The Continuing Resolution, Pivotal for Obamacare’s Fate

In just 21 days, the Obamacare exchanges are scheduled to open, and as Heritage recently noted, Obamacare is nowhere near ready for show time.  The law has not even been fully implemented, and there are myriad ways it has already failed.

The House of Representatives is currently working on a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government.  It is unclear whether they will choose to include the defunding Obamacare on the CR, but if they are serious about stopping the law, they must.

On Tuesday, House Republican leaders will meet with their members to propose what The Hill describes as a “complex procedural tactic.”

Under the plan, the House would vote on a “clean” continuing resolution that includes a separate House concurrent resolution defunding the Affordable Care Act, according to a Republican leadership aide. The rule governing debate on the bill would state that the House clerk could not send the spending bill over to the Senate until the Senate votes up or down on the resolution withholding funds from the healthcare law. 

If the Senate were to vote down the healthcare resolution, as expected, the CR would move to the upper chamber and could be passed and signed by President Obama without returning to the House.  

Politico accurately described this as a “legislative gambit.”  But the conservative position on stopping Obamacare is clear: Congress, which has the power of the purse, should use the next CR or another must-pass spending bill to defund Obamacare entirely and fund the government.

The administration has not come to terms with Obamacare’s failure, but Congress must, for the sake of all Americans.  Taxpayers should not be forced to spend another dime on Obamacare.

According to some reports, House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) has not committed to using the CR to fight on Obamacare, but neither has he explicitly ruled it out.  But now is not the time for passivity; now is the time for lawmakers to take a strong stand against this unworkable law.

The strongest, most effective, most timely action is to defund Obamacare before October 1 so that it cannot become more entrenched.  Anything less is reckless because anything less means Congress is standing idly by as America’s freedom is diminished and the quality of healthcare in America destroyed.

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Politico calls GOP leaders' plan a "legislative gambit." #DefundObamacare

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94 thoughts on “The Continuing Resolution, Pivotal for Obamacare’s Fate

  1. Freedom does not needs liberalism’s need for laws,rules,regulations,policies and procedures…Freedom only needs guarantees against liberalism.s abuse and dicatatorship

  2. This will probably earn me a racist tag, hey so be it. In my humble opinion, BO is the worst two term POTUS in history. “Hope and change”, what a COS that is! And still is

    • Not liking BO or his policies has absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin! Don’t buy the progressive tag that to disagree with a black man makes you racist.

  3. It is imperative that our Republican lawmakers get their spines straightened and stop worrying about re-election, etc., and start listening to Americans across the country.
    The former have become allies of Obama and show their lack of respect for those of us who have known his agenda from day 1!

  4. The repulican will once again disappoint us, they got no backbones to do what is right but to compromise their core value. I am so sick and tire of john boehner. This idiot needs to get fired! Republican is another Demoncrap just spelled it differently. Only a few Republicans we can trust (the ones that supported by the Tea Party). We difinitely need a third party.

  5. No where does it say in our Constitution that the Government has to provide healthcare. This is a private sector issue. Being a disabled veteran, I get more help from private organizations than I ever could from the Veterans admin. Hope the vote to defund Obama care.

    • Unfortunately Congress has conspired with whoever is President and now the genie is out of the bottle, and like it or not, the 47% DEMAND healthcare, and their votes combined with the hard core Liberal base control everything. My answer is Universal Medicare (UMC) with a 3% National Sales Tax on everything; no exceptions, no exemptions; no lobbyists. One-third each to Budget, Debt, and UMC.. All income the same; legal , illegal, investment, capital gains the same; no exemptions or special treatment. Mandatory 1040 required even if no income, to determine deductible and co-pay. Medicare superstructure is already in place so no more bureaucracies ala HHS Kathleen Sibelius who writes more legislative commandments than there are stones. 3 page plan available from

    • TXG, I couldn’t agree more, but the Supreme Court and specifically Justice Roberts shot that down and allowed the mandate. The Court opened Pandora’s box setting the stage for more mandates in the future. “Who is John Galt?” It sure isn’t Justice Roberts. Read Atlas Shrugged to understand the reference.

      Individual freedoms not collectivism is what the Founding Fathers are saying in our Constitution. Obamacare is collectivism (National Healthcare) and goes against individual freedoms. I don’t care what Europe does with socialized healthcare. We as individuals will lose one of our basic freedoms as individuals, the right to decide what we can purchase. Government should not tell us what to buy. This system can be fixed, but not by stomping on our individual freedoms. I am sure we will find out that more individual freedoms will be lost with this law before it is fully implemented. Heaven help us!

  6. Speaker of the House John Boehner approved all the funding for ObamaCare several times, and for a handful of Continuing Resolutions to increase National Debt while not cutting spending, but actually increasing spending, and they continue to do so. Too many politicians are in the “One-Party Two-Party” system. What’s the point of electing Republicans if they back the Obama social policies. All they do is constantly raise money to beat Obama’s policies or anything else, but they vote for them anyway. Time to give no financial support to any political party as they are all against the people. Then there is war-hawk Senator John McCain and his Perry Winkle twin Lindsey Graham. Don’t they know even recent history that war in the Middle East quagmire is forever? There is no exit except death to the infidel. Where are Thomas Jefferson and the Founders when we need them most? And lest we forget, where is God who is illegal and Jesus Christ who is persecuted? America is mixing the recipe for disaster that cannot be far into the future. Let them who have eyes see; and let them who have ears hear. Won’t happen.

