Live Updates: Sen. Cruz’s Filibuster to Defund Obamacare

Right now, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Ted Cruz93%Senate Republican AverageSee Full Scorecard93% is on the Senate floor making the case why his colleagues must stand up and fight against Obamacare. As principled conservatives, we know that the establishment is trying to undercut and marginalize Ted Cruz because they fear his strategy to defund Obamacare will work.

See live updates of the filibuster below.

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We must take a real stand against Obamacare, which is already destroying jobs, hurting families and increasing costs. Will your Senators filibuster any attempt by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to reinsert Obamacare funding into the continuing resolution?

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  • sreynolds

    Go Ted, thank you for your efforts on this matter, it is way too important to let it pass uncontested

    • Nathanael Yellis

      Thanks for supporting Sen. Cruz! Ask your Senators to stand with him.

      • sreynolds

        They probably don’t even open my mail anymore, barbara mckulski and ben cardin are my reps. LOL They are a lost cause. (but I still hammer them everyday almost

        • rosech

          Ditto for most of our senators and congressmen/women in CA. They just don’t get it and have ruined CA so now working on doing the same on America!

  • Rochelle Lloyd

    I don’t want us or our kids strangled with this monstrosity.

  • carlcasino

    Good Going Sen. Cruz, It’s a shame the entrenched Career Politicians have not grown a pair and join you. If my two (R) Senators do not support you I will do my best to ensure they are retired.

  • sparrowlord01

    I believe that members of both houses of congress seem to forget a small fact. They work for US, and are supposed to do what is good for the country. They are NOT there to bicker, make deals, and play politics. The entire two party system is flawed in this very basic and primal way. They spend too much time trying to pooch each other over, and not enough actually working for the people who put them there. ObummerCare is illegal, unconstitutional and just a bad idea, like most of Obummer’s. It never should have been enacted in the first place. Maybe if we started paying Congress by the hour, and made their pay based also on job performance, we would see some improvement. In any other job on the planet, they would have been fired years ago. I know one thing. I’m not voting for any incumbent that has anything to do with assisting Obummer and his cronies in any of their facist programs.

  • rationalthinker

    I am in KY right now, and listening to the McConnell ads touting his opposition to Obamacare, as he stabs all of America in the back with the real fact that he is funding it!!! Maddening.

    • rosech

      Does KY allow recalls? If so, get it going NOW because this RINO is only for himself and his fellow RINOS.

    • Lou Mann


  • Sam Watcher

    Thank you Ted Cruz. This is about what the people want not what the politicians want.

    • sparrowlord01

      Since when has that ever mattered to congress or our current Dictator and Chief…?

  • rationalthinker

    Further, the senators I called – Cornyn, Grassley, McConnell, Toomey, McCain – all have their phones full, aren’t taking messages, turned a deaf ear to their constituents… The only one that even had a staffer answer was Susan Collins, and God knows she won’t be a bellweather / beacon for hope.

    • Mythslayer

      6:17pm Toomey’s Pittsburgh and D.C. phones were full but not his Scranton ofc. YET! (570) 941-3540

  • Teresa Hutchison

    If, and only if, the President, Congress and labor unions sign on to “Obama Care” with the same costs (that’s right, costs–start paying for your own health insurance instead of your free ride off the backs of the tax payers) limits and restrictions the rest of us will have, I will support it.

    • rosech

      No one exempt will not make me support it because it is unmanageable as everything Obama does and/or wants, raises rates from 40 to l00% and if your employer shortens your hours or lets you go, you cannot keep your insurance because you don’t have the hours or the job!

      • Teresa Hutchison

        Well said.

  • rosech

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Sr. Cruz BECAUSE YOU CARE about America and Americans. You are not liked because you believe in America and the Constitution and the RINOS can’t stand that because you will be upsetting their applecart! The Demos should be half as smart and get rid of Reid who acts as their dictator, and Boehner because he is a Demo in disguise as a Repub. They need to go! Keep your strength up and filibuster until the cows come home because we are with you today and every day!

    • sparrowlord01

      Technically… Because of the number of times he has abused the power of the executive order to do an end run around congress and the American people, I think the term dictator more aptly fits Broke Obummer himself…. The thing is we need to get rid of EVERY member of congress that supports any of his ego trip projects. Election day can’t come soon enough for me…

      • Ellen Virginia Poynter

        I feel the very same way but look how the last election turned out. What do we have to do to get people up off their rear ends and get out and vote their beliefs? I just could not believe that Obama won re-election and look how many people just flocked to the polls and voted for him. That was the most disturbing thing – all people did was talk and didn’t follow through with the vote. Also why didn’t they win back the Senate when they had the chance. Even the evil Harry Reid won re-election. People just cannot be this stupid.

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  • Charles Codling

    Too busy to defund Obamacare? The president slammed the House as “messing with him.” What a narcissistic, out-of-touch, ego-driven response! The House listened to the voters. Recent polls show >60% (ABC poll) of Americans don’t want this job-killing, part-time forcing, lied-about bill. Healthcare costs have and are skyrocketing; even the union bosses who once supported the president have reminded him how devastating it is for their workers. Senators, you vote to represent the people or you will indeed be voted out. This is not about your agenda or party lines, though you might want it to be. It is about the citizens of this nations. This bill is a train wreck and you have indeed the option of keeping the government running and funded EXCEPT for the ACA. Stop the games and name-calling. Grow the hell up, senators and represent us!

    • Ellen Virginia Poynter

      Well said Charles Codling. Thanks for putting it in a nutshell.

  • 6mikegeremia36


    • Ellen Virginia Poynter

      Please remember which Repulicans are fighting Ted Cruz head on and are not helping defund.Obamacare. One would think they were in league with the Democrats.

