Watch the Momentum Grow: A Window Into the Defund Obamacare Town Hall Tour

Millions of Americans already oppose Obamacare; in fact, most Americans do.  But October 1 is fast approaching.  That’s the day open enrollment for the Obamacare healthcare exchanges begins, which means Americans will begin enrolling in Obamacare.  If the entire law is not defunded, it will become much harder to undo the damage.  Fortunately, the opposition felt by so many Americans is transforming into a formidable force — the momentum is undeniable. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 94% says what we need is a “grassroots tsunami.”

As Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 94% emphasized at the Defund Tour in Dallas, “there is nothing that scares elected officials more than hearing from their constituents.  And… liberty is never safer than when politicians are terrified.”

Only when our elected officials fear the repercussions of their actions is liberty protected.  Obamacare is a massive affront to our liberty, a threat to the economy, an attack on religious freedom, and the biggest job killer in America.  It is separating patients from their physicians and causing many to bring home smaller paychecks.

Make sure Congress gets the message.  You can follow this link to email your representative with the critical defund message, “do everything in your power to defund Obamacare.”

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98 thoughts on “Watch the Momentum Grow: A Window Into the Defund Obamacare Town Hall Tour

  1. My congressman is a RINO, Mario Diaz Balart. He is not having any townhall meetings & his office is full of RINOS too!!

    • That shows that Balart and all the ones who did not have townhall meeting do not care about what we the people want. Having a townhall meeting should be a job requirement.

      • Agreed 100%. Unfortunately, at this moment we don’t have a truth conservative to run against him in 2014. Diaz Balart is well connected with RINO Jeb Bush, and Gov Bush has some power in FL and specially in SFlorida.

  2. What we have is not
    perfect. At least if you need care you get it. Not good care, still you can
    get help. Obama care is a train wreck in waiting.

  3. This is the future of our party not as president, but someone that will stand up and be counted and not afraid of being voted out.

  4. My congressman is an absolute disgrace!!!!!! Without any opposition, except the democrat, the Speaker John Boehner keeps getting re-elected. If I knew how to run a campaign, I would run against him just to give the people an option. I am ashamed to say that I had to vote for him.

  5. Defund Obama Care. It is a lousy failure program. Immediately instigate a simple tort reform for medical law suits and everyone can afford economical medical care and insurance.

  6. Having the Federal Government manage your healthcare insurance (Obamacare) can be likened to (1) having them manage your financial affairs (instead of a trusted financial advisor), (2) preparing your Final Will & Testament (instead of your family lawyer), (3) managing the sale of your home (instead of assistance from a local reputable realtor), (4) preparing your taxes (instead of yourself or H&R Block), (5) choosing a college for your child (instead of you, your child, and a trusted school counselor), managing your funeral arrangements (instead of loving family members), etc. Get the point! There are certain things in life where the Government should not tread! Especially having a growing history of performing things so badly, and with lots of corruption and ineptitude!

  7. Thank goodness I got to watch other citizens support this. They are not alone. To my knowledge no Town Hall in AZ, oh that’s right we’ve got McCain and Flake.

  8. I was there at the Dallas Townhall meeting. Ted Cruz is inspiring. I noticed on Saturday that The Dallas Morning News did an article where the reporter said that Cruz was “taunted” by the audience over his citizenship with chants of “USA.USA.” That was an outright and I e-mailed the reporter and told him I was there and it was protesters we shouted that at; NOT Cruz and it had nothing to do with his birth certificate. The reporter, Todd Gillman, replied back to me and said he “regretted the error and that there would be a correction in the paper.” The correction appeared in Sunday’s paper. Evidently he had a LOT of people call him on his “error.” This is what the liberal press does. BTW, there was 2 or 3 articles by Gillman in that front page section and were ALL critical of Ted Cruz. I also asked him when they would be doing a critical article on Hillary Clinton or even our president and asked him to start with Benghazi. We can’t continue to let the mainstream get away with their spin and lies.

  9. I think Heritage misses it. It is getting the votes in 2012! To do that a predominant approach that is needed is EMPAHSIS ON SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEMS. Two of the problems are health insurance costs and healthcare costs and the Republican proposed solutions should not be 39 House bills to appeal Obamacare. It is should be bills that solve the health insurance and healthcare cost problems that also include replacing Obamacare.

    The approach should not be against the Democrats or what they jammed through because THEY HAD THE VOTES TO DO SO AND DID IT- paying the price to do so.

    In the 2010 election voters gave hope that Republicans would correct problems AND THE VOTES SHOW THAT REPUBLICANS WON. that was with Media bias. In 2012 election voters found Romney was one of the problems and not the solution. What was missing was his appeal. His flop record and his campaign style LOST VOTES. Romney had two million less votes than McCain in 2008 . Obama had six or seven million less votes than in 2008. AND HE WON. Looking at he votes: Republicans did not vote; Independents voted less for Obama than they did in 2008. Obama still had enough appeal to win. The Democrats re-elected Obama; increased their number in the House from 175 to 190, and held on to the control of the Senate. (It is political clear that some of the successful Senate campaigns were gifts to the Democrat winners from the Republican candidates and their supporters-they should not have run or supported what had so much less appeal).