  7. My husband is a health insurance broker and has had to go through the training to become “Certified” to sell on the, so far, non existent insurance exchanges. He is used to training, as he has to complete classes every other year in order to be licensed in our state. But, this insurance exchange training is comparable to the IRS intimidation of conservative groups – it is insurance broker intimidation. First of all, union health insurance agents do NOT have to go through the training. Then, some of the training has nothing to do with insurance, but is about computers, the internet and various safeguards. That is great, except that any business owner, especially insurance agents, already have protections in place to keep client information safe.
    I was shocked to learn that group healthplans are mandated to provide pediatric dental coverage for all dependents under 21 years of age. This mandate will cost $41 per child per month, and includes babies who have no teeth. This will increase the cost of group plans and make the exchange coverage more competitive. I wonder what dentist lobbying group pushed for this?
    Also, did you know that when Obama first came into office, one of the very first things he did was mandate that all insurance agents and broker take an “Insurance Ethics” class, every license renewal, in order to keep their licenses? As if they are a bunch of crooks and swindlers! Why does he not mandate an ethics class to Congress, the IRS, his Czars and the EPA?

  8. It is sad because, at the end of the day, we are leaderless in the House and past negotiations have shown that we capitulate and give in at every turn. The Republicans have missed so many opportunities to take on the Democrats, or to at least get in a couple of good jabs, it’s just pathetic and this Obamacare fight will, probably, be no different. One thing is clear, once this law is 100% in effect, Americans will suffer from higher costs, less service, marginal care and at the end of the day lives lost because of the bureaucracy making decisions that should be made between the doctor and the patient.

      • You’re absolutely correct; better to go down in history being for something rather than being an elected official who gives in and turns his back on the people he or she is supposed to represent. The word traitor comes to mind.

      • A little Black kid asked his mother, “Mama…what’s a democracy?”
        His mother answered, “Well, you knows how all them white peoples all go to work every day and pays lots of taxes so we can get our welfare, food stamps, rent subsidies, AFDC and Obamafones and lottsa other free stuff?” That’s what we calls “Democracy” !
        The boy came back, “But Mama…don’t all the white people get mad at that?”
        She answered, “sure they do, honey… but that’s what we all calls “racism”!

        • Ha ha, man, ain’t it the truth?

          Unfortunately, no, not even close. Your ironically racist little fable violates both good taste and the truth. A widely-quoted study – and the most recent on the subject – is “Contrary to ‘Entitlement Society’ Rhetoric, Over Nine-Tenths of Entitlement Benefits Go to Elderly, Disabled, or Working Households”, published 2/10/12 by the respected, nonpartisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and found at

          This report on the study is a bit dry and analytical. However, an article about the study is more easily digested, and, happily, spears your bigotry with clarity. The article is “Who Benefits From the Safety Net”, published on 2/13/12 in Economix, a blog in The New York Times, at

          The article states: “African-Americans, who make up 22 percent of the poor, receive 14 percent of government benefits” and “White non-Hispanics, who make up 42 percent of the poor, receive 69 percent of government benefits”.


          Most Mama’s are CAUCASIAN. Oh well, bigjulie, you can take the poor white Mama and kid vs. the 1/2-African American, er, Black President, and weave your racism around that.


          “the poor are no longer the primary beneficiaries of the government safety net. Terms like entitlements, government benefits and safety net often conjure images of tax dollars sliding from the hands of the wealthy into the pockets of the poor. But…that image is badly outdated. Benefits now flow primarily to the middle class… the poorest households received 36 percent of benefits in 2007, down from 54 percent in 1979”. So, typically, it’s a MIDDLE CLASS mother and child.

          How’s your little yarn doing? No, wait…

          “Furthermore, the study notes that politicians have shifted benefits away from the ‘jobless poor’, through reductions in traditional welfare, and increased benefits for working families, for example through tax credits. The government also has steadily expanded eligibility for benefit programs.

          “‘The safety net became much more work-based,’ wrote Arloc Sherman…’In addition, the U.S. population is aging, which raises the share of benefits going to seniors and people with disabilities.'”

          Wow. OK, let’s see: Mama is a white, middle class, disabled, elderly worker with children at home. Let’s make her single, as then it sounds more plausible that she’s sucking up “welfare, food stamps, rent subsidies, AFDC and Obamafones and lottsa other free stuff”.

          Your new real life fable – how’s it play to the crowd who got a hoot out of your old racist fiction?

          As long as people believe, talk, and write like you, non-Republicans will continue, accurately, to call the GOP racist.