  • 6mikegeremia36


    • Ellen Virginia Poynter

      If only the Democratic Senate cared about the country and acknowledge that our commander in chief is pushing us in the wrong direction it would make all the difference in the world – would be no question at all that Obamacare should be defunded.

  • 6mikegeremia36


  • glass

    I don’t see how twitter helps get the message to the Senators. Frankly, I hate twitter, but I do know how to e-mail. Each senator has a web site and a facebook presence. So if you don’t tweet, there are other alternatives. You can also look up contact data fast on

  • karolh

    My prayers are with you Senator Ted, so proud of you and thank you so much for going the full mile for We The People. We are standing with you and would be there to help you anyway we could. Hold strong, please, we need you, we need more good people like you in our Congress and White House. We are thanking God today for you, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. You are doing exactly what Texas sent you to DC to do. I wish we had someone in MD that could hold up to you, but our Senators could not carry your shoes. I am so looking forward to see Obama and Reid’s black eye tomorrow. We love you Ted.

  • ee

    defund obamacare then repeal it! if obamacare is so good why has congress opted out of it?

  • lupierce

    Please, please, please take it all the way for America!!! Forget the other GOP idiots who do not have any idea that they, too, were elected to get rid of Obamacare!!! They are really spineless and like Karl Rove – this is our chance to stand up and mean what we say!!! Let’s roll!!!!!

  • firemanfred

    Throw Obama-Care in the trash, it’s Unconstitutional and the working Americans of this great nation never wanted it.
    If put to a VOTE in all 50 states it would go down in Flames.
    After voting down this evil, UnAmerican, abomination which will further bankrupt our nation…we want impeachment proceedings for this so called American President for requesting to supply the enemies of the USA with arms over in Syria. If I was 1941 and a president wanted to supply arms to our enemies, he would be tried and then shot for treason against our nation. Obama is saying do as I say in our nations laws, but not as I will do! He might a well say “Let them eat cake”…

  • cvalert

    Ted, we need about 99 more like you in the senate to stop these left-wing radicals -on both sides of the isle- from destroying this country. Compromise is THE reason we are in this mess. Too many Eunuchs on the REP. side! So glad to have voted for you in this last great state of TX! God Bless you.

  • 1commonjoe

    Obamacare for Obama & Family! Obamacare for Congress! Obamacare for the Justice in the Supreme Court! Obamacare for ALL Federal Employees. Obamacare For All Union Workers! MAKE IT FAIR!!!!! ( Then let’s see how fast it gets Defunded!)

  • Lou Mann

    America has so many problems but the main two are Democrats and RINO’s. Oh for the day to have patriotic leaders again instead of gutless politicians who force upon us what they would not dare have for themselves or their families! Follow the money on Obamacare and you will see why it is the law of the land. Many of our illustrious politicians stand to make fortunes on this horrendous bill while the rest of us suffer. These people must be removed from power!

  • Greg

    I support Senator Ted Cruz. This “health care” bill is a control bill. It is more about power than concern for the needy.


    Fully defund Obamacare please, you senators supporting this disastrous health care bill know that you don’t want it for you and your families. Yet you are so willing to cram it down our throats without a majority vote. Since when did that process become the norm for our country? You senators won’t be in office forever, your families may at some point be sujected to the same you are trying to push on us, have you no shame or conscience?

  • denniskrug

    I support Senator Ted Cruz the health Care bill is just like gun control it’s all about “CONTROL” ! The government is already telling us what we can or can’t say, do or not do, spitting on our religious belief’s and trying to even tell us what we can or can’t eat. This Governement is starting to look like North Korea !

  • bothparitesmyass

    I wholeheartedly stand firm with Sen Ted Cruz to defund the abomination that is Obamacare. This job-killer will bankrupt our country and Obama knows it.

  • marciacp

    I am 100% behind Senator Cruz! I have been on the phone all morning calling
    Republican Senators, and I can’t get through to most of them. I am so disappointed with Senator Cornyn who is actively working against Senator Cruz. I will remember this the next time your up for a vote, Sen. Cornyn. Stop opposing Sen. Cruz and get behind him!

  • Teri Eggert

    Yeah Senator Cruz, I support you. I called my Senators in AZ, I left a message for Senator Flake. I couldn’t leave a message for McCain as his phone box was full both in Washington DC and AZ. I hope both of my Senators get the message. I emailed both of them with my views. My messages to both of them were respectful, but believe me I have a lot of four letter words for my Senators if they don’t support Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

  • Sam Martin

    The cost is essentially a tax. If it were not a tax the government couldnt force you to pay it. Since it IS a tax, it MUST originate in the House of Representatives.

    When those who thought they were getting something for nothing (CHEAP INSURANCE) now find out their hours will all be cut to 28 per week so their large, successful employers can avoid paying their insurance premiums they will lose everything. Their homes, cars, everything will go. Especially those who are just barley hanging on while still working a 40 hour work week.
    And, if they dont pay for their insurance, them, along with their families who can also not pay, will wind up in the civilian concentration camps. Some may like that free medical and food. There is only one problem, YOU CANT LEAVE and Obama signed an Executive order stating he can hold you for TEN YEARS without a hearing or trial. Hope you Obamacare supporters are ready for that. And now, in addition to buying over a billion rounds of military ammo, they are clearing large tracts of land near the concentration camps and buying hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins which will hold five bodies each. Who do you think they are going to use that ammo against?

    • Marda Frie

      Where did you find this information?

  • Teri Eggert

    If Obamacare isn’t stopped, I need to know only one thing. What’s my expiration Date? So, I can get the hell out of Dodge.

  • Kirk

    Yellis is the worst

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