Obamacare: It’s the Fight We’re In

For years, folks have talked about the hypothetical impact of Obamacare.  Unfortunately, we no longer have to guess at how this unworkable law will impact Americans.  Remember when President Obama declared “for those who have insurance now, nothing will change”?  For far too many Americans, it is painfully clear the law has changed everything. While these Americans are clamoring for a way out of Obamacare, many politicians in Washington are desperately searching for a way out of President Obama’s government shutdown.

Heritage Action’s Michael A. Needham explained that absent action in Congress, the American people do not have a way out of this Obamacare quagmire:

“Heritage Action remains fully committed to fighting Obamacare because not fighting isn’t an option for those being harmed by this unworkable, unaffordable law.  A deal that fails to address the law’s fundamental flaws may be an acceptable political solution, but it isn’t a solution for those who are seeing premiums increase, hours reduced and jobs vanish.  Over the past several months, it has become increasingly clear that President Obama and his political allies care only about protecting a failed law that is hurting the country, not about protecting the people they’re supposed to represent.” 

To be clear, the reason the government remains shut down is because the President and his allies in Congress refuse to acknowledge their law is hurting the American people.

Baron Legault of Pennsylvania shared this testimony and concerns with us:

My premiums at work increased by 40%.  Now I must say that it sounds high but in real dollars is more reasonable.  The real problem is the change in benefits.  We moved from having a fairly traditional health plan with co-pays to one that is basically catastrophic insurance.  One that basically has the first $3,000 of costs coming out of pocket before the insurance kicks in, then the co-pays are still higher than what we had before. I do not blame my employer, this is simply reaction to changes in legislation.  At least I have insurance, I feel truly bad for those that have lost work hours and have lost their coverage.

An Alabama family saw their premiums increase by 300%.  After a 62% hike, another woman explained “We’re just going to have to drop insurance.”  Some North Carolinians are seeing 400% increases. A Pennsylvania mother is now forced to choose between food and health care.  A Missouri grocery store cut hours and dropped their 401k plan.  An Obamacare supporter who “didn’t realize” she would “pay for it personally” “will pay $1,800 more a year for an individual policy.” The stories go on and on, and each one is heartbreaking.  Yet, these are the stories that Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius dismisses as “anecdotal.”

So when President Obama asked House Republicans yesterday, “what’s it going to take” to end the shutdown?  The answer should have been clear: stop Obamacare from hurting the American people.

Unfortunately, over the past week, Washington has been moving away from dealing with Obamacare.  Americans do not have the luxury of moving on from Obamacare, and neither should their elected leaders.  It is time for House and Senate conservatives to regain the initiative and re-focus the debate on Obamacare and how it’s hurting the country and driving up premiums. Obamacare is not a partisan issue. Resurgent Republic explains:

“Since winning a second term, President Obama has done little to uproot the deeply grounded opposition and surrounding confusion over his health care law, not to mention the train wreck of policy and implementation glitches. Per the most recent Fox News poll, Independents join Republicans in supporting efforts to repeal all or part of the law by 60 to 32 percent and 79 to 17 percent among Republicans.  Democrats are isolated in their support, choosing to keep the law intact or expand it by 69 to 28 percent.”

Bottom line: the President’s law is hurting the American people, and its implementation should not be funded. Conservatives need to stand strong and hold the line.

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193 thoughts on “Obamacare: It’s the Fight We’re In

  1. commie care is a criminal attack on the sovereignty and peace of the United States of America.

    the number one enemy promoting this commie care attack on us is none other than our whole treasonous Washington Government and the Zionist/Muslim white house is their leader.

  2. Remember “fundamentally change?” It’s not about h/c. Unfortunately 4 the rest of us the takers & leechs will still worship Bam more than God. 2 them, he is God.

  3. I will not be forced into any healthcare program…you force me…I remove you from my planet…I am a FREE Man…and will die one…but you will die first…force = RAPE.

  4. GET RID OF OBAMACARE any way you can. It has been designed to destroy and bankrupt our beloved COUNTRY!
    McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, etc STOP CEDING to this President who is bent on destroying our Economy and our Country. Republicans and all those who cherish our Republic and FREEDOM MUST Stand in one unified front against the Socialistic and Communist claws of this President and his minions. Forget party politics and personal gain. The only Important thing is that WE UNITE and take our Country BACK!
    Stand together and we will prevail with honor against this onslaught of evil by this administration. WE NEED less regulations on small businesses and More individual FREEDOMS that has been DENIED by this Oppressive President and HIS Administration.

    Steve LONEGAN will work hard to take NEW JERSEY and OUR COUNTRY BACK.

    Steve LONEGAN supports SMALL GOVERMENT, and Strictly obeying OUR CONSTITUTION and the RULE of law.

    OCTOBER 16 VOTE STEVE LONEGAN to FIGHT BACK and put AMERICA back on the RIGHT track!

    • I take it that you must live in New Jersey as well, the last thing we need here is for Booker to get in because Oprah has been throwing millions of dollars at him for his campaign to win because she wants him to go for the white house in 2016. Believe me the last thing I want is another moron in Washington who will rape this country and finish off what this muslim Islamic puke murdering moron has started. We certainly don’t need Benghazi Hillary either, we have got to take back the senate from the pigs and we need more in congress as well, and we have got to wipe the slate clean of the murdering pukes, because as Harry Reid said the other day, ” We Own The Government” and that’s how they feel, like they can do no wrong and we are only here now to do their bidding.
      Well this is one true American Patriot who has fought with my brothers and many of us shed our blood for this country to sit and watch it go down in flames with these mothers, the shit has hit the fan now…..so to speak!!!!!!

      • Thank you for your service and for being a true Patriot.
        Yes, it is just so amazing to me that even one congressman would vote for Obamacare socialist medicine.
        We have the greatest medical care here. People from other countries flock here to receive the best care under the best medical physicians, and in the best facilities. WHY? Because the medical care in their countries SUCK because it is all socialized medicine.
        So why would MR ZERO of a PRESIDENT wish to subject the American People to it since in so SUB PAR? Ever hear of POPULATION CONTROL? Well Mr Zero solves that problem by PLANNED PARENTHOOD ABORTIONS with taxpayer dollars, but Hundreds of Thousands of brutal sacrifice abortions are not enough….DEATH PANELS and control the medical care that a person is ENTITLED TO can help the ONE WORLD ORDER MISFIT ELITES reduce the population. After all they want to go from 8 billion people down to 1 to 1 and 1/2 billion GLOBAL CITIZENS.
        Don’t you just love how HILLARY AKA BENGHAZI GATE blood on her hands HILLARY refers to herself as a CITIZEN OF THE WORLD.
        This President wants to squeeze you, suppress you, oppress you, starve you, make you suffer because HE is one sick SOB in cahoots with other to destroy our dollar, our values, all religion except HIS RELIGION and bring our people and Country to it’s knees.
        WHERE are the Politicians who will stand up?
        They are few, and they are berated by this communist President and his toadies!
        Congress better STAND UP and IMPEACH and charge these TRAITORS with TREASON.

        • You are so right brother. I served two tours in Viet Nam, not because I had to, but because I wanted to and tried to go back for the third one, but they wouldn’t give it to me. I wanted a full three years back there, couldn’t get it.

  5. Obama care is the means to an end, socialized medicine is the start, control the health care and you can control the people, the takers aren’t smart enough to understand that they are not going to get the health care they need they are expendable so are the old! If you are not producing some kind of tax revenues, then even simple procedures are to expensive, cheaper to let you die!!

  6. News Flash Rinos ; Once you fund Obamacare America Becomes A European Socialist Nation , and you Naive / Wimpy Rinos Know it !!! The Lying King’s Wet Dream ; Single Pay is NEXT !!! Rinos : If You Are Worried About Being Re-Elected ; Don’t !! Because you Won’t Be!! ( unless you are on the Liberal Ticket ) McCain is old and he knows Sarah Palin would Never Endorse him Again ; he ‘s Gone !!!

  7. TEA PARTY !! The Name Calling By the Liberals is A Good Thing They are Scared To Death ; Freedom from Big Government & The Corruption That Follows Big Government is Very Scary To Liberals / Socialists !!! Ask those Liberals how many Socialist Nations Elected Conservative Prime Minsters To SAVE THEM !!

  8. YAH, for the Tea Party. They are the ones making changes happen. Don’t you get it? If I have a choice, I will vote for Ted Cruz over and over. He makes things happen, period.

  9. I’m ashamed I supported Obamacare at the beginning. Now I see that it is going to hurt the American people who work for a living, instead of living off the government. This is greatly changing my point of views on our current president…..

      • “Mr. Obamaite:” Would you support Obama in an attempt to run for office for a third term? How about a fourth or a fifth? If you are a leftist and support totalitarianism; which it appears you do; Obama to your ilk in America, is what Lenin was to the Bolsheviks in Russia during the Revolution, what Mao was to the Chinese communists, and what Hitler was to the German people before World War II.

        • I have a flash for you: being a leftist does not equal being a totalitarian. You are naming people from decades ago, who strayed from the ethics of socialist thought. This is not socialism as it exists today. Name the ‘totalitarians’ in Canada, Scandinavia or France, or Holland, or the UK. These countries all have varying levels of social democracy. In fact, by my lights, it’s the right wing of today which is following in Hitler’s footsteps (in his case, calling something ‘socialist’ does not make it true) and resembles the Taliban. Talk about totalitarianism! From hating anyone of color to trying to establish a state religion; from wanting to keep children from being educated and fed, to wanting to keep woman barefoot and pregnant; from physically invasive state-order procedures to denying cancer screen and birth control to low-income women.

          Right now, what we have in America today is far from a democracy, it’s a corporate oligarchy. The government takes it’s marching orders from corporate titans and banksters.

          You’ll not stop Obamacare, because you cannot stop the will of the people.

          • Hmmm? Where did I use the word “socialist?” I used the term leftist and totalitarian. By using Unconstitutional Executive Orders to legislate, Obama is far closer to being a totalitarian than he is a President that recognizes our system of Checks and Balances.

            I don’t support a State religion, I don’t hate anyone because of their color, I want our children to be fed and educated; just not indoctrinated by government schools, I don’t know any of our female friends that are being kept “barefoot and pregnant,” and before Obama started his experiment to “fundamentally change America,” 90% of Americans; and even some illegal immigrants; had access to excellent to reasonable quality healthcare. Even the most poor had/have access to free clinics and are/were able to get necessary prescription drugs.

            In our Country our problems have resulted from the democratization of the American Constitutional Republic. In a way you are correct about the power of multinational corporations, and International Bankers who are found in the Federal Reserve. They control our money supply, dictate how much it will buy in an imaginary value, and electronically produce wealth from thin air. Then we (The People) have to pay an enormous, unspeakable amount of interest on the $17+Trillion debt that we own them.

            I don;t know if we will stop Obamacare from becoming operational for the short-term, but if the computer gurus get the HHS Website going to sign up for the mess, and the government succeeds in forcing people to purchase their two-bit coverage, it won’t last.

            What it will do is drive Insurance Companies that deal in Healthcare out of business, force the shutdown of medical facilities, Physicians will stop practicing medicine because they won’t be able to have enough cash flow to keep their practices up and running , and prescription drugs will be in short supply and extremely expensive, because the new health initiative won’t be able to afford people’s drugs because the prices will be either super-inflated, or not available at all.

            I guess we will see who is correct about Obamacare when the Bureaucrats finally get it up-and-running. What Obama really wants is a single payer system administered by the Federal Government and Obamacare is the political tool that will be the proof that the private sector just isn’t capable of doing the job. It is either “Big Government Healthcare,” or no healthcare at all. That is where Obama care is leading America; e.g., into one, big fat mess!

