Criminal Justice. That is their agenda and oh how they use and abuse everything in order to get their “Annointed” way, because they live on a higher plane than us. Or so the annointed ones feel.

      • It’s also time we take back our schools and start teaching the basics again and stop the indoctrination of our youth

        • iv spoken to a child,they now sound like the Progressives&leftists trying to as Obama said,fundamentally transform America! its extremely unerveing ! lets face it leftys!!! it dosnt work! never has,never will,you dont know better then me for me or my children,what you dont know is alot!!!

  1. Good for them.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any conservative represenatives. I am a red dot in a sea of blue here in the Fee State of Murderland.

      • Me too American-American. I’m considering asking Eyman if he’d like to petiotion a name change to ‘Michington’.

        • Say recon, why doesn’t Eyman run for Governor or Congress or the Senate? Know he would do great. Born & raised in Washington, and it feels more like a Nazi state of government there with that female Nazi governor there. The older she gets, the more ugly she gets.

      • In my District, I have 2 ultra-lib Democrat Senators, and one absolutely wonderful Congressman who works tirelessly trying to represent his constituents. When I send my conservative view to WA DC, I make sure to send it to all three, but the only one who is actually listening tohis constituents is my Congressman, Doc Hastings. YES, I will keep voting for Doc. *S*

    • I hear ya, Michael …

      I had to leave Austin (now known as “Liberalsville, Taxes”) because it slowly became overrun by the left from the mid 90’s up to today. It’s so “Progrrresssssssive” now that there’s no saving it.

      But it’s funny to look on a demographics map of “Taxes” and see that one tiny little blue dot that is Travis County, surrounded by solid Red from border to border.

      And a lot of folks hope for Gov. Rick Perry to run for GOP President in 2012 … not realizing that HE is even more dangerous than Obama “itself”. He was Algore’s campaign MANAGER against the elder Geo. Herbert Walker Bush in the 1986 election. [Google it, ya’ll ! ]

      • We have the same going on especially in Southern FL. The older people believe everything the liberals tell them. We also have more and more liberals from Mich., CT, MA and NY moving here and it is getting harder to vote in conservative voices.

        • Bonnie, not all “older people” believe everything the liberals say. Give us some credit – some of us actually have functioning brain cells. That’s why we are conservatives, not liberals.

      • Perry was NOT Gore’s campaign manager–he was only the manager of his Texas campaign. This was prior to his converting to Republican in 1989. So, yes, he did use to be a Democrat. But, as he himself has said, “I got religion. I think he’s (Gore) gone to hell.”

    • Michael,

      I take your reference to “Murderland” as meaning Maryland. and you are so right.

      There are a few of us red dots here, but not many.

      We have to hang tough and do what we can to push back the whackos in this state, starting with the governor.

      • I’m another red dot in Murderland . Land of high taxes , no jobs , and they keep saying the economy is gettting better . Everyone get out and vote, don’t just vote party lines. Md is a haven for illigals and now MOM has voted to give in state tutions for illegals. This has to stop.

        • Hey suz, MD is a haven for illigels eh? Wow, here in Arizona white people are the minority. The illegals from Mexico are taking over this state. They teach those idiots from mexico that Texas, NM, AZ, & Calif. were taken by the white man back in the 1800’s and so the illigel mexicans are being told to take back those states from the white man and kick whites out and take over again. Nothing but lies from the whacko Catholic in mexico

    • Climb the wall and move out of the Peoples Republic of Maryland. I lived in Olney MD then came to my sences. Moved to PA and life is great. When I drive down to MD I ask WHY!!! There is nothing for me down there..

  2. We have so many problems – Debt, taxes,
    Obama Care etc. The American People
    had better wake up before he tries to pass
    Amnesty. Our country will be no more.