    • Well Said! The GOP RINO Establishment are still trying to steer the
      Party away from candidates that appeal to the BASE. They seem to want to
      SILENCE us NEARLY as much as the Socialist Democrats! As LONG as the
      Republican party is CONTROLLED by ANTI Christian, Immoral Compromising,
      Politically Correct, Jelly-Backs, We will have an up hill battle to Nominate a Conservative with the Moral Fortitude to Excite the BASE. to WIN we

    • Having trouble posting so I’ll try 2finish from where I left off… Short of a Miracle… To win we have to Nominate a Conservative who can show us he will FIGHT with Tenacity, to Defend the Constitution, Religious Freedom, Free Speech, Right to Bear Arms, Life, Marriage, etc. EVEN in the FACE of Great Political Opposition. That will Excite the Base. When the Base is excited, they get out and WORK HARD to get others to the polls. Fiscal Conservatism Alone wont do it. Military Conservatism Alone wont cut it, either. Even Combined, these two legs of the stool will have a hard balancing act to stay upright. But the Moral leg of the stool is the STRONGEST and Nearest the Center of gravity

      • Don’t forget, those last 2 unfortunate elections were ‘rigged’ for b.o.. It was total fraud from get to go…..soros kept his paws in all the way through, right up to and including HIS OWN faulty election devices, that came from his factories…..another cute move.

  10. Obama is out of Control!! If the Republicans do not defund this what the hell are they there for. Obama thinks he is King and we his subjects. Well news flash you arrogant SOB. You work for us!! All the rest of the government does also. We a s Conservatives were betrayed by you once and you can rest assure we will not let it happen again. We are so fed up with that spineless Boehner and all the rest of the Rinos and we number in the Multi-millions. We need more like Mike Lee Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and a few more to take the lead. You so called Republicans have kowtowed to the Democrats and that arrogant SOB who calls himself a President. HA! He is nothing but a liar and has done nothing but lie for nearly five years. He is a Tyrant who wants nothing better then to destroy our Nation and Congress is letting him get away with it. Just what has he done that was good for the nation. He does nothing but Campaign and spend tax payer money going on vacations that are so out of control costly and then thumbs his nose at the American people. He has committed Treason more times then I can count. He should be going on trial for it but that will never happen because of the good old race card, which I am also sick of. Give it a rest already! Just what is it going to take to impeach this trader? Well I say this to all you Rinos, we are watching and very closely and you damn well better start challenging this Marxist with first defunding Obama care and then fight him and his Country destroying policy’s at every turn. That is why we put you in office and you stabbed us in the back. Well, we put you there and we can put you out. Don’t start doing what you are suppose to be doing and get a pair and start fighting. You can start with standing behind Mike lee and end this atrocity that will destroy our Nation once and for all on so many level and the King Obama knows it, then continue to fight this Bladen liar at every turn. He has committed Treason more times then I can count. Frankly he should be put on trial but of course the never ending race card will be played. I am so sick of that double standard also. Give it a rest. At least start impeachment proceedings. I mean, what does he have to do to be impeached?? C’mon the man is sheading the Constitution like never before and acts as if he were King and us his subjects and that is pure unadulterated Nonsense! What has he done in the past 5 years??? Need I tell you? I will. Campaign and spend hundreds of millions of our tax payer money on his exorbitant vacations and when the Country is in dire straights, no less. He then thumbs his nose at the American people. Who gave him permission to spend our money so recklessly on himself and his family. HOW DARE HIM!!! Who the hell does he think he is. Listen, I demand (and I can safely say I speak for millions of us) you start by defunding this atrocity called Obama care, and then get to work fighting him at every turn, relentlessly. We will not take much more of this!!!!!! Show the American people some resolve and you will keep your seats. Don’t, and I hope you learn the phrase “you want fries with that” for after the 2014 elections. We are watching and watching closely and come election time we will (conservatives) be voting in record breaking numbers. Now do your damn Jobs and do them right as the Conservative party you are suppose to be.

    • Bravo (a?) and kudos..I’ve been saying those words for almost 5 yrs. And we HAVE grown..some liberals are finally waking up to this monster tyrant and his treasonous acts. PTL..!! More will as we go through the last 4 months of this stinking year. Thank you for such perceptive outlook re b.o.!! He needs to go…to Hell, preferably…WITH his partner.

    • I, also, when I rec’d a plea for donation to my Sen’s fund…I said ‘no way’..because he wouldn’t listen to us and lied about it..he went over to Egypt for a reason…for his bud/pal the TYRANT and we had told him over and over that if he wasn’t going ot represent us and follow our requests, like defunding..he was taking his career to risk..and no, I’m not donating and we will not vote for him again…Lindsey Graham…Mc Cain is part and parcel of the of the deceit as well..and I hope that AZ will get rid of him. I believe our ONLY answer for new blood lies with Cruz , Rand Paul, and those of his caliber..I had thought that Rubio would work..but, he’s for amnesty. uh uh.

  11. I think the repubs should defund Obamacare and call the dems bluff. However, if Obamacare is so bad (and I think it is) why doesn’t business come together and flat out refuse to comply – if enough companies did that, what is congress/Whitehouse going to do? Put them all in jail, send out the sheriff? Not only the voters, but business should also stand up and say enough is enough.