  10. We all need to spread the word.

    Please do not give up, stand your grand, the media is just trying to put a lye in play

    to send you packing, call there bluff. STAND YOUR GROUND, DE-fund Obomacare.

    We will not hold you accountable because you are just doing what we all want. Keep up the fight.

    The drive by media is spading LAYS, STAND YOUR GROUND.

  11. “Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialized state.”
    Vladimir Lenin
    Amazing lesson from the past, not funny at all, just amazing!!

  12. Despicable is the name of the game. Obama poisons everything that he touches. Except for the homosexual law he forced on us, Obamascare holds top position of evil that he has done to America. Unless we all who claim Christianity act positively upon JESUS CHRIST the country cannot be saved If we are ashamed of HIM HE will be ashamed of us when HE goes to GOD for us. This can be found in Mark 8:38,Luke 9:26 and 2 Timothy 1:8


  14. Why didn’t the Republicans start working getting rid of this unaffordable health care act the minutes obummer signed it into law or even before?

    • Because they didn’t have the votes – they were the minority. That means that there were more Democrats in Congress than Republicans. Then you had Obama in the White House who signed the bill into law. On September 12, 2009, 1.67 million Americans from all ethnicities, all socioeconomic groups, all ages and all races gathered in Washington, DC to march to the Capital Hill to tell Congress that we were against the healthcare law, overspending, over regulation and taxed enough already. That day truly birthed the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party movement. It is still alive and well today.


    • Obama is acting like any respectable “socialist” (I use this term generically for any one who wants centralized bureaucratic control of commerse). This is not difficult to predict!

      • Alicia: What exactly is a “respectable socialist.” Obama is far from being respectable. Why is it a fact that so many people in this nation have turned their backs on the Founder’s Constitution? The only time liberals quote it, is to promote some skewed political agenda.

        To me, repairing the problems that we have in this country is to return to the original intent of the constitution and follow it exactly as the Founders intended it to be interpreted. The constitution worked very well from the time of its ratification, until Woodrow Wilson took office. It was during his term that the great socialist experiment began in America and it has proven to be a failure.

        The constitution when followed the way the Founders designed it would solve most of our problems in very short order. The experiment with socialism for the past 105 years has proven to be a miserable failure, just like it has everywhere else it has been tried. The American people are getting exactly what they deserve from both parties; e.g., self-serving socialist bureaucrats that don’t give a hoot in hell about the American people, liberty or freedom.

        • Why? Because some highly determined liberals, socialists, communists, Marxists, Progressives, etc. (they all work on the same “agenda”) have slowly but surely intentionally taken over our high schools, colleges, law schools, journalism schools, the media, the Democrat Party, some of the Republican Party, some of our churches, etc. – with no opposition for 50 years – until the “Tea Party” came on the scene. [Sorry about the long sentence!]
          Now we have to do the same thing. We have to make a concious effort to put a “Friedman Classic LIberal” club in every highschool and college. Milton Friedman called himself that – meaning he is a free-market Constitutionalist – not for the status quo. Our churches need to do their job explaining why it takes more faith to believe Evolution and why a patriarchal society is superior to the matriarchal society the progressives are pushing! We need to educate our friends that they have been mislead – intentionally!!!

          • Alicia: OK. Now I understand what you were saying. I misunderstood where you were coming from. I agree with you on your points. The one thing that conservatives can learn from the progressives is the “art of patience.” The people you mention have a dogged determination to stick to their agenda and eventually prevail and win the war while losing some battles.

            What people haven’t been able to understand is that today’s liberalism is the conservatism of the past. The meanings of the terms switched during the late 1800’s and evolved into the progressive movement that exists today. The liberals, progressives and the conservatives of the previous century all believe that “The People” are incapable of making their own decisions and running their own lives. They (the progressives) believe that they know better than “The People” do, when it comes to running our own lives.

  16. I implore those in Congress who honestly believe in their cause, to stand their ground and never surrender to the immature nastiness of Harry Reid, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi or other petty Democrats. What a disgrace and disappointment they are to the American people who do care about the future of this country and are concerned that we are headed down the wrong path to recovery.

  17. This country is already in default We are not paying down any bills, we are pissing away money to other countries and money to the muslim brotherhood and the 50 communist cazars out to destroy American life every day AND WE BARROW ALL OF THE MONEY TO DO IT. if THAT IS NOT DEFAULT THEN NOTHING IS. AND THE SHAME OF ALL THIS IT COULD ALL BE TURNED AROUND IN THREE MONTHS NO PROBLEM.

    • Uh, Ken…you can’t impeach someone because you didn’t like the outcome of the election, or even because you don’t want a black man in the White House. You need to have cause for impeachment… and you don’t have that.

      • “Mr Obamaite:” I didn’t like the outcome of the election, but it’s not because Obama is Black, it is because he is a leftist. What we need in the White House is a non-politician and there is a Black man that can do the President’s job as well as anyone. His name is Dr. Ben Carson.

        As I said above, Obama has dome many things that qualify him for impeachment, but “Obamaites” just won’t admit that he has screwed up more than any other President, and wields an unconstitutional political sledge hammer to get his way.

        • Your lack of knowledge is astounding. Obama may have leaned left st some point in his life, but as President, all he has done is to continue Bush’s policies. In many cases, he has exacerbated what Bush did. But, the deficit is closing, the government is shrinking and the corporatists still rule. Obama has done nothing impeachable, and I challenge you to show us all just what it is you believe he’s done that qualifies. BTW, it’s not impeachable just because Limbaugh or Hannity says so.

          Now, there are actors in the House GOP (Guardians of Privilege) who are clearly worthy of charges of sedition. They actively and knowingly conspired to shut down the government and to cause damage to the American economy (as well as the world economy) during a time of war.

          I’m not an “Obamaite”, whatever you deem that to be. I have my issues with his governance: i.e. he’s not a leftist and does not behave like one. I voted for hime thinking he just might be a leftist and, wow, was I wrong.

          • Whatever you want to believe, believe it, that is your right. But your beliefs do not make your opinion facts, any more than those you accuse me of stating necessarily make me right. The facts are proven in how they are substantiated, and this forum is too confined to provide a lot of documentation.

            I believe that the majority of people would disagree with you, when you say “Obama has done nothing impeachable…” His use of Executive Orders to legislate and circumvent the Constitutional balance of powers, is in itself, an impeachable offense. Where the Republicans have failed is not challenging his unconstitutional use of Presidential power. They don’t have the guts to stand up to him, and that makes them as guilty as Obama as far as usurpation of the constitution is concerned.

            If the GOP is seditious, so are the Democrats and the certain members of the Supreme Court.. If Obama isn’t a leftist, what is he? What ever causes him to make the decisions he does regarding his agenda, it isn’t proving to be very good for the people, our freedoms, or our liberties.

          • I repeat, Obama has done nothing that’s impeachable. Executive orders have been issued by many Presidents in the past. He has a do-nothing Congress, and Executive Orders must be used to keep the country from stalling out completely. Do you think for one New York minute that a Constitutional Scholar, a teacher, who is surrounded by other Constitutional lawyers would not know what is Constitutional and what is not? There’s a reason he pulled back from employing the 14th Amendment a year or so ago.

            Clearly you do not understand what a ‘leftist’ is, or you would not confuse Obama with leftism. Show us ONE industry he has nationalized. You can’t because he has not. What he did was continue Bush’s policies, so if Obama is a leftist, so is the Shrub. The GOP is seditious because they have conspired in numbers of “two or more” to undermine the governance of the country. A group conspired on the very night of Obama’s first inauguration. A similar meet occurred after his reelection. You obsessive TeaBorgs think anything to the left of Limbaugh is communism, and you also think that you have the right, nay, the MANDATE to reverse the outcome of two elections. We the people refuse to be tyrannized by the minority. Your hateful ideology will be the downfall of America as a free country.

          • No, I guess you are correct. The only people who know what a leftist is are liberals, because liberals know everything! Hell, as far as the liberals are concerned, conservatives don’t even know their own names.

            But just in case you want to partake of a bit of truth, the following link may help clarify what is “right” and what is “left.” OK, now go ahead and let us know how stupid this explanation is.


      • Please spare us the racist remarks. Use your logic and your brain to substantiate your stand on the issues. But that would require that you to be educated and immersed in American history (not revisionist history) and fully understand our form of government and how it works. From the remarks you have shared, I think you need to do a lot more homework to justify your arguments. You have reduced yourself to nothing more than a name caller in your remark.

        • Again with the condescension. The only revisionist history present here is the Limbaugh crap you’re preaching here.

          Still waiting for the evidence of an impeachable offense.

  18. we can no longer stand by and allow this country to go to hell.There are to many families suffering because Obama is giving to other countries.I and many other vets are seeing this beautiful country being destroyed. Obama needs to step aside,or impeached and let someone who cares about this country and it’s people.

    • Todd: You are correct. However the American people have been allowing the progressives to build their influence for a long, long tine. I’e been warning people that someone like Obama would be elected President since 1968. But even now, with all he has done to attack and destroy our constitution, a large portion of the voting public are still enamored with the Socialist/Progressive experiment that is being forced down our throats.

      Obama will never “step aside.” He loves the power far too much to do that, and he is intentionally and methodically doing everything he can to destroy our freedoms and liberties. And as far as impeachment is concerned, the establishment Republicans are either too weak kneed to proceed to do it, or they are in bed with him.

      This country and this people are going to suffer under Obama’s progressive, Fascist agenda. At this point and time Obama is the most dangerous threat to the World that has ever held a leadership position, and that includes Hitler, Khrushchev, Stalin, Mao and all of the petty, third World dictators put together.

      The best way people can fight the coming onslaught of total government is to prepare physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

      Physical preparedness is stocking up on food, water, arms, ammunition, fuel, sanitation, electrical power in some form and necessary prescribed medicines.

      Emotional preparedness is realizing that you, your family and like-mined friends are going to be forced to band together for self preservation. It is going to be a mess and if you are not ready to accept and be willing to cope with the toughest times Americans have ever had to face, your fate may well be a FEMA camp.

      Arms and ammo are self-explanatory. They will not hold off a well trained military force, but they will provide security against roving mobs of looters and people who will kill to get food and supplies.

      Sanitary preparedness will become necessary when sewage treatment plants are shut down. Be prepared to recycle water storage reserves and choose a method of purifying brown water for drinking. At a minimum you should stock up on plastic bags, 5 gallon pails with toilet seat covers and RV toilet chemicals such as “Liquid Gold” to kill the nasty stuff in human waste.

      Electrical is a tough row to hoe. Small electronics use batteries. Stock up on all sizes. A generator and fuel to run it will be needed top operate power tools and appliances. Heavy duty 12 Volt deep cycle batteries, solar panels to recharge them by the trick;e charge method and a power inverter will power lights and other comfort items and more, depending upon how many wet-lead batteries can be hooked up in parallel to obtain sufficient amperage to run a heavy-duty AC power inverter,

      Consider storing at least 300 gallons of potable water. Also find alternate water sources and have the means of making water gathered elsewhere pure for drinking. If you are in a region of the country where the water table is shallow, drive a well with a well point and install a pitcher pump on it. If possible install the well in a basement or a garage.

      Finally don’t ignore your personal spiritual welfare. Gain faith in the Creator and treat others the way you want to be treated. People asking for help is to be expected. Help when possible. People demanding your sustenance and threatening you and your family physically do not.

      The last item on the agenda is saving for a financial future, Rather than saving Gold, I prefer Silver. Sliver is easier to use as a means of exchange. I like dimes and quarters because they are easy to trade, the value is marked on them. How do you cut up an ounce of Gold bullion, or a Gold coin in the right weight, especially when Gold may be selling for $5000/ounce after a crash. Silver is just more simple to barter with,

      Finally, keep your preparations quiet. The fewer people who know about what you have the better. And don’t forget the toilet paper and matches.

