Will Senate Democrats Support ANY Budget?

Yesterday, four different budget proposals – Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget, President Obama’s budget, Senator Pat Toomey’s budget, and Senator Rand Paul’s budget – all failed in the Senate.

Every single Democrat Senator (and 3 Senate Republicans) voted against every budget plan. They have offered no budget plans of their own. Harry Reid (D-NV) even said that it would be “foolish” for Democrats to propose a budget. America is in real trouble, and Senate Democrats refuse any budget put in front of them and also refuse to put forth any plan of their own. That’s not leadership, it’s despicable.

The House deserves a little more credit. Only 21 of the 178 Democrats voted against all five budgets that have been voted on. Three House Republicans also voted against every budget. Budgets from the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the Republican Study Committee, the Democratic Substitute were all voted down. Of course, Paul Ryan’s House budget was adopted on a near party line vote. So 21 Democrats voted against 3 Democratic proposals. Is there any budget these Representatives will vote for?

Now what? It’s obvious that conservatives will have to be the ones to plan the budget, since Democrats don’t even want to try, and for good reason. During the Peterson Foundation’s Solutions Initiative yesterday, two liberal think tanks proposed their budget plans.

Their plans for balancing the budget long-term included bringing the tax burden for American’s far higher than ever before. By 2035, these liberal think tanks want government revenue to be between 23 and 24% of GDP. The highest it has ever been in our country was 21%. So their plan to “reduce” our deficit is massive tax hikes and ridiculous cuts to defense. That’s it. Oh, and of course huge spending – er, “investing” – increases as well.

“The deficit will be addressed mostly through revenue growth,” a Democrat insider said.  “That has always been the way the deficit has been reduced, and it always will be.”

The Democrats won’t propose a plan because then America will see just how realistic and honest the Ryan budget plan is. Americans will see that the left believes we can solve all our problems with higher taxes, much higher spending, and a reduced military. It’s laughable, and scary.

The Democrat Senators who voted against all the budgets:

Akaka (D-HI )
Baucus, M. (D-MT )
Begich (D-AK )
Bennet (D-CO )
Bingaman (D-NM )
Blumenthal (D-CT )
Boxer (D-CA )
Brown, Sherrod (D-OH )
Cantwell (D-WA )
Cardin (D-MD )
Carper (D-DE )
Casey (D-PA )
Conrad (D-ND )
Coons (D-DE )
Durbin (D-IL )
Feinstein (D-CA )
Franken (D-MN )
Gillibrand (D-NY )
Hagan (D-NC )
Harkin (D-IA )
Inouye (D-HI )
Johnson, Tim (D-SD )
Kerry (D-MA )
Klobuchar (D-MN )
Kohl (D-WI )
Landrieu, M. (D-LA )
Lautenberg (D-NJ )
Leahy (D-VT )
Levin, C. (D-MI )
Lieberman (I-CT )
Manchin (D-WV )
McCaskill (D-MO )
Menendez (D-NJ )
Merkley (D-OR )
Mikulski (D-MD )
Murray (D-WA )
Nelson, Ben (D-NE )
Nelson, Bill (D-FL )
Pryor (D-AR )
Reed, J. (D-RI )
Reid, H. (D-NV )
Rockefeller (D-WV )
Sanders (I-VT )
Shaheen (D-NH )
Stabenow (D-MI )
Tester (D-MT )
Udall, Mark (D-CO )
Udall, T. (D-NM )
Warner (D-VA )
Webb (D-VA )
Whitehouse (D-RI )
Wyden (D-OR )

The Republican Senators who voted against all the budgets:

Brown, Scott (R-MA )
Collins (R-ME )
Snowe (R-ME )

Senators Hutchison (R-TX), Roberts (R-KS) and Schumer (D-NY) all missed the votes.

House Democrats who voted against all the budgets:

Altmire (D-PA )
Barrow (D-GA )
Boren (D-OK )
Cardoza (D-CA )
Carney (D-DE )
Chandler (D-KY )
Cooper (D-TN )
Costa (D-CA )
Cuellar (D-TX )
DeFazio (D-OR )
Donnelly (D-IN )
Green, G. (D-TX )
Kind (D-WI )
Kissell (D-NC )
Matheson (D-UT )
McIntyre (D-NC )
Peters (D-MI )
Ross, M. (D-AR )
Schrader (D-OR )
Shuler (D-NC )
Visclosky (D-IN )

House Republicans who voted against all the budgets:

Jones (R-NC )
McKinley (R-WV )
Rehberg (R-MT )

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4 thoughts on “Will Senate Democrats Support ANY Budget?

  1. The ship of state is headed for the rocks. A few are trying to turn the wheel, but the Captain and the senior staff turning the other way–intent on sinking the ship.

    The crew is highly educated from prominent schools, so the question is: is it intentional or are they just stupid. Not enough are asking this question with all of its implications.

    • It’s intentional. Prove capitalism wrong so they can show socialism to be better. The goal is bigger government. What else can it be?

  2. Good question, Louis. I think they know exactly what they want to do to “change” the direction of the country, the question then becomes, why aren’t they laying it out on the table?

  3. With luck a hardy few in POWER now will seriously challenge these folks who are abdicating their responsibilities. We the People will respond to leadership, but we will not risk all for the establishment lot vying for office now.

    If they expect us to make a stand, our leaders need to LEAD from the front. There is too much double-speak and back-tracking. I do believe they are a majority of voters who are still adult enough to act appropriate if / when the facts are positioned to them.

    Our only chance for success is if we support the fearless and castigate the feckless. We will either weather the crisis on our terms or react once natural law takes over, b/c one the money stops, the fun is over.

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