    • There were 35 States last week that refused to exchange…that’s good news. I am mailing my petition to Nikki Haley, my gov. to tell her to turn it down..It is bad and wrong for all Americans…has nothing to do with good health. It is nothing but dicta from a dictator-wannabe.

  12. What a crack up. The Republican House votes 40 times to overturn Obamacare, knowing full well they can’t, and now all of this time attempting to defund Obamacare, knowing full they. . . uh. . they won’t be able to since they’ll have to shut down the government to do it. And what do you think will happen when those SS checks stop coming, or air traffic controllers are not paid?

    • Actually, the SS checks would NOT stop coming. The government was shut down numerous times before, and NO devastation occurred. YOU are BEING SCAMMED into believing stupid BS!! DON’T BE A SHEEP!!

      • Actually, I hope the Republicans are not all talk but do boycott the debt ceiling . . .thereby making a statement to Americans. The last time they hosed the American people on the debt ceiling, our UT ratings took a nice hit. The best part though, this time, is there is absolutely no way to stop/defund Obamacare. . .after passed by Congress, signed by the President and approved by the SCOTUS. It is going to be implemented anyway. The only issue will be with the Republicans. . be totally embarrassed or only partially embarrassed if the ACA works. And it will.

        • Hey sheep, if you think Obamacare is so great then why does your representatives that have created this want to be EXEMPT from this “great dream” along with Democrats unions. They have been brainwashing you to think this is better healthcare. What person would want to be EXEMPT from something that is purportedly better. Fact of the matter is, Obamacare is a train wreck and even the Democrat representatives are starting to make this claim and that is why they have recently exempted themselve from it.

          • 1. Uh, your list of who to dump is a little silly unless you include Boehner and McConnell to it. Obama is gone in three years, too. Those other dorks are not.
            2. I have a little different opinion on Obamacare. You see, last July, we had a close family member denied health care, with life saving medication costing over $500 a MONTH. So, do we just let em die? That will be solved in Jan. 2014, when the ACA takes effect.
            3. Obamacare will work for those states that want it to work like CA and OR. For example, rates in OR for someone under 30 who is single will be $110 a month.
            A single 40 year old in Southern CA will pay $268 for Kaiser, $290 for HealthNet for a “silver plan”. . reflecting a 12% decrease from current rates. The majority of those that do not want Obamacare . . .are on Medicare.. .just like you. . a single payer system everyone loves.

          • YOU are so off base, near never-never land, that you make a fool of yourself. Actually , you are lying…someone taught you well. I really hope you have NO family members over 55 y.o., especially the patient who needs l.s; meds…he has a round table of 15 NON-professional people who WILL decide if a senior cit. MERITS the surgery or NOT….what their problem is…maybe body part replacement, etc..whether or not the patient is worth the $$$$ for it or NOT…THEY will make the decision. Betcha didn’t know that little joke on Americans. And the fact that the scandal-ridden irs is the overseer for b.o.-care. Cute, right?? WRONG…so, u just go ahead and support that unconstitutional piece of garbage. Your ‘figures’ couldn’t be more wrong, traitor.

          • Uh, Carol, we have a close family member denied health ins. last July with life saving medication costing over $500 a month. So your accusation is a little much. Death panels have existed for decades by health insurance companies. . bankrupted US familiies and people just dying But that isnt convenient to your argument is it?! The number one group that does NOT want Obamacare are those on Medicare. .a single payer system. That is incredibly inconsistent to complain about something when YOU have it but now allow 30 million other Americans to have it.
            Now, it is your turn. Tell me where I lied.

          • Your figures for the individual….you left out,.. if they are working, their employer has to cover them with and will be paying for each employee…then YOU can tell me again what individyals are paying when they see a reduction in their pay….a BIG reduction.This will cost more in small businesses having to close down…which is EXACTLY what b.o. wants to accomplish…he is using many tricks to make sure we have to answer to an overly large gov’t …does socialism and communism suit you?? that’s where the ‘traitor’ comes patriot you…

          • Carol, I can see you are quite frustrated. You and I are lucky to be on Medicare, a great system in my opinion. I do not see the issues with Medicare though. I think it works for older Americans everywhere and Medicare by all accounts IS socialized/single payer. Hang in there. It is easy to find blame. But if either parties had better solutions, they would have brought them up by now.

          • Thank you for your understanding. I do have it on great message from a friend who is a lawyer, and very active. she gets info from an insider on the Hill..and she says more intrusion and ‘stealing’ into our Medicare is going to happen at the first f the year…redistribution, as it were. My share of my scripts has gone up..I am diabetic on insulin and oral med…I have a heart problem with blood flow, I have fibro myalgia (one word) which is very painful and debilitating..actually , I have over 30 diagnoses..growing old is a bitch! ;)…some days I do feel good, others… today’s so hot and humid and all the meds I take for severe allergy, make me tired!..but, as they say no rest for the weary. Dr. has started my annual 3 stages..I went yesterday for a few tests and in 40 mins, I have to return for another sonogram because of PVD/ and a bone mass test…it never ends! But, I ttry to remain upbeat for my grandchildren…anyway I have to shut down, E, and all in all a good time talking..yelling.. at you..forgive me. TTYL..?