      • Do you really think if Obama did one thing unconstitutional that the GOP would hesitate to impeach? Get over yourselves.

        • Obama has done many things that amount to impeachable offenses against the constitution. The Republicans haven’t done a damned thing to stop him. When all of you “Obamaites” finally figure it out, and you have lost your freedoms, you will be the ones who will scream, cry, and piss and moan about losing them. “Get over (our) yourselves?” You; the liberals of this country; are to blame for the mess in Washington, not those who have been trying to get the government under control. Realize it!

          • How can Republicans stop Obama when they only have a majority in the House. We must increase the majority in the House and give the Senate to the Republicans in 2016. But the Republicans we elect must be citizen statesmen, who believe in guaranteeing a republican form of government to the people. This form of government was promised to us by our Founders. We need to reestablish this guarantee. This must come from a massive grassroots movement. We need to awaken the sleeping giant and quickly!!!

          • Ah, you wistfully dream of tyranny by your puny minority.
            America is basically centrist, and your attempts to jerk it further to the right will end dismally. It’s truthfully said, Reagan could not be elected in today’s climate.

          • Wrong, again. In the beginning, we were just a little to the right of center. Reagan set us back to that position, but we let anarchist, like you, move us back. Yes, we need another Reagan and its not Obama.

        • Hey, pattreid, you need to educate yourself on the Constitution and how impeachment of the president works. The House brings the charges and the Senate holds the trial. There must be a 2/3rds majority in the Senate to impeach a sitting president. That means that 60 senators would have to vote for impeachment. How many Republicans are there in the senate currently? I believe there is 46. Impeachment won’t happen until we get a majority in the senate in 2016.

          • Impeachment is the process, much like a trial. Impeachment of a sitting President often does not end in “conviction”. Let me assure you, if Obama had done anything impeachable, the rabid ideologues you have in the House would surely have started the process, if for no other reason than to put a blemish on this Presidency. So virulent is the hatred coming from the uber-right that all reason is lost. Regard, the fiasco that is the House these days: total disarray.

            Dream on about getting a majority in 2016. By then, there won’t even be a GOP.

            BTW, your condescending attitude is not the way to educate. I’m well aware of the impeachment process, and I don’t need your schooling. I have yet to see any one of you and your cohorts coming forth with evidence of an impeachable offense. However, I can produce evidence that Cruz and his TP pals are committing sedition and treason. They make a mockery of the word “patriot”. They are doing what Al Qaeda could not do: destroy the US.

            Remember this, when fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

          • Man, I must compliment your indoctrinators. They have done a stellar job! You are so full of their rhetorc that you suffer from a closed and small mind and a mean spirit. I’m done. Crawl back into your hole.

          • Whereas your indoctrinators have failed. Well, no, they have a failing message. When being indoctrinated, you should at least ask for facts so you can respond intelligently instead of regurgitating talking points.

    • Everything our government (and it not Obama, it’s the entire way America does business) “gives away” comes with a price tag. The money must be spent on American goods. We have a history of selling weapons to our enemies. My god, you all are some of the least informed people I’ve had the displeasure of talking with. TURN OFF FAUX NEWS.

  19. If the Republicans fund this law, they will have proven to me that they care more about what the liberal main stream media says about them (and the possible effect on their jobs) than they do about the survival of America as we know it. Many millions of Americans have given or risked their lives to benefit this country, and these people wish to not risk or sacrifice anything…

      • You are SOOO RIGHT!! The Council on Foreign Relations is the top executives of virtually all the media (and other large corporations). They colude to sway the public opinion toward centralized bureaucratic control so THEY can have more control over you and me. The Tea Party terrifies them so the media tells you the Tea Party is … well… bad (for lack of a better term) and irrelevant.

        • Muahhhhhhaaahaha. You think the TP terrifies anyone except sane people, among which you cannot count yourselves? The media has given them a platform. Actually, I pity you all. You got just enough attention to think you meant something in the scheme of life. Lately, however, even the corporate owners have come to realize you are a danger to America. So, even if you served them for a minute in the continuum of time, you’re over, finished, history. An enigma, a stain on the history. TTFN.

  20. Every Republican in the House ran at least once and most twice on a promise to stop Obamacare. Endless token votes are not enough to consider their promise kept. They must swear now (while it might sway the RINOs) they will not vote to put the gavel or any leadership position into the hands of any who violate this promise that they all gave their voters.

    Even if it destroys the Republican Party. Obamacare fully phased in will destroy the Republic and that is more important.

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  22. It is clear to me that the Establishment GOP has made a deal with the devil to fight conservatives. Bring it on! I do believe we’re ready. #2014

    • Over this side of the pond Mary, we are thoroughly looking forward to 2014. I personally expect to see a few Republicans be replaced by Democrats and for the Democrats to also breeze into another 4 year term in 2016. Your country is not going to forget the Tea Party over this.

      • I hope you stay on the other side of the pond! I’m with Mary! The American spirit is indomitable – it’s in our genetic makeup. Where there is hope, it will prevail. Abolitionist fought slavery for 76 years until it was eradicated from our land with rivers of blood. They did not give up, neither will those Americans who demand liberty, justice and equality for all in our times. We do not need a president or a Congress who willy nilly pick the winners and losers in our society. This is what creates division. Last time I looked, it wasn’t the Republicans who were engaged in this activity. Americans will think today’s TEA Party movement when they have been set free, just like the slaves thanked the Army of Northern Aggression after the Civil War. I guess you Brits are still stinging from the Boston TEA Party and your defeat at the hands of Americans who would be free over two hundred years ago.

        • The people voted for Obama in 2012 after ACA became law. This teaparty fiasco can only do more harm to the radical conservative movement.

          • The 2012 election doesn’t invalidate the results of the 2010 election, where 88 Republicans (the largest switch in the history of our country). From a conservative view point, the 2012 election wasn’t about the ACA, but about Obama. The 2010 election was about Obamacare. The longer the Democrats show their true colors in this debate, the more conservatives are galvanized to make 2014 about Obamacare. When you mess with Americans sense of fairness, one needs to beware.

        • “I hope you stay on the other side of the pond!” I too would be unwilling to visit a country run by people the values of the Tea Party seems to extoll.

          “Abolitionist fought slavery for 76 years until it was eradicated from our land with rivers of blood.” Yes, the finest people whom I support, but would they recognise the uncaring nature of the Tea Party that claims to inherit their history?

          “We do not need a president or a Congress who willy nilly pick the winners and losers in our society.” My perception Jacqui is that most American people I have worked with have been self-starters, career focused and successful. You chart your own course.

          But you really ought to look at the billionaire individuals that funds such ridiculous organisations such as Heritage, Americans for Prosperity, 60Plus etc, and ask what they want. My perception of them is they seem to want a few billionaires and lots of poor disenfranchised folk. A little like slaves actually.

          “Americans will think today’s TEA Party movement when they have been set free, just like the slaves thanked the Army of Northern Aggression after the Civil War.”

          It’s wrong to conflate the two. In the second part, that is recorded history (I’d have been very grateful too.) In the first part, not even Ted Cruz’s poll, paid for by himself, with the demographics and questions selected by himself, indicated Americans in the round would think any such thing:

          “– By a margin of 46 percent to 39 percent, voters blamed Republicans for the shutdown over “Obama and Democrats.” Another 15 percent are undecided about who to blame.

          – By a margin of 42 percent to 36 percent, independent voters blamed Republicans for the shutdown over Obama and the Democrats.”

          I wasn’t around in 1776, and now as then, I look forward to America throwing out the Tea Party starting with a GOP capitulation later today.

          • Democrats in this country are killing off the middle class and you think they are the heroes here? I can’t afford to pay my bills because they keep picking my pockets to pay for the people who are milking the system for all its worth. The Democrats care about no one, they care about votes. Period. If you don’t live here, don’t pretend to know what we are living with on a daily basis.

          • Excuse me Dina,but when I see what your Tea Party has done to our British pension valuations in the last 2 weeks I damn well will get involved and annoyed. Did you know the threat of a default knocked 7% off mine in 7 days.

            In case you didn’t know, that idiot party of yours has the potential to be so damaging to the world economy that it will considerably harm European and Asian GDP let alone Americans.

            They are now everyone’s problem.

          • So, the truth comes out! You’re only concerned about your pension? You are the definition of selfishness ad greediness. All you care about is getting your piece of the pie off of OUR backs! It’s 1776 all over again! We will win this revolution again, but this time, we will throw off you who leech off our labor and our charity for good. You are an ingrate, sir. When you run out of others money, what will you do then?

          • “You’re only concerned about your pension?”! I think I used the collective word ‘our’ in that sentence.

            “All you care about is getting your piece of the pie off of OUR backs!”

            In 2008 I took on your country’s revolting medical establishment head on when my Hawaiian friend got charged $17,800 for a knee operation and then her medical insurer reversed their prior agreement to cover it. I’m sure you’ll be aware of other cases.

            Over 6 months I ground them down to a bill that was only $2,800. Does that make me an ingrate?

            After that Jacqui, as a British person I was warmly supportive of the ACA program to extend some sort of medical coverage to a good percentage of presently uncoverable Americans. Is that a definition of selfishness and greediness?

            And finally, I went to the doctor yesterday to get the results of a heart & lung X-rays and series of blood tests. All free at the point of delivery.

            This is how we do things in Britain.

            And you may be interested to know that the US free-market medical industry is more expensive than the UK National Health Service when measured as a total country cost, let alone the cost per head which I’m sure you will know all about. I’m invested in US medical companies.

          • What planet do you live on? There is nothing free in this wrld. If you aren’t paying the bill, then the taxpayer is footing your bill. Is this the reason why taxes are so enormously high in GB? I don’t want to be dependent upon anyone, especially not a governmental entity. “Put not your trust in princes, or in the son of man, for they are of no help.” Psalm 146:3. Governments run out of money.

          • Jacque

            In 2011 the US average tax take was 25%. (source: http://www.justfacts.com/taxes.asp) In 2004/5 (need newer figures) the UK tax take was around 18% plus around 6% National Insurance, say 23% – 25%, roughly the same (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Income_in_the_United_Kingdom).

            In the UK we have the National Health Service and medication free at the point of delivery. My country spends 9.3% of GDP on health via taxes.
            In the US you have an out-of-control free-market private health system that makes people like yourself contribute 17.9% of GDP on health.
            (source: http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SH.XPD.TOTL.ZS)

            I invest in US medical companies because they are not only profitable but very good at getting money off the American people. The returns are excellent, or were until the Tea Party started its idiocy at the beginning of the month.

            The Affordable Care Act is about rolling back the strength of the health companies and trying to make healthcare more available for more Americans.

            Heritage Action ($500,000 recipients of Koch Brothers funding, source Michael Needham), is about leaving nothing between rich medical companies feeding off poor broke American people and wrapping it all up in some flannel about keeping government out of business.

            Feel free to check the references.

            This is the planet I live on.

          • Dina, you are aware, I hope, that the people picking your pockets are Exxon, McDonalds, Walmart, etc., etc. I do hope you wake up and recognize that. Just like the Shrub had you bail out the banks, the taxpayers are subsidizing business. Business failure is socialize, business profits are privatized. While you waste brain cells hating on the poor, the corporations are making YOU poor. If you are not one of the 1%, you are losing. And, they deflect your attention to the very people YOU are about to join. I do not find humor in this, just incredible sadness.

          • At least we can agree on one thing — we stay on our respective side of the pond. It’s blatantly obvious you have one source of information — the biased media. You’ve lived in socialism enough to know it doesn’t work given the facts about Great Britain’s deplorable healthcare system.