    • Varena, with all due respect, when I hear a fellow American say that “the American people had better wake up…” it’s exactly like hearing fingernails scraping across a blackboard to me. May I ask you just what you are doing, personally, to help wake up other Americans? WE are the new media, face to face and online. WE have to make sure our neighbors, coworkers, family members, fellow congregants at church ALL understand what is happening. It is up to us to get the word out. I pray that you are busy doing that. We are. Decades ago, when I was faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, my grandmother (RIP) told me never to pray for God to guide my footsteps unless I was willing to move my feet. Americans who are awake have to get busy, or as you say, our country will be no more.

    • Bob Johnston, I totally agree with you that we should repeal Obamacare and Obama…..but, the correct way to say it is….”I saw a question that asks”. Not “I seen a question that ask”. Just FYI

    • why has no leftists asked Obama about all of his communist friends,appointees, completely unqualified idiots and admitted tererists? because thats who they are! oh yea lets not forgot R,Tumpka.

  3. Here in Delaware we only have three counties. I attended town hall meeting along with about 30 folks many like minded Americans. We were broke down in 4 -5 tabled working groups. It was a good experience and I hope Congressman Carney also learned from the time he spent with us in New Castle DE.

    • It was pretty sad that Delaware voted for Coons of all people to represent the state. I know that most of the hard working farmers are Democrat for what ever reason, my grand father whom I loved and worked for was one from Slaughter Neck Sussex County. That gal who upended Castle was on the right track for this country but the Republican Machine in Dover would have none of it and litteraly trashed her. Sad commentary at best from the First State.

      • Imo you can also thank people like Karl Rove and other elitist establishment Republicans for Coons’ victory. Rove and others bent over backwards to denigrate candidates like Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, and others for whom the GOP has great disdain. O’Donnell not only had to run against the Weinercrats, she had to run against the rancid GOP old boys club as well.

  4. why is it the when the American people speak there is a unsurpassed pattern of the government saying we do this for you well if i do not want that the government should stay away from my freedom why do people want to live off government for what it give you it can take from you as well i no what is best for me and my family lessen to the people back off government people of America be free not over ruined by government GOD BLESS A FREE AMERICA AND HER PEOPLE back off Obama U DUMB ASS AND YOUR LYING FRIENDS

      • ME TOO, TOWG. I have an A.B. in journalism and laugh so I will not cry at MANY of the posts I see on the ‘net. Doesn’t ANY school teach English grammar or Spelling anymore?? I am a terrible speller, but have a button on my toolbar I can press to bring up a dictionary in a micro-second.
        u no whad I meen? LOL,

      • AMEN! As a former teacher, I really do cringe when I read posts like Keith’s. How can anyone be sure of what Keith is saying without proper punctuation, capitalization, and spelling? To answer Jim’s question, “Doesn’t ANY school teach English grammar or Spelling anymore?” – APPARENTLY NOT! I can’t tell you how many times I told students that if they were going to be taken seriously, they needed to be able to write intelligently and speak intelligently. Liberals would have us pay more attention to Little Johnny’s ego than to his education….just look at what we get for such misguided attention. We have thrown money at the educational system for the past fifty years and neither test scores nor graduation statistics have risen commensurately. Just one more reason for a conservative approach to education where the emphasis is on teaching Little Johnny grammar, punctuation, and spelling; teaching him that one plus one is two, and that there is a solid reason for the teaching of sciences – to help one understand the world they live in. The upside to Keith’s post is that it appears he cares about the current government crisis and wants to correct it, even if he didn’t make it easy to understand that from reading his one, long, run-on sentence. :<))

        • Trish, dont you know that our presidents have allowed our kids to be “dumbed down” by changing the history books, and making teachers not make kids pay attention and making the teachers keep their mouths shut so that the kids dont learn but still get passed on to next grade to get rid of them? also teachers are being held back by having to teach multiple languages, and homosexual life and muslim beliefs. When will the teachers stand up and rebel at this and tell their systems to stop this dumbing down of our children? Tell those unions that they no longer can control the education system and get out of it altogether?
          Yes, I feel sorry for the bloggers who have not been taught proper english and so many times have wanted to correct some but have thot, well it wont do any good as that is what they were NOT taught.
          Heaven help our country. Get out and spread the word, dont just sit back and blog on it, do become active if only sending emails to your representatives in D.C. Let them know we are knowing what is not being done there for the people and we want action or we the people will give action to new reps.
          Can we recall any of these people???