          • Carol, no one seems to escape “life.” I know you are dealing with significant inflammation with your health issues. Suggestion. I had cancer last year but got over it and have now made severe dietary change for arthritis. I cut back on sugar, red meat, useless carbs and ended up going to a farmers market and buying a green goop mixture of two kinds of kale, flax seed, dandilion, romaine, chard, etc. I mix it in a blender with fresh fruit daily and voila, with glucosamine, all the joint pain went away after three months! I can drink an entire days worth of vegetables and fruits in a breakfast. Montel Williams has MS and he does the same thing and says his “symptoms” have been reduced by 40 %. Hang in there and stay positive. Is it nap time yet?=-)

          • Well, back for a bit…have a lot of banking and paying bills on line…and then wait for another 4 wks. for SS to come again!! 😉 These last 2 days of annual phys. kinda, sorta wiped me out! Congrats on defeating that insidious disease.! PTL. Both my husbands died from C…my first having died after our divorce (after 26 yrs of marriage). ..and my second, dying from lung C….after 17 yrs. Anyway…yes, I’m careful of/with my least I thought I was…everything sugar-free. And yesterday, a big post re aspartame with a whole cartload of symptoms…it’s poison from Monsanto prods.And all my ‘snacks’ have it..I’m going off all and see if I feel better. There ought to be a law.!! But, Monsanto paid b.o. to fix it so they could not be sued…they knew what was coming down the pike…and THAT pisses me off. The crap that big business can get away with it. Don’t know if you have pets, but there are quite a few brands of pet foods that contain prods from the ‘M’ co. Eventually killing pets. Monsanto KNOWS that their products are poisonous, yet won’t do anything about it. Whenever I get the chance, I post about it to unsuspecting buyers…there was a very long list of brands that buy dif. prods. from them and add those to their prod. Got to get some business out of the way…take good care..Carol

          • Carol, you be rocking now! And yep, big companies like Monsanto seem to shirt reasonable regulations. . .and too many Americans really don’t care. Fresh food is fresh food.

          • Carol, after reading this again, and calling me a “traitor, fool, liar”. . .I cannot wait to heer your response. Or are your knuckles just a little two white as you angrily type your displeasure about the ACA, something you apparently don’t know jack didn’t about.

        • NO..emphatically…it will NOT work….Americans will see such drastic ‘cuts’ in their paychecks…because, they WILL be paying for ALL those who are exempt (bs) such as millions of illegal aliens (as b.o., himself is) and radical muslim bro-hoods (as b.o. himself is) because their damned Koran is ‘gambling’ and they are not permitted to gamble. And in that same ‘book’, the Islamic law tells them to kill Christians, Jews and Catholics as infidels…..and guess what law is coming to town?? islamic sharia law…where they can ‘get away’ with anything…rape, torture, beheading, name the sin, it’s in there. NO, elucidated…you are wrong.

          • Carol, you have a ton of bias in your post here. You go from illigal immigrants to sharia law. Got frustration much? What is true is that Obamacare IS the law and WILL be implemented. In San Diego Country, for example, a single male, 40 years old will pay $268 for Kaiser ins. or $290 for Health Net “silver plan.” That reflects a 12% reduction in rates. The number one group that is against Obamacare? Try those on Medicare, a single payer system they all love.

          • I am totally frustrated with the whole damn administration…just about as much as the 53% of voting group is. It’s NOT bias, sir…it is the truth..I AM on Medicare , where I have been reduced by $100, so far..they robbed Medicare for FAIR?? I do not think so. And because I’m 70 y,o, on SSI..(and, he’ll get into this, as well) I am very concerned about this crap going full steam. WE do not need socialized med. to stir up fear for getting any older. Ask any Canadian why the elderly come down here for needed surgery…Ask UK how THAT is working for them…I have and I have ferreted out some truths of this unconstitutional crap. I have serious diagnoses requiring expensive meds…I’m a widow who is barely ‘making’ a living that has no frills. The worst of this 2700 pages has nothing to do with HEALTH care, it is full of taxes and penalties. So, I am not biased..this is my opinion, which I can still have for awhile you are entitled. He is taking you all for a ride to hell….there is so much more in that tome that YOU would never believe…and I do not feel like debating an issue, when the antagonizing unit really does not know what is in 2700 pgs. No, I do not profess to know it all…I know enough, that little that I do know, does NOT bode well for Americans. Allow me my opinion…and I’m sorry for the unkind words I used..very frustrated when people won’t investigate in betwee the lines. And IF you don’t believe he is the greatest imposter and treasonous liar in American History, then I’ll say a little prayer for you…you will not like this LAW, when you are privileged to hear the next part.