            So, let me see if I understand your premise concerning organizations such as The Heritage Foundation, 60Plus, etc. What you’re saying is that because billionnaires fund these origanizations (and I’m not saying that billionnaires fund The Hertage Foundation et al), they are not legitimate. Then, under your premise, organizations such as The Tides Foundation, Moveon.org, etc., which are funded by George Soros, a billionnaire, are no more legitimate than The Heritage Foundation.

            It appears that your premise is uninformed or hypocritical or both. It seems you protest because the conservatives in this country have begun to use the same tactics that socialist/communists have utilized over the past 100 years. What’s sauce for the gander, is sauce for the goose.

            BTW, the only polls that matter occur on election day. Spare me the 2012 election mantra. Remember the 2010 election? The TEA Party movement is growing again because of the debate over Obamacare. The 2010 election was about Obamacare, so what do you think might happen in 2014? I know its hard for you to understand that we fought in 1776 so we would never be subserviant to a king again. Like my ancestors, I will never bow to anyone who might wish to establish an elitist ruling class in my country — not now, not ever.

            I’m sorry, sir, but if it hadn’t been for Yanks, like those who make up the rank and file of the TEA Party movement, who fought for the principles of freedom, equality and justice in WWII, you would be speaking German today.

          • Well… I did this a while back…

            In 2008 I took on your country’s medical establishment head on when my Hawaiian friend got charged $17,800 for a knee operation and then her medical insurer reversed their prior agreement to cover it. I’m sure you’ll be aware of other cases.

            Over 6 months I ground them down to a bill that was only $2,800.

            So that was one successful piece of critical reasoning. 🙂

        • Yeah, the American Spirit does seem indomitable, but on the arc of history it always seems the GOP were the party resisting the social change that was to be inevitable. As such I wonder if the GOP is currently digging its own grave. If the GOP does really pander to the tea baggers and the whole system caves, that is not good for democracy with only one party or the civil unrest that follows. There again during any major recession, the right wing are energized, be they the Skin heads of Europe of the tea baggers in the US. A common theme is anarchy which the House seems currently rather good at.

          • Give one historical event where the Republicans were resistant to change. It was the party of President Abraham Lincoln who fought to abolish slavery. It was the Republicans, who after the Civil War voted to pass the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to free the slaves, make them equal under the law, and gave them the right to vote. Not one Democrat voted for any of these amendments, but instead wrote and brutally enforced the Jim Crow laws to prevent blacks and poor whites from exercising their right to vote. As a matter of record, no Democrat in Congress ever voted FOR a bill that expanded the civil rights of black Americans until the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

            Even today, we see the Democrats willing to subvert our rights under the 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, and 14th Amendments of the US Constitutiona to accrue more powers to themselves. Only a dictator would say, “I will not negotiate” to members of Congress who were elected to protect our rights. Only a dictator violates federal laws to pick winners and losers, who must be in compliance under the same federal law, so that more are beholden to him so to amass more power to himself. Open your eyes, do your homework and your own thinking! Obama is creating an elite ruling class, which can only grow and exist under a dictator or communism. This isn’t the America I grew up in and I will continue to stand against the creation of an elite ruling class in this country. In my view, the Republicans best reflect the values and principles this country was founded upon, not the facists, communist, goose-steppers that now comprise the Democrat Party, which is living up to their heritage of subversion of constitutional rights and abuse of power. I’ll stick with Republicans and their history of fighting for the underdog, constitutional rights, and preserving “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”. (Quote from The Gettysburg Addres, Abraham Lincoln)

          • Yeah, you are probably correct on the first part, the Reps fought slavery and the Dems were pretty resistant to black civil rights until the 60’s. Now it seems to have switched with Reps resistant to current social change for the various topics such as gays, immigrants, healthcare, abortion. I speak to young urban people and they wonder what all the fuss is about – of course there are gays, of course we are multiracial, why can’t we be all be treated the same?, healthcare is viewed as a right not a privilege, abortion is a poor option to be avoided but can be better than alternatives. This is my sense as to where the youth are going and they define the future. The Dems seem to be tracking this better than the Reps. Preferably the functioning party can also sort out the crazy tax code, and a workable long term funding structure and direction for SS, medicare and the Military.

            As for claiming that Obama is a dictator because he said, “I will not negotiate” to members of Congress who were elected to protect our rights. The counterargument is that he (+ Senate) were also elected to protect our rights and his interpretation is that the far right minority are trampling on the majority rights by trying to brake the system.

          • Thank you for your civility. I really appreciate it. I don’t see conservatives being resistant to change, but rather, most are standing on their Christian faith, family values, and love of our country. I’m not saying that you don’t care about your country or your community. We have to find a way to dialog without the rhetoric to find common ground where we agree and to agree to disagree in a civil manner. All of us who are not Native Americans are descended from immigrants. The governments main responsibility is to protect it’s borders and it’s citizens. Do you think they are doing a good job of fulfilling this job function? We have legal requirements for immigrants to become residents and then citizens. Mainly, to make sure criminals and terrorists don’t come into this country to do us harm. Since 9/11 border patrol has prevented over 400 illegal immigrants, who came from Middle Eastern countries and habituated themselves to Hispanic cultures in South and Central America to slip over the border and blend in with the undocumented immigrants. There will be other terrorist attacks in this country. It’s just a matter of time, where and when. Do you think our government will protect usvwith blanket amnesty? I fear that the politicians from the White House to the courthouse only care about getting more votes and winning elections, not protecting it’s citizens. Citizenship should have it’s privileges.

          • OK, I kinda agree, Similar to the conservatives, I know a lot of the progressive crowd who stand by their religious or spiritual faith, family values and love of country. The dialogue between people of differing views tends to go downhill when one side tries to force their lifestyle and values on the other. I usually ask why everyone cannot live entirely as they want? – well, with more humans around we live in a more interdependent society and we are obliged to come to some agreement to disagree on some inevitable topics. Such as? for example – immunization, where if >5% of the population object then the whole population is at risk – so we spend vast amounts trying to educate, but it still feels we are being forced as the consequences are poorly explained because another group object to being scared when the consequences are really explained.
            Your topic was on immigrants given that is what most of us are. And yes the government is doing a poor job on the immigration front. The US has a long history of people just showing up and living here and the immigration laws have been a mess for decades. It will thus take time to move to a system where the border is actually secure, (I would say we are getting there), where recent illegals are deported – (which raises the topic of how do we draw the line on this amnesty issue for long term illegals who are now part of the US fabric), where immigration law is enforceable as it makes sense and where work permits are relevant and practical to get when the country needs the skill sets. I think the stalled immigration bill is a step in the appropriate direction – definitely a work in progress but better than the do nothing approach of the past 2-3 decades. In times of economic stress a frequent societal response is fear and to victimize the aliens. The US demographics are also changing which leads to more victimization. I just note the GOP appears to pander to this, the Dems less so. Thus more of the new US citizens tend to vote Dem. Better for both parties to embrace immigration (as Rubio tries to) and sort out a modern immigration policy for the world of easy transportation where people move around.
            All politicians are afraid of the inevitable terrorist attack within the US on their watch, so much so that the current crowd have this NSA system that appears to record virtually all electronic communication. Current technology means they are overwhelmed with data and most passes by unused except for the most obvious – It is perfectly plausible that this system does help the US fight terrorists and people may think this is good. But this NSA is definitely a ‘big brother is watching’ issue. This is the scary control thing of the future.

          • OK, I kinda agree, I know a lot of the progressive crowd who stand by their religious or spiritual faith, family values and love of country. The dialogue between people of differing views tends to go downhill when one side tries to force their lifestyle and values on the other. I usually ask why everyone cannot live entirely as they want – well, with more humans around we live in a more interdependent society and we are obliged to come to some agreement to disagree on some inevitable topics. For example – immunization, where if >5% of the population object then the whole population is at risk. Another one would be healthcare costs out of control and what to do about it? – some say nothing, some say a single payer scheme, others say the popular Mass. Romneycare passed by Dems which I find surprising but worth a try.

            Your topic was on immigrants given that is what most of us are. And yes the government is doing a poor job on the immigration front. The US has a long history of people just showing up and living here and the immigration laws have been a mess for decades. It will take some time to move to a system where the border is actually secure, (I would say we are getting there), where recent illegals are deported (this raises the topic of how do we draw the line on this amnesty issue for long term illegals who are now part of the US fabric), where immigration law is enforceable as it makes sense and where work permits are relevant and practical to get when the country needs the skill sets. I think the stalled immigration bill is a step in the appropriate direction – definitely a work in progress but better than the do nothing approach of the past 2-3 decades. In times of economic stress a frequent societal response it to victimize the aliens. The US demographics are also changing which leads to more victimization. I just note the GOP appears to pander to this, the Dems less so. Thus more of the new US citizens will tend to vote Dem. To me the GOP should be embracing immigration (as rep. Rubio is trying to), this is what the US is after all, and try and sort out a decent immigration policy that works for the modern world rather than just stalling it in the house which just hurts the US. As for the inevitable terrorist attach – all politicians are afraid it will happen on their watch, such that the current crowd have this massive NSA program that records most electronic communications. Current technology means that that most of this data is too huge to be processed so is passed by and not used except for the obvious so it is plausible that this actually does fight terrorism, but the whole scheme smacks of big brother and in 10 years the technology will be different and may be alarming.

          • You want to fly the flag of Abraham Lincoln as being the Republican flag??? Give me one indication that he could be elected in your world today. Even Reagan could not be elected today. Abraham Lincoln??? You team would have assassinated him… Oh, wait, he was assassinated, wasn’t he? Gee, prolly by some Republican who hated black people. Ya think?

          • President Lincoln was one of the founders of the Republican Party. Yes, I will proudly fly his flag. He was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate sympathizer and a Democrat. Prior to the Civil War, the Democrat Party split. The Northern Democrat Party was led by Stephen A. Douglas, who ran against Lincoln for the presidency in 1959. Douglas lost. The Democrat Party in the South was led by Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States. The Democrats in the South wanted to keep slavery. Only 5% of the people in the South were wealthy, it wasn’t “Gone With the Wind”. During Reconstruction, the planter class in the South ran the Democrat Party, established the Ku Klux Clan, and wrote the Jim Crow laws to keep black Americans and poor whites from voting. Yes, I’m proud to fly the flag of President Lincoln.

          • That was the parties of years past. That was then, this is now. The parties have reversed roles, Now the KKK (and Hell’s Angels) supports the Tea party, and you’re still trying to revive the Confederacy. Personally, I wouldn’t care if the entire South ceded from the Union again. Take your red states and try to figure out how you’ll survive without the big, bad Feds sending you more money back than you pay in. Maybe you can start a little experiment in “free market capitalism”. It’ll be fun to be watching that from the outside.

            So, I hear Ted Nugent is planning a Presidential run. ROTFLMAO. What a dog and pony show this has become.

          • BTW, our form of government is not a “democracy”, under which mob rule prevails to subvert human rights, like the right to privacy, equality under the rule of law, etc. The form of government guaranteed to us by the writers of the Constitution is a “republican” (little r) form of government. Read “The Federalist Papers”. A republican form of government guarantees to all people “equal protection under the law” (14th Amendment to the US Constitutional). Mob rule (democracy) existed in Germany for twelve years (1933-1945). Mob rule ended the lives of 3 out of 5 Jews in the concentration camps of Europe because the rule of law was subverted by the Nazis. The TEA Partiers and Republicans in the House are not requesting subversion of the law, but rather, all citizens be treated equally under the law. Obama is the one who subverted the ACA law by granting delays, exemptions, and waivers to his political cronies. So, which group, the TEA Partiers or Obamabots, most resemble facists? Hmmmm?