          • Let’ s see…did you miss anything, you have “racist” (always a big favorite) oh, and “bigotry”…another old standby…good on ya! The “respected”, “non-partisan” Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, now THAT’S a non-bigoted, non-racist site if ever there was one…and who made up all those prefixed accolades? I know two…the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus! “nine tenths of Entitlement Benefits…go to Elderly…probably earned by them as well.
            Fact of the matter is that this country was never intended to distribute “entitlement benefits” in the first place, because, in order to pay for them the “distributor” has to commit wholesale robbery of the productive people whose extra efforts are required to come up with the wherewithal. And do these robbery victims ever get any credit for their contributions? Ah, no! The “distributor” gets all the credit, ’cause they just takes it outta their “stash”!!
            What was it the Margaret Thatcher said…something to the effect that “Socialism is wonderful…until you run out of other people’s money!” The “Distributor” is seeing to it that such an unhappy reality (running out of other people’s money) will soon be upon us. The freedom and liberty required for our society to have achieved what it has achieved in a mere 235 years did not originally include the freedom and liberty of the government to steal the productive sector blind!
            I’d ask you to “think about it”, but I can tell from your note that your mind is already made up.
            Thanks for writing!

          • Q: “and who made up all those prefixed accolades?”

            A: Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein named the Center 2011’s ‘Think Tank of the Year,’ calling CBPP the ‘fastest, fairest, and smartest policy think tank in Washington.'”


            “Over the past 30 years, the Center has gained a reputation for producing materials that are balanced, authoritative, accessible to non-specialists, and responsive to issues facing the country.”

            Many more recommendations will be found at “What Is the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities?”, at


            None from “the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus” though.

            Before you launched into a homily about, and at the level of, “God, Mom, and apple pie”, you said “you have “racist” (always a big favorite) oh, and “bigotry”…another old standby”.

            Indeed, I did say that.

            And to confirm your understanding when you said

            “I’d ask you to ‘think about it’, but I can tell from your note that your mind is already made up”

            I can say, with absolute certainty, that, yes, you are correct, my mind is made up.

            Completely. 100%. Irreversibly. Because your compact, “creative” little vignette is one of the most, if not THE most ugly, base, racist, bigoted, biased piece of trash that I’ve ever read.

            The fact that you seize the podium to roll immediately and shamelessly straight into another incoherent, er, in-cohesive, er, loosely-structured rant, er, tirade, er, diatribe, er, broadside, uh…historical anecdote just puts the icing on a shabby cake.

            “Thanks for writing!”

          • John…you’re not fooling anybody with your claim to “middle-of-the-road objectivity”…you always fall back on the one common trait possessed by all Liberals, NAME CALLING in order to win an argument. The obvious fact that you keep insisting that you are not what you obviously appear to be is just as telling. I’ve got your number, John…and it was way too easy to get! Time for you to face reality, buddy…you’re not fooling anyone…poor guy!

  9. If John Boehner continues to support Obamacare he should be removed from office. Obamacare needs to be stopped! If defunding is the only way then Boehner needs to step up!

  10. We should demand that the Obama Family should be defunded like he has done to so many True AMERICANS, Its not about helping Americans HIS agenda is to control the American people like so many Middle Eastern Dictators do now! OUR elected officials need to IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!!! For the act of failing to be an American!

  11. Defund DOEd and DOEn, DHS, EPA, and IRS=let states take care of ed (as Const. says, by not mentioning it), put DOEn under Interior, leave EPA to states, and change taxes to fair or flat taxes and end IRS. Repeal ocare but cut off funds wherever possible

  12. Americans should be treated equally under the law. The right to opt-out of a disastrous government run healthcare system is NO exception! It is discriminatory to allow selected religious groups, unions, government officials and their staff to out only. “America the Land of the Free”, not so much any more.

  13. Boehner and Cantor remain the problem on this issue. Between the two of them one could not find 2 testicles and an ounce of spinal starch. If the founding fathers thought government without representation for the people was bad, they should see what government with piss poor, spineless and testosterone challenged representatives looks like !!

    • I agree Al with everything you wrote, something you missed. Boehner and Cantor met with Obama one time and support military action. Have you noticed Fox and everyone have swallowed the bait and hook. Nothing about Obama care or budget on the news. Nothing about Benghazi, on 9/10 and no 9/11 stories or alerts, something fishy me thinks.

      • Cap, every magician aka trickster, uses this trick. Look over here while I move the debate to this object that you never saw before now.
        He is waving his wand so fast even his cabinet can’t follow and his compliant media is saying -Huh?

  14. An email I received from “The Senate Conservatives.”: “GOP leaders will attempt to pass a ‘trick rule’ that allows them to PRETEND to defund Obamacare without actually doing so. The House will pass a continuing resolution that fully funds Obamacare along with a separate phony bill that defunds Obamacare. Senate dems will then throw out the phony bill and send the real bill that fully funds Obamacare to Obama’s desk. The ‘Now you see defund, now you don’t,’ strategy.” Please, call your House representative today and tell them to vote no on this “bait and switch” bill. Go to

  15. as of april 2, 2012, i micheal miller filed for a lawsuit against the gov’t. which is prior to june 26, 2012 when obamacare was supposedly constitutional. my class action request invalidates obamacare, it also invalidates the presidential election of nov. 2012. the us supreme court ruled in my favor on aug. 2012 for my language, but denied me my right to due process of law.

