Inside the House: Clock is Ticking

The clock is ticking.  Funds for non-essential government operations will run out on Friday.

The House continues its hard work, which started several weeks ago with the drafting and passage of $61 billion in cuts.  Late last week, House Republicans announced they would bring forward a two-week funding measure that would cut $4 billion.  This would be the second attempt by the new Republican majority in the House to fund the government and cut spending.

The cuts are contained in this short-term extension come from President Obama’s FY2012 budget, which will make it very difficult for the President and Senate Democrats to withhold support.  If the President signs $4 billion in cuts into law, it will rightly be viewed as a victory for conservatives.  However, it will be just a small first step on the way toward much larger cuts and reforms.

Also happening this week will be a vote on repealing an Obamacare tax hike, known as the 1099 expensing.

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  1. Hi Erin,
    My name is Jim Carlin. I am on the leadership team of the Huntley Area Tea Party in Illinois. In 2012, due to redistricting here in Il. we will have two fine Republicans Joe Walsh and Randy Hultgren having to oppose each other. In looking at the Score Card, it doesn’t mention the Bill Number so I’m having trouble understanding exactly who voted for what. Joe has a rating of 92 and Randy of 72. However, the devil is in the details and in a scoring of only 7 bills I’m more interested in which Bills they did or didn’t vote for. Can you help or refer me to someone who can?

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