  13. I think you are all missing what is going on. This wont stop because a large number of the old establishment republicans support it as well. Obama is doing exactly what he said he would do. He is destroying the economy so he can replace it. He is destroying the healthcare system so he can replace it. He is destroying education through common core and a number of other programs so he can replace it. And he intends to take control and kill all those who disagree with him. Those left will bring about his utopia society. Ive seen this happen in nearly every country where progressive socialists take over. They come in many forms, communism, socialists, environmentalists, National socialism, etc. They are ALL THE SAME THING. Obama already has what he wants, he just needs a few more chips to fall the right way. One of those being gun control either through the UN or through legislation in this country, or some disaster, or worse yet a World War III, which he is trying very hard to get started as we speak. Obama is already ignoring congress, they wont even stop what he is doing yet its their job to do so based on the constitution. He has already broken more laws that Richard Nixon did and the congress of that time at least impeached the son of a b***h. Yet the governement keeps buying more ammo, more stockpiles of food, and water…. why? You cant see the writting on the wall yet? Our congress wont even defund anything yet no budget has been submitted in 5 years? They can force the senate to work a budget by defunding the EPA, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Homeland security (or at least the TSA), the ATF, FDA, and about a dozen other departments as well. You think there would be a budget after that? The congress has that responsibility under the Constitution! Yet they wont do it! Why?
    Ok try this. Syria… Assad uses gas to kill 100 people (100? When over 100,000 are already dead?) I dont believe it! Who uses a weapon meant to kill 1000’s to get only 100? WHy? When the UN tried to go in to check, who was sniping at them to keep them from the site? The very rebels who said their people were gassed. Yet our state department says they dont care he did it and must now pay? Do any of you use common sense? The video’s alone of that so called gassing prove no gas was used. Folks are running around helping others when the very fact of touching the areas they are touching in the video would have killed them as well! This is a set up if I’ve ever seen one.
    The writting is on the wall. We can send money to groups all over the country to fight this and nothing will happen because its already locked down in the congress and the senate. There is only one way left for this to end. The question is will you be ready when it comes? Are you ready to fight to the last to end this once it starts in this country? Like you I will still try to have my congress and senate critters support the constitution, but I really think its already too late. And pretty soon you are going to have to make the decision of what you are going to do and how much your life is worth and how much this country is worth to you. Because right now I guarentee you, your life is not worth 5 cents to anyone in Washington D.C. Republican or Democrat.

    • They’ve been destroying education since 1905!! Why do you think we have so many stupid people who put the scum in office today that are CAUSING this issue to exist?? We are OBSESSED with the DAMN SPORTS, our IPHONES, our GADGETS, and ‘CELEBRITIES’! YUCK! Give people all the distractions and vices to take their attentions away, and you can do what you want!!

      • Yeah they have been destroying things in this country since the early 1920’s at the very least.
        I really get upset when as an engineer i’m forced to read through resumes that have not one single logically correct sentence in them, yet these folks graduated college. Then I have to write their test reports up because they can’t and dont understand why a report needs to be submitted in the first place.
        We are now stuck with folks in congress and the senate who do things based on getting elected again but never on things that are done because they are the right thing to do. Its like voting 40 times to remove obamacare knowing its going to fail the way they did it. That does not matter to them. They can point to it and say we tried, re-elect us and we will try some other ways too. But they don’t even try to remove it so it sticks and they know it. This would already be over if the congress did the job given to it by the constitution. And if they shut the government down in the process we might just get rid of some of that debt we’ve built up provided they don’t come back and retroactively pay for everything while it was shut down. Specially since SS checks and retirement checks are immune to the government shut downs and everyone with any intelligence knows it.

      • Well we will see if thats a true statement between now and the next 2 months. By then we will pretty well know whats going to start happening. And I’m either right or not. We shall see.

        • YOU are right! That Kenyan-born, Indonesian citizen was groomed all his life to do just what he’s doing…with the multi-billionaire and Valerie Jarrett pulling his strings. He does NOTHING before he gets advice (orders?) from Jarrett.

    • OMG OMG…PTL…FINALLY!!! someone who knows what I’ve been saying all along! There are people out there with hi-intel…Syria was a set-up and still may be… did you also know that the ‘dictator’ in Mexico is demanding that b.o. pass an order that would give ALL illegal aliens Social Security…and he’ll do it if not stopped. Do you believe as I and others believe that EVERY mass killing tragedy was set up by b.o.? To make sure our 2nd A rights will be gone..and he’s working on the 1stA, 4thA and 14thA…and is more than likely working on many more. ….until it’s a lost document in Americana. the same with our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. HE IS NOT even eligible or qualified to be sitting in the WH, ruling over our Country. I do know up until this imposter came on the scene that I was never involved in politics. I was a part of the Silent Majority….no more. I have signed, sealed and delivered well over a hundred petitions from prominent people and Congressmen..even John Boehner , for crying out loud!…I want to thank you, Liberty John, for being a compatriot and showing me that there still is hope, and with prayers, maybe we’ll get OUR Country back and send him to prison.

    • On this day, 9/18/13, you have 1 down vote, but 6 UP votes! And you’re a LOON! (Or are you really just kidding? Joke, right?)



      I would be honored if you would allow me to be your touchstone, an objective-third-party point of reference that is firmly grounded in reality, as best we can say. No thanks is necessary – really – I offer this observation to you and yours in the spirit of healthy civic discourse, no charge: You, sir, are

      CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY. Sir: You’re NUTS, UNHINGED, off your ROCKER, over the edge, wild thing! You’re the BEST!

      RANT ON!!!

  14. Thank God for Mark Levin for putting fire under the pants of the Republican sloths and whining wimps.
    We just might see some action out of those that said they would stand up for Conservatives, we have yet to see them welcome or acknowledge the Tea Party.
    All I know is, we need to get rid of some key republican rinos, like John McCain, John Boener (the cry baby) Mr Switch-a-rue Mitch McConnell and a few other of the useless idiots that are suppose to be standing for what is right.