    • He bought his way in, he played piker to the enemy, he owns us. He will not leave. Only GOD and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST can save us. JESUS will come soon tor receive HIS own from the grave and then we who are still be living will go up to meet him 1 Thess. 4:13-18. HE promised this for the end days.I am very anxious for HIM to appear.

    • Good Luck Michael Miller, I tried to unenrole from the IRS and was denied since I didn’t have standing?
      I’m only a taxpayer, my vote doesn’t count.

  16. It is time for the Congress and the Senate to wake up and act upon the wishes of the American Majority. Boehner you need to lead the fight in Congress to defund and stop Obama care. It is time to give America back to Americans and stop all of this sending our tax dollars out of the country and supporting these Socialistic Programs that are being spearheaded by Obama the Muslim Communist ( he is not truly or legally the President of the United States) He is supporting Al Quetta and The Muslim Brotherhood who brought us the down fall of the Twin Towers. This man is a traitor to our country. He wants to cut the pay of our Military (those that he seeks to send off to new Wars in Syria) and wants to bring millions of illegals in to the country to take our Social Security and Jobs. John Kerry is a coward who along with Jane Fonda accused our Soldiers and my Brothers of War Crimes in Vietnam and Fonda had American Prisoners od War killed in Hanoi and this creep Obama makes her woman of the year. Kerry gets drummed out of the Navy and goes to Paris and meets with the North Vietnamese while American Soldiers are dying in Vietnam and now he wants to send our troops to Syria. He should be shot for treason not be Secretary of State. Its time to take back America and allow the Million Bikers to ride through Washington DC and stop The Muslims from marching instead of Americans from riding. But what do you expect from a Muslim that calls himself president of the USA

    • Obama is a fake, Kerry is a coward who could not even throw the real medals over the WH fence. Boehner is a Obama supporter who supports Obabacare and Cantor is right there with him. I cannot ride any longer, used to do the vets rides in CA. I hope the million riders show up in DC, since when do you need a special permit to ride on the streets of our nations capital. Go to and get Mark Levin’s new book “Liberty Amendments” to see how you can help take the country back.

  17. I just got off the Freedom Works site where they have info on Boehner’s newest scheme to und Obama care. Called “Deem and Pass Rule. Allows a member to vote against funding Obama care but the vote is negated in the Senate passed bill.
    Boehner it seems is destined to be Obama’s savior. One meeting and he agrees on Syria, supports Obama Care and has blocked Benghazi investigation for a year, I hope the people in OH get rid of Obama JR

  18. If I have this right, Congress will send a bill to defund O Care and the Senate has to vote up or down. Then Congress sends the CR to fund Govt. to the Senate for a vote.
    Is our pea brained Congress out of it’s mind or just being Dumbocrat lite.
    Harry Reid will of course vote on O Care and it will be defeated.
    Then Harry Reid will vote on the CR and of course it will pass.
    The Republicians will have passed funding for O Care.

      • I live in an area that is 95% dependent on Govt. and I thought I had a pretty good grasp of how people can be manipulated but this past 5 years has sent me into a spin. If congress is not smart enough to see the damage being done to America how are the low information voters supposed to know ?

  19. Mark R. Levin’s new book ” The Liberty Amendments ” explains how to put and end to this crap once and for all. It starts at the State level.

  20. I’m not hearing about this anymore in the mainstream press. According to their earlier coverage, there is no way the GOP will succeed at this. 40 time-consuming votes in the House didn’t succeed in this action of dubious merit.

    So, give it up.

    Flawed as it is, Obamacare is the first major attempt to improve our health care “system” in ~55 years. Modern Chief Executives from both parties all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt knew that our “system” was a mess, and tried to enact their own health care visions. So, what exactly do we pay our Congressmen/women to do? Throw away what is arguably the accumulated wisdom of 55 years?

    If we go back to pre-ACA, imagine how much worse it can get from there, especially with respect to unconstrained costs. Think about it. As an old-school Republican, I’m embarrassed by the stupid, contrafactual, regressive arguments that have been advanced in this silly waste of time.

    It’s time to look ahead and start planning for how we’re going to deal with the ACA. It’s the kluge that Big Pharma, Big Medicine, other lobbies, our Senators and Rep’s, the Prez, and all of us hammered out over, what, 1-1/2 years of heated debate?

    We the People did this, and, now the vast majority of us want it. Don’t believe it? Please see “Poll: Most Americans Don’t Want Congress to Repeal Obamacare”, by Alex Roarty, NationalJournal, published on 7/22/13, at

    After all the effort it took to do the ACA, now you think you can just kill it? No way. It’s a mess, but it’s OUR mess. What were YOU doing during the battle that created it? If you have any regard for this country, and how Congress is supposed to work, you realize that a lot of us have skin in this thing, and that, for better or worse, it’s the best that OUR country could do.

    Do you really think you can take affordable medical coverage away from 30 million people? Rescind the reasonable changes that people are already enjoying, like coverage of dependents through age 26?

    Get real. It’s time to improve our dysfunctional medical care mess, and do the hard work to find the efficiencies that will reduce costs.

    Stop wasting your time and MY MONEY. It’s time to start fixing Obamacare.