    • Will you please learn how to write. Obviously you do not know about sentence structure. It is hard to understand the point one is trying to make if it isn’t written properly. You end sentences with a period or a question mark if asking a question. I do however thank you for your comments and do agree with what you have to say. Thanks

      • Hi Glen,
        I would like, to ask you, to explain your disdain, for the previous entries, when you do not yourself have the qualifications, to do so. There were no commas, in any sentence. You also have no command, of sentence structure. I mean no disrepect. I would prefer, to hear, some positive ideas, for dealing, with the problems we face.

    • Kieth do you realize how your post makes us look? I’m sorry, while I agree with your thoughts (I think) you make it look like your uneducated. Or, possibly text to much and are starting to adapt to that style of writting. Otherwise, keep up the good fight!

      • Hi Robert,
        Please read my message, to Glen. You also represent the “pot calling the kettle black.”

    • to Robert, Flayer, Glen, Jim & TOWG: I hope you see this because Keith’s manner of writing is not nearly as offensive as your elitism. Don’t YOU realize how your attitude makes us look… ? like the liberals who condemn at all whims. Grow up! Have a little grace. Perhaps Keith is NOT as educated as you are but that doesn’t preclude his patriotism or his desire or ability to participate in the process. You 4 owe him an apology. Keith, you go guy, any way you can, proud of you!

    • There are a number of people in this country that are visually, vocally, and hearing impaired. If they make mistakes, do you criticize them? By the way, there isn’t a requirement in the Constitution for sentence structure nor does the military have one for squeezing a trigger. Patriotism doesn’t require anything.

    • I understand what you are saying, Keith, and agree with you that (1) the people do not need more entitlements; (2) a small government is a better government; and (3) raising taxes to support a few is never the answer. I commend you for your patriotism.

  5. It matters not who the speaker is or what political persuasion they might be … If a senator or re[resentative will take the time to go out in public (which has actually been proven to be a dangerous mission these days), they deserve all the respect … AND the citizen input at the same time … that we can give them.

    I don’t care for my own socialist representative Lloyd Doggett either, but I’m not going to his town halls to shout him down. But that doesn’t mean I won’t let him know when I don’t appreciate his votes on my behalf either.

  6. I understand these code pinkies & other commies are chronically short of gasoline funds. WE should ALL help them out by bringing an extra gallon of gas for them to get to, their, next destination………

  7. Here in Lake Wylie, SC our local Rep. Mike Mulvaney (R) hosted a great and informative Town Hall meeting. His presentation on spending and taxes was very effective and he took the time to address most of the questions raised later. I hope he and the many freshmen like him can get our country back on track before they are trapped in the swamp that is Washington, DC. wASHINGTON

  8. I am extremely fortunate. Through lots of hard work by Jim Renacci and his supporters (lots of TeaParty types) the 16th District in OH now has a Conservative Representative. Since January he has held 5 town halls and has met as well with High School Seniors in at least 4 schools so far. I was able to attend his May meeting and yes, there were clearly several in attendance who had their own agenda. After one ejection of an obnoxious thug, the others seemed to be less inclined to listen with their mouths. Strangely none of the disruptors chose to ask a question in writing – they preferred shouting & interrupting. Quiet prevailed after it became clear that surrounding attendees were less than sympathetic. I wonder why Progressives are so uncivil.

    • So glad Jim is so good; I bet on him w/ a smallish amount, and Rubio in FL, so to make quick necessary changes when the opportunity came to support effective, good ppl. The right changes.