      • You as a liberal know all about it…but, hi-intel conservatives, libertarians and Independents no nothing at all about it?? You, boohoo, have got to be the most rude and insulting person on this forum. Quitcherdamcomplainingaboutsomething you knownothingabout…

  15. There will be plenty of doctors, 0bama will be shipping in Muslim doctors from India, Pakistan, Indonesia etc… when all the American doctors retire.

    • Already it seems there are more doctors that names cannot be pronounced and they are from these countries. They pick specialties so it is hard to avoid going to them when there is need for a specialist. More often than not, they also are on lists of preferred doctors for HAP and other insurance that limits choice of doctors.

      • Now, seriously, boohoo, how can 3 of us be first in line???? Gosh, maybe you will not be bothered by the fact that you won’t get in to see ANY Dr. for at least 3 months…dying or not. Socialized med is not the answer. Why do Canadians come down here for help and SURGERIES…??? ask them!! Or even England…ask them. ! IT DOES NOT WORK…especially when it’s all wrapped up in 2700 pgs.

  16. Want to change things?

    Become a “Sentinel?” How about becoming a REPUBLICAN PARTY PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN?

    Did anyone at this feel-good rally explain that “The Most Powerful Political Office in the World” is Precinct Committeeman?

    Will conservatives ever start uniting and organizing for real political action inside local Republican Party committees where they live?

    Go here:

    Then ACT.

    Thank you.


  17. Cold Warrior, I took your advice! I am an elected precinct committeeman. Feels good to honor the covenant given to America by God. It is our blessing and burden.

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  19. I attended the Dallas town hall and absolutely LOVED it. It was electrifying and inspiring. It gave me HOPE. Great job, Heritage.

  20. I can’t believe that socialized medicine has gotten this far…but, it does make b.o. happy to see the results that he wants to see…the breaking down,, even further, of a once great Country. BIG government interference into Americans’ privacy, rights, relationships and too many upheavals…which he lies, twists and turns for his own benefit, to suit his next Un-American act…Treason at it’s worst..and no one is doing anything about it….time to clean house in ’14….right down to the rinos. b.o.-care is the very worst idea anyone has ever conjured up, to make sure the entire population becomes dirt-poor enough to rely on his presence, with NO HOPE for the future. b.o.-care will be ‘taxing you’ until he can’t squeeze any more blood…and then, he will be the master over all his slaves who were once stout Patriotic AMERICANS..the new world order…his final REVENGE for an unfortunate occurrence that happened centuries ago…slave trade. However, he thinks …”Americans are stupid…” as he was heard saying over an open mic, which he thought was off….and doesn’t realize yet: that most of us know he is more arab than black (3%)..and that HIS ancestors, the arabs, were very much into the slave trade…something that might disappoint the muslim bro-hood to learn of their leader. Or not. I know that I’m fed up with this imposter/usurper/prevaricator and downright evil person.

    • only ignorant people call it socialism when you help people you only want the capitalist insurance companies to get richer and the other people to die and I bet when it comes down to it you are one of the people who will be the first in line for it

      • You need to grow up mentally and see this traitor for what he is. You have used words ‘stupid’ and ‘ignorant’ and ‘idiots’, which is laughable. It only proves a serious lack of education in vocabulary.

  21. This obummercare needs to be completely repealed. It is a horrible bill. nancy puklosi said you have to pass it to find out what is in it. That’s BS. The prez said you can keep your doctor–that’s a lie.
    They will have death panels. There will be bureaucrats that will decide your health care and they have no medical training. Call your senators and congressmen and demand that they vote to defund obummercare. I will try it, but they are all democRATS.

    • I guess you don’t care if people die of no health care you idiot… you are so stupid that you don’t even know what you are talking about your fool.. the death panels are the insurance companies who have pencil pushers telling drs and patients how long they can stay in the hospital and how much they can spend after taking peoples money for premiums.. you dumb fool you will be the first in line for it but you don’t want others to have it.. the RETHUGS are just paid off by insurance companies but idiots like you cant see that because you are too stupid

      • And that’s another trait with liberals. Because they don’t know all, they HAVE to call names and make insults to someone that doesn’t agree with them. Some ARE waking up..but, they have a long way to go.Too many of them make it way too personal with someone who doesn’t interpret the illegal laws as they do. A word does come to mind…obtuse.

      • Guess YOU haven’t read the bill! There is a non-medical panel, that will arbitrarily decide who gets what treatment and for how much. ALSO: the HHS has spent $millions recruiting Planned Parenthood, ACORN, And the NAACP to work as “navigators” to supposedly help people get raked into Obamacare! These Navigators will NOT go through BACKGROUND CHECKS, yet will have in their hands, ALL of our FINANCIAL, Social Security, and MEDICAL records! Feel better now, Carol?? Can you imagine the intrusion and IDENTITY THEFT that is about to be launched?? What happened to HIPPA LAWS?? Out the window, with the Rule of Law, as Obummer continues to break any law he feels like! He is disgusting and should be IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY!! Along with his outrageous Obamcare!

    • There are many more AMERICANS who agree with us..a lot more than anyone realizes. You are correct, disqus. You will never get a liberal to understand the first thing about it. The biggest reason for THAT…is abccbsnbcmsnbccnn…who tell them untruths through ugly ‘editing’..their ceos have family working in the WH…cute! g. soros owns all of them and b.o. as well. b.o. has an agenda, which involves breaking down the backbone of our beloved Country until she becomes a total part of the new world order. Liberals think they know it all: but, because of censorship, they know jack-crap. Period. You can not have a discussion with lower than low intel…which is exactly what they have.