    • johnrysf…It appears that you either are not a citizen of the US or have only recently become one. America has the finest health care system money can buy and by law it is available to everyone regardless of the ability to pay for it.
      America, by design, was never intended to pay for health care for the masses. The entire concept on which this country was founded is based almost entirely on having the freedom and liberty to go out, earn your living and pay for your needs yourself, being proud that you do not have to exist on the kindness of strangers. Of course, since the time of Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, The Federal Government has been slowly but surely maneuvered into the roll of a national Robin Hood, where, through strategies like the graduated income tax (right out of the Communist Manifesto, by the way) the Federal Government has taken unto itself the power to forcibly extract ever increasing amounts of what a person earns under penalty of fines and even jail and simply hand it over to people who did not earn it, but who just happen to have one vote, just like the people who the government is ripping off!
      Based on your arguments in your post you obviously do not have the foggiest notion of what “old school Republican” views are, but this is a common dodge used regularly by Statists to try to get an “in” with people he intends to tear to pieces, once ensconced. I would hope that you could be a little more clever than that, but cleverness has never been a long suit of Liberals without heavy doses of lying and deceit, such as was used when the ACA was originally passed by Congress.
      The ACA was never intended to furnish “health care”, as all of us are now discovering. It is about centralizing power over individuals in the hands of an all-powerful central government. It needs to be destroyed in its entirety, the sooner the better…and hopefully it will be, and soon!
      All of the freedoms we need to succeed in America are in the Constitution. If a person had a “right” to health care, a well-paying job, a home and an Obamafone the Founders would have put them in the original Constitution. What they put, instead was freedom and liberty, enough to take a disparate collection of separate and often quarreling colonies and turn them into the richest, most powerful and definitely most FREE nation on the planet in a mere 235 years!
      If we follow your plan that freedom, wealth and power will end quickly!

      • Are you in touch with the real world? Your second sentence is, unfortunately, patently false. There are many, many objective, qualified sources that will supply correct analysis of how our present care system stacks up. An Internet search will provide them, should you try it.

        I like facts, and would normally supply a couple of URL’s to good references at this point. In you case, for the first time ever, I’m not doing it. Please review your condescending, arrogant, insulting post if you wonder why I don’t really wish to try to help you in any way. Again, however, I recommend that you do a little searching for the factual truth.

        Beyond your second sentence, I’m not going to bite on your very subjective insults, nor bother to debate your non-referenced, unsupported string of opinions. It’s just not appropriate.

        Why not? Because my post was strictly limited to strategy, and it was a simple appeal. In reply – and this is actually a little laughable – you mistook this as the foil for a strident restatement of the much bigger picture – as you alone find it. No sell, no thanks, LOL.

        Personally, I’ve lived a difficult, painful life because I’ve declined welfare, and stood on my own two feet. To me, it is of penultimate importance to “earn your living and pay for your needs yourself, being proud that you do not have to exist on the kindness of strangers”. How DARE you throw your garbage at ME! Your hateful, uninformed slam – “cleverness has never been a long suit of Liberals without heavy doses of lying and deceit” – is baseless, a fiction that somehow seems to make you feel good. Some of my friends are Liberals – it’s a function of where I live – and even with our differences in outlook, I’ve never once experienced “lying and deceit”. What a crazy, awful world you must live in.

        Your dogma has paralyzed Congress. Like the majority in this country, I’m worried about their inability to solve problems. I’m tired of paying them to do nothing. Look around: You’re being marginalized because we’re tired of you, your failed promise. I remember a different, constructive Republicanism. I hope we as a party soon get past your simplistic jingoism, your hateful, myopic propensity to denigrate those who are less extreme.

        Your crap is deeply offensive. You should be ashamed.

        • Poor John, I know that reading the truth often hurts, especially when one’s mind is locked shut, and I’m not ashamed. It’s unfortunate that you are aligned with the Liberal faction that invents problems and then comes up with “solutions” to problems that never existed before. When Republicans attempt to point out these salient facts, they are bombarded with insults such as you use where the intent to point out that a problem does not exist is met with raging accusations of refusal to work to solve the problem.
          Case in support of my contention regarding health care. 12 years ago I was operated on for bowel cancer and lost a goodly portion of my colon. Down the hall from me was a poor, undocumented Democrat from south of the border who went out one night, got drunk and had a head-on collision with some elderly people returning from church. Fortunately they all survived, but with terrible injuries. In a candid discussion with one of the floor nurses, she told me that he was indigent and would just walk away from tens of thousands of dollars worth of care, but that he had to be treated by law. My bill was $128,000 of which I paid about $20,000 and my Blue Cross took care of the rest. If that is not a great system I have no idea what is.
          I got your drift regarding your desire to “solve problems” but again, ACA is a fiction as it regards health care. It is designed to run all health care insurers out of business so that the government becomes the only “payer”. Such a system will certainly create many more problems than it will solve and it violates the economic system on which this country runs. It will put (and is already putting) thousands of people out of work. It’s main author, Max Baucus, has already pronounced it a “train wreck”. It does indeed have “death panels” despite President Barky’s contention that it does not. It needs to be defunded and repealed, the sooner the better.
          You really need to read Mark Levin’s book AMERITOPIA and gain a basic understanding of what the founders had in mind when they designed this great system, the first on the planet where people governed themselves and used Capitalism as an economic methodology. It worked spectacularly until the “Pwogwessives” began their tinkering with it around the turn of the last century. Even in my Leftie days, we still had a saying…”Cash, Grass or Ass…nobody rides for free”! Oh, and you might also benefit from a great book by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. MD. He’s a psychiatrist and wrote a classical study on how you think. It’s called THE LIBERAL MIND.