  9. My father a simple man, honest & conservative always told me”there’s no such thing as a liberal
    democrat, only those haven’t listened to the facts or have not had them explained in a simple enough manner for them to understand yet”. It’s
    hard to explain a fact to someone who is not capable of conversation & believes the loudest voice wins.

  10. The congressman took time out of his Memoral Day weekend to attend ceremonies and parades to honor those who gave their lives in defense of our country. These heroes gave their lives to allow all people to express their views without being treated rudely and disrespectfully. Progressives have forgotten this. They believe that those opinions which disagree with theirs should be silenced through intimidation and ridicule.

  11. All the libs want to do is scream and yell…They won’t listen to anyone’s solutions to the problems we’re facing,yet asked for their solutions, all they can do is drool…..!

  12. The only thing real to a progressive is that truth gets in the way of their agenda. And facts that cannot be manipulated are never relevant even if they had produced the facts. That is the truth. If they cannot change the truth and facts then distraction is the only tool they have besides violence. as long as it’s Liberal based then what ever they do is ok.

  13. That’s what liberals do best. They know they can’t win the argument,so they try to shut you up. Just like obummer is trying to do to talk radio and Fox.

    • They must be so bewildered and ashamed of their stupidity, they want it
      swept under a rug. out of sight, but for the sake of controlling us, so that their nanny needs are supplied them with our taxes. Socialists are planning to make us a consumer state that spends
      the reminder of our wealth to other ppl that now produce things. Buy only USA-made or improvise/create or do w/o. Or form a collective as ppl in other countries have to produce one of our specialties.

  14. I live in a very liberal state, so that when I go to town hall meetings, I have to ask important questions that my rep can’t dodge. He rarely has these meetings because he knows that people like myself ask questions that he can’t answer without giving the liberal responses. We have little representation in Washington, but together with the tea party, we are working to change it.

  15. People who hijack a townhall meeting in the name of the opponent are not comfortable with what their political representative is doing while in office. Therefore, it is important to them to gain some satisfaction over their own discomfort by making public fools of themselves. A good HONEST debate between the opposers is a necessity in this day and age; the people need to be informed of what each candidate is planning to do when elected–the bottom line is the representation of all the constituents and not just a few. How unfortunate it is that the people have such difficulty in finding honesty in politics. One way to test the contender is to ascertain just how politically correct he/she is in their responses—if ONE statement is of a politically correct nature, that is NOT the person you should be supporting. Another test is how well they know the US Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and how the Bill of Rights affects ALL citizens. And, by the way, are these candidates for or against TERM LIMITS? Or do they support life-long careers as your representative in the Congress? Are they willing to set term limits on the judges who are appointed–including the US Supreme Court? There is not one word that says these individuals are appointed for life–and they shouldn’t be. I would say a term no longer than 15 years is more than sufficient. What do these contenders say about capping the amount of money that can be spent for an election campaign? That, too, should be limited because, as it is today, the more money spent enables the contender to actually purchase the position–can our precious seats in the legislature and white house be bought??? According to the current method of the election process, it indicates that this is so. Has anyone ever noticed that these are issues that are never debated? Makes you wonder why–and gives you a clue as to why we have a rogue political playing field in Congress and the White House.

  16. Im just wondering? you leftists,extremists,and other dip shits, why is it you want to change the very things that allow you to spew your brand of stupidity and ideology ! Why is that? do you really truly believe that your form of intelligence is superior to other down to earth people? DO YOU REALLY????? well heres a news flash just for you types! you dont,you wont , you never will ! your nothing more than Misery who loves company!!! PS. always wear sun glasses, that way you wont be blinded by the light when you pull your heads out of your asses!!!