  23. The only people hurt by Obamacare are those who cannot gouge the American public any longer. Frankly, I don’t give a damn about them. What kind of country is it that we care so little for our own citizens? The effort to shut it down has already cost as much as if we bought insurance for all the uninsured: $300million per day of shutdown, $10million per vote to repeal. Some fiscal conservatives!

      • I am responding to the point of ignorance about socialism. A free market is the opposite of socialism. No government intervention is the ideal free-market. Our healthcare system today closely resembles Fascism (privately owned and government managed). Fascism was considered “right wing” in the 1940s because it was to the right of communism (single-payer). So the ignorant continue to ask for single-payer or more fascism!

        • Have you ever lived in a place where the market was truly free? No such place exists (except Somalia, if you like that, have at it). The reason no such place exists is because every time the markets are given free reign, they abuse the consumers, endanger lives and destroy the earth.

          Keep in mind, the regulations came to be BECAUSE of the markets running amok at the great detriment to people. So-called ‘free markets’ ALWAYS precede regulations. Regulations NEVER come first. Think about it.

          • The only areas where there are problems in this country are the markets that are heavily regulated. Is anyone complaining about the clothing industry? That is a free-market. The rule of law protects people. It is illegal to cheat and steal. You can sue for damages. That really hurts the pocket book of a business. There is little incentive to bring on a law suit! Only in a free-market do the consumers determine the market share and market trends. They vote with their dollars. That means that the producer with the most repeat business and referrals – win! That is hardly a venue that supports cheating and stealing. To the contrary, In healthcare, the producers with the best lobbyist wins the battle for more market share and market trends. Bureaucrats have limited time and money so they naturally listen to the lobbyist with the biggest expense account… not always… but humans will be humans. You obviously have never run a business!! Try cheating a few customers and see how profitable you will be!! Do you really think government regulation protects the consumer? Regulation is about control – not about protecting the consumer. Centralized, bureaucratic control is about giving the ruling class power to pick the loosers and winners. POWER motivates them – not care and compassion!

          • CHoosing the clothing industry as an example of the free market with no one complaining about the lack of regulations may not be the best choice given the recent mass deaths of garment workers in unregulated Pakistani factories. Companies by capitalist definition will always try to become monopolies to control the market and price gouge. When companies approach this monopolistic position, the current approach is government regulation to curb the monopoly’s power. We have yet to come up with a better option.

          • Are you a real person? Do you really believe you are arguing intelligently? How does killing garment workers in Pakistan show that a free market is not good? Punishing crime is one issue. Allwoing a business owner to run their business as they choose is another issue.
            Find me one real-life example of a company that became a monopoly without government help. That is a good example of Fascism (private ownership with government control). Give me one real life example of the poor faring better under centralized bureaucratic control with no free-market. There are no real life examples that support the theories of the liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, etc. NONE

          • So, it’s not ‘free market’ until you deem it as such? You’re the one who brought up the garment industry. Explain how that is a ‘free market’ that gets no complaints. Tick, tock, tick, tock….I’m waiting.

            Understand this: there is no free market in the world. That ship has sailed. We are now under a nearly worldwide corporatocracy. If they cannot cheat and kill us here, they’ll go where they can. All your fantasies, which I imagine include going back to the gold standard and getting rid of our ‘fiat’ money, are fantasies, nothing more. Ain’t gonna happen. Too late for that.

            As I’ve said a couple of times above and below: it’s never happened, is not happening now and never will happen. It’s as realistic as saying pixie dust will bring me wealth.

            Just one more thing: stop conflating socialism with communism, liberalism with democratic socialism, progressives, etc. There are real life examples of Democratic Socialism that exists in varying degrees in the real world. If you don’t like these examples, don’t go there: Canada, Australia, most of the EU, Scandinavia (all of it), France and the UK. There are more, but I’m tired tonight after working a 10-hour day (lazy lib that I am). But, did you notice, they are countries that have lovely lifestyles, up-culture and, wow, even hip. The other thing they enjoy is that they do not need to go to war every year or so. And, surprise! They are not the primary targets of the world’s hatred. You can always go to Somalia which is the closest example of your fantasy free market. Let me know when you’re departing for there, I want to come and wave g’bye to ya.

            PLEASE NOTE: I did give you real life examples of places where MY values are existing in peace and harmony ( and with health care for life!! ). So, now you’ll say, “So, why don’t your go there?” I do, as often as possible. And the first TP victory on any meaningful level will push me to make the move permanent. You guys are taking my beloved country down the pipes, right to the sewer.

          • Oh, you have given me so much meat, I don’t quite know where to start. I hope I have enough time to do this justice.

            1. “Is anyone complaining about the clothing industry?” Why, yes, the families of those who have died in fires and building collapses. I realize that you may not care about those ‘lesser human beings’. I work in the garment industry. I have for more than 35 years. It is one of the most dehumanizing businesses going, and highly stressful as well. Even being a regulated business, it’s s.o.p. to ignore the regulations, or to avoid it by outsourcing. We make garments in virtual death traps, because there is zero regs in 3rd world countries. Celeb after celeb have been brought to task for the abuses their manufacturers commit. And are you totally ignorant about what has happened to the cotton industry in America, thanks to outsourcing? For crissake, read the labels in your clothes. If you find something “Made in the USA” that does not have a labor union label, it’s bootlegged.

            2. ” You can sue for damages”. Ri-i-i-ight. I’m sure that in another thread you’ll be railing against all those who bring wrongful action suits. Winning these suits is rare, and when they are won, the lawyers make more than the victim.

            3. “They vote with their dollars.” Well, that presumes they have dollars to vote with. We are now subsidizing most large businesses with our tax dollars, for what they fail to pay their employees. I volunteer in a food pantry. Virtually ALL of our clients are people who work for Walmart or the fast food industry, who earn so little that they qualify for food stamps. That saves the corporations a ton in profits, and keeps our taxes where they are. We spend 150% subsidizing corporations above what we spend on ALL social safety nets.

            4. “You obviously have never run a business!!” You’re right, I am approaching age 70, and only run 3 businesses right now. I have, in my more energetic youth, run up to 6 businesses at one time. All of these are small business, 3 LLC’s and 3 S-corps. So, no, I’ve never run A business, I’ve run several.

            5. Your view of the ‘free market’ is almost cartoonish. There’s a reason why it does not exist in the free world. Think about that.

    • I understand. I looked it up in a dictionary as well as the word communism. I think # 3 in the definition of socialism pretty much describes the road our nation has been traveling on for the last 5 years thanks to Mr. Obama and the socialist communist in Congress and on the Supreme Court. Yes, elections do matter.

      so·cial·ism [soh-shuh-liz-uhm] noun 1. a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole. 2. procedure or practice in accordance with this theory. 3. (in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.

      com·mu·nism [kom-yuh-niz-uhm] noun 1. a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state. 2. ( often initial capital letter ) a system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party. 3. ( initial capital letter ) the principles and practices of the Communist party. 4. communalism.

      It is estimated that over a period of 70 years in the 20th Century 120+ million people were starved, tortured and slaughtered by those nations who implemented a communist utopia form of government. Sadly, man never learns and is always doomed to repeat history. That’s when the innocents are slaughtered. God help us!

  24. Well said Dan. I keep hearing that the problem is a “small, band of extremist junior Congressmen”….. upholding their oath to the Constitution and the American people that sent them to do that very thing. The problem is still Obamacare and the damage it has done and continues to do to ALL Americans, whether they are realize or not. We put them there in 2010 to do a job and will remember those who failed to do it.

  25. What happened to the argument that if congress and the president’s friends are exempted from Obamacare, why can we not be exempted also… at least for one year?

  26. I live in California and I was just informed by Kaiser that my insurance will be going up 43.5% plus my co pay will be 40% of the cost of care instead of $40. I am concerned not only for myself, but about how much money will come out of our economy. You can be sure this will hurt all retail business.
    Also, is anybody asking where all of the subsidies are coming from? They will come from those of us who are working and from those who employ people.
    Also, I am wondering why everyone is so comforted that they will qualify for a subsidy. Do we all want to be dependent on the government, or do we want to be self sufficient? Millions of people on the government take doesn’t seem like the American way to me.

  27. I am a registered Republican and always have been but this Party is acting like complete idiots. While I agree in principal with everything Heritage is fighting for here… This is a fight that can NOT be won right here and NOT right now…
    Not with this Senate and not with this President. Republicans only control one branch of gov.
    You are overestimating the polls and the public’s willingness to remove or delay this legislation. There will most assuredly be irreparable damage done to the Republican Party and it may NEVER recover. In the meantime you risk the elimination of the USD as the world’s currency and the complete collapse of the US – if not the world’s – economy while thereby possibly pushing this country toward civil war. You people know nothing about economics. If any of that happens, then we ALL lose. Not just those struggling to keep their health care. They won’t even have a job any more.
    What we really need to be worrying about right now is the Senate’s new battle to eliminate the sequester and damage the control of our budget growth. That is where the real fight is at this very moment in time.
    The best way to change or even defeat Obamacare is to let the people see what a sham it is and thereby promote change at the ballot box.
    IF unemployment rises across the nation as a result of Obamacare, there will be great public outcry from all corners and Republicans will be in a much stronger position to effect change. But Republicans have no real power right now. LEARN WHEN TO FIGHT AND WHEN TO BLUFF AND WHEN TO STAND PAT AND LET IT RIDE.

    • Have you gone into healthcare.gov to see how much the plans will cost you in comparison of your current coverage? I SAY THE REPUBLICANS IN THE HOUSE SHOULD KEEP ON FIGHTING!!! I don’t believe you are a Republican.

      • your Republican Party blocked a proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices for millions of older Americans, a practice now forbidden by law. here are the facts:


        Get your facts…So stop complaining about your health care if you keep electing those who are keeping the price of medicine way too high!!!!! You want to keep up with the prices check out Fierce Pharma: http://www.fiercepharma.com/

          • You can reference the law here in wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medicare_Prescription_Drug,_Improvement,_and_Modernization_Act

            As well as the how the vote took place and if you care to look at more facts, the 113th Congress (2013-2014), legislation has been introduced that would allow the Secretary of HHS to negotiate for lower Medicare drug prices or require discounts for low-income Medicare beneficiaries. These bills include: The Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act of 2013 (S. 117, H.R. 1102); The Medicare Prescription Drug Savings and Choice Act of 2013 (S. 408, H.R. 928); and The Medicare Drug Savings Act (S. 740, H.R. 1588). So there is hope for lower drugs prices. in 2007 the Vet administration can negotiate for lower prices but medicare could not.

            Are those enough facts to shove up up your angry bitter t#at? 🙂

          • You’re some piece of work, you dismiss out of hand anything that challenges your thinking. You claim you’re so well informed, why don’t YOU reference the law?

            I’ll repeat, once more for your benefit: any news/media outlet is only as liberal as their corporate owners allow them to be. There is little or no evidence that corporate owners are liberal and encourage liberal agendas.

  28. We need to encourage the true Conservatives in the House and the Senate to fight Obamacare as long as they can!!
    Then we need to nulify the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946. That is the law that put bureaucrats in control of our rule-making. Bureaucrats have no voters to take them out of office, no competition to take away their marketshare, ZERO

  29. I got onto healthcare.gov this morning and after 3 hours, I finally made it to the plans and premiums. Just based on the rates it looks like our premium for just my husband and I on $54,000 annual income would increase 4 TIMES (comparing apples to apples) the current amount we are paying through my husband’s company. Our monthly tax subsidy would be $941/month and our monthly premium for the same coverage we currently have would be $1,029/month. Our current coverage is a deductible of $3,500 with an out-of-pocket limit of $5,000. The exchange plan closest to our current plan has a $4,000 deductible with an out-of-pocket limit of $12,700. This is a Level 1 Silver plan paying a 70/30 split once the deductible has been met. If we didn’t have employer coverage for 2014, the total we would have to pay next year for the same coverage in the exchange would be $12,348 premiums + $4,000 deductible + $2,610 our part of split = $18,958! This is affordable? That’s $1,580/month!!! Who can afford this? We can’t. Somebody in DC has been pulling the wool over the American taxpayer’s eyes for the last 5 years and they live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Does Obama and the Democrats who are fighting to protect him have any shame? Any loyalty to their constituents?