          • I don’t get your preconception that I am a “liberal”. I am not, and don’t see where anything I’ve written suggests a leftist or rightist philosophy. Your opening, “Poor John, I know that reading the truth often hurts, especially when one’s mind is locked shut, and I’m not ashamed” sets the tone for the same slights, lectures, put-downs, sophomoric fables, condescension, and insults as before.

            Sorry about your colon cancer, and empathetic, as I’m now recovering from surgery for renal cancer a few months ago. However, it seems that you are not interested in factual, objective discussion, so I’m out.

            Good luck.

          • My impression comes from your willingness to try to “fix” the problems with ACA. ACA as a concept is abominable to a Conservative with Conservative principles. The idea that government needs to step in with a universal single-payer plan to furnish health care to everybody (except for the 30 million who would still be without it), destroying whole industries and accumulating astounding power over individual citizens would be anathema to a Conservative.
            Your thought processes are 100% in line with those of a Liberal. Overly sensitive and reading multiple meanings into other people’s comments, your hypersensitivity to my joke regarding the Black mother and her child and your use of insulting and untrue adjectives regarding me and my attitudes are stark indicators of a Liberal point-of-view. You’d have never made it in the world I grew up in from 1935 to 1945. Radio was the only medium of mass communication and newspapers dominated the dissemination of “news” and included cartoons of every common ethnic group. Ethnic jokes dominated entertainment programs (“Abie’s Irish Rose” about a Jew who married an Irish girl… “Life with Luigi”…about a newly arrived Italian immigrant’s adventures becoming an American…the famous “Amos and Andy” two white guys in blackface acting out hilarious situations involving black people, “Can You Top This”, a program where three well-known Vaudeville Comedians would attempt to get higher “laugh meter” readings from the live audience than a joke sent in by a listener and told by the announcer. If they couldn’t top the submitted joke, the sender got a carton of 24 candy bars made by Marrs Candy Co. (Milky Way and several other candy bars) the sponsor of the program. All these programs were rife with all manner of ethnic jokes about virtually every common racial and ethnic group in America…often told in dialect, and they were listened to and laughed at by tens of millions of members of these groups.
            You sound like you would have gone crazy sending in letters of protest to the networks…very typical “Liberal” behavior.
            “factual and objective” discussions can only be had about items based on fact and objectivity. Obamacare is not! A thorough review of this horrid program reveals that is has little or nothing to do with “health care” and much, much more to do with government control over an aspect of human existence that cannot be avoided but with the single-payer aspects of it would allow the government tremendous and arbitrary control over something none of us can do without. Anyone not steeped in “Progressive” principles would have easily seen the fatal flaws the ACA is chock-a-block full of.
            Sorry, John, but if it walks like a Liberal, talks Like a Liberal and reacts like a Liberal, the conclusion is much too pervasive to ignore…
            Hope you’re feeling better!

      • Right on bigjulie,you tell it like it is.I don’t know where Johnrysf came from,but he apparently has been drinking the obama kool-aid.If he thinks obamacare can be fixed,I have some great beach property in Ariz. he can have at a bargain price.We have had a good health program in the USA until democrats started screwing it up.There is a generation among us now who thinks the government should “take care of them” from cradle to grave.I am all for helping people who can’t help themselves,bur I am not in favor of some the things our gov. does, like paying single mothers [or poor married families] to have 10 to 16 kids, when they can’t afford them.I am not in favor of “anchor” babies either.This is a long, outdated law that should have been repealed years ago.Our government has gotten too big,too much into the private affairs of people. Why do the liberals want to replace a government that has served us well for the past 235 yrs.?

        • It’s terrific if bigjulie expresses your political philosophy, and its wonderful to hear your opinion(s) in this post. However, I suggest you read my reply to bigjulie. Since you missed the point of my original post, you might read it again, too.

          My point was that we should stop expending time and effort on defunding, as it appears that it just won’t work, and figure out what to do with the “obama kool-aid”. That was a simple suggestion about strategy.

          It’s sorta’ funny, sorta’ sad, but you and bigjulie thought this was a great opportunity to put me down and spout your personal philosophy, as if that were a useful debate. No, it isn’t. Rather than waste our time, please try, in the future, to address what is actually said. And don’t you dare call me a liberal. Jerk.

    • Many people from England, Canada came to the USA for treatments that were hard to get in their respective countries. Either the doctors appointment was almost impossible to get or the treatment was contingent on being on a list. Maybe they had to pay for treatment anyway ?

      • This article concerns our current attempts to defeat Obamacare by denying its funding. The article’s author has written several articles on “defunding” for this website. My post, in turn, adheres to this topic: I suggest that, as defunding is apparently not going to work, I think that it’s now the time to look ahead and start planning a new strategy for blowing up Obamacare.