  17. I live in a state with only 1 house representative. Peter Welch a lock step democrat. Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist is one of my 2 senators. Basically that means socialism for us, but he has managed to become a millionaire in office himself, along with hiring some family members. My other senator is Patrick Leahy, a 30+ year career politician, that has never seen a tax he couldn’t support. Politically Vermont is practically a socialist country already. I am not sure why so many liberals live here, but the old radical anti government hippy crowd has morphed into some power hungery, all knowing progressive socialists today. There are some conservatives here, but we are far outnumbered by environmental whackos and social engineering communists. Our politicians have spent more time trying to impeach Bush, save the climate, take down all oil, gas and nuclear power, all the while trying to build wind farms. They have driven out all the jobs AND healthcare providers, so they can institute there own Obamacare fiasco, and get more state workers on there union doles.

    • As a former New Englander, I’m with you. The envious, thus tearing down our country ppl abound, envious b/c they envied and were jealous of achieving ppl, b.c they wanted to alleviate their own incompetent shamefulness by grabbing the power
      they envied, but had no idea how to handle matters well, fairly or responsibly…which is why we in US plummet, too. I once was puzzled as to why Vermont plummeted, to date.. It was touted as a state where you were not accepted unless of a 3rd generation family. Well, evidently the Democrat dregs moved in to curtail your viewed ‘snobbishness,’which I only saw as allowing time for newcomers to learn of your northern country values to appreciate and adopt them.

    • Scott, you are not alone. I’m happy to see another Vermont voice in this crowd and we need to start taking back Vermont. I’m faily sure most of the power is generated from the college “Vermonter”. Those dedicated socialists and their ignorati students, whom as you well know, always know more than us “old folks” but only live here 8-9 months out of the year. And now 17 year olds voting in primaries??? How enlightened is that? Let’s not even wait till College where there’s a chance they might not automatically follow their professor’s instructions on whom to vote for, the High School teachers need a say too.

  18. Freshman Kansas Third District U.S. Representative Kevin Yoder has been holding informational question and answer Town Hall meetings every weekend and recess weeks since January. On May 19th the Left purposely set up dissidents to disrupt with anger, even in unison holding up printed papers of federal dollar cuts that made them unhappy. They booed conservative constituent comments. Even tho they were encouraged and asked to attend, they were still outnumbered by those of us who believe in the adult approach of Representative Paul Ryan and Representative Yoder’s agreement—and we didn’t let the Left control the evening.

  19. Glad to hear conservatives are making a difference somewhere. I am from CT. Every time I
    I’m told to contact my representative my response is ” I’m from CT- why bother?” 5 Democratic reps and 2 Democratic sentators. Joe Courtney is my rep. His modus operandi is to either simply not respond or respond 3 months later with rhetoric that doesn’t even address the subject. My most recent email asked him to call for Weiners’s resignation. My bet is he hasn’t got the guts. I wonder if some conservative rep from another state could adopt me.

  20. Where can I learn to keep my cool against irrational socialists and be able to teach their lemming groupies with wit and humor at the same time?

    Mission Impossible!

  21. I wanted to help Ryan in his district but I am uncomfortable confronting people who are rude and disruptive. So I made a plan that if his town halls were being interrupted I would stand up and say the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE. I haven’t done it yet but I have the plan and that empowers me.

  22. I like that Idea Elaine – That is a great way to shut up the Code Pink Communists.

    Ryan’s plan will not effect anyone over 55 years of age. This message has to get out over the left media lies.

    Save Medicare now or nobody will have anything in the future.

  23. I like that Idea Elaine – That is a great way to shut up the Code Pink Communists.

    Ryan’s plan will not effect anyone over 55 years of age. This message has to get out over the left media lies.

    Save Medicare now or nobody will have anything in the future.

    Obama has to be defeated.

  24. Close down dept of education; End the free schooling under Karl marx communist manifesto ten planks. End free public schools education. The fix is Only a private and home schooling like the U.S. constitution.Ban property tax liens base on schools public funding.Give the owner to opt out of any property taxes- free and clear rule.

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