      • So I just logged onto healthcare.gov in Ca and input your example of $54k for two adults of say 50 years old. This only took a minute. Monthly payments are $450 ($1030 premium – $580 tax credit). This is for the Silver 70 plan through Kaiser with $2000 annual deductible. I do not follow all your maths, but this seems somewhat less than the $18,958 number you state. It may be that if you are in a GOP state resisting ACA, you do get screwed. That may be part of the free market side of the ACA plan. If ACA were the liberal single payer scheme you may not be in this situation but the GOP refused, and the GOP Romneycare plan was implemented. Anyway health care rates have been escalating for many years whether ACA or not. A change is required and the ACA is at least a start away from the previous direction that clearly was not working and contributing to the nation’s bankruptcy. Next to address are the long term structural funding for SS, Medicare and Military, simpler tax code and special interest group regulation. The current government closure only costs the country. The tea baggers are acting like Taliban.

        • aamaac is right your state doesnt allow for exchanges…look the rest of you whining…lets get to the real problem with the health issue and that is the price is just too damn high for medical care…Id like to say we could try to get these prices down even for those like elderly on medicare so the states can save money….but once again in APRIL your Republican Party blocked a proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices for millions of older Americans, a practice now forbidden by law. here are the facts:


          Get your facts…So stop complaining about your health care if you keep electing people to congress who are keeping the price of medicine way too high!!!!! You want to keep up with the prices check out Fierce Pharma: http://www.fiercepharma.com/

          • Do you live in Arkansas? If you did, then you would know that the state has a “patnership” benefit exchange. That’s where I got my numbers. Sorry, you are confusing resoluteness with whining. I vote and am engaged politically. Get over youself.

          • Thanks for clearing that up…And what about the article from Times posted in the comment about the “blocking to negotiate prices for Medicare passed in 2007 repubs”?

  30. You seriously believe that you’re going to defund the ACA? Get real. You’ll need to actually win the Presidency and both houses. Not likely with single digit approval ratings. You’re absolutely screwing this up for everybody. Get your act together and stop trying to do what you couldn’t do at the polls. See ya!

      • And, that wasn’t logic? Or is it that you believe whole-heartedly in tyranny by the minority? You’re not nearly the power you yourself believe yourself to be.

      • So, jacque…..by the way, is that ‘French’? lol ….. how’d that obstructionism work out for ya? What’s happening of the floor of the US House of Representatives tonight? Ouch. You guys are so screwed.

          • Ouch, ‘Jacque’. My little comment went right over that educated head of yours, I see. Those are often the funniest jokes….the ones that the person doesn’t get. And how, pray tell, am I screwed? I’m happy to pay my taxes, happy to have healthcare INSURANCE reform, and happy to be an educated American. What is there to be afraid of? Poor people get insurance? That frightens you? Damn, girl. I don’t know how you sleep at night, with all the things you’re told to be afraid of. Socialism. Communism. Losing freedoms. The attack on the Constitution. Sharia law. A Muslim takeover. An attack on Christianity. A foreign born national in the White House. A Dictator in the White House. Secession. A liberal media. Immigration. The black revolution. Did I miss anything? Shit, girl. It’s amazing you sleep at all. Thank God you have all those guns, and God, to protect you. Oh, and Hannity and Fox news. Can’t forget them. They’re looking out for you. Wait. That’s Oreilly. Anyhoo. Have a great day, lady.

  31. Most of the these arguments are speculative at best – meaning they are predictions of future events. The worst part is these predictions are baseless. What evidence are these claims based on? And Kathleen Sebelius is right the few examples here are anecdotal and those people probably need to do more research into their health care options. The whole point of the ACA is to provide options -something that was missing prior to ACA. Those that see their deductible go up towards 3K will see their premiums go down. The opposite is also true. They should either pick a different plan or they should pick it because they don’t go to the doc very much. Combine that with an HSA account and you got yourself a little tax shelter investment account – something the Repubs usually love. Also please show some hard numbers to disprove the benefit of the ACA such as “x% of Americans will see increase” not a few select examples that could be made up.

    The ACA was debated and voted upon in 2009. It was reiterated by the people when they voted for Obama back into office in 2012. The Supreme court has deemed the law constitutional. ACA is the law! Heritage the rest of the Teabags just look like a bunch of sad whiners. Work at improving the law rather than dismantling it.

    • I’m sorry, but didn’t President Obama say I could keep my doctor and my health coverage if I liked it? Well, I like my current health plan just fine, however, I won’t be able to keep it if my husband’s employer cuts his hours back. Yes, that is happening whether you want to believe it or not. How are we going to make it then? The ACA will do nothing more than impoverish the working middle class, giving the social-utopians/neo-coms the opportunity to move us into a single payer system. I believe that’s what Reid said from the Senate floor the other day.

      The example I provided is real numbers to my household. There are several examples being put forth by all mainstream media outlets. Where do you live? Under a rock? How many examples will it take for you to pull your head out and look at the evidence? How many CEOs stating that they can’t afford the ACA and are having to cut back employee hours or lay off personnel before you realize what the evidence is showing? There are more part-time workers than full time works in the labor market today. Check it out on the DOL website. I’m not going to do your homework for you because I’ve already done it for myself. I could site example after example, case after case, but you’re intellectual smugness tells me that you wouldn’t believe it.

      FACT: Congress was controlled by DEMOCRATS in 2009. Not one Republican voted for the bill.

      FACT: The 2010 election was all about Obamacare and the Republicans in the House were sent there to put an end to the ACA.

      FACT: The 2012 election doesn’t invalidate the results of the 2010 election either.

      FACT: The Supreme Court ruled on two things in the massive ACA bill that pertained to the case brought by 26 states. One the so called “penalty” was really a tax and that Congress had the authority to pass a tax. Chief Justice Robert’s contortionist argument on this point was a far stretch. So, he threw a bone out to the states who had brought the lawsuit. Congress doesn’t have the authority to force the states to expand Medicaid. There are 33 states that have refused to expand Medicaid to cover those in the doughnut hole created by the ACA – those who make 100-138% of the FPL. Expansion of Medicaid would cover these people. There are currently over 40 more lawsuits making their way through the legal system, so the final say over the constitutionality of the ACA is far from over.

      In closing I would like to add this point for you to ponder. At one time in our nation’s infamous history, slavery was the law as well. One of the most egregious rulings of the Supreme Court was the Dred Scott vs. Sanford case, where Chief Justice Roger B. Taney declared that all blacks — slaves as well as free — were not and could never become citizens of the United States. The court also declared the 1820 Missouri Compromise unconstitutional, thus permitting slavery in all of the country’s territories. Dred Scott, a slave who had lived in the free state of Illinois and the free
      territory of Wisconsin before moving back to the slave state of
      Missouri, had appealed to the Supreme Court in hopes of being granted
      his freedom. Taney — a staunch supporter of slavery and intent on protecting southerners from northern aggression — wrote in the Court’s majority opinion that, because Scott was black, he was not a citizen and
      therefore had no right to sue. The framers of the Constitution, he
      wrote, believed that blacks “had no rights which the white man was bound
      to respect; and that the negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to
      slavery for his benefit.” Scot was bought and sold and treated as an
      ordinary article of merchandise. Abolitionists were incensed. Although disappointed, Frederick Douglass, found a bright side to the decision and announced, “my hopes were never brighter than now.” For Douglass, the decision would bring slavery to the attention of the nation and was a step toward slavery’s ultimate destruction.

      For over 76 years, abolitionist in the North and yes, in the South, fought to abolish slavery through the system. Unfortunately, it took a war that lasted four long years and ended in the death of 620,222 Americans, a little less than all the combined wars since our nation was born. Today, many Americans believe that Obamacare is a form of slavery. Never, in the history of our country has the federal government forced Americans to purchase a product. It’s not like car insurance, which is mandatory if you own a car and drive. I may have a driver’s license, but unless I own a car, I don’t have to purchase car insurance. However, under the ACA, I am forced to purchase healthcare insurance or be penalized, excuse me, I meant taxed, and for what purpose? For my own good? No, so that the federal government can cut costs in the healthcare system due to others lack of personal responsibility. The ACA will not accomplish this. The CBO has come out and stated that after the ACA has been fully implemented, there will still be over 30 million residents without healthcare. The ACA is nothing more than wealth redistribution and makes some more equal than others. Debt is also a form a slavery — a system I’m not willing to leave for my children and grandchildren to struggle under. Yes, the ACA is a form of slavery under the definition as put forth by Chief Justice Taney in the Dred Scott case.

      I and other like minded people will fight this UNCONSTITUTIONAL monstrosity for as long as we have breath and freedom once again rules in this nation. We were guaranteed a republican form of government and I intend to collect on that guarantee. Read the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers, then you might have a better understanding of the US Constitution. I pledge to eradicate this law, not dismantle it. Finally, Americans are coming aware to the dangers in this law and like Frederick Douglas, I too can say, “my hopes were never brighter than now”. Americans are now debating this law as it should have been debated in 2009 and we can think the Republicans in the House for this. In 2009, the Democrats shoved it down our throats. Now, we intend to vomit it out. So, stick that in YOUR teabag and steep it. Be sure not to improperly steep your tea because it can become unpleasantly bitter.

      • First off, your first two paragraphs are completely full of speculative theories without substantial backing. The mandate doesn’t take effect until Dec. The Kaiser link is absolute, it’s only an estimate. The true number$ will be directly from the competing insurance companies, nor from the government. Think Blue book value vs actual selling price. There are numerous options to choose. But for about 83% of Americans the ACA will not be applicable as employers will be providing healthcare – such as in your situation and mine.

        Look, you can dream up “what if” scenarios all day to scare yourself into a frenzy. Which, by the way is the biggest flaw in the conservative efforts. But the truth is your husband still has a FT job! The ACA has part-time defined as 30hrs or less and I have done the research myself, but statistically there isn’t enough data sampling to prove or disprove that employers are currently cutting back FT hours. The mandate doesn’t take effect until Dec! It’s anecdotal at best to conclude companies have been cutting back since 2010 in preparation. If you look at the historical numbers there isn’t any fluctuation The household survey data at the FRED which the Forbe reported on is not conclusive. The sampling is only 60K. The data that does exist is a relation to number of positions to the number of hours worked. Nothing has changed in the last year. Other than that there isn’t any other credible data out there just anecdotal. The samplings are just too small to draw a meaningful conclusion. There is no need to freak out. Everything is going to be alright.

        Now, I do agree that the ACA is flawed in redefining PT hours and making an incentive to reduce hours. I predict there will eventually be a reduction in FT hours for limited skilled positions, but nothing that warrants drastic action at the expense of a working government. This is not a perfect law by any means but it’s not a dooms day device either. It’s not ALL good or ALL bad. There is plenty of room to negotiate and improve it’s root purpose – something the conservatives seem inept at doing and rather just defiantly pout.

        True, in 2009 no republican voted for ACA. That doesn’t invalidate the law. It went through the democratic process. It’s undemocratic to think the law does not apply since you didn’t vote for it. Majority rules. Stop whining.