        I had hoped that I would prompt readers to offer ideas for what to do next, should defunding fail as expected. This has not happened, and, in fact, instead, prior to your post, only one other reader responded. That reader’s response, was, unfortunately, an immediate personal attack, under the guise of attacking Obamacare. The attack continued; I was unsuccessful at steering the discussion back to strategy on how we should deal with the ACA, and, so, quit writing.

        I suspect that you may have read those posts, and that prompted you to tangentially address the actual provisions of the act. That is a much different, and huge, discussion that is going on elsewhere.

  21. Obamacare will end up like medicaid and medicare, underfunded and not carried by many medical providers. There’s no fairness in it as it excludes government workers and Unions or allows them exorbitant subsidies for their Cadillac plans.

    • It must be a wonderful plan ! Obama, congress, unions etc want out ! If it is do wonderful ? Why don’t these people want it ?

  22. Johnrysf wants us to accept Obamacare (ACA) and he says “We the people did this” and “the vast majority of us want it”. This is not correct. It is the DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS in office when this law was voted on that did this to the country. It is NANCY PELOSI, who threatened, bribed and removed commitee roles from democrats, who pushed this law through by the “Reconciliation” process.

    Johnrysf references the National Journal article poll. I went there. The Congressional Poll referenced in the article no longer exists and in the National Journal article itself, it says “The poll, conducted from July 18 to July 21, surveyed 1,000 adults by equal parts landline and cell phone. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points.” 1,000 adults polled DOES NOT EQUAL A ***** VAST MAJORITY *****.
    The Obamacare law is a “train wreck” per Democrat senator Max Baucus who voted for it. Obama has illegally waived significant parts of the law for businesses. This law has now impacted everyone’s JOBS. Businesses have and are totally changing who they hire and how they hire and what benefits they now provide. Major self insured businesses are dropping the medical self insured benefits. Obamacare significantly raises the cost of medical care for businesses. And unions are now furious with the democrats that they have supported in the past. The 40,000 member Longshoremens union has now split from the AFL-CIO union because Obamacare drastically affects the union health benefits and the AFL-CIO supported Obamacare becoming law.

    I like the current health care I now have – HMO Kaiser. And, 2 senior retiree friends with medical issues have just been told by his former company, IBM, that their medical care, along with 110,000 IBM retirees is now being changed to their having to use exchanges. Some retirees have expressed concern that company subsidies may not keep up with rising medical costs and may put them at financial risk in the future.

    The holes in current medical care can be fixed, without the Train Wreck Obamacare.

    • You missed my point entirely, and have here expanded your misconception. My point, pretty clearly stated, I think, was that we should stop putting all our attention and effort into defunding the ACA, since the mainstream press seems to be telling us clearly that it won’t happen. Instead, we better start figuring out how we’re going to fix the mess that is “Train Wreck Obamacare”.

      Were you on another planet when the ACA debate was the big news story every day? And then when Obama caved on this and that – like his concessions to Big Pharma – and the Congressional debate raged on? Nope, you and I, and all the commenters railing about Obamacare were right here at home in the US of A. In this sense, “We the People did this”: After 55 years of trying, this is what we got. And, “now the vast majority of us want it” is literally true: Right now, it appears clear that ~two-thirds of the country is saying Obamacare is fine. So, rather than do a head-in-the-sand thing with a doomed effort to defund, let’s get to work on the ACA that is now THE LAW.

      If you wish to disagree with what I proposed, you need to show us how and why we should continue to try the defund route. Otherwise, you’re not addressing anything I said.

      Your quibble, or SHOUT that is, that “1,000 adults polled DOES NOT EQUAL A ***** VAST MAJORITY *****”, is wrong, and indicates that you don’t understand inferential statistics. In fact, you again show your lack of comprehension by not realizing (1) that when you note that “It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points”, you are contradicting yourself, and (2) “equal parts landline and cell phone” is a GOOD thing – it adds validity to the result.

      Do you have any understanding of surveys, sampling, and statistical validity? Stated very briefly, this study SAMPLED 1,000 adults, not children, and found that “Given the choice to either repeal the law, wait and see how it takes effect, or add money to aid its implementation, only 36 percent of adults picked outright repeal. More than half chose to either wait and see (30 percent) or provide more money (27 percent)”.

      In case you still really don’t get this, a “poll” can’t exactly ask every one of our ~330 million voting citizens what they think. So, a poll asks a sample of the population, correctly weighted across all kinds of parameters like age, race, income, etc., what they think. This one found that 64% do NOT want O’care repealed, +-3.6%. The +-3.6% establishes a “Confidence Interval”, meaning we’re highly confident – 95% is the usual probability – that the true result lies between 64-3.6% and 64+3.6%, or 60.4% and 67.6%.

      This is a very tight Confidence Interval, which suggests the result is solid. Also, modern polling has been criticized for calling only the land lines listed in directories, while a large, growing, and demographically-significant group of us only use cell phones. So, it’s good that they corrected for this bias.