  22. Republicans just do not have the leverage to defund Obamacare and if they hold raising the debt limit or approving a budget hostage to try force their will on Pres. Obama and the Democrats they will pay a heavy price if such results in the economy crashing or the govt being shut down.

    • No, if they HOLD THEIR GROUND, they’ll have kept their promise they’ve run on consistently, and they may be considered honest and principled.

      Meanwhile, if obama and the dems want this so bad THEY will shut down the government rather than de-fund this train wreck let THEM be the ones who suffer.

  23. Rosario is right – come Oct. 1st Obamacare will never go away – but she’s wrong stating that momentum is growing for repeal – all NON-republican math – which is what we used to call facts, tell us that fully 1/3 of those who dislike Obamacare do so because IT DOES NOT GO FAR ENOUGH and that majorities do not want Obamacare repealed – Ted Cruz – who is only suckering the Rubes for Ted Cruz, knows this, but he ain’t telling. Once Americans register for the Exchange, even Cruz won’t strip them of their HC insurance…

  24. I’m not hearing about this anymore in the mainstream press. According to their earlier coverage, there is no way the GOP will succeed at this. I think it’s time to look ahead and start planning for how we’re going to deal with the ACA. It’s the kluge that Big Pharma, Big Medicine, other lobbies, our Senators and Rep’s, the Prez, and all of us hammered out over, what, 1-1/2 years of heated debate?

    We the People did this, and, now the vast majority of us want it. After all the effort it took to do ACA, now you think you can just kill it? What were YOU doing during the battle that created it? If you have any regard for this country, and how Congress is supposed to work, you realize that a lot of us have skin in this thing, and that, for better or worse, it’s the best that OUR country could do.

    Do you really think you can take affordable medical coverage away from 40 million people? Rescind the reasonable changes that people are already enjoying, like coverage of dependents through age 26?

    Get real. It’s time to improve our dysfunctional medical care mess, and do the hard work to find the efficiencies that will reduce costs.

    It’s time to start fixing Obamacare.

    • It will never fly. It will become immobilized by conflicting decisions, faulty untested regulations, bureaucratic hang-ups, illegal transfers of funds, red-tape, fines, criminal prosecutions, patient deaths, and IRS intrusions on eligibility, that it will collapse into a tangled heap. Insurance companies won’t get paid, patients will go without drugs and treatment, while politicians will howl blame others for what they have done. It will become an impossible mess. The bureaucracy isn’t ready to define the details of the ACA, much less administer it, but they don’t dare tell the politicians.

      • I’m afraid you’re right. Your predictions are not comforting, and while you’re probably on the right track, one can easily imagine a reality that is worse. Hence, my suggestion that we stop wasting time on continuing resolution acrobatics that the talking heads say won’t work.

        Imagine for example, that we swivel into a policy super-committee, endorsed by the White House, tasked with a comprehensive re-do, and chaired by Mitt Romney, a guy who’s been there before.

        Suppose we pull this out when the debt ceiling, Obamacare, and budget are deadlocked in the House. Given the GOP’s current position on Obamacare, especially in the House, the Dem’s couldn’t act unilaterally like last time. And in a strange bedfellows sort of way, Mitt might be in a unique position to make the thing work, from Obama on down.

        This is just one idea off the top of my amateur head. Business leaders want no hiccup in operation of the Federal Government – last time stocks lost 17% equity virtually overnight.

        We need to do something big about this mess, and do it fast, before it’s encased in bureaucracy. Heaven help us.

        • Suppose INSTEAD we scrap the whole thing, START OVER and make it legal to buy insurance across state lines, permit ordinary people to join Health Care Pools, where they can negotiate like large businesses for the lower cost group policies, and special High Risk Insurance Pools, which may be actually assisted through our safety net funds or charities.
          All this, and we don’t DESTROY the healthcare industry. Don’t demand a $2.00 Medical Device Tax on a toothbrush, and higher on every patient assist or therapy device.
          Imagine the shock next year when your kid’s injured at soccer and you have to pay a medical device tax on the bandaid and another on the ace bandage, they put on him/her!

    • And that’s ONE WAY to guarantee that no Republican ever gets elected again. Those who believe this is a travesty for both parties are already rumbling to form a NEW party which WOULD BE a Majority Party because the handy little spineless wretches who cave when it really counts CAN’T BE COUNTED ON BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! We’re sick of the show but going along to get along when the Rubber Hits the Road!