        Your second and third “FACT” are not a fact but speculation again. You cannot prove the rationale of every voter. Candidates run on multiple issues and viewpoints. Some citizens vote based on political issues, some ideological, some religious, and some a flip of the coin. True that most if not all republicans oppose the ACA but you cannot conclude it’s the sole reason they were voted for in 2010. I won’t go into the gerrymandering…

        As to your last “FACT” all i can say is that each of those 26 states have Repub governors and the federal aid to expand Medicaid is FREE for 3 years. Plenty of time for the states to get their poop in a group. Just because something is pending lawsuit doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Wait for the court ruling, then wave the checker flag. There are frivolous lawsuits every day.

        And comparing the ACA to slavery is a complete stretch and just sad. No one’s human rights are being violated. Humans aren’t being sold as commodities, just insurance. Unless we start denying emergency medical care at the ER, we can’t simply ignore others’ “lack of personal responsibility”. Healthcare will have to be regulated to some extent by the government to pay for ER coverage. There has yet to be a viable alternative. Look at healthcare costs per GDP in other countries. Most are in the single digits. USA is almost 20%! There is something wrong with status quo.

        Those 30mil that will be left without healthcare, will consisted mostly of undocumented workers and poor people in those same 26 states that are resisting Medicaid – It’s a conservative self-fulfilling prophecy! Oh and those 26 state also have the WORST healthcare currently. They would benefit the most by expanding Medicare and Medicaid and embracing ACA but their defiance will again cause the exact scenario they believe they are fighting against. Check out the comprehensive study by the Common Wealth Fund dot org on repeat ER visits and the billions of dollars that could be saved by preventative care. I’d gladly give $20 to my neighbor to go get his diabetes checked and diet regulated than have to pay the >$100K ER visit each time he has a diabetic shock.


      • Your ‘facts’ are wrong. I’m tired of debating with people who are motivated to remain ignorant. You think you’re so scholarly and intelligent, but you have not shown that to me. What you have shown is that you will grasp at anything that denigrates Obama. So very sad.

        • I’m tired of debating those who chose to remain in the dark and refuse to come into the light. I will be more than happy to grant President Obama an atta-boy when he has earned one. What’s sad is that Obama has brought this countrybto the brink of bankruptcy, his foreign policy is in a shambles, his domestic policies have caused economic chaos resulting in 18% unemployment rate (check the Dept of Labor website), made a shambles of the greatest healthcare system in the world, and his administration is rife with scandals. THAT’S what’s sad.

      • How much are you being paid to write this crap here? Unfounded talking points of the uber-right. Furthermore, you don’t respond to questions, you just babble on what YOU want to say, regardless of the questions asked.

        You don’t want to just eradicate this law, you want to eradicate the Presidency of a twice-elect man. Some Constitutionalists you are! This is tyranny by a small majority, and we who wish to be free will not have that. Try if you must, but you will be exposed as the tyrants you really are. The only thing being vomited out these days are the TeaTards.

        • You must not have much of a life if all you do is monitor blog sites. You sound more like an anarchist than I do. Others that have had your same political persuasion have exhibited open minds and we have been able to have some dialogue. You, on the other hand, have a very closed mind to any opinion that may be different from yours, but you are entitled to your 1st Amendment rights, just as I am. So, from this point forward, I choose to exercise my First Amendment rights by not responding to any more of your comments. Give it a rest.

          • I dunno, you’re posting daily, but I took a 4-day hiatus for work. So,

            You don’t want to respond to my comments because:

            1. You don’t have a response that meets the criteria of of your bosses/controllers.

            2. You cannot come up with any response.

            3. Your 1st amendment rights get in the way of responding to my 1st amendment right.

            BTW, I think this is the 3rd time you wave me away.

      • Jaque all you do is bitch bitch bitch and spill out one lie after another…Lets put you under the spotlight. Do you have any ideas?WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO HELP BENEFIT or REDESIGN the HEALTH CARE SYSTEM .? Seriously, With all your references and “facts” tell us how YOU would fix this issue?

  32. I live in a state, which until last year was controlled by the Democrat Party for 138 years. The Democrat Party in my state is nicknamed “the Family” because of it’s thuggery tactics. The Republicans gained a majotity in the state legislature last year, but we still have a Democrat governor, who is very heavy handed. Unfortunately, the Republican candidates, who promised to stand against the implementation of Obamacare and who were elected, voted to expand Medicaid under the ACA. Those who voted to expand Medicaid will be facing opponents in the primaries next year.

    As to your lack of understanding as to how health coverage insurance works, you must compare apples to apples, which is what I did in my analysis. I’m licensed in my state to sell health and life inurance, so I think I know how this works a little more than those who have commented on this site. As a matter of fact, it is illegal for an insurance agent to misrepresent a competitor’s policy by an inexact comparison. When comparing health plans, you must compare not only rates, but deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, what’covered in the policy, and what’s excluded. One of the reasons the rates are higher in the exchange is due to the mandates contained in the ACA law. Additionally, the factor of adverse selection (allowing those with catastrophic health issues) into the pool must be taken into account because their claims cost more, which causes rates to go up. I’ve been administering corporate benefits for 35 years and have dealt with these issues my entire career. Trust me, rates, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses will go up next year when all factors will be based on claims experience instead of acturial tables as they are this year. My math is correct, while your analysis is flawed. Go back to the drawing board.

    • So you live in a state that was electing Democrats for 138 years. And you say the Dems are referred to as “The family” because of their thuggery. So, why did your states majority elect them over and over again for 138 years? Seems to me, not everyone in your state feels the way you do. Maybe you should move to a red state? I’m jus’ sayin’

      Since you are licensed to sell insurance, you should be aware that states which have begun to implement Obamacare are seeing their rates drop, even more quickly than was predicted. That’s not universally true, but it’s true in most cases. You must also know that the states with the highest rates of uninsured are the ones refusing to implement Obamacare. Kinda counter-intuitive, don’t you think? So we can continue to carry the weight of the uninsured into perpetuity. Brilliant.

    • Your condescending attitude does not help your argument. Most insurance salesmen are not the brightest bunch. Answered my question about who’s side your on though.

  33. May I ask you some questions? I’ll grant you the freedom to choose to answer them or not, which is hardly Talibanesque? Do you understand the “free” market system and how it works? The definition of the word free is:

    free frē/ 1. not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes 2. not physically restrained, obstructed, or fixed; unimpeded free
    synonyms: unimpeded, unobstructed, unrestricted, unhampered, clear, open, unblock-ed
    adverb: without cost or payment. Synonyms: without charge, free of charge, for nothing; complimentary, gratis; informal for free, on the house.
    verb: release from captivity, confinement, or slavery.
    synonyms: release, set free, let go, liberate, discharge, deliver; set loose, let loose, turn loose, untie, unchain,unfetter, unshackle, unleash; literary disenthrall

    Do you see the definition of free in the ACA? Am I free to choose to have health coverage or not? NO. The law compels me to purchase a product I may not want and if I don’t the law compels me pay a penalty (violation of my 5th Amendment rights). Additionally, I am compelled to purchase a product that has passed the muster of governmnt bureaucrats and that is far inferior and more costly than to what I could purchase in the open marketplace and that would be customized specific to my needs. For example, my husband and I are past childbearing years, so why do we need to purchase coverage for maternity and pediatric healthcare, which makes our rates higher? I can hear you say, “Then purchase your coverage on the open market”. I’d love to be able to do this, unfortunately I would still be penalized by the government because my customized coverage would not be compliant to the mandates in the ACA.

    So, who is it that’s acting like the Taliban? Anyone, including the government and those Democrats who demonize the TEA Partiers, by telling me to shut up and accept the law of the land. Would you call this freedom?

    • Let’s get this straight: the individual mandate came out of the Heritage Foundation, was employed in Romneycare and speaks to the conservative value of individual responsibility. So, you disagree with the Heritage? You believe that persons should be ‘free’ to not purchase insurance, so when they need emergency care because their health has been neglected, or they’ve been in an accident, we can be billed more to cover their costs? Gee, that’s exactly what we have now. Our rates are thru the roof because of those who believe they are “free” to not purchase insurance. Are you aware that you don’t have to purchase pediatric care? You can buy whatever you want and keep what you have. There is no uniform coverage, there is uniform MINIMAL coverage. You can buy whatever else you want. I’m on Medicare, but I still purchase private insurance to fill the gaps… just in case I need it. I pay twice the premium of Medicare for 20% of coverage. This is how the private industry gouges us.

      Are you aware that there is in our existing system a ‘female’ penalty? Do you know Obamacare outlaws that? Women can no longer be penalized for being women. This has been a favorite of the insurance industry for as long as I can remember. And I can tell you, my rates never went down when I was no long of childbearing age.

      So, let me get this right: you think you don’t need to obey the laws of the land because obeying laws impedes your personal freedom. Did I get that right? Your personal freedom supersedes law? Well, what about MY personal freedom. We all still have to live in this world, and your personal freedom intrudes on mine when you take the ‘liberty’ of disobeying the rules of the land that you don’t like. You sound authoritarian to me, not ‘free’.

      • Do you hear that big sucking sound coming from the federal exchanges? That sound is coming from the macinery created by the feds to funnel all the premium money into the back pockets of a select group of insurance companies. That hasn’t changed either. Congress took over $700 million out of the Medicare fund to pay for the ACA. Sorry to hear that you are on Medicare since it’s going away. It will be bankrupt by 2017. Then you will be put on Medicaid. Do you know what quality of healthcare you get from Medicaid? Minimal. Eventually, everyone will go to this level of care into a single payer system. Healthcare insurance coverage and the care from a provider are not related. If you don’t believe me, visit any Veteran’s clinic or hospital in this country and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

        • Why do you choose to NOT respond to, ” the individual mandate came out of the Heritage Foundation”?
          And you repeat the lie that “Congress took over $700 million out of the Medicare fund”.
          And, sorry to hear that you cannot comprehend that alternatives to the status quo on healthcare will be savings for the taxpayer, who are ALREADY paying for indigents by inflated bills. Clearly, you have never left your bubble long enough to actually meet and speak to people in other countries who have universal healthcare. If you did, you’d be green with envy.

          Honey, they don’t pay you enough to write this sh*t. Demand more.
          Medicare is going nowhere, but your TeaBorgs are going away.

    • BTW, who the hell are you to “grant” me the freedom to do anything? I have that freedom, all on my own. You know, the freedoms you get all pumped up about… and now you believe you can “grant” me my freedoms?? Amazing, and you don’t see yourself as authoritarian, just amazing. There are none so blind as those who choose to not see.

    • Your ignorance of the difference between the word ‘free’ and and the definition of a ‘free market system’ are astonishing. You are counting on the ignorance of Americans to buy into these simplistic and disingenuous arguments. You are finding out that many of us are intelligent and can think for ourselves. No one said the ACA is ‘free’. The cost of not having the ACA is much greater. If I lost my job tomorrow, I would be uninsurable. While that is just fine with you ‘free market’ republicans it makes one wonder which side of the insurance companies you are truly on.

      As far as the taliban and the treasonous tea party goes; any group who decides to sing religious hymns in a house of government before stomping on the Constitution surely qualifies as theocratic extremists.

      • Do you think TEA Party Americans don’t lose jobs, too? Do you think these Americans don’t have troubles and sorrows? They are Americans, also. They are human beings who are not perfect. So, what’s the beef you have with them? Are they not entitled to their values and beliefs? Or do you want all Americans to believe and behave the way do? Do you want everyone in goosestep marching to your drumbeat? Why do you even bother communicating on a conservative blog site? Do you get some sort of perverted pleasure harrassing others who don’t believe or think the way you do? Is this the kind of world you want to live in? I thought you liberals were all about diversity. I haven’ seen this in your remarks. I’ve read a lot of cuss words and name calling in your remarks. Until you answer these questions, don’t expect me to converse with you from this point forward.