      The result: One can say with great confidence something like “~2/3 of US adults don’t want the ACA repealed”. And, yes, here “1,000 adults polled DOES…EQUAL A ***** VAST MAJORITY *****”. And “The Congressional Poll referenced in the article no longer exists”, as you said, is incorrect. You’ll find it at

      where it shows the actual poll with the results filled in.

      You said: “DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS in office when this law was voted on that did this to the country. It is NANCY PELOSI, who threatened, bribed and removed commitee (sic) roles from democrats, who pushed this law through by the “Reconciliation” process.”

      Not so true, PassingBy. The Dem’s controlled both houses for 71 days. Either Obama sensed that they had to do the ACA then, and do it fast, or it was dumb luck. R/E Pelosi, Reconciliation, and all the sausage making, it was the Dem’s AND the Repub’s who voted “yes” who need to answer for what we got.

      You said “Obama has illegally waived significant parts of the law for businesses”. Not true: For better or worse, Obama DELAYED business changes for 1 year because the Fed’s haven’t finished the guidelines for companies yet. Great.

      I once had Kaiser Permanente, glad you like it. I’m retired and disabled. I had a long history with a problem that resulted in surgery for cancer a few months ago. Everything, for years, has been handled superbly, though, even now, I’ve had a difficult recovery. I both like my current provider, and depend on it to stay alive and healthy. Like you, I don’t want the ACA to screw it up. Otherwise, I’ll be dead. I want the ACA FIXED, and soon.

      Thank you.

          • Ha, ha, hee, haw: Silly Margaret, what ARE you talking about? Fun and easy to write short, insulting, denigrating little blasts of nonsense, huh? But why do you even bother?

            For thinking people who may have read my post, and understood the issue, here’s an update:

            (1) This article’s purpose is to evangelize for a continuing resolution (CR) in the House.

            (2) I suggested that our time and effort would be better spent in trying to fix the ACA mess (maiming, killing, taking hostages is OK with me) because many people smarter than me say the CR won’t, in the end, work.

            (3) Today, Boehner caved, unexpectedly, so here we go with more time and effort running in place. A decent explanation of where we stand now is “Boehner Gets It Over With, Agrees to Tie Overall Budget to Obamacare Funding”, by Joshua Green, Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/18/13, at


            So, Mags, here’s yet another reference that addresses your odd little projection in “Who did he ask ?” to add to the ones I’ve already given to you. Consider my efforts in your regard to be a gift from an old guy who wishes to engender a more thoughtful civic life in our country, and a revived GOP.

  23. President Obama is the elected embodiment of the “WOULDN’T IT BE NICE IF…” sentiment undergirding the civic sensibilities of our socialistically educated university educated elites and the Affordable Care Act is its’ most glaring example. In a nutshell the WIBNIers think they know what is best for us and in addition to having us pay for their schemes wish to impose punitive sanctions should we fail to obediently in line.
    It is a cliche but sadly true that bread and circuses remain a powerful persuader at the voting booth, i.e. welfare and food stamps and more than fifty percent of Americans not paying taxes.
    I don’t know where you reader stand on abortion but it is the key issue because it embodies the fundamental principle of civic life…life. It is principle itself that is under attack in our political discourse and should we lose our principles we will lose our freedom.

  24. Trouble is that the House leadership has not launched a strategy to run concurrently with the passage of the CR bill, defunding Obamacare, so as to put the people behind it (which they are) and put pressure on the senate to act. They don’t seem to want to put the dems in the position of either voting to defund Obamacare or stop gov’t funding and face the people who already know that they will try to blame the republicans and it won’t fly (even with media playing the gov’t/dems spin – we’ve heard it all before).

  25. We need to do what those who cannot, we need to not only defend our American Values, but we need to promote those values that made this nation great. We need only to look at our Founding Fathers and wonder what they would do today, it is simple. We need to stand and fight for the Constitution and our values, those values that our Founding Fathers believed in, and defended, they were not liberal views but strong Christian Conservative ideas and views. Based upon the Holy Scriptures, today they are being ignored and push aside for government entitlements and runaway liberal life styles. Those life styles that directly threatens our Constitution and our Values, Marriage and strong Family Values are just the beginning, if we do not make a stand. It is apparent that the once proud Conservative Republican Party is falling for liberal ideas, falling for the lies and promises of a liberal administration that has no respect, or understanding for the Constitution.
    We need to make a stand and voice our Conservative thoughts and views across the country and even around the world, for nothing threatens our freedom more then the internal threats from within. Growing liberalism and Political Correctness can easily destroy the very foundation of this nation, do we wait for others, or do we make a stand. We need to wake-up America, from this nightmare, from this so called dream and new hope of the Obama Administration. This administration can easily go down as the worse administration in the history of our nation, for the full impact of the Obama administration on our future, and on our children is not yet known. But the promises and the outcome is not good, and will be extremely destructive to our values, and to our way of life.
    God Bless the United States and the Constitution. Shalom Israel.

  26. Pingback: Bob Gagosian – From the President’s Office: 9-13-2013

  27. If one looks back at all the info at the time Obamacare was passed you will see that this is not primarily a health bill. There is a law asking about ownership of guns, There is something to do with your home mortgage. It will be administered by the IRS. It goes on and on.

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