  25. ACA is the best thing that ever happened to this country if the crooked politicians who are bought off by the big insurance companies would leave it alone, millions need it and millions who need it pay taxes also and have a right to health care. It is here it is a law and they are just wasting money and time, if they would stop repealing it they could fund it with what they are wasting repealing it… They need to go by the law and work for the country and the people not big business and insurance companies

    • Uhuh…you must be a liberal. You do not know what’s coming, for if you did, you would do your best to make sure it is repealed or defunded. Well, you’ll just have to look at your paystub to start rethinking this disastrous socialized medicine. You and I will be paying for the classes who are exempt. Namely the radical jihad muslims. Why? Because their Koran doesn’t allow gambling; and they consider buying health ins. gambling. And then, among others, every illegal alien, including the ones already here, you and the rest of America will be paying for their healthcare as well. It will be taken from our paychecks as a TAX..this starts in Oct. Then in Jan. it will be a monthly tax, even higher, laid upon us. I don’t care if you believe it or not……apparently you are not aware of anything in that 2700 pg. monstrosity…all taxes.! Actually, the way it was first written, it was blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL, until scotus, namely John Roberts ‘changed the reading’..(highly illegal) to call ‘penalties’ ..TAXES. that was supposed to make it all nice and legal. There are far worse demands in that tome…ever heard of the death panel? Rosario nails it on the head. Repeal/defund b.o.-care.

    • This law is so unconstitutional its amazing. It imposes 21 special taxes on folks including everyone below $200,000 income (in fact even below $20,000). In addition 14 of those taxes are on things that have zero to do with health care. It requires all your medical data to be sent to the governement and will be worked over by someone with no medical knowledge at all. First I will sue any doctor that sends my personal medical information to the federal government. They signed an oath to be a doctor with a personal guarentee of privacy between the patient and the doctor. The government has no right to it. None at all. In addition everyone with special connections is getting a waiver except for normal americans like you and me. This so called affordable health care is already destroying employment in this country but well you don’t appear to care about that, so that puts you on the side of the progressives who are trying to destroy this country. As I have said before, everyone in this country is going to have to make a decision on what they are going to do when they try to enforce this crap sandwich they are forcing you to eat. As for me I have made my choice and I do not envy anyone else making their choice. I merely wish you all the best. War is coming to this country by evil in high places. One of them sits currently as the president and he is not alone in washington DC. Evil sits in both the house and senate and in both parties Republican and Democrat. If you don’t wake up soon you will be just like the unwanted were in germany in 1940. Good luck to all of you.

        • No but lying to the American people when passing the bill, promising it’s not a tax, then going before the Supreme court one day and arguing it’s NOT a tax, then the next day and arguing it IS a tax SHOULD BE GROUNDS FOR RECALLS/IMPEACHMENT AND IMPRISONMENT!

    • Those “millions” that you say pay taxes and deserve healthcare are NOT paying taxes! They fall into the non-taxable income bracket, or they don’t work at all. What are you talking about lady? Obamacare is Socialism come to America and WE THE PEOPLE DON’T WANT IT!! All they had to do, was expand some Medicaid to the truly impoverished, and leave the rest of the healthcare system alone! Now, I am being forced to allow the theft of my tax dollars to PAY FOR ABORTION!!! NO WAY do I want Obamacare enforced. And by the way, just because Obama and a bunch of other Communists in office, say healthcare is a RIGHT, does NOT make it so. EVERYONE in this country has access to healthcare already. They just may not have insurance–but they WILL get cared for!

    • There are MANY bad laws which have been passed them repealed or de-funded. The very fact that one party got something pushed through by lies and slick accounting tricks doesn’t mean it can’t be touched even if they’ve written postdated checks. You simply cut off funding for those checks like you can for your bank account. Insurance has it’s major problems, but you don’t take over everyone’s healthcare because some can’t afford to pay for it, and you don’t tax everyone to pay for those few’s care, when you could more easily afford to send every American a check for thousands of dollars to buy insurance. It needs reformed not destroyed.

  26. If you think thr insurance companies are any better then you are a fool. Who do you think presides over your claims insurance pencil pushers with no medical knowledge some of the claims adjusters barely have high school educations They are trained to do everything in their power to get out of paying the claims If they cant find a reason not to pay they pend it for info or some stupid reason By this time the facility is scaring the patient so they go ahead an pay letting the insurance off the hook after they took ones premiums i worked in ins and believe me its time they had competition They are paying off politicians to waste money repealing it. it is a law and they need to leave it alone it could be no worse nor near as bad as the ins companies

    • I know for a fact that Ohio Insurance companies and HMO’s are mandated to have licensed nurses on staff as case workers to handle individual claims. Obviously not every claim but any which may be challenged. The Insurance companies, at least are a free choice, not some government mandated bureaucracy with 16 levels to go through for each individual claim to be processed.

  27. Fascism is government control of privately owned businesses. Obama
    will protect his cronies and congressional co-conspiritors from the ill-effects of ObamaCare: hence Obamacare is Crony Fascism.

    The Republican Party can rejuvenate itself by defunding Crony Fascism, or it can die on that hill by doing the UnAmerican thing and attempting betrayal by doing nothing. Everyone is watching now: stealthy political machinations are no longer a viable Republican leadership option.

    Obamacare is going to collapse into an impossibly complex, administratively futile twisted heap of contradictory law and regulation. Any Republican who doesn’t see that and funds it anyway, will be remembered in American history for not-so-American behavior.

  28. What is wrong with you people? An affront to liberty? Drop the ideology. Its boring. Yawn. Stick to facts. We’re talking about how to pay your doctor not forcing you to go to one. Stay sick if you feel freer that way. See, I just won back your liberty.

    • Boy, if that’s all that 2000+ page bill said it wouldn’t have needed more than about 20 pages, and 90% of them wouldn’t have said, “As the Secretary shall determine.” How can progressives give power over everybody’s lives to someone who isn’t even identified yet?

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