FAST FACTS: Higher education reform and opportunity (Hero) act

HERO Act (Higher education reform and opportunity act) 

  • “The Higher Education Reform and Opportunity Act would not only make the cost of higher education more affordable, but also make it easier for students to customize their own education and gain the specific skills they need to compete in today’s economy,” Senator Lee, January 9, 2014.
  • Empowers states to develop their own accreditation systems to accredit colleges, individual courses within colleges, apprenticeship programs, and curricula.
  • Any state-accredited educational institution, program, or course would then be eligible for federal funding such as student loans.

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2 thoughts on “FAST FACTS: Higher education reform and opportunity (Hero) act

  1. Get federal funding OUT of this bill! Let parents/students find a
    private loan or a payment plan or SOMETHING! Fed loans are the reason
    for higher edu.! Other than that, this is great!

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