        • First off, I used no cuss words or name calling other than traitor, which is more a behavior than a name. Second, that’s the beef I have with the tea p. They are harming this Country. They have their right to believe and practice whatever – but when they harm this great USA and threaten my freedoms and my liberty, to close down our government, harm our credit and world standing – that’s where I draw the line.

          The reason I am commenting on this Heritage blog is because Heritage is funding this nonsense and spreading lies. I came here to see first hand the evil and misinformation this ‘blog’ spreads. The coercion this site pressures right wing politicians with is tearing your party apart. They pressured your own people to default on our debt when the vote came down. They would rather see this Country destroyed than disappoint the financiers of this group. Real patriotic, huh? I intend to fight this group by any means I have available to me.

          I’m not hear to converse with you, just pointing out the fallacy of your comments. Kind of a ‘free’ speech thing we democrats like.

  34. America is domed . What is left for us to do is to do like the Colonies did against The British . Rise up in Arms , against the Socialist Government . All militias should united and fight .

    • I respect your service to protect our freedom, but unfortunately, your comment does nothing to persuade those who are undecided in this debate towards conservative ideals. My goal is to present documented facts and logical reasoning to those who are open to considering all points of view and who are willing to throw out illogical premises, untruths, half-truths, and calls for anarchy.

      • Ah, the intellectual here, who wants only to persuade with documented facts, not ONE of which I can find anywhere here in this entire feed.

          • So, no challenges to your way of thinking, eh? Since when is it harassment to ask someone to back up their comments with facts? You call this government ‘socialist’ because someone else says it is. You even went to the dictionary and you STILL don’t know that our government is far from socialist. Do you realize that Obamacare involves only private corporations? Socialism would be a case where the government owns and operates the business, not where it points you to private businesses. Even medicare relies on private industry, and is better served when buying additional private insurance.

            I’m not here to harass you, and I’m far from ignorant (which is your way of saying I must be ignorant because I don’t agree with you). Actually, I’m here to inform you and deliver you from the darkness of your hate and condemnation. To educate YOU.

          • Jaque, Prove to us You’re not ignorant…all you do is bitch bitch bitch and spill out one lie after another…Lets put you in the spotlight. Do you have any ideas?WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO HELP BENEFIT or REDESIGN the HEALTH CARE SYSTEM .? Seriously, With all your references and “facts” tell us how YOU would fix this issue? The stage is yours let ‘er rip ..Ill even do the intro “Ladies and gentlemen please listen as Jacque Martin will bestow us with HER knowledge for a better health care plan.”

      • And you were presented a New York Times article about medicare with a subject, “not be able to negotiate prices because of a law passed by the Republicans back in 2007” and you responded that “the Times is biased” …seriously if you’re going to ignore facts then…Im sure there’s no insult I can express that You haven’t heard before.

    • That is exactly what the socialist federal government is hoping for! Then they will have an excuse to implement their “emergency plan”. My speculation is that martial law will ensue and Congress will no longer have a job. If the documentaries are true, they are hoping for riots in the streets!

  35. Jim Carter is thankful that the title of most inept, most incompident U.S. President will be pasted on to Obama. The people will have to survive until this blight passes, and begin the
    process of reclaiming the rights stripped away durring the seige.

  36. And the smokers pay additional again. So now we not only pay for the lazy,undocumented but the fat and lazy and undocumented. I want to sue the government for discrimination. Smokers are paying their way. Own up you twinkie eating, fast food chefs and mommies.

  37. Who is he? And who are we?
    I forgot two other key points major threats to our nation:
    The illegal indoctrination of our children by this imposter who would be king. He wants them chipped.
    Our children singing Obama is our savior – I don’t think so. This should make every real American sick. 
    Obama changing of our history books to include Muslims and Islam. They are not part of our heritage period. They are the enemy period of all nations. (Watch the video below) They are not a religion, they are a sick radical tribe of people who are using the guise of freedom of religion to push their sick way of life on every nation in the world and to destroy our way of life. They are not the tribe of peace or tolerance. Nothing could be further from the truth. 
    Illegal implication of sharia law in our nation. We have our own laws. We can no longer allow any foreign people to push their agenda on our nation nor can we give them a foothold in our nation. PC is over, we can no longer tolerate the breaking of our laws by these radicals and illegal invaders. At some point we have to say either abide by our laws or leave. You are no longer welcome. 
    This is important and food for thought. Thank god for real americans who can feel the threat against the very essence of this nation’s very being by those who mean this nation great harm and total destruction. We can feel the threat deep in our bones and our hearts are breaking for the greatest nation to ever exist. We can feel the threat by this out of control criminal mess in Washington, D.C. Do you?
    Time to unseal those records and find out who this man really is in our White House. We have a right. They should have never been sealed period. If he is who we think he is, every decision he has made is illegal and he owes this nation $9 trillion dollars. Would hate to be in his shoes.
    Why I’m concerned and so should you:
    NSA scandal
    Invasion of liberty and freedom and freedom of choice and invasion if privacy. 
    Masters not servants hearts
    IRS scandals
    Illegal threats by Obama against Americans and American industries and leaders
    Obamacare. (Our freedom of choice and privacy and none of Washington’s business)
    Benghazi. (Murdered by our administration). Illegal invasion of doctors Hippocratic oath towards patients. This law is illegal and unconstitutional on every level. We know that justice Roberts was threatened or bought off and should be charged criminally for illegally rewriting a law. 
    Aiding our nations enemies – Muslim brotherhood 
    Illegal funding of foreign terrorist nations 
    Treason (high treason)
    Unconstitutional and illegal executive orders
    Illegal civilian army
    Illegal czars
    Illegal White House staff
    The Obama congressional KGB
    The Dhs illegal. ( this is our military’s job and they work for we the people-not traitors in Washington, D.C.). The Dhs is now a member of the Obama KGB
    Illegal rewriting of laws by executive branch – specifically job of congress
    Illegal rewriting of laws by judicial branch
    Criminal embezzlement for illegal bailouts and phone energy companies
    Money laundering
    High crimes
    High treason
    Lies, lies, lies
    Massive job losses – no jobs – all age groups suffering and out of work. (Every race, every nationality). Part time, no benefits, no careers, no future, and illegal funding of illegal invaders versus American legal citizens and legal immigrants. 
    Attack on American industries (coal, gas, oil). Many due to obamacare. 
    Obamacare is not about healthcare it is about control of our very souls and our bodies, he has no right, neither does congress
    Illegal sworn allegiance to Obama instead of our nation and we the people. This is high treason against everything our nation stands for. 
    This nation belongs to we the people, not king Obama. 
    Misuse and illegal use of the property that belongs to we the people (memorials, Air Force one, etc.)
    Illegal and lavish vacations by emperor Obama. (How did he get a hold of our money?). Who gave him this authority? Not we the people. Illegal White House spending and budget. We did not elect Michelle Obama, she does not need 20 assistants. We want the money back now. 
    Illegal funding if foreign nations
    Illegal borrowing from other nations
    Illegal funding of private industry 
    Illegal funding of Acorn, planned parenthood, gray panthers, radical anti-American groups, the Muslim brotherhood (terrorist and murderers of Americans)
    Aiding and abetting terrorist in the USA (Fort Hood) murders by this current administration. High treason. 
    Treason – this administration attempts to bring terrorist to our borders for the future jihadists war against Americans (infidels). 
    Misuse of our national treasury by Obama (criminal embezzlement to the tune of trillions)
    Attack on Americans veterans. Calling them terrorist -they fought for this nation. The real terrorist in the imposter in our White House
    Aiding and abetting illegals invaders – against the law. All illegals should be deported immediately
    Give the UN 24 hours to get out of our nation. They have no authority here. This nation and our parks, monuments belong to we the people, not the UN or the federal government. It belongs to us. 
    Aiding and abetting our nations enemies (Muslims) – not a religion- a sick tribe of people who should have been wiped off the face of the earth 1400 years ago. (Child brides-murder, rape, beheadings, mutilation of women, murdering of other religions, sharia law-does not belong in our country) (watch the stoning if soraya m). (Watch this video). What is in store for our nation if we don’t remove them now. 
    We are being attacked on our holy ground given to us by our God and our founding fathers by this imposter in our White House and career criminals and traitors in the halls of congress. This is not the time to stand down or we will lose our god given nation forever. Our constitution and declaration of independence is worth fighting for. Don’t you think?
    We cannot allow this nation to become another spot on the map. (Read the levitt letters – Islam does not come to assimulate, the come to dominate, look at every nation they have entered). In Britain Muslims are calling for deaths of gays and Eric holder is now demanding that employers tell him what employees are gay – do you see a problem here? This administration and the Obama KGB has already proven they will kill Americans. That is what they want. Obama is concerned about 200 children murdered in Syria but is pushing for massive abortion of American babies through obamacare and planned parenthood. 
    Not to mention Benghazi and fast and furious. (Gun running, arming our nations enemies).
    We don’t belong in these other nations. And if they are really this bad drop the bomb like we did in WWII and end this mess once and for all. Americans are fed up with this crap. 
    Americans wake up. It is time for an emergency meeting of all patriot groups and governors and real american leaders to abolish the federal government per our Declaration of Independence and start over. 
    And arrest and charge the traitors in this nation for their acts of high crimes and treason. All we need is our military to work with state governors to protect our borders and heritage per their oaths. Not the traitors in Washington, D.C. It is time to shut down the corrupt Washington, D.C. And stop all funding of corrupt illegal mess in Washington, D.C. We can spent the next $17 trillion on rebuilding our nation by keeping the money in our own pockets and creating industry and jobs. It is time to bring back made in America. 
    I’m asking each if you to search your hearts and fight for our future and our god given heritage. God expects us to protect what he gave us the greatest nation to ever exist. These people in Washington are our enemies and working towards the destruction of the greatest nation to ever exist. There is more of us and we can no longer allow this or tolerate the treasonous acts from this administration and congress. They are acting illegally. Our federal government should never gotten this big period. Nor should all these agencies exist. Government does not belong in healthcare, education or welfare period. This corruption must stop now. We have to do it, because the Washington, D.C. Corrupt freight train will not clean itself up. We must do it now. We have that right. Abolish it and start over. 
    Our nation is worth fighting for. Millions have already given their lives to protect our way if life. Do not let this be the end of the greatest civilization to ever exist because we have a radical imposter who wants to transform our nation. This is our nation, he was not elected emperor. 
    We want our nation to be number one in the world again, we want our laws upheld. We need to start over. Abolish Washington, D.C. Shut it down, stop all funding and work on rebuilding our nation. 
    We also need to request that American companies stop price gouging the American public. This nation needs to be about creating industry, revving industries and creating jobs. Not about the almighty profit margin. Gas should be at a $1.00 a gallon and food should be plentiful and affordable for everybody. The government should not be controlling farmers or home grown gardens 
    It is time to get the government out of everything. It is over if we don’t stop this radical transformation of our heritage. I want my country to last another 200 years don’t you? 
    We are Americans. This is our nation. It is worth fighting for. 
    Dear leaders remove the threat to our nation and restore liberty. The time is now to protect future generations of Americans. 

  38. Conservatives are by definition will always be the minority and will always be pushed aside by the more progressive majority. All they can do is whine and attempt to delay the inevitable. Self proclaimed conservatives must deny their own reality in order to fit their ideology. That is how they can justify destroying their own country in favor of so called ideologies. What is rally criminal here is these SOD’s are not subject to the voters angst and can still influence the next set of puppets. The veil is lifted. We are watching and gathering evidence. We will bring charges against those involved in this treason at the deepest levels. Tell your friends the party is over – RIP

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